RFP ? Professional Construction Management Services for Rochester Riverside Convention Center Project No. 20017

Agency: City of Rochester
State: New York
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
  • 541618 - Other Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Nov 21, 2023
Due Date: Dec 15, 2023
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RFP – Professional Construction Management Services for Rochester Riverside Convention Center Project No. 20017

RFP – Professional Construction Management Services for Rochester Riverside Convention Center Project No. 20017

The City is seeking the services of a Consultant to perform the following services to implement the

Project. Respondent’s proposal shall address each of the following services and identified tasks. The proposal shall address each of the requested services, using the same identifying language, including any paragraph or section numbers or letters as used in the RFP.

Services will involve providing a qualified Construction Manager (CM) / Project Representative (RPR) & Construction Inspection staff for the duration of the project. This includes, but not limited to: providing a full time Project Representative, construction inspection and support staff as needed.

The personnel would work under the supervision of a City project manager and perform technical duties associated with the project. These duties would include but are not limited to observation of the work, quality assurance & control, submission of daily construction reports & photographs; review of contractor invoices & change orders; and coordination between the design engineer(s), contractor, agencies having jurisdiction, utility companies, the general public and the City project manager. All other duties are as described in the Draft Professional Service Agreement for Professional Services included with this RFP.

The Project(s) consist of various work at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center located at 123 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604.

The scope of work for part one includes, but is not limited to, repairs to the existing river wall, including a concrete wall facing and structural repairs to existing stone masonry and concrete wall; expansion of the existing terrace cantilevered edge over the river, including steel framing, concrete work, expansion joints and waterproofing, metal panel system and river railings. The work also includes site/river staging and access, river bedrock removals, demolition, asbestos removal, and minor plumbing, HVAC and electrical relocations for installation of the work.

The scope of work for part two includes, but is not limited to, renovation and expansion to the building frontage along Main Street, to create a single story 2,000 square foot revitalized event space, including site landscaping, exterior digital signage and additional restrooms within the facility. Repair and restoration of deteriorated exterior building and site materials, including but not limited to, foundation walls, expansion joints, granite masonry veneer, metal panel system, joint sealants, replacement of exterior doors and cleaning of the building façades. Design is currently in progress for this part of the project.

Drawings & specifications are available at https://www.bidnetdirect.com/new‐york/city‐of-rochester/ after 11/20/23 for review.

RFP Schedule and Delivery Information

Proposals must be received digitally by the City no later than 12:00 PM Friday, Dec 15, 2023.

Proposals shall be submitted in PDF version to:
Andrew Wojewodzic, Manager of Construction
andrew.wojewodzic@cityofrochester.gov : (585) 428-6523

Attachment Preview

Construction Management & RPR Services for
Rochester Riverside Convention Center
River Wall & South Terrace (Part 1) &
Main Street Building Addition (Part 2)
City Project No. 20017
City Bldg. ID No. 1.17
RFP Issued: November 20, 2023
Proposals Due: December 15, 2023
City of Rochester
Department of Environmental Services
Bureau of Architecture and Engineering
Holly Barrett, P.E.
City Engineer
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1.0 General Information
o Project Title and Information
o Project Timetable
o Submission Delivery Information
o Communications
o PreProposal Site WalkThru
o Project Budget
o General
2.0 Project Overview
o Project Background and Details
o Additional Materials and Background Information
3.0 Scope of Services
o Preconstruction Phase Services
o Construction Phase Services
o Special Inspections, Environmental & Material Testing Services
o Temporary Facilities
o Project Closeout
4.0 Proposal Preparation & Submission Process
o Proposal Content
Direct Reimbursable Expenses
Eligibility Qualifications and Requirements
o Evaluation Criteria
Living Wage Requirements
Local Preference
MWBE Goals
Workforce Goals / EEO
o Miscellaneous
Exhibit A: MWBE Utilization Plan OCSD4 and OCSD5 if required
Exhibit B: Workforce Staffing Plan OCSD2
Exhibit C: Draft Agreement
Exhibit D: Consultant Information Form
Schedule A: Fee Schedule
Supplemental Information:
Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation (RG&E) FERC License Requirements for Genesee River Access
New York State Canal Corporation Permit Requirements
Project Site Photographs
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Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center
Construction Management & RPR Services Part 1 & 2
123 East Main Street, Rochester, NY 14604
City of Rochester, NY
This RFP is posted online for public viewing and all other interested parties:
Design and construction timetable (anticipated and subject to change):
Part one schedule (River Wall Repairs & South Terrace Addition):
Advertise for bidding:
November 20, 2023
Prebid meeting:
December 5, 2023 at 10:00 AM, at RRCC in Aqueduct AB
Award contracts:
~ March 2024
Notice to proceed:
~ April 2024
Begin construction:
~ April 2024
Substantial completion: 565 days after Notice to Proceed
Part two schedule (Main Street Building Addition Work):
Advertise for bidding:
~ March 2024
Award contracts:
~ August 2024
Notice to proceed:
~ September 2024
Begin construction:
~ September 2024
Substantial completion: ~ 365 days after Notice to Proceed
A Professional Services Agreement resulting from this RFP shall commence on the agreement
start date for a term of “The term of the agreement shall extend until three (3) months after
the completion of a two (2) year guarantee inspection of the project.”
The dates shown above may be subject to change within the City of Rochester’s sole discretion
and upon written notification as set forth herein.
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PDF’s of the proposal are to be submitted no later than 12:00 p.m. (Noon) on Friday,
December 15, 2023 to:
Andrew Wojewodzic
City of Rochester
Department of Environmental Services
Bureau of Architecture and Engineering
Construction Division
30 Church Street, Room 300B
Rochester, New York 14614
Submit all questions related to this RFP in writing no later than Friday, December 8, 2023
All communications by parties who have indicated an intent to submit or have submitted a
proposal in response to this RFP (“Respondents”), including any questions or requests for
clarifications, submission of the proposal, requests for status updates about the proposal
selection process and any other inquiries whatsoever concerning this RFP shall be sent, in
writing, to the following City staff person(s):
Andrew Wojewodzic / Manager of Construction
(585) 4286523
No contact is permitted with any other City staff member with regard to this RFP during the RFP
process unless specifically authorized in writing. Prohibited contact may be grounds for
To ensure that all Respondents have a clear understanding of the scope and requirements of
this RFP, the City will respond to all timely questions submitted via email to the City Contact by
the question deadline stated above. Questions and the responding answers will be sent via e
mail to all Respondents who have provided an email address to the city contact and will be
posted on the City’s web page for this RFP. The City’s failure to timely respond or provide
responses to any questions shall not delay or invalidate the City’s right to make a decision to
award an agreement pursuant to this RFP.
The City will make every reasonable effort to keep Respondents informed about the RFP
process. Notifications about timeline date changes, amendments to the RFP and other
information about the RFP will be sent by email to Respondents who have provided an email
address to the city contact and will be posted on the City’s website for this RFP. The City’s
failure to provide such information shall not delay or invalidate the City’s right to make a
decision to award an agreement pursuant to this RFP.
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In order to provide the City with an opportunity to discuss the project and Respondents with an
opportunity to ask questions, a contractor’s prebid meeting & preproposal site visit will be
held as follows:
December 5, 2023
10:00 A.M.
Location: In room Aqueduct AB at JAF RRCC 123 E. Main Street, Rochester NY
There is no requirement to attend the site conference and no obligation by the City to provide
information from the conference to parties who fail to attend.
The total project budget is $16,000,000. This budget is inclusive of: design & construction of
part 1 & 2, abatement, construction management and RPR fees, utility charges, testing &
special inspections, air monitoring, contingency, etc.
1) The City reserves the right to amend or withdraw this RFP in the City’s sole discretion,
including any timeframes herein, upon notification of all Respondents as set forth above,
and in such case, the City shall have no liability for any costs incurred by any Respondent.
2) The City may request additional information from any Respondent to assist the City in
making its evaluation.
3) The proposal and all materials submitted with the proposal shall become property of the
City and will be subject to NYS Freedom of Information Law. If any proprietary information
is submitted with the proposal, it must be clearly identified and a request to keep such
information confidential must be submitted.
4) The selection of a Consultant is within the City’s sole discretion and no reasons for rejection
or acceptance of a proposal are required to be given. Although costs are an important
consideration, the decision will be based on qualifications and compliance with the
requirements of this RFP and not solely on cost. The City reserves the right to reject any or
all proposals or to accept a proposal that does not conform to the terms set forth herein.
The City further reserves the right to waive or modify minor irregularities in the proposals
and negotiate with Consultants to serve the City’s best interest.
5) Questions must be submitted in writing (preferably email) to the project contacts, listed
above. All questions and City responses will be shared with all who have indicated intent to
submit a proposal and have provided an email address.
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