2023-054 RFP Kitsap County Law Librarian

Agency: Kitsap County
State: Washington
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Nov 7, 2023
Due Date: Nov 27, 2023
Solicitation No: 2023-054
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2023-054 RFP Kitsap County Law Librarian Closes 11/27/2023 @ 2:00 PM

2023-054 RFP Kitsap County Law Librarian

2023-054 Legal Ad

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Posted: (Tuesday, November 7, 2023)
Proposal Response Deadline:
(Monday, November 27, 2023, 2:00pm Pacific Time)
Kitsap County Law Librarian
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2023-054 RFP
Contract Law Librarian
Kitsap County is seeking proposals from qualified Offerors (“Offeror”) to serve as the
executive and administrative officer of the County Law Library on behalf of the Kitsap
County Board of Law Library Trustees (“Board”). Under the Board’s review and
direction, the law librarian shall be responsible for the proper management and
supervision of staff, for the care of library property, for an adequate and proper selection
of materials in keeping with the Board’s policy, for the efficiency of library service(s),
and for the financial operation of the library within budgetary and resource limitations.
Kitsap County has established a County Law Library as prescribed by RCW 27.24.010.
The Law Library is directly governed by a five-member Board of Trustees chaired by a
Superior Court judge, a representative of the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners,
and the Kitsap County Bar Association. (RCW 27.24.020). This solicitation for a
contract Law Librarian is conducted in exercise of the prescribed powers of the Board of
Trustees under RCW 27.24.030(3). The Board of Trustees operates pursuant to statute
and according to a set of operational Bylaws adopted October 25, 2018. (See
Attachment A).
The Law Library currently exists on the first floor of the Kitsap County Courthouse
located at 614 Division Street, Port Orchard, Washington. It is open to the public every
non-holiday weekday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. The Law Librarian
and all patrons are expected to abide by all protocols, regulations, and/or court security
directives adopted for the Courthouse.
Historically, the Law Librarian has provided executive and administrative services under
the general direction of the Board of Trustees for a minimum of twenty (20) hours and a
maximum of twenty-five (25) hours per month.
Under this arrangement, the Law Librarian has appointed, trained, supervised, and
periodically evaluated a library clerk/assistant for forty (40) hour per week. Any library
clerk/assistant subcontracted to provide library services shall first be approved by the
Board of Trustees. The library clerk/assistant shall be subcontracted by the Law
Librarian and is not a Kitsap County employee.
In recent years, the contracted law librarian has combined the executive and
administrative services function with the library clerk/assistant function so that all
responsibilities have been provided by one incumbent. Offerors should be prepared to
describe which service model (one person/two person) they are proposing to
The Law Librarian is responsible for receiving, reviewing, verifying and timely submitting
to Superior Court Administration all law library invoices in accordance with the policies
Kitsap County Law Librarian
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and accounts payable protocols set forth by the County Auditor’s Office. Invoices (e.g.,
law books and other materials) shall be promptly processed and presented within thirty
(30) days of receipt.
The Law Librarian is responsible for managing regular library operations, including
ordering books and supplies, updating/renewing online subscriptions, and ensuring the
orderly maintenance of the law library. The Law Librarian shall ensure that the law
library operates in compliance with any standards set forth by the Washington
Association of County Law Libraries to the extent possible. The Law Librarian shall
ensure that the library maintains regular operating hours on all judicial days and during
hours in which the County Courthouse is otherwise open for public business. Library
hours shall be adjusted in accordance with emergency building closures and/or delayed
County operations.
The Law Librarian is responsible for preparing and presenting the law library’s annual
budget in consultation with the Board of Trustees and in accordance with processes and
schedules established by the County Department of Administrative Services (DAS)
Budget Office. A draft budget shall be presented to the Board of Trustees within thirty
(30) days of timely submittal to the DAS Budget Office. The Librarian shall monitor the
annual budget throughout the year in consultation with the DAS Budget Office and
timely alert the Board regarding any unexpected challenges or resource needs.
The Law Librarian is responsible for maintaining all public records in accordance with
the Washington Public Records Act and ensuring that all library clerks/assistants and
subcontractors comply with public records laws set forth in applicable statutes.
The Law Librarian is responsible for maintaining, procuring, updating and/or installing
available public computers and information technology equipment with the assistance of
the Information Systems (IS) Department and in compliance with all relevant Kitsap
County Information Systems policies.
The Law Librarian serves as the Secretary for the Law Library Board of Trustees
meetings, including issuing and posting notices of all regular and special meetings in
accordance with Washington’s Public Meeting laws, preparing and distributing agenda
items, keeping appropriate written records of meetings, and fulfilling any additional
duties assigned by the Board or Board Chair, or as directed by the Board’s Bylaws.
Copies of all notices shall be provided to the Board Chair and the County Administrator.
The Law Library will be responsible for drafting a preliminary annual report on behalf of
the Board of Trustees for presentation to the Kitsap Board of County Commissioners on
or before the first Monday in September of each year. The report shall include a full
statement of all property received and how used, the number of books and other
publications on hand, the number added by purchase, gift or otherwise during the
preceding year, the number lost or missing, the number of people who use the library
and take advantage of available law library materials and services, and such other
information as may be of public interest, together with a financial report showing all
receipts and disbursements of money. A preliminary draft shall be prepared and
circulated among the Board’s Trustees with sufficient time for review and discussion at
a regular scheduled meeting prior to yearly presentation deadlines.
Kitsap County Law Librarian
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4. Procurement Schedule
The Procurement Schedule outlines the tentative schedule for important action dates and times.
All dates after the proposal submission due date are approximate and may be adjusted as
conditions indicate, without amending this document. It is the Responder’s sole responsibility to
periodically check the County’s website for amendments to this document.
Procurement Schedule- Figure 1
Kitsap County Issues Request for Proposals
Responder must submit Proposal by 2:00 p.m.
Pacific Time
Kitsap County evaluation of Proposals
Announce successful Proposal
November 7, 2023,
November 27, 2023
November 28, 2023
On or about
November 30, 2023
5. Submission of Proposals
The Letter of Intent and proposals must be prepared and submitted no later than the
submission date and time specified in the Procurement Schedule. The Proposal is to
be sent to the Procurement Coordinator either by mail, email (preferred) or hand/mail
Responders should allow sufficient time to ensure timely receipt by the Procurement
Coordinator. Responders assume the risk for the method of delivery and for any delay
in the delivery of the Proposal. Kitsap County will disqualify any Proposal and withdraw
it from consideration if it is received after the proposal submission due date and time.
All responses and any accompanying documentation and material become the
property of Kitsap County and will not be returned.
If mailed, two (2) copies of the proposal must be submitted with the Request for
Proposal (RFP) number and the name and address of the respondent clearly
stated on the outside of the envelope.
Please submit proposal documents to the Kitsap County Purchasing Office at:
By Mail
Glen McNeil
Kitsap County Department of
Administrative Services
Kitsap County Law Librarian
Express, Courier, or Hand delivery
Glen McNeil
Kitsap County Department of Administrative
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Purchasing Office
614 Division Street MS7
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Purchasing Office – Fourth Floor
619 Division Street
Port Orchard, WA 98366
By email: Attention Glen McNeil at Purchasing@co.kitsap.wa.us (Preferred)
The Offeror must possess, at a minimum, an Associate degree in Library Science or a
related field. The Offeror shall also have a minimum of three (3) years’ experience
working in a law library or in a position requiring advanced legal research skills,
including hardcopy legal materials as well as online legal research tools such as
Westlaw, Lexis, CaseMaker, or others. The Offeror should be able to demonstrate
proficiency in responding to reference questions and fulfilling requests for legal
information with professional limitations which prohibit providing legal advice.
Payment is not to exceed fifty-four thousand dollars ($54,000) under this Contract. This
includes twelve thousand dollars ($12,000), billable in twelve (12) monthly installments
of one thousand dollars ($1,000) for law library administrative services; and, forty-two
thousand dollars ($42,000), billable in twelve (12) monthly installments of three-
thousand, five hundred dollars ($3,500) for law library clerical services, inclusive of
wages, payroll taxes, Industrial Insurance and Employment Security premiums.
Offerors may propose an alternate breakdown of the monthly and/or functional
breakdown of compensation terms set forth above provided it does not exceed the total
appropriation of $54,000.
Any increases in compensation beyond that which is set forth above will be dependent
on revenues specifically generated to support the Law Library and conditioned upon the
express approval of the Law Library Board of Trustees and the Kitsap County
To ensure that all information provided is properly evaluated, please organize and label
proposals in the structure provided below (6A, 6B, 6C, etc.).
Proposals (submittals) shall include, at a minimum, the following:
A. Experience with Similar Projects: Describe your experience providing
coordination and support services in a library or law library environment.
Your description should include a brief description of the scope of work in
the context of the scope of work intended by this RFP, including but not
limited to library client services, provision of legal research assistance, and
monthly and annual fiscal management of discrete programs or
Kitsap County Law Librarian
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