Show Water Service Line Replacement

Agency: The Village of Oak Park
State: Illinois
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237110 - Water and Sewer Line and Related Structures Construction
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Posted Date: May 28, 2020
Due Date: Jun 16, 2020
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Show Water Service Line Replacement

The Village of Oak Park is seeking bids from qualified contractors to perform water service line replacements. Bids will be accepted until 3 p.m. local time on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

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Village of Oak Park
2020 Water Service Line Replacement Program
Bid Number: 20-127
Issuance Date: 5/27/2020
The Village of Oak Park will receive Bids from qualified contractors to preform water service
replacements during the calendar year 2020 pursuant to this Request for Bids. This Bid
covers the replacement of the water service between the water main and the curb stop at
various locations within the Village of Oak Park. Sealed Bids will be accepted at the Public
Works Center, 201 South Blvd., Oak Park, IL 60302 Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00
p.m. local time until 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. Bids will be reviewed and the
results of the review will be presented to the Village Board of Trustees of the Village of Oak
Specifications and bid forms may be obtained at or at the Public
Works Center at the address listed above.
The Village Board of Trustees reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids or to waive
technicalities, or to accept any item of any bid. Information is available from the Water &
Sewer Superintendent, James Eggen at 708-358-5700 or
Do not detach any portion of this document. Upon formal award to the successful Bidder, a
written agreement will be executed for the Project in substantially the form attached.
Submission of Bids
The Bid shall be submitted on the Bid form included herewith. The Bid shall be submitted in
a sealed envelope marked “BID: 20-127, 2020 Water Service Line Replacement Program”,
shall bear the return address of the bidder, and shall be addressed as follows:
TO: James Eggen, Water & Sewer Superintendent
Department of Public Works
201 South Blvd.
Oak Park, IL 60302
In responding to this Request for Bids the official logo of the Village of Oak Park is not to be
used in any form. Use of the Village logo is strictly prohibited by law and such use could
subject the proposer to disqualification.
Village of Oak Park
2020 Water Service Line Replacement Program
Preparation and Submission of Bid:
All Bids must be delivered to the Public Works Center by the specific time indicated on the
cover page. Bids arriving after the specified time will not be accepted. Mailed bids that are
received by the Village after the specified hour will not be accepted regardless of the post-
marked time on the envelope. Bids must be signed by an officer of the company who is
authorized to enter into agreements on behalf of the company. Bids shall be sealed in an
envelope and marked as stated on the cover page.
Bid Bond
The Bidder shall provide a Bid Bond in the amount of ten percent (10%) of the total bid
price. The attached form may be used or the bidder may provide cash or a certified check in
the amount specified. Bid bond amounts shall be based on all proposed work where
estimated amounts have been provided by the Village of Oak Park. Do not include unit price
amounts where work is “On-Demand” or “As Required”. The Bid Bonds, cash or checks will
be returned once the selected bidder has entered into an Agreement for this work and
provided the Contract Bond in an amount of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000.00) for the
contract awarded.
Contract Term
The initial contract term shall be from the date of award to December 31, 2020. The Village
of Oak Park intends to suspend work on this contract by November 13th, 2020 due to having
suitable conditions to patch the road. Any work performed after November 13th would be on
an emergency basis.
Contract Renewal
The Contractor shall invoice the Village for the Work provided pursuant to this Contract the
rates set forth in its Proposal. The term of this Contract may be extended in writing for up to
two (2) additional one (1)-year periods of time pursuant to the consent of the parties.
Rate Adjustment
The Contractor shall be permitted to adjust its rates subject to one (1) adjustment annually,
effective on the anniversary date of this Contract. Written notice to the Village from the
Contractor must be provided for any annual rate adjustment providing the basis for the
requested increase and supporting document justification within thirty (30) days prior to the
anniversary date. The annual adjustment shall be based upon 100% of the percentage of
change of the index published in November (as defined below) as compared to the September
index for the previous year. The index shall be the United States Department of Labor, Bureau
of Labor Statistics, Revised Consumer Price Index for all Urban Wage Earners for Chicago,
Illinois - Gary, Indiana - Kenosha, Wisconsin (all items, 1982-84 = 100). Notwithstanding
anything contained herein to the contrary, the annual adjustment shall not be greater than five
percent (5%) of the previous year's rates for services provided under this Contract in any year.
If the Contractor fails to justify the requested increase, the Village reserves the right to reject
the request and terminate the remaining term of this Contract.
Notice to Proceed
Work shall begin within fourteen (14) days from the Notice to Proceed from the Water &
Sewer Superintendent, James Eggen, as locations are assigned. All work shall be completed
in accordance with the detailed specifications set forth herein this document.
If the Village renews the contract for an additional one year term, the Bidder will provide the
Village with a renewed certification in the form in Section V indicating that it continues to be
eligible to contract with units of local government. If a contractor or subcontractor is not
able to certify that it continues to meet all requirements, it shall provide a detailed
explanation of the circumstances leading to the change in certification status.
Award of Agreement
The Agreement will be awarded in whole or in part to the responsible Bidder or Bidders
whose bids, conforming to the request for bids, will be most advantageous to the Village;
price and other factors considered.
Costs of Preparation
The Village will not be responsible for any expenses incurred in preparing and submitting a
Bid or entering into the applicable Agreement.
Taxes not Applicable
The Village of Oak Park as an Illinois municipality pays neither Illinois Sales Tax nor Federal
Excise Tax. Contractors should exclude these taxes from their prices.
Withdrawal of Bids:
Any Contractor may withdraw its Bid at any time prior to the time specified in the
advertisement as the closing time for the receipt of Bids, by signing a request therefore. No
Contractor may withdraw or cancel its Bid for a period of sixty (60) calendar days after the
advertised closing time for the receipt of Bids. The successful Contractor may not withdraw
or cancel its Bid after having been notified that the Bid was accepted by the Village Board of
Investigation of Contractors
The Village will make such investigations as are necessary to determine the ability of the
Contractor to fulfill Bid requirements. If requested, the Contractor should be prepared to
present evidence to the Village of Oak Park of ability and possession of necessary facilities
and financial resources to comply with the terms of the attached specifications and Bids. In
addition, the Contractor shall furnish the Village with any information the Village may
request, and shall be prepared to show completed work of a similar nature to that included
in its Bid. The Village reserves the right to visit and inspect the premises and operation of
any Contractor.
Rejection of Contractor
The Village will reject any Bid from any person, firm or corporation that appears to be in
default or arrears on any debt, agreement or the payment of any taxes. The Village will
reject any Bid from a Contractor that failed to satisfactorily complete work for the Village
under any previous agreement.
Contractors are advised to become familiar with all conditions, instructions and
specifications governing the work. Contractors shall be presumed to have a familiarity with
this category of work. Work site, conditions and scope of the work before submitting a Bid.
Compliance with Applicable Laws
The Bidder will strictly comply with all ordinances of the Village of Oak Park and Village Code
and laws of the State of Illinois.
Governing Law
All agreements entered into by the Village of Oak Park are governed by the laws of the State
of Illinois without regard to conflicts of law. Any action brought to enforce an agreement with
the Village of Oak Park must be brought in the state and federal courts located in Cook
County, Illinois.
Subletting of Agreement
No agreement awarded by the Village of Oak Park shall be assigned or any part sub-
agreement without the written consent of the Village of Oak Park or as noted in the
Contractor’s Bid. In no case shall such consent relieve the Contractor from its obligations or
change the terms of the Agreement.
Interpretation of Agreement Documents:
Any Contractor with a question about this Bid may request an interpretation thereof from the
Village no later than 8:00 A.M. on Friday, June 12, 2020. If the Village changes the Bid,
either by clarifying it or by changing the specifications, the Village will issue a written
addendum, and will post the Addenda on the Village website no later than 1:00 P.M. on
Monday, June 15, 2020. All bidders will be responsible to check for any addenda. The
Village will not assume responsibility for receipt of such addenda. In all cases, it will be the
Contractor’s responsibility to obtain all addenda issued. Contractors will provide written
acknowledgment of receipt of each addendum issued with the Bid submission on the sealed
bid envelope.
Minority Business and Women Business Enterprise Requirements
The Village of Oak Park, in an effort to reaffirm its policy of non-discrimination, encourages
the efforts of Contractors and subcontractors to take affirmative action in providing for Equal
Employment Opportunity without regard to race, religion, creed, color, sex, national origin,
age, handicap unrelated to ability to perform the job or protected veteran’s status.

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