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About GovCB.com

The leading source of US local opportunities since 2000.

Federal, state and local governments spend over $2 trillion every year. If your business is looking for government opportunities, GovCB should be an essential part of your strategic plan.

Since 2000, GovCB has helped small and medium sized companies win government contracts and find potential teaming partners online. GovCB helps businesses in identifying government opportunities in all industrial fields from more than 60,000 government purchasing offices in the $2 trillion federal, state, and local government marketplace. GovCB allows contractors to find government opportunities that are relevant to their businesses quickly, saving time and money.

Over 17 years, GovCB has provided benefits to government contractors by streamlining the bid process, saving significant costs and time. Increased bid competition drives costs down for government agencies, as well as saving marketing and administrative expenses.

GovCB helps businesses connect easily to millions of dollars in government contracts at the local, state and federal level--a lucrative market worth $2 trillion annually. Customers receive new bid information either by email or web, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You no longer have to look for newspapers, magazines, or other multiple websites in search of government opportunities.

GovCB gives all the tools you need to win Government contracts

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