TAC 852B Addendum 2 - CSP-Data Network Equipment and Maintenance

Agency: City of Tulsa
State: Oklahoma
Type of Government: State & Local
  • D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
Posted Date: Mar 21, 2018
Due Date: Apr 4, 2018
Solicitation No: TAC 852B
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bid # Response Deadline Description
TAC 852B (2) 4/4/2018 CSP-Data Network Equipment and Maintenance

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City of Tulsa
Finance Department
Request for
Competitive Sealed Proposal
Data Network Equipment and Maintenance
Addendum #1-March 19, 2018: Changed due date
Addendum #2-March 20, 2018: Provide Answers to Questions submitted by the
NIGP Commodity Code(s):
204-64-00 Network Components: Adapter Cards
206-23-72 Switches, Computer, Network
838-33-00 Communications: Networking
Submit proposals
(sealed) to:
Deputy City Clerk
City of Tulsa
175 E. 2ND St.
Suite 260
Tulsa, OK 74103
With this Competitive Sealed Proposal (“CSP”) request, we are searching to
secure a purchase agreement with a Certified Cisco Gold Partner to provide
Certified Cisco, equipment, SMARTnet, configuration, maintenance/technical,
and consulting support services.
We enthusiastically look forward to receiving your proposal.
A. General Requirements
1. The proposal must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April
04, 2018, Central Daylight Time. Proposals must be sealed in an
envelope or box clearly labeled “TAC852B Data Network Equipment
and Maintenance.
Proposals arriving late will be returned unopened.
2. Proposals must be delivered sealed to:
Deputy City Clerk
City of Tulsa
175 E. 2nd St.
Suite 260
Tulsa, OK 74103
3. All interested Respondents (“Sellers”) are required to register with the
Project Buyer, Patricia Cummings, in order to receive updates,
addenda or any additional information required. The City of Tulsa
(“City”) is not responsible for any failure to register.
4. Inquiries to the Buyer requesting clarification regarding this CSP
request or the content herein must be made via e-mail and must be
received prior to the end of the business day on March 7, 2018.
Patricia Cummings, Senior Buyer
Any questions regarding this CSP request will be handled as promptly
and as directly as possible. If a question requires only clarification of CSP
request instructions or specifications, it will be handled via e-mail, or
verbally. If any question results in material changes or additions to the
CSP request, those changes or additions will be forwarded to all
registered Respondents as quickly as possible by addendum.
5. Respondents shall designate a contact person, with appropriate
contact information, to address any questions concerning a proposal.
Respondents shall also state the name and title of individuals who will
make final decisions regarding contractual commitments and have
legal authority to execute a contract on the Respondent's behalf.
B. General Notifications
1. With this Competitive Sealed Proposal request, the City reserves the
right to do the following:
a. To conduct oral or written discussions with Respondents,
after proposals are received, concerning technical and Price aspects of
the proposals and/or to allow Respondents to revise their proposals,
including Price;
b. To evaluate, after proposals are received, the relative
abilities of Respondents to perform, including their technical or
professional experience and/or expertise;
c. To conduct a comparative evaluation, after proposals are
received, of the differing Price, service, quality, contractual factors,
technical content and/or technical and performance capability of the
d. To negotiate mutually agreeable terms in a contract;
2. The City of Tulsa notifies all possible Respondents that no person
shall be excluded from participation in, denied any benefits of, or
otherwise discriminated against in connection with the award and
performance of any contract on the basis of race, religious creed,
color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, sex, age, ethnicity,
or on any other basis prohibited by law.
3. All Respondents shall comply with all applicable laws regarding equal
employment opportunity and nondiscrimination.
4. All Respondents shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
(ADA) and all proposals and any subsequent contract shall include
the following statement:
“Contractor shall take the necessary actions to ensure its
operations in performance of this contract and its
employment practices are in compliance with the
requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.”
It is understood that the program of the Respondent is
not a program or activity of the City of Tulsa. The
Respondent agrees that its program or activity will
comply with the requirements of the ADA. Any costs of
such compliance will be the responsibility of the
Respondent. Under no circumstances will the
Respondent conduct any activity which it deems to not
be in compliance with the ADA.
5. Although it is the City’s intent to choose only the most qualified
Respondents to interview, the City reserves the right to choose any
number of qualified finalists for interview and/or final selection.
6. This Competitive Sealed Proposal request does not commit the City of
Tulsa to pay any costs incurred in the submission of a proposal or the
costs incurred in making necessary studies and designs for
preparation thereof, or contract for service or supplies.
A. The Respondent shall include any new products purchased into the
SMARTnet agreement, and with the annual renewal of SMARTnet
provide for co-term of coverage on all existing City inventory
B. The Respondent shall maintain a base of operation located in proximity to
downtown Tulsa which facilitates a two-hour on-site response time to
requests by the City.
C. The Respondent shall employ a minimum of two (2) Cisco Certified
Network Administrators who shall be able to arrive in Tulsa given a two-
hour notice.
The products, reports, and plans to be delivered to the City will include:
A. The Bidder will actively engage with our account and provide relevant
information on product roadmaps, replacement products, and software
updates as they become available.
B. The Bidder will only provide equipment that is new, unused, and with full
To be considered, interested Respondents should submit or address the following:
A. One (1) unbound original and one (1) bound copy of the proposal plus one
electronic (1) copy on CD, DVD, or flash drive.
B. A description of the Respondent’s qualifications and experience and that of
key personnel assigned to this project (and that of each firm proposed as
part of the Respondent’s team). It is noted that equipment, material and
staff shall be provided by the Respondent.
C. A description of experience the Respondent’s firm has supporting previous
enterprise customers of similar size and complexity. Describe the levels of
support provided, contact names, and telephone numbers from these
organizations as part of the References Section.
D. The Bidder will describe any additional warranty or support options above
those provided by Cisco.
E. At the discretion of the City, one or more Respondents may be invited to be
interviewed for purposes of clarification or discussion of the proposal.
F. Any expenses incurred by the Respondent(s) in appearing for an interview
or in any way providing additional information as part of the response to this
Competitive Sealed Proposal request are solely the responsibility of the
Respondent. The City of Tulsa is not liable for any costs incurred by
Respondents in the preparation of proposals or any work performed by the
Respondent prior to the approval of an executed contract by the City of
Tulsa. The City assumes no responsibility or liability for any costs you may
incur in responding to this CSP request, including attending meetings or
contract negotiations.
G. The Bidder must be Certified Gold Partner in good standing with Cisco.
H. The Bidder shall possess the Enterprise Networks specialization with Cisco
and is encouraged to list any other current specialty certifications.
I. The Bidder shall have personnel available who are Cisco Certified for the
Enterprise Networks specialization
J. The Bidder shall provide a list of all technical employees who would be
assigned to the City’s account. Include the following information: years with
the company, Cisco certifications held and for how long.
K. Complete and submit with your proposal the Price Summary Sheet
contained in this document. You must enter prices for “Priced” items and
percentages where “Discount” is required. The intent is to determine “Line
Wide” costs or all other Cisco items in addition to those items specifically
mentioned by part number.
L. Cisco has provided the City with a List Price Quote for SMARTnet based on
a fully researched inventory. Qualified Cisco partners can contact John
Taylor at jotaylo3@cisco.com (405-343-2809) or Angela Pendergraph at
apenderg@cisco.co (919-392-5510) and receive a copy.
M. Cisco has also generated a quote for the ELA portion of the Price List. You
can receive a copy by contacting John Taylor at jotaylo3@cisco.com and
request quote # 4716754805.
A. A panel consisting of not less than four (4) City of Tulsa employees will
evaluate proposals. Selection shall be determined to be in the best interest
of the City as evaluated by the City of Tulsa. The approval of the selected
Respondent will be subject to the final determination of the City and will be
contingent on the successful completion of a contract between the City and
the successful Respondent.
B. The City will also give preference to Respondents who have Cisco Data
Center and/or Security specializations, as well as a Collaboration
C. Bid award will be based on discount level and total cost from Price Sheet
(50%) and the abilities of the Bidder to meet the needs of the City (50%) as
evidenced by the bid responses.
D. Only the items listed on the Price Sheet will determine the points for total
cost. Optional services and pricing may be considered as demonstrating
the bidder’s ability to meet the City’s needs.

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