Agency: City of Calexico
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jan 4, 2018
Due Date: Jan 30, 2018
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Proposals Due January 30, 2018

The City’s existing Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan was adopted by LAFCO and the City in 2006. It is currently deemed out of compliance with LAFCO as it has been more than five (5) years since it has been updated. Since the previous Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan update, the City has evolved in a variety of ways. The City has grown by approximately 6,100 people representing a 17 percent population growth rate, several homes, apartments and a new outlet mall has been constructed, and most importantly, a housing downturn has occurred that led to a reduction of housing units proposed and previously planned for. It is critical for the City to
update its Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan to evaluate the current City services and ensure their adequacy for the future provision of services. Additionally, LAFCO has required that the City update its Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan prior to any new annexations.

The Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update 2018 shall provide the research and analysis to enable LAFCO and the City to make a determination regarding the following subjects:
i. Growth and population projections for the affected area;
ii. Present and planned capacity of public facilities and adequacy of public services, including infrastructure needs or deficiencies;
iii. Financial ability of the City and other local agencies to provide services;
iv. Status of, and opportunities for, shared facilities;
v. Accountability for community service needs, including governmental structure and operational efficiencies;
vi. Any other matter related to effective or efficient service delivery.
The Scope of Services shall be presented, as follows:

1. Summary
This section should focus on how facilities will be financed. The conditions proposed by the plan should also be highlighted. A table shall be included in this sections that will summarize the various facilities, their costs and anticipated methods of financing.
2. Introduction
This section should provide a background on the City, identify the purpose of the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan, and identify the contents and organization of the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan.
3. Buildout Projections
This section shall include the potential development within the City’s existing city limits and the sphere of influence.
4. Phasing Projections
This section shall attempt to project how and when development will be phased. The intent shall be to provide and additional tool that will allow the City to anticipate future public facility needs and to allocate funds for their improvement.
5. Requirements for Public Services
This section shall update the public services section and include a detailed description and analysis identifying when and how each facility will be provided and financed, based upon buildout projections and phasing assumptions. The facilities and services that shall be updated and analyzed under these sections are as follows: Administrative Facilities, Drainage
Facilities, Fire Facilities, Law Enforcement Facilities, Library Facilities, Parks and Recreation Facilities, Transportation Facilities, Airport Facility Wastewater Treatment and Collection System Facilities, Water Treatment and Distribution Facilities (note that a Microsoft Word format copy of the current Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan is not available). The exhibits within each respective public service section shall also be updated.
A total of thirteen (13) exhibits 11” x 17” size will be required to be updated. Additional exhibits may be incorporated as deemed necessary by the consultant.
The aforementioned public facilities shall be updated; however, a new section shall be incorporated and analyzed for School Facilities. A new exhibit identifying the location of each of the school facilities within the planning area shall be incorporated. Although the City does not have jurisdiction over school providers, LAFCO requires assurance that the affected service provider(s) will be able to accommodate the projected growth within the amended
sphere of influence. The updated Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan shall include an agreement between the City and the Calexico Unified School District, and the affected service provider(s) identifying when and how facilities and/or services will be provided.

Each of the public serviced discussed shall be outlined as follows:
A. Performance Standard
B. Facility Planning and Adequacy Analysis
C. Inventory of Existing Facilities
D. Inventory of Approved Facilities
E. Buildout Demand for Facilities
F. Phasing of Facilities
G. Mitigation

The City must receive Five (5) bound copies and one (1) unbound, reproducible copy of the proposal, along with one (1) electronic copy in Adobe Portable Document format (“.pdf”) on a CD or digital versatile disc (“DVD” when singular, “DVDs” when plural). The sealed proposals must
be received by the office of the City Clerk by 2:00 p.m. on January 30, 2018 (no exceptions). They will be publicly opened and read at the above stated time and place. The City reserves the right to issue written notice to all participating firms with any changes in the submission schedule, scope of work or work-related products, should it be determined that such changes are necessary.

All proposals must be delivered by the deadline date to:
City of Calexico
Office of the City Clerk
608 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92231
RE: Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update 2018
** All submitted documents will become part of the City’s official files and will not be returned **

1. Request for Proposals Release Date January 4, 2018
2. Questions Due January 22, 2018
3. Proposals Due January 30, 2018
4. City Council Selection and Award February 7, 2018
5. Kick-off Meeting February 21, 2018

Proposal responses must adhere to the requirements set forth in this section, both for content and sequence. Failure to adhere to these requirements or the inclusion of conditions, limitations or misrepresentations may be cause for rejection of the submittal. Use “81/2 X 11” sheets (foldout are acceptable for charts, etc.) and font size large enough to be easily legible, but not smaller than 10 point. The original proposal and each subsequent copy must be submitted on paper, properly bound, appropriately tabbed and labeled in the following order:
A. Cover Letter: Provide a cover letter and introduction, including the name and address of the organization and individual submitting the proposal, together with the name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the contact person who will be authorized to represent the organization, and an expression of the consultant’s ability and desire to meet the requirements of this Request for Proposals. The letter must signed by an individual authorized to bind the firm contractually.
B. Table of Contents: This section shall include a detailed table of contents and an outline of the submittal, identified by sequential page number and by section reference number, and section title as describe herein.
C. Consultant Qualifications: Describe the firm’s resources, experience, and
capabilities as it relates to the Scope of Services described under Section IV.
Submit in the order identified below:
1. Executive Summary: An executive summary should briefly describe the
consultant’s qualifications, including experience in the preparation of
Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan and Service Area/Municipal
Service Review Plan Update. The summary should include a description of
similar projects completed for other cities or counties.
2. Approach and Scope of Work: Describe the firm’s approach to
completing the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update 2018,
provide a summary of major tasks and key sub-tasks, and identify proposed
meetings including any public outreach meetings, public hearings, and
3. Work Schedule: Include a proposed Work Schedule or Timeline which
includes phased milestones for the completion of the scope of work, based
on an initial start date of November 30, 2018. The Work Schedule should
demonstrate how and what point the consultant will complete the Draft
Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan, incorporate any public
outreach meetings and review period and complete any necessary revisions
to the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan, pursuant to the
direction of the City’s Planning Commission, City Council and LAFCO.
The City wants the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update to
be completed in an expeditious manner and will assist the selected
consultant by providing them with background information necessary to
complete the document.
4. Qualifications and Experience: Provide the firm’s background and
qualifications to perform the requested services. Identify any
subcontractors that will be working on the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan update. Identify all project personnel and their role in completing the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan project, and summarize relevant qualifications and experience of each of the identified personnel. Also provide a list of Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plans previously prepared and/or similar projects completed for the past 5 years.
5. Fee Schedule and Experience: Provide a fee schedule for the types of
services and personnel to complete the Scope of Services. List any travel costs and any other direct or indirect costs associated with performing the required services. Provide hourly rates for each person who will be involved in the work, a detailed cost breakdown, including the cost for each task necessary for the proposed scope of work. Costs should include hours and staff assignment for each task. The cost estimates should include cost for all administrative andmaterial costs and shall be a no-to-exceed total budget amount.
6. References: The consultant shall provide a minimum of 4 client references, preferable city or county governments for whom the consultant has previously had contracts with for the provision of services of equal type and scope within the last 5 years.
7. Media Attachments: CDs or DVDs shall be provided within a storage page at the end of the document or within a storage pockets attached to the interior of the last page of the document with the contents of the CD or DVD clearly labeled. Documents within the CD or DVD shall be in .docx or .pdf format.


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