Storage/ Moving Services

Agency: Cuyahoga Community College
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 484210 - Used Household and Office Goods Moving
Posted Date: Apr 1, 2019
Due Date: Apr 17, 2019
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Storage/ Moving Services

West STEM Center Addition-Renovation

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Western Campus

Parma, Ohio

4/17/19 @2:00pm

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Office of Supplier Managed Services (SMS)
700 Carnegie Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
Request for Proposal
Storage/Moving Services
West STEM Center Addition-Renovation
Project No. C20163108
ISSUED: March 29, 2019
PRE-BID MEETING DATE: April 5, 2019 at 3 to 4:30pm EDT
BID DUE DATE: April 17, 2019 at 2:00pm EDT
Rev.0 (03/29/19)
Table of Contents
Project Overview
Submitting Your Proposal
Preparation of Proposal
Supplier Diversity
Administrative and Contractual Information
Award of Contract
Delivery of Products and Services
Contract and License Agreements
Terms and Conditions
Entire Agreement
Time of Performance
Contract Amendments
Other Benefits
4.10 Assignment
4.11 Observance of College Rules and Regulations
Additional Information & Requirements
Appendix A: Proposal Form 2 pages
Appendix B: Bidder’s Certification and Authorization to Execute – 3 pages
Appendix C: Close-out Checklist 1 page
Appendix D: Intentionally Omitted
Appendix E: Tri-C West Campus Plans 5 pages
Appendix F: Phase 1: Storage Equipment List 11 pages
Appendix G: Phase 2: Move Equipment/Inventory List 32 pages
Appendix H: Phase 2 & 3: Move Schedule (Tentative Only, Subject to Change) 2 page
Rev.0 (03/29/19)
Cuyahoga Community College District (Tri-C) is issuing this Request for Proposal (RFP) and inviting
responses for the goods and services described in the accompanying specifications according to the
terms, conditions, and requirements herein. Vendors responding to this RFP shall be herein called the
1.1 Project Overview
This project includes the receiving and storage of new equipment and the move from the West Campus
West Health Careers and Sciences Building (WHCS = A Wing) and West Liberal Arts Building
(WLA = B Wing) into a new adjacent campus building wing - STEM facility (D Wing). Bidder will
work with Tri-C and its’ representatives to coordinate, plan and execute an efficient move schedule
with the understanding that Tri-C classes must not be disrupted and the new STEM facility is under
construction. Specifications:
A. Phase 1 Scope: Storage Receive Shipments, Inventory and Reporting and Move June/July
1. Bidder will receive new equipment & model shipments from various suppliers/vendors and verify
against the bill of lading at bidders’ storage facility. Refer to Appendix ‘F’.
2. Bidder will inventory, palletize and shrink wrap by room number the items to reduce the square
3. Bidder will enter inventory into asset management software, and will issue weekly report updates to
4. Bidder will anticipate receiving product around mid-June and will deliver all stored inventory in mid-
5. Bidder will deliver the stored inventory to the identified room locations within the STEM facility (D
Wing) as scheduled in Appendix ‘H’. Appendix ‘H’ will be modified with the help and coordination
of the Bidder and Tri-C. Incoming inventory may be shipped with final room location labels.
Temporary overnight tractor trailer storage may also be utilized if during a move time or resource
constraints do not permit unloading until the next workday. The trailer must be secured and staged in
an area approved by a College representative.
6. Bidder’s storage facilities must be bonded and insured, and bidder will provide documentation as part
of the submitted bid.
7. Bidder to carry insurance for an equipment and model estimated value of $600,000.
B. Phase 2 Scope: Move Inventory from Existing Facility July/August 2019
1. Bidder is moving the following occupied spaces out of the West Liberal Arts Building (WLA = B
Wing): Rooms B216 and B216-A (Chemistry Prep and Storage), Rooms B214 and B217 (Chemistry
Labs), B214-A (Chemistry Instrumentation), Room B208 (Earth Science Lab), Room B206 (Physics
Lab), Rooms B207 and B211-A (Physics Prep and Storage). Refer to Appendix ‘E’ for plan
locations. This scope will include items packed and staged by staff in room B215.
2. Bidder is moving the following occupied spaces out of the West Health Careers and Sciences
Building (WHCS = A Wing): Rooms A233, A233-A, A233-B, and A233-C (Biology Prep and
Storage), Rooms A228 and A230 (Anatomy and Physiology Labs), Room A236 (Microbiology Lab),
Room A229 and A237 (Majors/Non-Majors Biology Labs), Room A238 (Intro Biology Lab, less
Rev.0 (03/29/19)
Veterinary Technology items). Refer to Appendix ‘E’ for plan locations. This scope will include
items packed and staged by staff in room A235.
3. Inventory from A & B Wings will be moved to a new adjacent campus building STEM facility (D
Wing). Refer to Appendix ‘E’ for plan locations. Refer to Appendix ‘H’ for the move schedule.
4. The items removed will be relocated or disposed of on an individual basis. Plan that all plumbing and
computer related equipment disconnects will be the responsibility of Tri-C.
5. Packing Part 1:
a. Cuyahoga Community College employees will tag approximately 25% of the total inventory for
future disposal by a separate vendor. Those equipment and model items are to remain in the A &
B Wings and are not considered in the Bidders scope of work.
b. Cuyahoga Community College employees will perform approximately 25% of the packing of lab,
office, file and storage room contents prior to the move. This portion of the inventory will be
packed and stored in rooms (A235 and B215). The Bidder will pack the remainder of the
inventory in a safe and secure manner from A & B Wings into the new STEM facility (D Wing).
c. Tri-C faculty & staff will pack personal items to be moved and leave in place. Bidder to assume
21 people moved from locations in A, B and C Wings will be moved into D Wing offices as
indicated in Appendix ‘H’. Bidder to assume 5 banker’s boxes per person.
d. Bidder will provide boxes (cardboard and/or plastic containers) dropped off prior to the move
date (mid-May) to aid in Cuyahoga Community College employees packing efforts. Refer to
Appendix ‘H’ for anticipated dates and locations.
6. Packing Part 2:
a. Scope Inclusion: Bidder will move chemical inventory from Chemistry Storage Room B216.
Mover with chemical handling experience will be supervised and escorted by a Cuyahoga
Community College staff member. Chemicals will be packed on (1) one cart at a time, moved and
unpacked. Bidder to provide a chemical resistant cart and vermiculite at a minimum. Bidder to
provide resume of proposed personnel including 3 prior chemical moves and references. Bidder
to provide one set of personal protective equipment (PPE). Provide Add Alternate #1 to perform
the chemical move on a Saturday, see Bid Worksheet Appendix ‘A’.
b. Scope Inclusion: Bidder will relocate chest style freezer from A235 to D-TBD. Tri-C will
disconnect and reconnect power.
c. Scope Exclusion: Computers & Accessories - Tri-C ITS will disconnect computer related
equipment including computers, printers, copy machines, telephones and the like. Tri-C will
relocate the equipment into D Wing. Tri-C ITS will unpack and set up the equipment.
d. Scope Exclusion: (1) One oversized piece of machinery (NMR Spectrometer) will be moved and
placed by others. Bidder to provide temporary protection of the NMR, while on the premises and
removal of protection upon move completion.
e. Scope Exclusion: Live animals and associated cages and tanks will be relocated by Cuyahoga
Community College staff.
f. Scope Exclusion: Walk-in cooler within Room A233 contains bacteria vessels which will be
relocated by Cuyahoga Community College staff.
7. Unpacking: Bidder will move and place inventory within the specified rooms. Cuyahoga Community
College employees will unpack the inventory and place on shelves and in cabinets.
8. Moving company must place inventory in accordance with the equipment diagrams provided for the
West-STEM Building.
9. Moving company will be expected to provide proper building protection at destination location and
travel route. Items include corner or wall guards and floor protection where designated. The
contractor will ensure College property is properly prepped and protected for safe moving. Finishes
of furniture, millwork, flooring, walls, doors, ceilings, stairways and windows must retain their pre-
move appearance and function. Proper equipment and/or vehicles must be utilized for transport. The
contractor assumes all responsibility for damaged or lost property and must resolve any such issues
Rev.0 (03/29/19)
within 30 days of discovery through replacement, repair or reimbursement. The contractor must work
with an appointed College representative in doing so.
10. Bidder will supply all necessary labels, packing paper and carton tape to supplement the packing
efforts. Please give costs per unit in proposal as well as a line item cost for estimated number of
cartons, totes, speed packs needed. Refer to Appendix ‘A’. Bidder will be required to pack quickly
and efficiently so as not to damage the equipment or models. Bidder is not expected to individually
wrap each item, however the bidder must prudently pack and move the equipment and models, so as
to prevent damage.
C. Phase 3 Scope: Move Inventory from Existing Facility Spring 2020. Exact dates to be
determined in Spring 2020 with 1 months’ notice.
1. Bidder will relocate (2) Two Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machines will require
disconnects, move and placement by riggers.
i. Items include: two CNC machines, 3 Stanley Vidmar tool storage cabinets and contents,
cutting tools and hardware.
2. Bidder will relocate fitness related equipment from A139 to A233.
i. Items include but are not limited to: scale, treadmill, dumbbells, two exercise bikes, two
computer stations, two models, and rubber flooring.
3. Bidder will relocate items from engineering classroom C235 to B208.
i. Items include: 2 cabinets
Specific information about Cuyahoga Community College can be obtained at .
Rev.0 (03/29/19)

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