1 Sitcum Way Upgrades

Agency: Port of Tacoma
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Apr 24, 2024
Due Date: Jun 3, 2024
Solicitation No: 072125
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1 Sitcum Way Upgrades

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Procurement Summary:

The Port of Tacoma (Port) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms qualified and interested in providing professional consulting services in preliminary and final architectural and engineering design (architectural, civil including survey, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical), cost estimating, scheduling, permitting, project management, environmental support, bidding support, and construction support will all be components of this project.


Questions Due: MAY 16, 2024 @ 2:00 PM (PST)

Bids Due:
Mon, 06/03/2024 - 02:00PM

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Issued by
Port of Tacoma
One Sitcum Plaza
P.O. Box 1837
Tacoma, WA 98401-1837
Jerry Clardy, Procurement
Email Addresses:
Deadline for
MAY 16, 2024 @ 2:00 PM (PST)
Proposal Submittal
JUNE 3, 2024 @ 2:00 PM (PST)
Request for Qualifications 0721251 Sitcum Way Upgrades
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Request for Qualifications (RFQ) # 072125
1 Sitcum Way Upgrades RFQ
The Port of Tacoma (Port) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms
qualified and interested in providing professional consulting services in preliminary and
final architectural and engineering design (architectural, civil including survey, structural,
mechanical, plumbing and electrical), cost estimating, scheduling, permitting, project
management, environmental support, bidding support, and construction support will all
be components of this project.
The Port of Tacoma is a major center for container cargo, bulk, break-bulk, autos, and
heavy-lift cargo. Created by Pierce County citizens in 1918, the Port has become one of
the largest container ports in North America and one of the top 50 in the world. The Port
manages a diverse set of business operations relating to maritime trade.
To learn more about the Port of Tacoma, visit www.portoftacoma.com.
The Port anticipates awarding a single professional service contract for the 1 Sitcum Way
Upgrades Project. The selection will be based on the most qualified team that includes
all key members whether from the prime consultant firm or subconsultants for all
necessary project services and enter into negotiations with the intent to issue a
professional service contract based upon the information provided herein. Following
successful negotiation of rates and fees, the Port will execute the contract for anticipated
duration of the project with a not-to-exceed value as agreed upon for the appropriate
phase(s) of work. Additional funds may be added to accommodate subsequent phases
of work and to meet the Port’s projected service needs during the term of the contract.
Attachment A to this RFQ contains the Instructions and Information for proposing to the
Attachment B to this RFQ contains the Port’s Standard Terms and Conditions. By
submitting a Proposal, the Proposer represents that it has carefully read and agrees to
be bound by the Port’s Standard Terms and Conditions. Identify during the question
submittal and response period, any sections you consider onerous, clarify why you
consider these sections onerous, propose alternative language, and describe why it is in
the NWSA / Port’s best interests to adopt the alternative language. Taking exceptions to
these terms and conditions or conditioning your proposal on terms and conditions other
than the Port’s will render your proposal non-responsive.
* By submitting a proposal, the Proposer represents that it has carefully read all
The Port may apply for federal and or state funding or other rebate alternatives. All work
must be performed in accordance with associated grant requirements. Therefore, the
contract that results from the RFQ and various work packages will be subject to the
Terms and Conditions of each grant. See “Attachment C” for the generic Terms and
Conditions, which may be updated per each grant.
Request for Qualifications 0721251 Sitcum Way Upgrades
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This project will complete upgrades to the Port of Tacoma’s existing administration
building located at 1 Sitcum Way to extend the useable life of the building for the next
20 years or more. This project will include all or some of the following components:
1. Replacement of the aging HVAC system(s). The Port thru a previously
completed assessment and alternatives analysis of the HVAC system has
selected one component of the system to be incorporated into the design. This
includes the replacement of perimeter HVAC equipment with new self-contained
heat pumps with an integral dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). Other
components of the building system will need to be integrated into the design in
conjunction with a Building Control System.
2. Replacement of the exterior storefront window and door system(s) with a new
efficient system.
3. Replacement of the building lighting system including fixtures, controls and other
related components with new LED systems and controls.
4. Electrical equipment upgrades including the replacement of aging and obsolete
breakers, switches and other electrical gear.
5. Upgrades to the building’s hydraulic elevator and elevator equipment to meet
current code requirements and improve the operation and reliability of the
6. Interior improvements required due to the items noted above and to address
future use of the building.
7. Exterior improvements including the following:
a. Building, retaining and walkway wall finish repair and painting
b. Deck finish repair and painting
c. Parking lot, walkways and sidewalk repairs, resurfacing and repairs
d. Building and site signage
e. Landscaping improvements including incorporation of stormwater
treatment facilities, replacement plants and irrigation systems and
waterside fencing and barriers
f. Slope improvements adjacent to the Sitcum Waterway
The anticipated timeline for the completion of this work is as follows:
1. Consultant team selection
May 2024
2. Consultant team Award
June 2024
3. Design and permitting
March 2025
4. Bidding and Award
May 2025
5. Substantial Completion
May 2026
This contract will prepare design development packages including drawings,
specifications, technical information, cost estimates and project schedules at various
Request for Qualifications 0721251 Sitcum Way Upgrades
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stages of design for review and approval. The team will also prepare permit documents
and assist the Port in acquiring all local, state and federal permits necessary to
complete the work. The team will also assist the Port in seeking grants or rebate
options associated with the various components of work as well as project support
during the bidding and construction phases of the project. The project may consist of
separate construction packages for different elements of the work.
The deliverables for this project will include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Conceptual development (approximately 30% design) – Concept drawings
including site plan and floor plans, cost estimate and schedule, survey and
geotechnical work, facility assessments, potential grant or reimbursement options
for consideration.
2. Design development – Plans, specifications, probably construction cost
estimates and schedules at appropriate levels of design (anticipate 60%, 90%,
permit at approximately 95% and 100% bid ready documents)
3. Permitting – Plans, specification, reports and any other documentation required
to submit for permits including applications.
4. Bidding – Provide final bid documents including plans, specification, probable
construction cost estimate, schedule, appendices and any other documentation
required to bid the project.
5. Construction – Meeting minutes, reviewed shop drawings and responses to
contractor questions, and other correspondence.
6. Project Close Out – Record drawings compiled from the contractor’s as-built
drawings and project change orders. Permit close out documentation and
reports. Compilation of project warranties.
Submitting firms must be licensed to practice in the State of Washington and must have
a minimum of five (5) years of experience on similar projects. Key team members must
have active State of Washington professional licenses.
SOQ’s should present information in a straightforward and concise manner, while
ensuring complete and detailed descriptions of the proposing team (to include the prime
consultant’s key team members and any major sub-consultants) and the team’s ability to
meet the requirement of this solicitation. Attention will be given to the technical
competencies and completeness of content. The written SOQ should be prepared in the
sequential order as outlined below.
SOQ’s are limited to 8 numbered pages (8 ½ by 11 inch) excluding the cover letter,
compensation information and any submitted appendices. All pages shall be in portrait
orientation with 1 inch margins. Font size shall be 11 point or larger. SOQ’s that do not
follow this format may be deemed nonresponsive.
Request for Qualifications 0721251 Sitcum Way Upgrades
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The cover letter shall include the solicitation Title and Number, Name, Title, Email
Address, Phone Number and Addresses of the Proposing Team’s main contact and
include the following information:
Describe all claims submitted by any client against the firm within the past two
years related to the personal services provided by the firm or its key personnel. For
purposes of this request, “claim” means a sum of money in dispute in excess of
10% of the firm’s fee for the services provided.
Any real or perceived conflicts of interests for team members, inclusive of the
prime, sub-consultants and key team members.
SOQ’s are to address, and will be evaluated upon, the following criteria:
1. Qualifications & Experience
10 PTS
Identify the proposed team (to include working titles, degrees, certificates and
licenses), demonstrate the team’s experience in performing the requested services
and describe how the team meets or exceeds the required qualifications. (10 PTS)
Resumes of the key individuals may be included as an appendix and are not
included in the total page count. Resumes are to be limited to one (1) single-sided,
letter-size page. Resumes exceeding this limit will not be reviewed. (0 PTS)
2. Experience of Key Personnel and Firm
40 PTS
The Port will evaluate the experience, technical competence, and
qualifications of the key personnel identified, their project specific roles
and responsibilities, and overall organization of the Project Team.
Emphasis will be placed on experience and expertise in performing work
of similar scope and complexity. (10 PTS)
Explain or demonstrate any unique experience or technical competence
of individual team members that are a good fit for this scope of services,
or subset thereof. (10 PTS)
Include a list of recent contracts/projects in the last three (3) years, to
include a point of contact, contact information (phone and email), and brief
description, for services relevant to the items listed in the Scope of
Services as performed by the key personnel. Only projects completed by
key members of the project team will be considered. (20 PTS)
3. Project Approach Narrative
50 PTS
SOQs should clearly outline the team’s recommended approach and methodology for:
Accomplishing the Scope of Services. Clearly describe the approaches
and methods that will be used to accomplish the tasks required in the
Scope of Services. Include a summary of innovative ideas and
suggestions for enhancing the scope of services. (25 PTS)
Request for Qualifications 0721251 Sitcum Way Upgrades
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