Agency: South San Antonio Independent School District/IPT
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Dec 2, 2020
Due Date: Dec 17, 2020
Solicitation No: RFQ 2021-04
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    South San Antonio ISD
    The South San Antonio Independent School District (“SSAISD” and/or the “District”) is soliciting proposals for
    FINANCIAL ADVISOR SERVICES as more fully set out in this Request for Qualifications (“RFQ”). One (1) hard copy
    original of the proposal, one (1) hard copy duplicate of the proposal, and two (2) USB drives of the proposal must be
    submitted in accordance with the instructions set out herein to:
    South San Antonio Independent School District
    Attn: Chad P. Doucet
    1450 Gillette Blvd
    San Antonio, TX 78224
    The following schedule and timelines apply to this RFQ. The following timelines are subject to change at the District’s
    Release RFQ
    Thursday December 3rd, 2020
    RFQ due
    Thursday December 17th, 2020 at 1:00 PM CST
    Evaluation period
    December 17th, 2020 January 14th, 2021
    January 20th, 2021
    Each set of the proposal must be submitted in a binder. The original proposal must be labeled “ORIGINAL” and
    contain original signatures. The copies of the original must be labeled “COPY.” Response submission must be
    delivered in a sealed folder or container (i.e. envelope, box, or bin). If documents are submitted in an unsealed container
    or folder, the district is not responsible for any unsealed/unlabeled documents and materials. Each binder and any
    container for the binder(s) must be labeled on the outside with the Proposer’s name, address, the RFQ number and the
    RFQ name. Each USB drive must be labeled with the RFQ number and the vendor name.
    Proposals will be received at the above address until December 17th, 2020 at 1:00 P.M. CST. A more detailed timeline
    is set out in the Instructions, Submission Requirements and Procedures section of the RFQ. Proposals will remain sealed
    until the due date and time to avoid disclosure to competing proposals. Contents of proposals will remain confidential
    during the negotiations period, if applicable. Only the proposal number and the identity of the Proposer(s) submitting the
    proposal will be made available to the public before award of the RFQ. Proposals received after the Proposal due date
    and time will not be considered.
    Faxed proposals will not be accepted. Proposals must be submitted in sufficient time to be received and time-stamped at
    the above location on or before the proposal due date and time. SSAISD will not be responsible for proposals
    delivered late by the United States Postal Service, or any other delivery or courier services. All proposals and pricing must
    remain valid for one hundred twenty (120) days from the proposal due date pending acceptance by SSAISD’s Board
    of Trustees.
    The district will award this RFQ to one or more firms based upon the evaluation of all proposals received. Selection for
    the panel does not guarantee that a firm will receive work from the district. More details regarding the evaluation of
    proposals are included below.
    Chad P. Doucet
    Director of Purchasing
    (Company Name)
    (Business Address)
    (Zip Code)
    The undersigned, having fully and carefully read and examined the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) Documents,
    Enclosures and Addenda, hereby submits to the South San Antonio Independent School District their qualifications
    proposal in accordance with the solicitation documents and addenda at the place, price and in a manner set out therein
    and certifies the following;
    a. Represents that to the best of its knowledge it is not indebted to the South San Antonio Independent School District.
    Indebtedness to the District shall be basis for the non-award and/or cancellation of any award.
    b. Certifies that no suspension or debarment is in place that would preclude receiving a federally funded contract.
    c. The undersigned affirms that they are duly authorized to execute this proposal, to fully comply with the terms and
    conditions of this Request for Qualifications, including all forms and attachments included herein, that this company,
    corporation, firm, partnership or individual has not prepared this Proposal in collusion with any other Bidder, and that the
    contents of this Proposal as to prices, terms or conditions of said Proposal have not been communicated by the undersigned
    nor by any employee or agent to any other person engaged in this type of business prior to the official opening of this
    Signatures: Signed and submitted by:
    (Signature of person authorized to sign this Proposal)
    (Print name of person authorized to sign this Proposal)
    Email: ____________________________________________________
    Phone: ____________________________________________________
    An unsigned proposal shall be rejected.
    NOTE: Responses shall contain the following information and shall be submitted in the order shown below. Please address
    each section in your statement of qualifications and divide each section, of your response, with identifying tabs.
    Title Page:
    Show the RFQ subject, the name of the proposer’s firm, address, telephone number, name of contact person, and date.
    Please include the table below on the Title Page.
    Table of Contents- Clearly identify the materials by sections and page numbers
    A) A cover letter including the name, address, telephone number, contact person, and title of the firm representative
    authorized to respond on the firm’s behalf.
    B) A brief history of the firm including the year founded and the number of years the firm has been providing financial
    advisory services to Texas issuers.
    C) Provide your annual Audit reports for fiscal years 2017, 2018, and 2019 and the most recent interim financial report.
    These reports should be included as an attachment or appendix item.
    D) Provide your current equity capital positions (total equity capital, net equity capital and excess net equity capital in
    accordance with GAAP, or corresponding equity information if a bank as of fiscal years ending 2015 through 2019
    and for the most recent available quarter in 2020.
    E) Provide your Dunn & Bradstreet Number.
    F) Provide proof that your firm currently has in force an insurance policy covering (a) errors and omissions liability,
    and (b) comprehensive general liability, and indicate the amount of such coverage.
    G) Provide the location of firm’s public finance offices in Texas and the number of public finance professionals in each
    office, including (a) financial advisor’s/investment bankers, (b) underwriters/traders, (c) institutional/retail sales
    representatives, and (d) quantitative/analytical specialists. Do not include secretarial/clerical support personnel. In
    the same manner, provide the locations of public finance offices throughout the United States and the total number
    of professionals employed by your firm.
    H) Experience with school districts in the last 10 years.
    I) Recent work experience with SSAISD.
    J) Firm’s ability and capacity to perform the work. List the firm’s current workload and the firm’s availability to
    commence services immediately after being selected by the District.
    K) The identity, education, experience, capabilities, and accomplishments of the key team members who would be
    assigned to SSAISD. Include brief resumes of these personnel.
    L) A list of five (5) clients that are most comparable to South San Antonio Independent School District in size and
    complexity, denoting whether they are active or inactive clients at the time of Proposal and current clients assigned
    to attorney/s to be assigned to SSAISD. Please include a general description of types of services performed, types
    and size of issues involved, and the number of years served for each.
    M) A minimum of 5 references comparable to South San Antonio ISD. References should include the district name
    and contact information for an individual with direct knowledge of similar work done with Texas School Districts.
    N) Statement of firm’s unique qualifications.
    O) Other advantages offered by your firm that would benefit SSAISD.
    P) Proof of professional licenses required by Federal, and State authorities for performing various components of the
    services to be provided.
    Q) A sample engagement letter and/or contract.
    R) Complete and sign all forms included in the RFQ. Failure to complete all forms may result in disqualification.
    S) Discuss your firm’s experience in obtaining credit support and bond insurance.
    T) Discuss your firm’s experience with rating agencies and your firm’s familiarity with the credit rating process.
    U) Discuss your firm’s experience with refinancing and other negotiated underwriting, including underwriter selection
    and issue pricing.
    V) Provide your firm’s ranking, if any, as a financial advisor to school districts in Texas for the period beginning
    January, 2018 to the present as compiled by the Securities Data Corporation, including (a) number of Texas school
    district financings represented and (b) par value of those financings.
    W) How does your firm support school district bond issues in the secondary market?

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