RFP 21-017 Landscape Maintenance and Services

Agency: Oakland Housing Authority
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561730 - Landscaping Services
Posted Date: Sep 22, 2021
Due Date: Oct 25, 2021
Solicitation No: ​RFP 21-017​
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​RFP 21-017​ RFP 21-017 Landscape Maintenance and Services ​09/22/2021 ​10/25/2021

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DocuSign Envelope ID: EE456039-FF46-4487-A15C-68B48425DEF4
September 22, 2021
SUBJECT: (RFP) No. 21-017 Landscape Maintenance and Services
The Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiatives (OAHPI) invites proposals from
qualified, experienced contractors interested in providing landscape maintenance and
services for multiple sites in Oakland, California. The enclosed solicitation was prepared
by the Oakland Housing Authority on behalf of the Oakland Affordable Housing
Preservation Initiatives (OAHPI).
Proposals will be accepted online through Housing Agency Marketplace until 10:00
a.m. (Pacific Time) on October 25, 2021. Proposals received after 10:00 a.m. on
Monday, October 25, 2021 will be rejected without consideration.
Questions of a procedural nature may be directed to Jeff Muegge jmuegge@oakha.org
We look forward to receiving your proposal.
Patricia Wells
Executive Director
Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiatives
Executive Office 1619 Harrison St. Oakland, CA. 94612
DocuSign Envelope ID: EE456039-FF46-4487-A15C-68B48425DEF4
RFP 21-017 Landscape Maintenance and Services
Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiatives (OAHPI) was established as a California
non- profit public benefit corporation in February 2009. The purpose of OAHPI is to:
Acquire, develop, lease, finance, rehabilitate, own and operate decent, safe and
sanitary housing affordable to persons and households of low income, where no
adequate housing exists for such groups;
Lessen the burdens of government by acquiring leasehold or fee interests in housing
for low income persons and households that were previously owned by the Housing
Authority of the City of Oakland (OHA) as Low Income Public Housing and continue
to operate it as housing for low income households;
Promote social welfare through activities related to the development of housing for
low income persons and households; and
Implement such other activities as the Board of Directors determines will benefit and
support OAHPI.
OAHPI has a portfolio of approximately 1,539 Section 8 units on 246 sites in Oakland.
OAHPI serves and embodies a diverse community; therefore, it is crucial that contractors
understand the effects of race, class, ethnicity, income, and other issues of difference in our
society, and display a high level of cultural competency throughout their interactions with the
Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiative (OAHPI) is soliciting proposals from
qualified,licensed and insured entities for Landscape Maintenance and Services.
RFP Representative:
RFP Issued:
Project Walk Through:
Questions Due:
Addendum Issued:
Submission Deadline:
Submission To:
Jeff Muegge jmuegge@oakha.org
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:00 AM
Thursday, October 07, 2021 at 10:00 AM
Thursday, October 14, 2021
Monday, October 25, 2021 at 10:00 AM
WALK-THROUGH: Walk-throughs are by appointment only during the following time
period:Monday, September 30, 2021, 11:00 AM, at 5825 Canning Street, Oakland, CA.
as a sample site for the Maintenance and Landscape (Monthly) Services. For an
appointment, please email Jeff Muegge at jmuegge@oakha.org
DocuSign Envelope ID: EE456039-FF46-4487-A15C-68B48425DEF4
Proposals must be submitted online via Housing Agency Marketplace with the Proposal Bid
Form/Price sheets EXHIBIT E, and narratives through the following link:
Bidders MUST register with Housing Agency Marketplace in order to submit proposals.
It may take time to upload proposals so please take that into consideration when deciding what
time to start uploading your proposal. Please make sure that your proposal has been
successfully uploaded even if you receive a notice acknowledging your proposal. If you
have any technical issues with the site, please contact Larry Hancock at 1-866-526-0160.
OAHPI intends to enter into a contract with qualified Contractors for the provision of these
services. Due to the nature of the work and the critical importance of the timely service, more than
one Contractor will be selected. Contracts will be awarded, by job, to qualified contractors who
provide low quotations and can complete the work in the required timeframe. OAHPI will only
consider responses received by the deadline in the required submission method.
I. Project Statement of Work
The Oakland Affordable Housing Preservation Initiatives (OAHPI) is requesting the
servicesof a landscape contracting firm/s (Contractor) which specializes in full range
of landscaping activities to include irrigation systems operation. OAHPI is responsible
for landscaping maintenance at 246 locations city wide. The landscaping activities
encompass tree, shrub, and ground covering trimming, edging, fertilization, soil
deficiency remediation, weeding, weed abatement, and pest control. Irrigation
systems operations includes the maintenance, adjustment, installation and repair of
a variety of components, such as: irrigation controllers, valves, moisture sensing
devices and sprinkler heads of a variety of manufactured brands and models. In
addition to Maintenance Services the Contractor/s will be required to perform new
landscape construction and renovation of existing sites. This will include but not be
limited to, installation of new materials, planting, and complete irrigation systems.
Quantity of projects has not been determined and is up to the discretion of OAHPI.
Additionally, the Contractor/s will be required to perform pressure washing services
during normal hours and off hours. The Contractor/s will be required to have qualified
staff that have demonstrated experience with landscaping work. The firm’s assigned
personnel should also have the ability to troubleshoot and diagnose problems with all
of the OAHPI’s irrigations operation systems.The total amount of work available will be
a function of routine preventative maintenance plusthe amount of work that is required
due to normal “wear and tear,” damage, vandalism, and other factors that may result
in the need for emergency response maintenance services. OAHPI expects staff to
be regularly assigned to OAHPI as necessary to provide preventative maintenance,
and to respond to unscheduled/emergency work (“Extra Work”) after regular working
hours (7:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday). Please note, The City of
Oakland passed a City Ordinance No. 13616 CMS on October 6, 2020, prohibiting
combustion engine powered leaf blowers and string trimmers in the City of Oakland.
OAHPI Landscape Maintenance and Services contract will be for the period of
performance, which will be for the period of five (5) years, from December 1, 2021 –
December 1, 2026 with four (4) options for one (1) year extensions and intends to
execute multiple contracts
Each OAHPI site assigned to an awarded contractor will include any variety of scope
components that are being bid as part of this RFP.
DocuSign Envelope ID: EE456039-FF46-4487-A15C-68B48425DEF4
Refer to EXHIBIT A for Project Scope of Work. OAHPI sites can be found in
EXHIBIT H and viewed on the following link:
9070471 149%2C-122.21781750000002&z=12
A. Project Requirements in Addition to Bid Scope Required Work Not
Included in theBid Scope:
Any work at a specific site, not included in the scope form, will be negotiated between
OAHPI and the proposed contractor prior to the establishment of a contract for a
specific site.
Change Orders:
Work scope that is found during the course of work that is not included in the
contractual scope will require a change order. No out of scope work shall be
performed prior to signed authorization of a change order. Any work completed prior
to an approved change order willbe assumed as part of the contractual scope at no
additional cost.
OAHPI maintains the right to complete any added, out of scope work with their own
Punch list:
At the point of substantial completion, the Contractor shall request a written punch
list from the assigned OAHPI Representative (Note: the term “substantial completion”
to mean that all per-contract work has been performed, inspected and deemed as
“Acceptable” by OAHPI and that if applicable, any City/County-required inspections
have been performed up to and including “Final” inspections).
a) Perform all punch list work in a timely manner upon completion notify OAHPI
Representative to verify completion.
The contractor shall provide all labor, materials and equipment and perform all
operations necessary to perform the Landscape Maintenance and Services of a
specific site/s.
Safety and Other Requirements:
The Contractor's employees (including subcontractors) shall conduct themselves in
a professional manner at all times. No drink bottles, wrappers, lunches, or other
debris should be left around the sites or adjacent to any units. Parking may only be
permitted on the streets at some sites.
All activity will be conducted in a safe manner. Construction equipment, tools, ladders,
cans,materials, will be kept only in the work areas and will not interfere with residents’
use of the facilities. Contractors will be solely responsible for their own tools, materials
and equipment.
Contractors will coordinate with the OAHPI Representative to plan a final schedule
of work. Any condition which may prevent a contractor from performing the work
outlined and agreed upon will be reported immediately to the OAHPI Representative.
All work is to be performed in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal
property rehabilitation standards and any applicable manufacturer’s specifications.
The Contractor is liable for damages caused to the building, property and other affected
areas during the time work is being conducted in the unit.
DocuSign Envelope ID: EE456039-FF46-4487-A15C-68B48425DEF4
OAHPI reserves the right to terminate the agreement for uncorrected,
unsatisfactory work or if the contractor uses an unwarranted excessive amount
of time.
License Requirements
Please submit a copy of your State of California Contractors License
Classification C-27(at time of submitted proposal). Also desired:
• California Landscape Contractors Association Certified Water Manager,
• ISA Certified Tree Worker,
• California Landscape Contractors Association Landscape Industry
Certified Technician,
• Certified Landscape Maintenance, Construction and Irrigation
• Certified Water Auditors and Reclaimed Water Site Supervisor(s),
• Certified Irrigation Manager(s),
• State of California Qualified Applicator Certificate(s), and
• California Landscape Contractors Association.
B. Technical Specifications
All work to be performed in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal
property standards and/or specifications as attached to this RFP. Please note that
this is a partial listof items. Actual list will be developed for each site through the
inspection process.
All work shall be done in a professional and quality workmanship like manner in
accordance with industry standards.
Note: The contractor shall be responsible for all permits and associated costs.
C. Warranty
All items shall be new and guaranteed for materials and workmanship.
Guaranty of workmanship is for one year. If an issue arises with the work, OAHPI
will issue a written request for warranty work. The Contractor will be required to
provide a response within 48 hours for regular requests and 24 hours for emergency
health and safety requests. Failure to resolve the issues will result in removal from the
qualified list for all future projects until the issues are resolved to the satisfaction of
OAHPI. OAHPI also reserves the right to hold back 10% retention on the work. All
warranty work will be performed at the Contractors’ expense.
D. Bidder Requirements
Refer EXHIBIT E Landscape Maintenance and Services Cost Breakdown Sheet for all
product details and specifications. Any substitutes must be approved prior to the due
date of this RFP.
Bidder is responsible for coordinating all aspects of installation; any and all associated
costs for delivery shall be included in final bid. Bidders must be aware of the following
street and conditions that may impact the project:
a. Site access: Vehicles may not be driven on the sidewalks or landscaping.
b. Street Access: Many properties are on very narrow streets with tight
parking lots/driveways, such that an oversized truck would block traffic in
both directions, which will not be permitted. Depending on the size of the

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