San Bernardino Police Department Organization & Operations Assessment

Agency: City of San Bernardino
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Oct 9, 2018
Due Date: Oct 26, 2018
Solicitation No: F-19-15
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F-19-15 RFP F-19-15 San Bernardino Police Department Organization & Operations Assessment RFP

October 26, 2018

3:00 PM, PST

Attachment Preview

October 5, 2018
The City of San Bernardino (City) invites proposals from qualified professional services
firms for:
San Bernardino Police Department
Organization and Operations Assessment
The City has retained Management Partners (a management consulting firm) to assist
in the administration and implementation of this RFP.
Proposals must be submitted electronically on or before 3:00 p.m. PST, Friday,
October 26, 2018 to:
1. Teri Ledoux, Assistant City Manager, City of San Bernardino, at
2. Sonia Carvalho, Chief Assistant City Attorney, City of San Bernardino, at
3. Lynn
Only electronic submittals will be accepted.
Issuance of this RFP and/or receipt of proposals does not commit the City to award a
Section I Summary
The City of San Bernardino (City) invites proposals from qualified consultants to conduct
an organization and operations assessment of its Police Department. The City seeks to
engage the services of a qualified professional firm experienced in the analysis and
assessment of Police Department organization structures, staffing strategies, and
operations to provide recommendations that support an effective, sustainable and
efficient delivery of service to the community.
RFP F-19-15
San Bernardino Police Department
Organization and Operations Assessment
I. Background
San Bernardino is an incorporated Charter City, operating under the Council/
Manager form of government. San Bernardino has an Operating Budget of
approximately $166 million for Fiscal Year 2018-19, of which the General Fund is
$126 million. The City also approved a $46 million Capital Improvement Plan
Budget. The FY 2018-19 Police Department budget is $85 million over all funding
The City is located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angeles, 120 miles
northeast of metropolitan San Diego, and 55 miles northwest of Palm Springs,
adjacent to the cities of Highland, Redlands, Loma Linda, Colton, and Rialto. The
City’s elevation is 1,049 feet above sea level and encompasses an area of
approximately 62 square miles. The estimated median income in the City is
$37,047 and there are approximately 62,683 housing units in the City. The City’s
demographics are predominately Hispanic (62%), White (17%), and African
American (14%).
San Bernardino is a community rich in history and cultural diversity, where
influences of Native Americans, Mexican settlers, Spanish missionaries, and
Mormon emigrants can still be seen throughout the City today. Once a thriving
economic hub, the City fell on hard economic times with the closing of Kaiser
Steel in 1983, and Norton Air Force base in March 1995. The City’s financial
challenges culminated when the City filed for bankruptcy protection in August
2012. In mid-2017, the City emerged from bankruptcy and is now vigorously
pursuing innovative and sustainable methods based on industry best practices to
improve public services.
San Bernardino is a community with a host of challenges often found in
established urban cities. The city has a high crime rate (historically among the
worst in the State), a high poverty rate, homelessness, vagrancy and housing
challenges that complicate policing issues. The police department’s authorized
sworn staffing is 30% below 2009 authorized levels; response times are well
below expectations and exceed industry averages and police officer unstructured
(proactive) time is minimal.
The Police Department conducts public safety services with a focus on integrity,
responsiveness, accountability, justice, and public trust. The Police Department
is a full-service law enforcement agency providing patrol and traffic operations,
dispatch, records management, investigations, crime analysis, SWAT, quality of
life, and emergency preparedness services while participating in regional
investigative partnerships with allied agencies. The Police Department is
authorized 261 sworn officers supported by 177 full-time and 55 part-time
professional staff members, for a total authorized strength of 493 employees.
Like most law enforcement agencies in California, the San Bernardino Police
Department faces challenges recruiting highly qualified candidates to fill sworn
and non-sworn vacancies. As such, the Police Department continues to explore
new ways to improve public safety services within available resources. The
RFP F-19-15
San Bernardino Police Department
Organization and Operations Assessment
following figure represents the current, existing, functional organization chart of
the San Bernardino Police Department.
Chief of Police
449 FTE1
261 Sworn, 188 Non-sworn
Emergency management
Financial unit
Wellness program
Assistant Chief of Police
162 FTE
Desk operations
Patrol field services
65 FTE
Case filing unit
Cold cases
Property crime
Robbery/grand theft
Specialized crimes
1. Total FTE count includes Executive Staff/Administration (17 FTE), Law Enforcement
Trainees/Academy (15 FTE), and Open Police Officer (P1) positions (6 FTE).
39 FTE
Hostage negotiations
Special enforcement
Administrative Services
117 FTE
Animal control
City hall security
Crime analysis
Information technology
Personnel and training
Professional standards
Special events
Task forces
Community Policing
28 FTE
Code enforcement
Community policing
Community affairs
Mounted enforcement
Quality of life policing
Volunteer reserves
II. Objective
The Police Department is seeking new and innovative ways to enhance effective
and efficient public safety for the community in an effort to deliver a sustainable,
high quality level of police services. The major objective of the organization and
operations assessment is to:
Determine an optimal organization, management and service structure
able to be sustained within projected resources;
Identify opportunities to improve and strengthen the department’s
operational strategies and deployment practices; and
Identify cost effective staffing strategies that will enable the department to
focus on improving public safety over time.
The City is strongly interested in engaging Police Department personnel across
the department during the process. The Consultant should therefore possess a
broad knowledge of law enforcement and public safety operations, with particular
emphasis in effective law enforcement organization structures, operational
assessment, dispatch, management of calls for service, sworn and civilian
employee staffing best practices, work assignments, administration of cases, and
resource allocation challenges.
RFP F-19-15
San Bernardino Police Department
Organization and Operations Assessment
III. Scope of Work
1. Activities Working with the City and the Police Department, the consultant
will review and evaluate the Police Department’s organization structure,
systems, staffing strategies and processes; strengths and weaknesses of
current operations and staffing; and make recommendations for change to
enable the Police Department to provide more efficient and effective service
to the community. Tasks to be performed may include a detailed review and
analysis of the following in the Police Department as necessary to inform any
a. Organization culture and morale;
b. Dispatch operations;
c. Management of calls for service;
d. Work methods and workflow, including division of work between
sworn and civilian staff;
e. Organization structure;
f. Work schedules;
g. Position staffing;
h. Performance measures and other resources used to inform
operational resource allocations;
i. Opportunities for alternative staffing, scheduling, and service delivery
models to achieve City goals and objectives and the Police
Department’s mission;
j. Gaps between current structure and operations with optimum
structure and operations; and
k. Relevant policies and procedures.
These tasks should include gathering and analyzing data, conducting
interviews, administering an employee survey, conducting employee focus
groups, assessing industry best practices, and engaging in other research
and evaluation methods necessary to accomplish the work.
2. Preliminary Report Provide a draft report of initial observations and
preliminary recommendations for review by the Chief of Police, Chief
Assistant City Attorney and City Manager. This should include a summary of
the information and data obtained by the consultant which then informs a set
of observations about the Police Department’s major opportunities for
improvement to meet the objectives of this assessment as well as a set of
preliminary, practical recommendations to achieve them. A review of this
document will provide the basis for a final project report to the Chief of
Police, Chief Assistant City Attorney and City Manager.
RFP F-19-15
San Bernardino Police Department
Organization and Operations Assessment
3. Project Report (Draft and Final) Provide a draft report which incorporates
the data and analysis generally addressed in the Preliminary report
document and a set of practical recommendations that the City and
Department should consider to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of
police services to the community. The report and recommendations should
focus on organization culture, organization structure, staffing strategies,
innovation and incorporate best practices. The report should also include
those aspects of Police Department operations which are working well with
the goal of providing comprehensive and balanced recommendations to
improve operations needing modification. The report will emphasize actions
the Police Department can employ to streamline operations and achieve City
and Police Department objectives more effectively and efficiently, while
maximizing productivity and meeting current and future community law
enforcement needs. Following a review of the draft report, the consultant will
prepare a final report and submit it to the Chief of Police, Chief Assistant City
Attorney and City Manager. The final report should include an
implementation action plan and recommended performance measures to
determine success.
4. Presentation to the Mayor and City Council Following the completion of
the final report, the Consultant may be asked by the City Manager to prepare
and present a PowerPoint presentation to the Mayor and City Council which
sets forth the major areas of focus and recommendations from the project
Submittal Instructions Overview
The proposal shall be organized and submitted with the following elements:
Cover page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Company and General Information
Qualifications and Experience of the Firm
Qualifications and Experience of the Project Team
Response to the Scope of Services and General Schedule
Authorized Binding Signature(s) Form
A. Executive Summary
The proposer should provide an executive summary describing the proposer’s
ability to perform the work requested, a history of the proposer’s background and
experience providing services, the qualifications of the proposer’s personnel to
be assigned to this project, any subcontractor, sub consultants, and/or suppliers

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