Reroof Seb Co Extension Office

Agency: Sebastian County
State: Arkansas
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Feb 14, 2024
Due Date: Feb 28, 2024
Solicitation No: SC-2407
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bid# title date time status
SC-2407 Reroof Seb Co Extension Office 02/28/2024 2:00 PM OPEN

Attachment Preview

Purchasing Department
35 South 6th Street, Room 106
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
(479) 784-1502 Fax (479) 784-1550
February 13, 2024
NOTICE TO: Qualified Bidders
SUBJECT: Invitation to Bid (ITB)
Sebastian County is interested in receiving sealed written bids for furnishing the
products/services specified in the attached Invitation to Bid (ITB). Complete details regarding
the products and/or services required by the County, and instructions for participating in the bid
process, are included in the attached bid package.
Bids must be received by the time and date indicated in the ITB. Bids received after the time and
date set for opening will not be considered.
Bidders who do not wish to submit bids must submit a "No Bid" to continue to be eligible for
retention on the Bid List. The Bid List is periodically reviewed and bidders who have not
responded to bid requests are deleted.
If you are interested in submitting a bid, please be sure that the requirements of the ITB are
completed since failure to meet the requirements could cause your bid to be rejected.
Any questions regarding the Bid Invitation should be directed to the Purchasing Department,
(479) 784-1502.
Lauri Lowrimore
Purchasing Coordinator
Sebastian County, Arkansas
Attach: ITB
Cover Sheet
Invitation To Bid
Sebastian County, Arkansas
Section I
Reroof for Sebastian County Extension Office
PRECONSTRUCTION DATE: Wednesday, February 21, 2024
TIME: 8:00 A.M.
PLACE: Seb Co Extension Office
7600 Taylor, Fort Smith, AR
DATE: Wednesday, February 28, 2024
TIME: 2:00 P.M.
PLACE: Purchasing Department
35 South 6th Street, Room 106
Fort Smith, Arkansas
County Judge’s Office
Sebastian County Purchasing Dept.
35 South 6th Street, Room 106
Fort Smith, Arkansas 72901
ON OUTSIDE OF BID SHOW: (1) Return address
(2) Bid opening date
(3) Bid number & title
NAME OF BIDDER: ___________________________________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________
CITY/STATE/ZIP CODE: _______________________________________________
TELEPHONE NUMBER: _______________________________ FAX Number: ___________________________
SIGNATURE OF AUTHORIZED AGENT: ________________________________________________________
EMAIL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________
1. Lump Sum prices and extensions are required on bid form.
2. Return two copies of the entire bid package and any other documents required by the specifications.
3. Bids must be signed by an authorized agent to be accepted.
4. Any trade discounts should be deducted and net prices shown.
5. Bidder must guarantee product(s) offered will meet or exceed specifications contained in this Invitation To Bid.
6. Bidding procedures will be in compliance with Arkansas Laws.
7. QUOTE: F.O.B. destination.
8. BID VALIDITY: Net 30 days.
Bid Form
Section II
We, the undersigned, agree to furnish the products and/or services indicated below in accordance with the
specifications and conditions contained herein, at the bid price shown.
It is expressly agreed and understood by and between the parties hereto, and is made a condition
precedent to the entering into of any purchase agreement resulting from this invitation to bid, that the
County Judge, Sebastian County, shall determine any and all questions or disputes which may arise
concerning conformity to the specifications and conditions, and Bids; and the quantity, suitability, and
acceptability of all items to be furnished hereunder; and his decision as to such matters shall be final,
binding, and conclusive upon the parties hereto.
That this Invitation To Bid and Bids submitted hereunder shall be governed by the laws of the State of
We, the undersigned, affirm that this bid is made on behalf of the undersigned, and is made without
collusion on the part of any person, firm or corporation; and that the conditions and other provisions have
been carefully examined and are agreed to.
It will be the County’s sole discretion to accept any part or combination of the bid below.
Price for Reroofing: $ _____________________________________________________
Price for the addition of 8 turbines: $ ________________________________________
Total Price (not including sales tax): $_____________________________________________
Written Total Price: $__________________________________________________________
Amount of Sales Tax to be added to the Total Price: $ _______________________________
Contractor’s License No. _____________________________
Exceptions to specifications: NO____ YES____ (Attach itemized list)
From:_____________________________ Signature: ______________________________
(Printed name & signature)
Date: _____________________________ Title: ___________________________________
1. Bids must be received no later than the date and time set for bid opening. Bids shall be in a
sealed envelope clearly marked with the ITB number on the outside or it will not be
considered. Telegraphic, fax, or email Bids sent directly to Sebastian County offices will not be
considered. All Bids must be signed by an authorized officer of the Company.
2. Bids may be withdrawn, modified or corrected by the bidder after it has been submitted, provided
a written request to do so is filed with the County Judge prior to the time set for opening the bid.
Telegrams or letters received prior to the time set for opening the Bids will be accepted and
attached to the unopened bid, and the bid will be considered withdrawn, modified, corrected, or
otherwise changed accordingly. No bid may be withdrawn, modified, corrected, or otherwise
changed after the time set for opening the Bids.
3. Prices quoted will be considered net prices, unless otherwise stated by the bidder in the bid. Bid
prices must remain firm for 30 days, unless otherwise stated in the specifications.
4. The original written or electronic language of the ITB documents shall not be changed or altered
except by approved written addendum issued by the Purchasing Office. This does not eliminate
bidder(s) from taking exception(s) to non-mandatory terms and conditions but does clarify that
the bidder shall not change the original document’s written or electronic language. If bidder(s)
wishes to make exception(s) to any of the original language, it must be submitted by the bidder in
separate written or electronic language in a manner that clearly explains the exception(s). If
bidder’s submittal is discovered to contain alterations/changes to the original written documents,
the bidder’s response may be declared as “non-responsive” and shall not be considered.
5. This ITB may be modified only by amendments written and authorized by the Purchasing Office.
Bidders are cautioned to ensure that they have received or obtained, and responded to, any and all
amendments to the ITB prior to submission. There will be no addendums to a ITB 72 hours prior
to the ITB opening. It is the responsibility of the bidder(s) to check the County website, for any and all addendums up to that time.
6. Specifications are designed to describe the type and quality of the product/services desired by the
County. They are not intended to restrict bidding on any like product/service of equal or higher
quality. Any exceptions to the specifications must be noted on a separate sheet by reference to
the item number in the specifications where the exception is taken. If no exceptions are
submitted with the Bid, and accepted by the County, bidders will be expected to comply with the
specifications. Products and/or services will be inspected for compliance prior to acceptance.
7. The responding Company shall perform according to the terms and conditions as stated herein,
and according to the highest standards and professional practices. Instances of poor performance
by the Company will be documented and submitted to the Company for immediate review and
corrective action. Continued poor performance will be deemed a breach of the specifications of
the ITB and shall be grounds for immediate termination of the contract. A review meeting will be
called between the Company and the County when documented instances of poor performance
occur. A plan for corrective action, agreeable to both parties, will be drafted and implemented.
Sebastian County retains the absolute right to assess whether and when performance is
subsequently acceptable.
8. It shall be understood and agreed that any material or product purchased under this bid shall be
new and in first class condition unless otherwise stated in or required by the bid invitation.
9. The County is exempt from Federal Excise Taxes and such taxes shall not be included in the bid
price. An exemption certificate will be furnished where required.
10. State and Local Sales Taxes shall be stated as a separate item and shall not be included in the bid
price of the product/services being proposed. If no taxes are so stated, the County will assume
that any taxes due have been included in the price quoted and no additional taxes will
subsequently be added to the bid price. The County is Sales Tax Exempt on motor vehicle
11. Bids will be evaluated based upon compliance with the specifications, bid price,
applicability, and suitability of the product/services being offered. Product and vendor
reliability, warranty, delivery time, and such other factors deemed appropriate will be
considered to assure the County receives a quality product most advantageous vendor to the
county. Assignment of any part or all of payments accruing under contracts or purchase
agreements resulting from this Invitation to Bid will not be authorized. Payment shall only be
made to the Contractor or vendor with whom the order is placed.
12. Bids shall be submitted on 8 ½ x 11-inch paper, which shall include this form. The bid should
follow the format laid out under Item 8. Submissions should be limited to a maximum of 15
pages, with all required attachments included. Binders, brochures, and materials in this ITB are
neither requested nor desired. Please do not submit these with your bid. If additional information
is required, the County will request it after review of the Bids.
13. The Company should submit a base bid in the manner specified but may also propose other
financial options to the County, either as additions or alternates to the base bid. Such additional
offerings should be clearly identified. The county prefers that the Company’s response to the ITB
be submitted in same item (paragraph) sequence as the bid using the same item (paragraph)
numbers for reference.
14. The contents of the ITB will be incorporated into the final Contract documents. All terms and
conditions stated herein shall constitute a complete and integrated document and the covenants
contained herein shall not be altered or modified, unless such modifying term, conditions, or
covenants are in writing and are signed by the Company and the agent of Sebastian County.

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