RFP Crosby Redevelopment Area 2019

Agency: City of Carrollton
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jun 21, 2019
Due Date: Jul 3, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-011
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RFP Crosby Redevelopment Area 2019


Flood Study for 12.5 Acre Track

07/03/2019 9:30 AM

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RFP # 19-011



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The terms “bid” and “RFP” used in this document have the same meaning.

Sealed Request for Proposal’s will be received by the City of Carrollton at the office of Patricia Helms, Purchasing Manager, Carrollton City Hall Building, 1945 E. Jackson Road, Carrollton, Texas 75006-1790 or via email provided a digital signature is included, until the hour of 9:30 AM at which time bids duly delivered and submitted will be considered for supplying the following:


RFP # 19-011

Any request for proposals received after stated closing time will be returned unopened. If request for proposals are sent by mail to the Purchasing Manager, the proposer shall be responsible for actual delivery of the request for proposal to the Purchasing Manager before the advertised date and hour for opening of request for proposals. If mail is delayed by the postal service, courier service, an internet service provider (ISP) or in the internal mail system of the City of Carrollton beyond the date and hour set for the request for proposal opening, request for proposals thus delayed will not be considered and will be returned unopened.

Information concerning the bid specifications may be obtained by emailing Krystle.Nelinson@cityofcarrollton.com (Please do not send your RFP responses to either of these email addresses.) Information on the bid process/procedures may be obtained from Patricia Helms, Purchasing Manager at (972) 466-3115 or purchasing@cityofcarrollton.com

Until the final award by the city of Carrollton, said City reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids, to waive technicalities, to re-advertise, to proceed otherwise when the best interests of said City will be realized hereby. Bids will be submitted sealed and plainly marked with the date and time of opening.

The city of Carrollton Municipal Building is wheelchair accessible. For accommodations or sign interpretive services needed for bid openings, please contact the Purchasing Office 48 hours in advance at (972) 466-3133.


Patricia Helms, Purchasing Manager

Publication Dates: Sunday, February 24, 2019 & Sunday, March 3, 2019

Closing Date: Wednesday, July 3, 2019 9:30 AM



The following bid is made for furnishing the materials/services for the City of Carrollton, Texas.

The undersigned declares that the amount and nature of the materials/services required is understood and that this proposal is in strict accordance with the requirements of the Request For Proposal and is a part of this bid, and that there will at no time be a misunderstanding as to the intent of the specifications or conditions of the Request for Proposal to be overcome or pleaded after the bids are opened.

The proposer shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex in the award and performance of any DOT-assisted contract or in the administration of its DBE program or the requirements 49 CFR part 26. The proposer shall take all necessary and reasonable steps under 49 CFR part 26 to ensure nondiscrimination in the award and administration of DOT-assisted contracts. The recipient's DBE program, as required by 49 CFR part 26 and as approved by DOT, is incorporated by reference in this agreement. Implementation of this program is a legal obligation and failure to carry out its terms shall be treated as a violation of this agreement. Upon notification to the recipient of its failure to carry out its approved program, the Department may impose sanctions as provided for under 49 CFR part 26 and may, in appropriate cases, refer the matter for enforcement under 18 U.S.C. 1001 and/or the Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act of 1986 (31 U.S.C. 3801 et seq.).

The undersigned hereby proposes to furnish any supplies or equipment necessary for this, F.O.B. Carrollton, Texas, freight pre-paid at the unit prices quoted herein after notice of bid award. The undersigned affirms that they are duly authorized to execute this contract that this company, corporation, firm, partnership or individual and has not prepared this bid in collusion with any other bidder, and that the contents of this bid as to prices, terms or conditions of said bid have not been communicated by the undersigned nor by any employee or agent to any other person engaged in this type of business prior to the official opening of this type of business prior to the official opening of this bid.

Proposer understands that Texas Government Code §2270.002 forbids Texas government entities from contracting with any company that excludes or boycotts Israel, or will do so during the term of a contract. Also, Texas Government Code §2252.152 prohibits Texas governments from contracting with companies who do business with Iran, Sudan, or foreign terrorist organizations. If Proposer or Proposer’s company boycotts Israel or will boycott Israel during the contract, does business with, or will do business with, Iran, Sudan, a terrorist organization, or is an organization listed with the Texas Comptroller pursuant to Chapter 2252 of the Texas Government Code, you must disclose this in your bid response and provide details of such business.

Please sign on the line below as verification that your company is not excluded from contracting with the City of Carrollton by either Texas law, and will remain in compliance to these two laws for the term of the bid award.

Signature:   ____________________________________________________________________


RFP# 19-011

Request for proposal for


Respectfully Submitted,











HUB Vendor Status          YES (attach certification)        ________ NO ____________

HUB VENDORS: HUB vendors (Historically Underutilized Business) are vendors whose company is owned by either a minority or woman. If you are classified as a HUB vendor and have certification to prove this, please respond below and attach a copy of your certification. If you would like to read the Texas bid statute which references HUB vendors, please follow this link http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/SOTWDocs/LG/htm/LG.252.htm



It is the responsibility of the vendor to check for addenda. The City shall make any changes to the requirements of this RFP by written addenda. Any oral statements or modifications will not bind the City. In addition, upon downloading or receiving the RFP, the Respondent shall identify the persons authorized to act on behalf of Respondent and shall specify the addressee and contact information for any notices or Addenda to be sent to the bidder by the City. Failure to so notify the City of this information may result in the bidder failing to receive Addenda or other important communications from the City. The City is not responsible for any such failure. Addenda and pertinent information will also be posted to the same webpage specified previously, and it is the responsibility of every interest party to check this website regularly for addenda and updates. Addenda will be posted to the City’s website: www.cityofcarrollton.com/purchasing


The successful proposer may not assign their rights and duties under the award without the written consent of the City’s Purchasing Manager. Such consent shall not relieve the assignor of liability in event of default by their assignee.


After request for proposals are opened and publicly read, the request for proposals will be tabulated for comparison on the basis of the request for proposal prices and by the best value method shown in the Proposal. Until final award of the Contract, the city reserves the right to reject any or all request for proposals, to waive technicalities, and to re-advertise for new request for proposals, or proposed to do the work otherwise in the best interests of the City.


• Request for Proposals may be submitted via email provided a digital signature is provided, in person, or by mail.

• Submit proposals by mailing to PO Box 110535, Carrollton, TX 75011-0535.

• To submit a proposal via mail, all documents must be returned and an original signature provided on the proposal to bidders sheet.

• RFP’s will not be accepted in either format without a signature.

• The City is not responsible for mail service. See page 2, paragraph 2 of the Notice to Bidders.

• Proposals must be marked on the outside of the packaging, “RFP# 19-011 Crosby Redevelopment Area 2019”. Vendors do not need to come to the opening, but are welcome, if so desired. At the opening, the name of responding Vendor will be identified. No other information will be provided. The responding Vendors will be listed on the RFP website with 24 hours.

• To submit a Request for Proposal electronically, all documents must be returned and a digital signature must be provided on the proposal to submitters form. To submit proposal electronically request must be submitted via email to bids@cityofcarrollton.com

• As an alternative to the digital signature, the request for proposals’ Proposal of Submitters form may be faxed to 972-389-9557. This form is the only page that will be accepted via fax.

• Firms interested in this project shall submit EIGHT (8) bound copies of the proposal and required documents listed throughout the RFP no later than 9:30 AM on July 3, 2019 to the address and contact person listed on page #3. In addition, the City is requesting one (1) electronic copy submitted on a flash drive and does not accept binders.


Request for proposals may be cancelled with 60 days written notice with good cause.


No part of this request for proposal may be changed/altered in any way. Vendors must submit written requests to change any specifications/conditions with their proposal. Changes made without submission of a written request to this request for proposal will result in disqualification.


All proposer understand and agree that the vendor’s request for proposal response will become a legally binding contract upon acceptance in writing by the City. This contract may be superseded only if replaced with a more extensive contract that is agreed to by both parties.


The City reserves the right to demand bond or penalty to guarantee delivery by the date indicated. If order is given and the Proposer fails to furnish the materials by the guaranteed date, the City reserves the right to cancel the order without liability on its part. All prices are to be F.O.B. Carrollton, Texas all freight prepaid.

Whenever the Contractor encounters any difficulty which is delaying or threatens to delay timely performance (including actual or potential labor disputes), the Contractor shall immediately give notice thereof in writing to the Purchasing Manager, stating all relevant information with respect thereto. Such notice shall not in any way constitute a basis for an extension of the delivery or performance schedule or be construed as a waiver by the City of any rights or remedies to which it is entitled by law or pursuant to provisions herein. Failure to give such notice, however, may

be grounds for denial of any request for an extension of the delivery or performance schedule because of such delivery.


In case any action is brought against the city, or any officer or agent of the city, for the failure, omission, or neglect of the vendor to perform any of the covenants, acts, matters, or things by this contract undertaken; or for injury or damage caused by the alleged negligence of the vendor or his subcontractors or his or their agents, or in connection with any claim based on lawful demands of subcontractors, workmen, materialmen, or suppliers the vendor shall indemnify and save harmless the city and its officers and agents, from all losses, damages, costs, expenses, judgments, or decrees arising out of such action, including attorney fees.


Deductibles, of any type, are the responsibility of the vendor/contractor.

Before commencing work, Bidder shall, at its own expense, procure, pay for and maintain during the term of this Agreement the following insurance written by companies approved by the state of Texas with an A.M. Best rating of at least A and acceptable to the City. Bidder shall furnish to the City of Carrollton Purchasing Department certificates of insurance executed by the insurer or its authorized agent stating coverages, limits, expiration dates and compliance with all applicable required provisions. Certificates shall reference the project/contract number. Subscriber has the right to a copy of the full policy. The City of Carrollton shall be listed as an additional insured under all liability policies except for professional & automobile liability policies.

1. Commercial General Liability insurance, including, but not limited to Premises/Operations, Personal & Advertising Injury, Products/Completed Operations, Continuing Operations, Independent Contractors and Contractual Liability, with minimum combined single limits of $1,000,000 per-occurrence, $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations Aggregate and $1,000,000 general aggregate. Coverage must be written on an occurrence form. The General Aggregate shall apply on a per project basis.

2. Workers’ Compensation insurance with statutory limits; and Employers’ Liability coverage with minimum limits for bodily injury: a) by accident, $100,000 each accident, b) by disease, $100,000 per employee with a per policy aggregate of $500,000.

3. Business Automobile Liability insurance covering owned, hired and non-owned vehicles, with a minimum combined bodily injury and property damage limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

NOTE: If the insurance is written on a claims-made form, coverage shall be continuous (by renewal or extended reporting period) for not less than thirty-six (36) months following completion of the contract and acceptance by the City of Carrollton.

It is the intention of the City of Carrollton to make payment on completed orders within thirty (30) days of receiving invoicing unless unusual circumstances arise. Invoices shall be fully documented as to labor, materials and equipment provided. Orders will be placed by the Purchasing Department and must be given a Purchase Order Number to be valid. No payments shall be made on invoices not listing a Purchase Order Number. No partial payment will be made.

Payment will not be made by the City until the vendor has been given a Purchase Order Number, has furnished proper invoice, materials, or services, and otherwise complied with City Purchasing procedures, unless this provision is waived by the City.


The City of Carrollton will not enter into any contract where the cost is provisional upon such clauses as are known as “escalator” or “cost-plus” clauses.


The City reserves the right to reject any or all request for proposals or to waive technicalities at its option when in the best interests of said City.

Request for proposals will be considered irregular if they show any omissions, alteration of form, additions, or conditions not called for, unauthorized alternate request for proposals or irregularities of any kind. However, the City reserves the right to waive any irregularities and to make the award in the best interests of the City.

Proposers may be disqualified and their request for proposals not considered, among other reasons, for any of the following specific reasons:

• Reason for believing collusion exists among the Proposers.

• Reasonable grounds for believing that any Proposer is interested in more than one Proposal for the work contemplated.

• The Proposer being interested in any litigation against the City.

• The Proposer being in arrears on any existing contract or having defaulted on a previous contract.

• Lack of competency as revealed by a financial statement, experience and equipment, questionnaires, etc.

• Uncompleted work, which in the judgment of the City will prevent or hinder the prompt completion of additional work if awarded.


Request for proposals deposited with the City cannot be withdrawn prior to the time set for opening request for proposals. Request for non-consideration of request for proposals must be made in writing to the Purchasing Manager and received by the City prior to the time set for opening request for proposals. After other request for proposals are opened and publicly read, the Proposal for which non-consideration is properly requested may be returned unopened. The Proposal may not be withdrawn after the request for proposals have been opened, and the Proposer, in submitting the same, warrants and guarantees that this request for proposal has been carefully reviewed and checked and that it is in all things true and accurate and free of mistakes and that such request for proposal will not and cannot be withdrawn because of any mistake committed by the Proposer.

NO PROPOSAL RESPONSE may be faxed to: 972-389-9557


The total for each request for proposal submitted must include any applicable taxes. Although the City is exempt from most City, State, or Federal taxes, this is not true in all cases. It is suggested that taxes, if any, be separately identified, itemized, and stated on each request for proposal. The City cannot determine for the proposer whether or not the request for proposal is taxable to the City. The proposer through the proposer’s attorney or tax consultant must make such determination. Bills submitted for taxes after the request for proposals are awarded will not be honored.



I. Overview

II. Site Description

III. Requirements

A. Qualifications

B. Developer Vision for the Site

C. Transaction Structure

IV. General Information Regarding the RFP and Short List with Development Selection Process

V. Submittal Information

VI. Key Dates

Appendices I – VIII



I. Overview


The City of Carrollton, Texas (the “City”) invites your participation in its Request for Proposal (“RFP”) process to select a developer for its Crosby Road Redevelopment area in its entirety. Respondents should consider this RFP as being for the sale of real property by a municipality under Texas statutes.


The Crosby Road Redevelopment area, comprised of approximately 19 acres, is in close proximity to the Historic Downtown Carrollton and the Downtown Carrollton transit station. Additionally, the property is adjacent to the City’s Crosby Recreation Center. Current zoning is multi-family residential, with single family residential on the north side of Crosby Road. However, the City anticipates the rezoning of the property according to the development plan selected. It is anticipated that the developer selected through the RFP will lead the process to increase zoning entitlements and development rights through the appropriate City of Carrollton process. In addition, the City is interested in a master plan with strong unified architectural themes for the entire site. An aerial view and location map are attached in Appendixes I and II. Additionally, boundary surveys are attached in Appendix IV.

Property Status

Starting with the acquisition of the 120-unit La Sombra Apartments in 2008, the City has acquired approximately 19.1 acres along Crosby Road. From the beginning of this effort, it has been the City’s intention to sell the acquired properties for redevelopment after removing the blighted apartment buildings clustered on the property. In addition to receiving a return on its investment, the City’s goal is to create a high quality development that emphasizes sustainability. The City is seeking a developer that will create an environment that is both compatible with the City’s goals and appealing to the surrounding community. Finally, the City seeks to maximize the long-term value it can realize in order to fund future municipal initiatives, though a prudent and secure transaction.

City of Carrollton

Carrollton is a vibrant community in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex that incorporates approximately 37 square miles. The City is crossed by three major highways (IH-35E, SH-121/Sam Rayburn Tollway, President George Bush Turnpike), served by four major commercial freight railroads and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Green Line passenger service. Construction of the DART Cotton Belt Regional Rail Corridor with a planned stop in Downtown Carrollton is imminent. A business-friendly city, Carrollton ranks among the top cities in the region in job creation, total new development square footage and the number of new and expanded businesses and is north Dallas County’s only foreign trade zone. Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the third busiest in the world, is located just 10 miles west of Carrollton.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Carrollton's 2017 population estimate is 135,710. The City has excellent public schools, 1,200 acres of park land and two medical centers. The median household income is $73,218, well above the national average. In 2015, American City & County Magazine honored the City of Carrollton with a Crown Community Award for its dynamic efforts to develop the city as a model community for Suburban Dallas. Additional information on the City can be found on Carrollton’s website at www.cityofcarrollton.com.

Background Information and Assumptions

In 2016, the City release a Request for Proposal for the same parcels of land. At that time, the vision for the Crosby Road Redevelopment area was an urban-style single family enclave. However, the current leadership encourages the submittal of proposals for a wide range of product types include hotel, office, single-family and Class-A multi-family development with supporting commercial/flex space. However, development proposals for warehouse, industrial or garden-style apartments will not be considered.

The following background information and assumptions will provide additional details regarding the opportunity:

• The City currently owns 19.1 acres of the project area. The selected developer may be able to acquire additional adjacent acreage; however, the City does not intend to participate in negotiations between the property owner(s) and the selected developer. Development plans submitted in response to this RFP should show development on the City’s current landholdings only.

• The City would be willing to consider the abandonment and redevelopment of a portion of Fannidella Drive as a part of this project. However, the City’s abandonment process must be followed, and access to The Meadows Apartments from Fannidella Drive must be maintained.

• Development plans may suggest the realignment of existing roadways provided that they are in compliance with the City’s General Design Standards. Access between IH-35E and Josey Lane via Crosby Road (a significant arterial thoroughfare) must be retained.

• All Carrollton development ordinances and codes – including the General Design Standards – are available on the City’s website: http://cityofcarrollton.com/index.aspx?page=185. Deviations from the General Design Standards may be considered as part of a Planned Development.

• The City’s Crosby Recreation Center is adjacent to the project area. While development plans submitted in response to this RFP should be designed to enhance the facility and showcase it as an amenity, it should be understood that the City will retain exclusive ownership of the Center and the associated parking lot. Great care should be taken to maintain or enhance the free flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic to and from the Center.

• Preserving open, green space is a priority. While the City has not indicated a minimum amount of acreage to be preserved, green space needs to be shown on the submitted development plans.

• Development plans shall reserve a minimum 20’ clear and unobstructed zones by either right-of-way dedication or easement along the following property lines for the primary purpose of the City’s hike and bike trail system: 1) along the south line of Crosby Road from the railroad tracks to the Crosby Recreation Center, and 2) along and inside the full western property line parallel to South Broadway Street. Areas in the 20’ zones not occupied by the physical trail may be landscaped in accordance with appropriate design criteria but shall not be shared with other site driving, parking or building circulation paths.

• Regarding utility connectivity, the property has an 8” water distribution main that encompasses the north, south and east sides of this location. The property is also served by a 12” wastewater collection main on the south side and an 8” wastewater collection main on the north and east side of this location. A map of these utility lines has been included for reference in Appendix III.

• The western side of the property is subject to flooding. The City hired Teague, Nall and Perkins to assess the site’s flooding issues and to identify possible solutions with estimated costs. The final study is provided in a separate link. While the City has initiated conversations with DART to expand the box culverts underneath the rail lines, the drainage channel solution has not been selected or implemented. Respondents should consider the drainage channel and how it will run through the development.

• The City of Carrollton has taken an active role in revitalizing Historic Downtown Carrollton, which is within walking distance of the site. The newly revamped, award-winning Downtown Carrollton Square offers an abundance of entertainment opportunities including concerts and movies on the Square, unique shops and restaurants, and seasonal events. The housing product offered in the Crosby Road Redevelopment area should attract a demographic that will frequently patronize Downtown Carrollton.

• The Downtown Carrollton DART Rail Station is less than a mile from the Crosby Road Redevelopment area. Pedestrian crosswalks and streetscapes have been added at the intersection of Crosby Road and Broadway Street to enhance the walkability from the Crosby Road Redevelopment area through Historic Downtown Carrollton to the transit station. The selected developer will be asked to install City-standard sidewalks and streetscapes along Crosby towards IH35 to provide an entryway from the highway to the development. The costs related to these improvements will be reimbursed by the City.

• Development of the Crosby Road Redevelopment area will be influenced by numerous stakeholders. Successful development of the site will require a careful balancing of all stakeholder objectives to ensure that the ultimate plan provides the best overall value to the City.

Selection Criteria

The City intends to use the RFP process to competitively select and rank a firm that:

• Offers a fair market value for the land (25%);

• Synergistically complements the City’s goals and vision for the development (25%);

• Offers the City the best potential for value creation (25%);

• Includes an internal teaming structure (with financial strength) that can carry this project to fruition (20%); and

• Submits a project schedule that will deliver a quality product in a timely manner (5%).

Preliminary Timeline

The City plans to shortlist the RFP Respondents to no more than three, making the final selection through a “Best and Final Offer.” The City intends to have the shortlist of developers selected and notified by mid-July 2019. The RFP selection process will be conducted between July and August 2019. It is the intention of the City that a developer be selected by fall 2019.

The Development Process – One Stop Shop

Carrollton’s Development Services department has created a seamless process management system that reduces the potential negative impacts of complying with city requirements and regulations. The successful Respondent will experience the City’s centralized oversight of the development project through a single chain of command, improving the business flow and emphasizing the importance of timeliness in managing the project in a competitive marketplace. From initial permit application submittal, through plan review, to permit issuance, through all inspections, to final Certificate of Occupancy issuance, and to two-year maintenance bond approval, the project will be proactively managed and streamlined through an accelerated, organized progression through the municipal system.

Neighborhood Empowerment Zone

The entire Crosby Road Redevelopment area is located within one of five neighborhood empowerment zones, which exempts the property from all construction-related permit fees, including new construction, remodeling and rehabilitation.

II. Site Description

The Crosby Road Redevelopment area is bordered by South Broadway Street on the west and School Road on the east. East Crosby Road runs West-East through the northern part of the property. Crosby Recreation Center is adjacent to the site, located at 1610 East Crosby Road. The City expects to retain complete ownership of the Center and associated parking. As previously mentioned, the site is zoned multi-family and single-family residential but the City anticipates that the selected development team will seek rezoning for this site which will include criteria for a strong overarching and unified development theme. Below is an aerial image of the site, with the City’s landholdings highlighted in yellow. The addresses are 1300, 1400, 1410, 1500 and 1603 E. Crosby Road. Please note that the all structures within 1410 E. Crosby have been removed, although they are visible in the below aerial.


III. Requirements

This RFP seeks three types of information from the development teams as described below:

A. Qualifications

The primary criteria in selecting a developer will be to identify an experienced and highly qualified team that can create a vision for the site yielding the best financial and value creation package. The developer should also provide a sustainable development that emphasizes walkability, preserving open space, and fostering a distinctive and attractive development with a strong sense of place.

A corollary to these criteria will be the partner’s experience in rezoning properties and successfully negotiating the entitlement process.

As part of the response, please provide us with specific information regarding the following:

• General overview of your organization both nationally and in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Focusing on the Dallas-Fort Worth area, please detail the growth and development history of your firm, and comment on the local team you would assign to the project. Please provide an organizational chart and a summary of qualifications of the members of the team who will be working on this project, including a description of their roles and relevant experience. Please identify who will be the team leader throughout the project.

• Provide your team’s experience in working on similar type projects in similar settings (particularly in-fill development). Respondents should identify three (3) to five (5) relevant projects with which the Respondent or its team members have had primary involvement. We are interested in your direct experiences working with other municipalities on projects of similar size and complexity. As a part of your response, please address your interaction with community groups, rezoning similar parcels, and detail any proffers or community amenity packages that were negotiated as part of these projects.

• Although it is the City’s preference that this transaction be a fee-simple transaction, should your team prefer a ground lease transaction, please provide your firm’s experience with ground leased development projects or similar structures. What has the degree of success been for your land partner? What have been the benefits and challenges of these structures for your projects? Please be as specific as possible.

• Please outline a detailed project schedule assuming August 16, 2019 as the date your team is selected. What will be the consequences for failure to meet schedule and/or development milestones on your team (i.e., penalties)?

• Discuss how your team would propose working with the City to achieve the above-referenced project schedule. Elaborate on the roles that you would anticipate the City and your team participating in regarding communications, decision making, public relations, representing the project to the City in the entitlement process, meeting with neighbors, etc.

• Provide your firm’s experience and ability to work with major financial partners. Give three (3) relevant examples that demonstrate past performance in working with such groups.

• Please provide an overview of your company’s financial strength which will be relied upon for completion of this project. We are very interested in the financial structure (preliminary, if necessary) that you would use on your side of the relationship, in the structures you typically use and in the partners/investors/financiers you typically work with on these developments, and in the timing for including these partners.

• For Respondents and financial/equity partners, include all projects underway, indicating for each project the statistics (% completed to date), size and scope, cost, developer equity, financial guarantees, and the role of the developer and/or financial equity partner.

B. Developer Vision for this Site and its Parcels

The Crosby Road Redevelopment area is a major, strategic infill project in the City of Carrollton. The site’s proximity to the Crosby Recreation Center, major retail and residential development, and pedestrian connectivity to Historic Downtown Carrollton and the Downtown Carrollton DART transit station uniquely positions this site for development. The City will seek to have input in the final development plans for the parcel to assure they are consistent with municipal goals. Please provide us with your preliminary vision for the site, what uses you are planning on delivering, and why you believe the vision maximizes value for the City. Detail the challenges you see with the site. We are not looking for detailed architectural plans. Instead, we are seeking basic graphical and/or massing representations and verbiage that shares how your team would approach the opportunity.

As part of your response, please be specific as to what you think will be the reasonable rezoning allowance for the site, and the mix of products that the market, community and the City would support. Explain how you would present, support, and position the development opportunity to: (1) the market; (2) City officials; and (3) the surrounding community and citizens’ groups. Share the timeframe that you envision for the delivery of the project – including any phases, as appropriate.

C. Transaction Structure

The City prefers an outright sale of the property to a developer that shares similar goals to develop a sustainable, well-received and economically sound site. However, the City may consider a ground lease option.

The City has an interested in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the site’s character and quality of development. To that end, the City may consider retaining rights-of-first-refusal on future sales on the property, establishment of performance targets for development of the property within reasonable market-driven parameters, and establishing covenants for development of the site that will apply to future owners or successors of interest in the property.

We are seeking to establish a value scenario for the City. The development team should clearly indicate the value formula that the developer is committing to for the development of the Crosby Road Redevelopment area.

In addition to other evaluative criteria, the City will compare the RFP offers based on: (1) price and (2) timing of payment to the City. If the developer would seek a ground lease, please describe the complete methodology of the payments, including calculation of land value, ground lease constant, escalations in rent, resets of ground value, and any timing/milestones associated with the preceding.

IV. General Information Regarding the RFP Selection Process

1. To participate, interested firms shall submit a bid in writing containing a Letter of Interest and Statement of Qualifications, along with information requested herein of this RFP. At the discretion of the City, Respondents may also be required to participate in oral interviews with a selection committee and/or with the City Council’s Re-Development Subcommittee. Participation may also, at the discretion of the City, require written response to questions or clarifications requested by the City. Following analysis of responses, the City may select a short list to continue with the RFP process; however, the City has the discretion to reject all bids.

2. After publication and receipt of bid proposals, the City reserves the right at any time, subject only to restrictions imposed by its written contractual agreements, if any, to terminate negotiations with any Respondent and to negotiate with other Respondents deemed qualified.

3. The contents of this RFP and Appendices are not warranted or guaranteed by the City, and it is the sole responsibility of Respondents to make independent investigations and evaluations as they deem advisable and to reach independent conclusions concerning the statements made in the RFP.

4. In order to create a fair and orderly process, the City bars contact by and with the Mayor or Councilmembers and prospective contractors during the selection process. In furtherance of this policy, from the date of issuance of this RFP until such time as a Developer selection is made, no Respondent or any of its employees, agents, subcontractors, joint venture partners, lobbyists or attorney or other related entities shall contact the Mayor or any Councilmember or staff member (with the exception of the designated contact) regarding this RFP or any related issue or request by the City as part of the City’s interview and evaluation process. All verbal, written or other forms of communication shall be directed to the designated contact – Krystle Nelinson, Development Program Manager, City of Carrollton.

5. The City will not pay brokerage fees to or on behalf of any party in connection with the RFP solicitation.

6. Respondents shall respond to this RFP and future undertaking related to this RFP at their own risk and cost. The City will not pay or reimburse Respondents for pre-contractual expenses.

7. Pre-contractual expenses are defined as expenses incurred by any Respondent in:

a. Preparing its bid in response to this RFP or in response to any request for information made by the City throughout the selection process;

b. Submitting the bid to the City;

c. Negotiating with the City on any matter related to this RFP or its bid; or

d. Any other expenses incurred by any Respondent unless expressly otherwise agreed to in writing by the City.

8. The bid shall include the form provided as Appendix VI certifying that the bid is not the result of and has not been influenced by collusion.

The City is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act (“PIA”). If a request for disclosure of the RFP or Proposal or any information related to the goods or services provided under an agreement or information provided to the City under the RFP or Proposal that constitutes a record under the Act is received by the City, the information must qualify for an exception provided by the Texas Public Information Act in order to be withheld from public disclosure. Respondent authorizes the City to submit any information contained in the RFP, Proposal or agreement (“Agreement”), provided under the Agreement, or otherwise requested to be disclosed, including information Respondent has labeled as confidential proprietary information, to the Office of the Attorney General for a determination as to whether any such information may be accepted from public disclosure under the Act. If the City does not have a good faith belief that information may be subject to an exception to disclosure, the City is not obligating itself by the RFP or Proposal to submit the information to the Attorney General. The City agrees to notify Respondent within ten (10) days of receipt of a request for disclosure of any information labeled as confidential or proprietary, or that the City believes to be confidential or proprietary. It shall be the responsibility of Respondent to make any legal argument to the Attorney General or appropriate court of law in compliance with the PIA regarding the exception of the information in question from disclosure. Respondent waives any claim against and releases from liability The City, its officers, employees, agents, and attorneys with respect to disclosure of information provided under or in the RFP or Proposal or otherwise created, assembled, maintained, or held by Respondent and determined by the Attorney General or a court of law to be subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.

V. Submittal Information

Additionally, a bid made by an entity shall include a copy of the transmittal letter attached as Appendix V, and a completed conflict of interest questionnaire attached as Appendix VII, which shall bear the signature of a duly authorized officer or officers, manager or partner of the proposing entity. Where a bid is made by a joint venture, each of the parties included in the venture shall comply individually with this provision. The bid cover letter shall clearly identify the person(s) authorized to represent the Respondent, including contact information


Respondents may submit e-mailed questions to Krystle Nelinson and the Purchasing Department ( krystle.nelinson@cityofcarrollton.com and purchasing @cityofcarrollton.com ) requesting clarification or commenting on concerns regarding the RFP. All requests for clarifications, questions and comments must be clearly labeled in the Subject Line, “Crosby Road Redevelopment 2019 RFP#19-011, Emailed Questions.” All questions, clarification or comments must be put in an email and must be received no later than 11:00 AM Central Standard Time on June 20, 2019. Inquiries received after this time will not receive a response. Responses to questions will be communicated to all recipients of this RFP by being posted on the City’s website (www.cityofcarrollton.com/purchasing) no later than June 28, 2019.

Rejection of Bids; Modification or Cancellation of RFB

The City reserves the right to cancel or reject any or all bids received at any time without prior notice, to issue subsequent RFPs for the same services, or variations thereof, to revise, modify or cancel in whole or in part this RFP, to modify its objectives and/or to take other actions which would ultimately satisfy the City’s goals.

Disclosure and Disclaimer

The RFP does not commit the City to enter into an exclusive negotiation agreement, purchase and sale agreement, ground lease, or any other agreement or to pay any costs incurred in the submission of this bid.

It is the responsibility of the recipient of this RFP to assure itself that information contained herein and in any market studies provided by the City, including that in the Appendices, is accurate and complete; the City and its consultants expressly disclaim any and all warranties, guarantees or assurances.


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