RFB 21-013 Ford Transit Connect Van

Agency: Bartow County
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Nov 16, 2021
Due Date: Dec 7, 2021
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RFB 21-013 Ford Transit Connect Van

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Bartow County Purchasing Department
Steve Taylor, Commissioner
Tracy Brown, Director
105 North Bartow Street Cartersville, Georgia 30120 (770) 387-5088
Bartow County, Georgia invites your company to submit a bid on the item(s) as listed in this bid request.
All terms and conditions below are a part of this request, and no bid will be accepted unless all these
conditions have been complied with. The county reserves the right to reject any or all bids, in whole or
in part to one or more vendors and waive all technicalities and informalities in any bid. Bartow County
reserves the right to cancel/close the invitation to bid at any time.
1. All bids to be considered must be in the possession of the Bartow County Director of Purchasing
prior to the time of the bid closing. Bids may be mailed or delivered to Tracy Brown, Purchasing
Director, 105 North Bartow Street, Cartersville, Georgia 30120. All bids must be in a sealed
envelope clearly marked for only the item(s) on which you are bidding, marked with the time
and date of the closing. Regardless of method of delivery, each bidder shall be responsible for
his bid(s) being delivered on time, as the county assumes no responsibility for the same. Bids
offered or received after the time set for bid closing will be rejected and unopened. Bartow
County Government assumes no responsibility for the premature opening of a bid not properly
addressed and identified, and/or delivered to the improper designation.
Vendors are encouraged to contact Tracy Brown, Purchasing Director, by fax at (770) 387-5087
or email brownt@bartowga.org to clarify any part of this document. All questions that arise
shall be directed to the contact person in writing via facsimile or email.
3. All bids must be submitted on the forms provided by the county and must be signed by an
authorized representative of the company placing the bid, with delivery date stated, “Invitation
to Bid”, “Instructions to bidders”, “Bid Closing Time”, “Scope of Work”, and “Specification
Form”, “Bid Amount Sheet”, “Addenda Acknowledgement “attached hereto, shall remain intact
and be returned with bid. One set of bid forms will be furnished each company or person
interested in bidding. One (1) original copy of the complete signed submittal must be received.
4. In the event of an error in extending the total cost of any item, the unit price submitted will
prevail where applicable.
5. Bidder may bid on one or more items when applicable. Bartow County will award the bid to
either the responsive and responsible bidder (s) offering the lowest price (s) for each of the
items specified or the responsive and responsible bidder offering the lowest total price for all
items specified.
6. Bid price shall include delivery, without additional cost to the county.
7. Do not include sales tax with your bid. The county is exempt from sales tax. This does not
exclude bidder from responsibility to pay sales tax on items purchased by the bidder.
8. All Communications regarding this bid should be communicated through Bartow County
Purchasing. Telephone inquiries will not be accepted. Any questions regarding this bid should
be submitted to Tracy Brown via e-mail brownt@bartowga.org or by mail to 105 North Bartow
Street, Cartersville, GA 30120 or by fax at 770-387-5087. Your questions must contain company
name, address, telephone number and bid name. Bartow County will issue responses to
inquiries and any other corrections or amendments it deems necessary in written addenda
issued prior to the due date. All
questions must be submitted by the deadline for questions listed on the Schedule of Events.
By submitting a response, the vendor represents and warrants that such bid
is genuine and not a sham or collusive or made in the interest or on behalf of any person not
therein named and that the vendor has not directly or indirectly induced or solicited any other
vendor to put in a sham bid, or any other person, firm or corporation to refrain from submitting
and that the vendor has not in any manner sought by collusion to secure to that vendor any
advantage over any other vendor. By submitting a bid, the vendor represents and warrants that
no official or employee of Bartow County Government has, in any manner, an interest, directly
or indirectly in the bid or in the contract which may be made under it, or in any expected profits
to arise there from.
All expenses involved with the preparation and submission of this bid package to Bartow County
Government, or any work performed in connection there with is the responsibility of the
All bid responses must be type-written or hand-written legibly in ink and signed by an individual
authorized to bind the bidder. Erasures, white-outs, type-over, and other modifications must be
12. All materials submitted in connection with this Invitation to Bid will be public documents and
subject to the Open Records Act and all other laws of the State of Georgia, the United States of
America and the open records policies of Bartow County Government. All such materials shall
remain the property of Bartow County Government and will not be returned to the respondent.
13. All respondents to this Invitation to Bid shall hold harmless Bartow County Government and any
of their officers and employees from all suits and claims alleged to be a result of this Invitation
to Bid. Bartow County Government reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion,
whether any aspect of a respondent’s submittal meets the criteria in this Invitation to Bid.
Bartow County Government also reserves the right to seek clarifications, to negotiate with any
vendor submitting a response, to reject any or all responses with or without cause, and to
modify the procurement process. In the event that this Invitation to Bid is withdrawn or there is
a need to cancel the contract services for any reason, Bartow County Government shall have no
liability to any respondent for any costs or expenses incurred in connection with this request or
14. Failure to submit all the mandatory forms from this Invitation to Bid shall be just cause for the
rejection of the bid package. However, Bartow County reserves the right to decide, on a case-
by-case basis, in its sole discretion, whether or not to reject such a bid as non-responsive.
15. NO shipment or delivery shall be made until a purchase order is received from the County
Purchasing Director. Payment will be rendered only after delivery and final acceptance of
16. In case of failure to deliver goods or services in accordance with the contract terms and
conditions, Bartow County, after due oral or written notice may procure substitute goods or
services from other sources and hold the vendor responsible for any resulting additional
purchasing and administrative costs. This remedy shall be in addition to any other remedies
which Bartow County may have.
17. Any contract resulting from this Invitation to Bid shall be governed in all respects by the laws of
the State of Georgia. The contractor shall comply with applicable federal, state, and local laws
and regulations.
18. It is understood and agreed between the parties herein that Bartow County shall be bound
hereunder only to the extent of the funds available, or which may hereafter become available
for the purpose of this agreement.
19. If any bid requires the use of sub-contractor, the name and address of said firm must be
included in bid.
20. Bids will be opened in the Commissioners Conference Room located on the second floor of the
Frank Moore Administration and Judicial Building, 135 West Cherokee Avenue, Cartersville,
Georgia 30120 at the time and date stated below.
21. This Invitation to Bid may be evaluated with the local preference option if the basis of award is
price. The local vendor must meet the eligibility requirements. Vendors whose place of
business is other than the State of Georgia may be required to provide copies of your state’s
regulations and/or laws concerning the application of certain vendor preference requirements
to vendors whose place of business is in the applicable state. Failure to provide this information
will result in the disqualification of the vendor from submitting a bid. Local vendor preference
guidelines may be furnished upon request.
December 7, 2021
9:45 A.M.
December 7, 2021
10:00 A.M.
Schedule of Events
The anticipated schedule for the Request for Bid is as follows:
RFP Released
Deadline for questions to Bartow County to
brownt@bartowga.org, fax 770-387-5087,
or mail to 105 North Bartow Street
Cartersville, Georgia 30120
Deadline for Addenda
posted on www.bartowga.org
Submittal deadline
November 16,
November 30,
December 1, 2021
December 7, 2021
9:45 A.M.. EST
Restrictions on Communications with Staff
All questions about this RFB must be submitted in writing and include the company name and
each question.
Questions must be in writing to Tracy Brown, Purchasing Director:
Address: 105 North Bartow Street Cartersville, Georgia 30120
E-mail: brownt@bartowga.org
Fax: 770-387-5087
No questions other than written will be accepted. No response other than written will be binding
upon the county. Questions will be combined into one list of questions and posted on Bartow
County’s website at www.bartowga.org. Any addendums will also be posted on Bartow
County’s website. Vendors are advised to check the website for addenda before submitting
their bids.

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