RFB: Meter Connect Supplies

Agency: City of Mission
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jan 23, 2020
Due Date: Feb 6, 2020
Solicitation No: 20-142-02-06
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RFB: Meter Connect Supplies 20-142-02-06 February 6, 2020 2:00 PM CST View Details

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1. BID NO.: 20-142-02-06
January 23, 2020
3. FOR INFORMATION CONTACT: (No collect calls)
NAME: Crissy Cantu, Buyer
TELEPHONE: (956) 580-8667 FAX: (956) 580-8798
E-MAIL: ccantu@missiontexas.us
Meter Connect Supplies
1st Week of Advertisement Date: __01__/__23__/_20___
*** There will be NO conference. ***
2nd Week of Advertisement Date: __01__/__30__/_20___
Mailing/Hand/Commercial Courier Delivery
DATE: February 06, 2020
City of Mission
Purchasing Department
1201 E. 8th Street R101
Mission, TX 78572
Bid # 20-142-02-06
9. No Facsimiles or late arrivals will be accepted. Any bids received after offer submission due date and time will not be opened
and will be returned. City of Mission Purchasing Department time stamp clock will be the governing time for acceptability of bids.
Overnight mail must also be properly labeled on the outside of the express envelope or package in reference to RFB.
10. SUBMIT WITH OFFER: Original offer and 2 photocopies including documents and attachments so indicated on Page 2 of this form.
11. Offers submitted in response to an RFB will be opened publicly by The City of Mission Purchasing Department, immediately after the
submission due date and time. Offers submitted in response to an RFP will NOT be publicly opened.
12. FIRM OFFER PERIOD: Offers submitted shall remain firm for a period of 60 calendar days from the final due date for bids.
13. NOTE: For Invitation for Bids, “offer” and “offeror” mean “bid” and “bidder”.
(To be completed by Offeror)
14. In compliance with the above, the undersigned agrees, if this offer is accepted within the period specified in Block 12, above, to
furnish any or all items, or provide the service(s), upon which prices are offered in the Schedule at the price set opposite each item
or service, and to deliver the item(s) and or perform the service(s) at the designated location(s) within the time specified.
15. BIDDERS NAME, ADDRESS: (Type or Print)
THE OFFER: (Type or Print)
(To be completed by City of Mission)
Signature: ____________________________________
Date: ____/____/____
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Cover Sheet
Solicitation, Offer and Award Form (Complete in its entirety
to include Sign and Date)
General Terms & Conditions
Instructions to Bidders
Bid Bond of 5% of Total Amount of Bid
Delivery Terms
Insurance Certificate
Specifications/Scope of Work
Description of Meter Connect Supplies
Non-Collusive Bidding Certificate
Vendor Acknowledgement Form (Signed & Executed)
Pricing Schedule
Signed and Completed (Signed & Executed)
Addenda Checklist
Confirmation Receipt of Addendum(s) (Signed & Executed)
Disclosure of Interested Parties
Certificate of Interested Parties (Signed & Executed)
Bidder’s General Questionnaire
General Questions (Supporting Documentations) (Signed &
CIQ Questionnaire
Conflict of Interest Questionnaire This form will be requested
before Award of Contract (Signed and Executed)
Offeror acknowledges receipt of the following
addendum(s) to the solicitation:
(Identify addendum number and date of each.)
****Firm name and authorized signature must appear on each page that calls
For this information. Failure to do so may disqualify your Bid ****
Page 2 of 2
City of Mission
Instructions to Bidder General Terms & Conditions
Bid Name/No.: Meter Connect Supplies / 20-142-02-06
Please read your specifications thoroughly and be sure that the offered complies with all requirements. Any variation from
the specifications will not be allowed. If you are the successful bidder, it will be required that Meter Connect Suppliesbe
provided as specified.
(1) Sealed bids will be received for Meter Connect Suppliesin accordance with the specifications attached hereto.
(2) The item(s) under this proposal shall be new and unused. All specifications shown are minimum requirements.
There is no intention to disqualify any bidder who can meet these specifications.
(3) One (1) original and two (2) copies of RFB must be enclosed in a sealed envelope with vendor’s name and
return address clearly typed/printed on upper left hand corner and proper notation clearly type/printed on
the lower left hand corner “Request for Bids” – “Meter Connect Supplies - Bid No. 20-142-02-06and
delivered to City of Mission Purchasing Department, 1201 East 8th Street, Mission, Texas 78572 on or before 2:00
p.m., Thursday, February 06, 2020. No Facsimiles or late arrivals will be accepted. Any RFB received after
that time will not be opened and will be returned. Overnight mail must also be properly labeled on the
outside of express envelope or package in reference to RFB.
(4) Bids must give full firm name and address of bidder, and be manually signed. Failure to do so will disqualify your
bid. Person signing bid must show title or AUTHORITY TO BIND HIS FIRM IN A CONTRACT. Firm name
and authorized signature must appear on each page that calls for this information.
(5) Interest of Public Officials
The offeror represents and warrants that no employee, official, or member of the Council (Executive Committee) of
the City is or will be peculiarly interested in or benefited directly or indirectly as a result of this contract.
(6) Covenant Against Gratuities
The offeror represents as part of its offer that neither it nor any of its employees, representatives or agents have
offered or given gratuities (in the form of entertainment, gifts or otherwise) to any director, officer or employee of
the City with the view toward securing favorable treatment in the awarding, amending, or the making of any
determination with respect to the performing of the contract.
(7) Preparation of Bids
(a)Bidders are expected to examine the Pricing Schedule, General Terms & Conditions, all drawings, specifications,
the statement of work, and all other provisions of, and attachments to, the solicitation, whether incorporated by
reference or otherwise, prior to the submission of bids. Failure to do so will be at the bidder's risk.
(b)Each bidder shall furnish the information required by the solicitation. Bids shall be submitted on the bid form
contained in the solicitation. Bidders shall sign and print or type their name on the bid form and each continuation
sheet on which they make an entry. Erasures or other changes must be initialed by the person signing the bid. Bids
signed by an agent of the bidder (other than an officer or a partner of the bidder) are to be accompanied by evidence
of the agent's authority (unless such evidence has been previously furnished to the City).
(c)All blanks on the bid form shall be filled in by typewriter or printed in ink with a firm fixed unit price for items
bid. Unit prices shall include packing unless otherwise specified. In case of any discrepancy between a unit price
and any extended or total price required by the bid form, the unit price will be presumed to be correct, subject,
however, to correction to the same extent and in the same manner as any other mistake.
(d)Bids for property or services other than those specified in the Schedule will not be considered unless specifically
authorized in the solicitation. Any condition, qualification, or limitation of the bid may be a basis for rejection of
the bid as nonresponsive.
Meter Connect Supplies/Bid No. 20-142-02-06
Page 1 of 13
(e)The bidder must state a definite time for delivery of property or for performance of services unless otherwise
specified in the solicitation. All measurements shall be in the system of weights and measures in common usage in
the United States, and pricing shall be in U.S. dollars.
(8) Submission of Bids
(a) Bids and modifications thereof shall be enclosed in sealed envelopes or sealed cartons and submitted to the
Buyer of the City of Mission at the address specified in the solicitation. The bidder shall show the hour and date
specified in the solicitation for receipt of bids, the solicitation number, and the bidder's name, address, and telephone
number on the face of the envelope or carton.
(b) Telegraphic bids will not be considered unless authorized by the solicitation; however, bids may be modified or
withdrawn by written or telegraphic notice, provided such notice is received prior to the hour and date specified for
receipt of bids.
(c) Samples of items, when required, must be submitted within the time specified and, unless otherwise specified in
the solicitation, at no expense to the City. If not destroyed by testing, samples will be returned at the bidder's
request and expense, unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.
(d) Each copy of the bid shall include the legal name of the bidder and a statement whether the bidder is a sole
proprietorship, a corporation, or any other legal entity. A bid for a corporation shall further give the state of
incorporation and have the corporate seal affixed to it.
(9) Explanation to Bidders
Any explanation desired by a bidder regarding the meaning or interpretation of the solicitation, drawings,
specifications, etc., must be requested in writing from the City’s authorized representative and with sufficient time
allowed for a reply to reach bidders before the submission of bids. Any communication held with city employees,
council members, or representatives other than the purchasing staff may be subject to rejection of bid. Oral
explanations or instructions given before the award of any contract, at any pre-bid conferences or otherwise, will not
be binding on the City. Any information given to a bidder concerning an interpretation of the solicitation will be
furnished to all bidders as an addendum to the solicitation, if such information is necessary to bidders in submitting
bids on the solicitation or if the lack of such information would be prejudicial to uninformed bidders.
(10) Acknowledgment of Addendums to Invitation for Bids
(a) If this solicitation is amended, then all terms and conditions which are not modified remain unchanged.
(b) Bidders shall acknowledge receipt of any addendums to this solicitation: (1) by signing and returning the
addendums; or (2) by identifying the addendums number and date in the space provided for this purpose on the bid
form; or (3) by letter or telegram. The City must receive the acknowledgment by the time and at the place
specified for receipt of bids.
(11) Bids cannot be altered or amended after opening time. Alterations made before opening time must be initialed by
bidder guaranteeing authenticity. No bid may be withdrawn after opening time without acceptable reason in
writing and only after approval by the City of Mission.
(12) STATE SALES TAX MUST NOT BE INCLUDED IN BID. Contractors are not tax exempt.
(13) Any additions, deletions, or variations from the following specifications will not be allowed. Any parts not
specifically mentioned which are necessary for the work to be complete and for use or which are normally
furnished as standard equipment shall be furnished by the successful bidder and shall confirm in strength, quality,
and workmanship to the accepted standard of the industry.
(14) Evaluation and Basis for Award
Meter Connect Supplies/Bid No. 20-142-02-06
Page 2 of 13
(A) One Award
One contract award is anticipated under this solicitation. Multiple contract awards shall not be made.
(a) If the competitive sealed bidding requirement applies to the contract for goods or services, the contract
must be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder or to the bidder who provides goods or services at
the best value for the municipality.
(b) In determining the best value for the municipality, the municipality may consider:
1) the purchase price;
2) the reputation of the bidder and of the bidder’s goods or services;
3) the quality of the bidder’s goods or services;
4) the extent to which the goods or services meet the municipality’s needs;
5) the bidder’s past relationship with the municipality;
6) the impact on the ability of the municipality to comply with laws and rules relating to
contracting with historically underutilized businesses and nonprofit organizations employing
persons with disabilities;
7) the total long-term cost to the municipality to acquire the bidder’s goods or services; and
8) any relevant criteria specifically listed in the request for bids or proposals.
(B) Estimated Quantities
The quantities specified in the Schedule are estimates only, are used as a basis for determining award of the contract.
Purchases will be made in amounts needed and on an as needed basis.
(C) Unit and Extended Pricing
Offerors shall insert the unit price and extended amount for each line item offered on the price schedule. If a line
item is offered at “No Cost,” enter “No Cost” in the unit price column. Additionally, offerors shall calculate and
insert the total price in the space provided on the price schedule. In the event of discrepancies in extended price, unit
prices will govern. Cost for delivery is to be included in the unit and extended price. Bids subject to unlimited
price increase will not be considered.
(D) All or None Pricing
Failure of an offeror to provide prices for all line items listed on the Schedule shall be cause for rejection of the
entire offer. However, an offeror may enter “No Cost” in the unit price and extended amount columns to indicate
that the item is being offered at “No Cost.”
(15) Sample Requirements
Upon request, the bidder agrees to supply at no cost to City samples of the products proposed for testing prior to
contract award. Samples will be available and submitted to City within five (5) days of request, oral and written, by
City and will be returned at bidder’s cost only on request from the vendor after testing is complete. Parts returned
may not be in the same condition as originally sent to and received by City. Function test (if required) is verification
that the parts meet the manufacturers specification and/or performance requirements.
(16) Descriptive Literature
(a) Bidders shall submit, along with the Pricing Schedule, descriptive literature for all items that are not described
by specific manufacturer, and/or for items that the bidder is offering as an "Equal Brand Name." Descriptive
literature must be (1) received by the time specified in this solicitation for receipt of bids, and (2) clearly
marked to identify the specific item(s) of the bid to which it applies.
Meter Connect Supplies/Bid No. 20-142-02-06
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