Shared Micromobility Program

Agency: City of Redmond
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Feb 24, 2024
Due Date: Mar 22, 2024
Solicitation No: RFQ 10809-24
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Bid Number: RFQ 10809-24
Bid Title: Shared Micromobility Program
Category: Bidding & Contracting Opportunities
Status: Open


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The City is soliciting Statements of Qualification from experienced vendors authorized to operate bicycle and/or scooter share to apply for Redmond’s Shared Micromobility Program. Shared micromobility is defined as a bicycle or scooter which may be both parked upon and rented upon the City of Redmond right of way. The selected vendor(s) agree to comply with all requirements for the permitted operation of a bicycle and/or scooter share program within the City of Redmond.

Please note: Questions are due by March 15, 2024.

Publication Date/Time:
2/23/2024 3:00 PM
Closing Date/Time:
3/22/2024 2:00 PM
Contact Person:
RFQ Content:
Adam O’Sullivan
Purchasing Supervisor
Tel: 425-556-2199

Technical Contacts:
Francesca Liburdy
Senior Transportation Planner
Tel: 425-556-2476

Kim Keeling
Transportation Programs Administrator
Tel: 425-556-2451

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Attachment Preview

City of Redmond, Washington
Purchasing Division, M/S: 3NFN
15670 NE 85th Street
PO Box 97010
Redmond, WA 98073-9710
RFQ 10809-24
Request for Qualifications
Shared Micromobility Program
The City is soliciting Statements of Qualification from experienced vendors authorized to operate
bicycle and/or scooter share to apply for Redmond’s Shared Micromobility Program. Shared
micromobility is defined as a bicycle or scooter which may be both parked upon and rented upon the
City of Redmond right of way. The selected vendor(s) agree to comply with all requirements for the
permitted operation of a bicycle and/or scooter share program within the City of Redmond.
Posting Date: February 23, 2024
Questions Due Date: March 15, 2024
Statements of Qualification Due: March 22, 2024 at 2:00PM (PST)
The City of Redmond, Washington (the “City”) requests interested parties to submit Statements of
Qualification (SOQs) for the above referenced Request for Qualifications (RFQ).
The City of Redmond, WA is a suburb of Seattle and hub for residential and employment growth due to its
strong technology business sector. The City encompasses an area of over 17 square miles and is located
less than 20 miles east of downtown Seattle. The City of Redmond is transitioning from a suburban to urban
environment in a timeframe of growth and change focused on transportation systems. Today, the City has
about 75,000 residents and 95,000 jobs and by 2030, it is expected to have 78,000 residents and 119,000
jobs. Redmond is also the location of four new light rail stations, which will have a transformative effect to
the City’s transportation system by connecting the suburb to several other regional centers with transit,
including Seattle by 2026.
The City of Redmond established a Shared Micromobility Pilot Program in April 2019 and would like to
transition the current Pilot Program to a permanent Shared Micromobility Permit Program. The Pilot
Program is well used by Redmond constituents, with approximately 130 average daily scooters deployed
and approximately 170 average daily trips. Monthly data throughout the life of the Pilot Program shows that
the median trip length has steadily increased from approximately 0.6 miles to approximately 1 mile since
RFQ 10800–24 Shared Micromobility Permit Program
Page 1 of 11
November 2020, demonstrating that this program is a needed and well-used first-last mile mobility solution.
Goals of the Shared Micromobility Permit Program include:
Improving travel choices and mobility for all, consistent with strategies in Redmond’s Transportation
Master Plan and Redmond 2050, Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan Update
Expanding scooter and bike share programs in Puget Sound
Improving first-last mile mobility
The City of Redmond seeks to establish a permanent Shared Micromobility Permit Program that allows for a
partnership between the City and selected vendor(s), working collaboratively to provide a needed mobility
solution that is consistent with Redmond’s vision to transition toward a thriving urban environment.
Scope of Work
The complete Scope of Work for this project is included as Attachment A. The Scope of Work includes the
proposed Shared Micromobility Permit Contract.
The City intends to enter into an initial two-year agreement, with two (2) optional two-year renewal terms,
for a potential maximum total term of six (6) years (see Attachment C, Option for Renewal), provided that 1)
Vendor(s) is in compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract and, 2) that the program fee
structure is cost-effective as determined by the City, and 3) that sufficient funds have been appropriated by
the City. The City reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time, upon thirty (30) days written notice to
Should the City exercise a renewal option, the City and Vendor(s) may discuss any necessary changes to
services and will confirm fee structure prior to each renewal. Vendor(s) shall notify the City in writing at least
thirty (30) days prior to any proposed fee structure adjustment. Acceptance of such a request will be at the
sole discretion of the City.
Proposed Timeline
The following table outlines the anticipated schedule for this RFQ process. The City reserves the right to
modify or reschedule milestones as necessary.
RFQ Announced
Questions on RFQ Content Due
Statements of Qualifications Due
Evaluation of Submittals and Short-List Selection
Select Most Qualification Vendor(s)
February 23, 2024
March 15, 2024
March 22, 2024, 2:00 p.m. local time
March 29, 2024
April 1-4, 2024
April 5, 2024
RFQ 10800–24 Shared Micromobility Permit Program
Page 2 of 11
Submittal Due Date/Time
2:00PM (local time) on Friday, March 22, 2024. The City must receive SOQs no later than said date and
SOQ Submittal Procedures
City of Redmond now utilizes Docusign for the electronic submittal of bids and proposals. This service is
free of charge for bidders and does not require that a bidder have a DocuSign account to complete the
signature process. Please refer to the instructions shared in the online posting for this RFQ on for step-by-step instructions for submitting a proposal.
The City of Redmond must receive electronically submitted proposals no later than said date and time.
Responses received after such time will be returned unopened. By submitting a proposal, respondents
acknowledge their satisfaction as to the size, scope and location of the work to be performed.
Submittal Requirements & Format
All costs for developing a response to this RFQ are the obligation of the respondent and are not
chargeable to the City. The respondent must bear all costs associated with the preparation of the
submittal and of any oral presentation requested by the City. All responses and accompanying
documentation will become property of the City and will not be returned. Submittals may be withdrawn
at any time prior to the published close date, provided notification is received in writing to the below
listed City agent(s). Submittals cannot be withdrawn after the published close date.
Submittals must include all information requested and meet all specifications and requirements outlined
in this RFQ. The following items must be part of your proposal; if any are not included, your submittals
may be judged as non-responsive. A committee will evaluate the submitted SOQs. During the evaluation
process, the City reserves the right to request additional information or clarification from firms
responding to this RFQ.
The SOQ should include the following components:
1. Program Understanding – Explain your understanding of the program, components, and
2. Program Approach – Based on your understanding of the program, explain how your team will
provide the best outcomes for the City, its residents, businesses, and visitors.
3. Relevant Program Experience and References – Provide three (3) examples of similar programs in
other cities that demonstrate your team’s expertise, including program name and location, program
description, program fee structure or agreement with the jurisdiction, and references for each
program (name and contact information).
RFQ 10800–24 Shared Micromobility Permit Program
Page 3 of 11
4. Vendor Team – Provide an organization chart or similar explanation of program team members’
roles. Identify lead point of contact and supporting team members team members, explaining their
responsibilities, strengths, and relevant experience. Include brief resume for each team member
and confirmation of availability to operate the program.
5. Program Management Approach – Describe your program management approach.
6. QC/QA Measures – Describe your quality control and quality assurance measures.
7. Reporting Approach – Describe your method for data reporting.
8. Business Name – Submittals must be made in the official name of the firm or individual under which
business is conducted (showing official business address) and must be signed by a person duly
authorized to legally bind the person, partnership, company, or corporation submitting the
proposal. A corporation must indicate place and date of incorporation.
9. Business License – Provide a statement to the effect that you understand and agree to obtain a City
of Redmond business license as a requirement for performing these services. A city business license
application can be found at: The selected firm, and each
of its subconsultant firms in cases where a team is formed, will be required to obtain a Redmond
business license prior to performing any work for the City and to maintain the license throughout the
project’s life. If your place of business is not located within the city limits, but you or your agents will
be physically coming into the city to conduct business, call on clients, or provide services, you will
need a Redmond business license.
Selection and Award
All interested parties are requested to provide a response containing all required elements herein to the
City by the deadline given. A selection committee will review and evaluate all submittals, with the intention
of selecting Vendor(s) who provides a proposal that, in the opinion of the City, provides the best value
(receives the highest score, as determined by the evaluation criteria listed below). The City intends to select
one vendor but reserves the right to select more than one vendor meeting the qualifications. The selection
committee will rely on the content of the submissions in the selection of finalists. If the selection committee
so chooses, respondents may be invited for an interview to supplement their submission.
Vendor vehicles meet Bicycle Quality Standards and
Electric Bicycle Standards
Vendor vehicles meet Electric Scooter Standards
Includes maximum vehicle speed limits on per City’s
permit requirements
All vehicles include front and rear lighting, meeting
lighting requirements
RFQ 10800–24 Shared Micromobility Permit Program
Page 4 of 11
Each vehicle includes unique identifier, operator
name, customer support information, and requirement
to wear a helmet
Safety Requirements Subtotal
User Education All Vendors shall have conspicuous notices on the mobile
application, which may include a link to a City website, that
notify users of the following before they are allowed to begin
Bicycles/scooters must be parked appropriately, most
importantly keeping at least five feet of sidewalk clear,
to avoid blocking pedestrian and wheelchair access
There is an 8 mile per hour maximum scooter assist
speed for the first two trips in the United States to help
the user learn how to operate the vehicle
Bicycles/scooters may operate at up to 15 miles per
hour electric assisted speed in roadways, bicycle lanes,
and on trails and shall not exceed 8 miles per hour on
sidewalks and shall provide at least three feet of space
when passing pedestrians or yield to pedestrians
Outreach to overextended & under-served
populations and new users
Helmets are recommended for safety and it is the
users’ responsibility to follow all applicable traffic laws.
User Education Subtotal
Proposed Fee Proposed vendor includes a possible fee structure including
an administrative one-time fee, fee per trip, and fee per
vehicle. Fee structure adequately offsets the City’s staff time
and operations costs. Proposed fee structure must comply
with City of Redmond Resolution No. 1515, Ordinance No.
Vendor shall establish an alternative payment and reduced-
fare program element. At minimum, all persons who qualify
for one or more of the following programs shall be eligible for
the Vendor’s reduced-fare program element:
the ORCA Lift reduced-fare program;
Washington Apple Health;
Washington Basic Food program;
Washington State Food Assistant program
Vendor shall provide specific details regarding the reduced-
fare program, how individuals can qualify, and how the
reduced fare is applied to their ride
Proposed Fee Structure Subtotal
Methods to
Schedule Trips
Non-smartphone rental: The vendor shall establish at
least one method by which a rider who has no
RFQ 10800–24 Shared Micromobility Permit Program
Page 5 of 11

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