Agency: City of Calexico
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jun 22, 2018
Due Date: Jul 12, 2018
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The City of Calexico is requesting proposals from qualified and experienced contractors who can provide full service operation and maintenance of the City owned Water Treatment Facilities (Facilities). The services are anticipated to be full time for the duration of the work, which will be completed by private contract through the public bidding process.

The purpose of the Request for Proposals (RFP) is to provide the City with the assurance that these City administered facilities are maintained in compliance with the all local, state, and federal provisions (where applicable). An important objective is to maintain a level of high quality service to the people of the City through appropriate documentation and workflow methodology in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Qualified entities are invited to submit written proposals for consideration in accordance with this request. These services will be conducted under a contract with the City. The proposing entity is hereinafter referred to as "Contractor". The contract will be regulated according to the provisions of all State and local laws and ordinances that are applicable.


The City is situated along the border with SR 98, about 120 miles east of San Diego, 60 miles west of Yuma, Arizona and next to Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. The City is the second largest city within Imperial County. The City encompasses approximately 8.4 square miles in size and has a population of approximately 41,000 people; however, during weekday working hours, its population temporarily increases due to visitors conducting city business or those working in the City, including many visitors from Mexico.


The source of the City of Calexico's water is the Colorado River, which is conveyed to the City via the All-American Canal from the Imperial Irrigation District. From the Canal, raw water is normally pumped into the raw water storage reservoir, screened, and is then pumped to the treatment plant. The raw water storage reservoir can be bypassed by diverting the water directly to the Plant Influent Pumps or the water flowing from the canal can flow to the treatment plant by gravity. The turbidity of the plant influent is continuously monitored.

The Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is required by its water supply permit to provide at least (1) minimum certified T3 and D3 Operator at all times 24 hours a day, seven days a week - which includes the WTP, Raw Water Reservoir and the Eastside Reservoir. The City's WTP consists of multiple treatment units that provide operational flexibility. The City is currently in discussions with the State Water Resource Control Board (SWRCB) to reduce the required staffing hours. It is anticipated that within a year that all requirements and automations required by the SWRCB will be completed and the required manned hours will be reduced. There are also plans install a new clarifier and filters to expand the total capacity of the water plant within the next year or two.

The City currently uses chlorine gas for disinfection purposes at the Water Treatment Plant and the Eastside Reservoir; however, consideration is being made to switch to either Sodium Hypochlorite or onsite chlorine generation. It is anticipated that within a year that the switch will be made.

For detailed information on the water treatment plant and Eastside Reservoir, and the requirements for operations and maintenance, the following are available upon request via electronic download from the City’s website:

1. WTP Operations Manual – January 2011
2. Water Supply Permit No. 05-14-02P-011
3. Public Water System Statistics, Calendar Year 2017 (Total Water Deliveries)
4. Record Drawings
5. Consumer Confidence Report (CCR)
6. 2015 City of Calexico Urban Water Management Plan


The Scope of work is to provide full service operations, maintenance, and management of the Water Treatment Plant Facilities (Facilities) for the City of Calexico in accordance with all provisions within this RFP. The operation and maintenance of the water distribution system, after the distribution pumps is excluded and will remain the responsibility of the City. The agreement term is a three (3) year agreement with up to four (4) – one (1) year extensions for a total of (7) years. The Contractor shall provide dedicated full-time or part-time persons as needed to provide the required services for this specific project in accordance with the facilities’ respective permit.
Prevailing wages are not required – this is funded with local enterprise funds. The selected contractor shall be a California licensed entity and all Operators shall have the appropriate certifications as discussed below.

The objectives of these operations include, but are not limited to:

• Cost effectively operating and maintaining facilities

• Operating facilities in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and statutes including all regular and incident reporting requirements

• Maintaining compliance with the Water Supply Permit

• Providing technical assistance to address the City's existing assets, future capacity and regulatory issues.

Full service contract operations require the Contractor to be properly licensed and provide all
treatment facility operation and maintenance staff. The Contractor will be responsible for:

• All aspects of facility management, operation and maintenance.

• Maintaining all land, buildings, improvements and permanent equipment within the boundaries of the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Raw Water Reservoir and the Eastside
Reservoir. Equipment maintenance shall be performed by the Contractor in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations, and the Contractor will be required to provide
proof thereof to the satisfaction of the City.

All costs associated with required capital expenditures, equipment, laboratory, chemicals, permit fees, and other costs will continue to be the responsibility of the City. The selected contractor will be required to provide labor for various services associated with the WTP, Raw Water Reservoir and Eastside Reservoir. This may include, but is not limited to:

• Provide any computer equipment, hardware, software, and internet connection(s) as deemed necessary by the Contractor for monitoring the plant remotely (Example – ipads, laptops etc.). This is not required by the City. The City will provide the existing work spaces, onsite internet connections and desktop computers.

• Provide any vehicles, tools and equipment needed to operate and maintain the WTP, Raw Water Reservoir and Eastside Reservoir.

• Provide uniforms and safety equipment necessary for the contracted Operators.

• Sample raw water, settled water or treated water for various constituents per the permit requirements and to resolve customer complaints. Deliver samples to a City approved certified laboratory for analysis. The Contractor shall coordinate all sampling. All results shall be provided to the City in electronic format with hard copies. The City
shall submit results to the agencies.

• Provide routine, preventative and corrective maintenance of facilities and associated equipment.

• Perform plant building and storage tank inspection and clean activities.

• Respond to customer questions and complaints.

• Maintain routine and corrective maintenance records electronically with backups. Also maintain hard copies of the reports as necessary. The City may request reports at
any time.

• Prepare required reports to regulatory agencies as mandated to maintain compliance. The City will provide a T4 or T5 certified Operator (Water System Supervisor) who will
manage and oversee the activities of the Contractor and the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The City Water System Supervisor shall have the overall responsibility of the Contractor and the Water Treatment Plant operations. All reports will be reviewed, approved, signed and submitted to the agencies by the City Water System Supervisor. The Contractor will take direction from the City Water System Supervisor.

• Provide at least one Operator at all times (24 hours a day), seven days a week for the WTP. All Operators shall have a minimum Grade T3 and D3 certification in the State of California. The Operators can be full or part-time. The Contractor shall provide (1) full time Lead Operator with a Grade T4 and D4 certification minimum.

• Provide initial response to alarms and emergencies as necessary for the WTP, Raw Water Reservoir and Eastside Reservoir. Any costs associated with emergencies, alarms or unforeseen issues not reasonably anticipated by the Contractor shall be considered extra. The Contractor shall immediately notify and coordinate with the City Water System Supervisor when an emergency arises. If deemed necessary by the Water System Supervisor, the City will provide additional City labor and equipment to remediate any issues. All additional Contractor costs will be reviewed by the City Water System Supervisor before approval.

• Maintain operations and maintenance records in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations. All records must be backed up weekly and kept secured off-site. The Contractor will be required to use a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to track maintenance activities which at a minimum shall provide:

o Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance scheduling and tracking;
o Accounting system for all managed assets activities;
o Identification of potential problem areas;
o Information to support facility and operational planning;
o Equipment performance monitoring;
o Status reports for management and contract compliance monitoring including equipment
o Track cost, life cycle and forecast repair v/s replacement; and
o Document each shift by completing necessary paperwork.

• Maintain an acceptable appearance of all facilities, except landscaping.

• Supply the proper personnel to maintain the system. The Contractor shall be required to maintain the plant, equipment and pump stations in a manner that preserves the managed assets and ensures the reliability and efficiency of the facilities and systems. All building, structures, property, and equipment shall be maintained in accordance with standards pursuant to maintenance requirements as established by the City. Existing levels of redundancy must be maintained for each facility. The City intends to, subject to the availability of funding and based upon priorities provided by the selected Contractor, will implement repair and replacement projects as recommended and authorized by the governing authorities of the City. Facilities shall be painted by the Contractor as necessary to prevent corrosion and ensure a good appearance. While the City will maintain responsibility for long and short-term planning for its water facilities; the Contractor shall be required to participate in planning activities and provide information to the City on a regular basis in support of the City’s short and long-term planning objectives for capital improvements, maintenance requirements as well as policy and regulatory matters.

The Contractor shall be required to provide information and recommendations for capital improvements to increase operating efficiency, improve quality of service and extend the useful life of assets including development of information to support capital financing plans. The Contractor shall be required to provide information and make recommendations to make updates to existing maintenance plans and support the development of a long-term maintenance strategy for the wastewater facilities, including identification of cost-saving measures, cost-effective maintenance projects and routine/preventive maintenance program scheduling.

• Policy/Regulatory Issues - The Contractor shall be required to evaluate proposed or actual regulatory changes from an operations standpoint to determine their effect on water facilities capacity, management, operation and maintenance including any financial impacts or required changes to the City’s policies and procedures. The City may also
require input from the Service provider to establish or challenge the appropriateness of permit limitations.

• Training – The Contractor shall be required to develop and implement a program for employee training for operation and maintenance skills improvement related to the
requirements of the contract operation; as well as development and implementation of a safety and security plan required federal, state and local laws, for example Department of Toxic Substance, etc.

• Fit Test – The Contractor will be required to have all operators fit tested in order to meet Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

• Maintain insurance at all times per the attached agreement.

• The City shall have access to all of the water system at all times. Services that are excluded from this RFP and are not required by the Contractor:

• The Contractor will not be responsible to submit reports to the Regional Water Quality Control Board; however, the Contractor will create, revise and provide the reports as
directed by the City Water System Supervisor.

• Management of the facilities will be the responsibility of the City. Contractor to take direction from the City Water System Supervisor.

• The Contractor will not be responsible to update the Operations Plan, Urban Water Management Plant or apply for renewals of the Water Supply Permit. The Contractor will
not be responsible for any permit fees.

• The Contractor will not be responsible for replacement of or repairs to City owned tanks, computers, software, SCADA system, equipment and/or above or below ground piping. However, the Contractor will be responsible to immediately notify the City Water System Manager of any necessary repairs or replacements.

• The Contractor will not be responsible for grease, oil, gear boxes, bearings, etc. The Contractor will give adequate notice to the Water System Supervisor when supplies are
needed to be ordered.

• Landscape Maintenance of all facilities shall be completed by City personnel.

• The Contractor shall not be responsible for the water distribution system. The City water distribution system will be operated and maintained by the City. Contractor
will be responsible for the maintenance of the treatment plant, including the onsite pipes, equipment and distribution pumps. The Contractor will be responsible for the O&M only within the boundaries of the WTP, Raw Water Reservoir and Eastside Reservoir, including the storage tanks and pumps.

• The Contractor shall not be responsible for the raw water storage, piping or delivery system.

• Emergencies, acts of God and other system failures beyond the control of the Contractor shall be considered extra. The Contractor will be compensated by the City for approved additional hours, including any overtime spent for these reasons. From time to time, the City may request additional hours as needed.

• All suppliers, including chemicals and equipment, shall be selected by the City. If a change is recommended by the Contractor, it shall be submitted to the City for consideration.

• The Contractor shall coordinate the service of the emergency generators. The Citywill bear the cost of the services. The Contractor will be responsible for satisfying the State of California regulatory requirements and for operating and maintaining (including record keeping and reporting) the facilities in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations. Services for the operation and maintenance of the Facilities shall be provided in a safe, secure, effective and efficient manner.


The City must receive Five (5) bound copies and one (1) unbound, reproducible copy of the proposal, along with one (1) electronic copy in Adobe Portable Document format (“.pdf”) on a CD or digital versatile disc (“DVD” when singular, “DVDs” when plural). The sealed proposals must be received by the office of the City Clerk by 2:00 p.m. on July 12, 2018 (no exceptions). They will be publicly opened and read at the above stated time and place. The City reserves the right to issue written notice to all participating contractors with any changes in the submission schedule, scope of work or work-related products, should it be determined that such changes are necessary.

All proposals must be delivered by the deadline date to:

City of Calexico
Office of the City Clerk
608 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92231

RE: Water Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance

** All submitted documents will become part of the City’s official files and will not be returned **


1. Request for Proposals Release Date June 18, 2018
2. Questions Due July 3, 2018
3. Proposals Due July 12, 2018
4. City Council Selection and Award July 18, 2018


Proposal responses must adhere to the requirements set forth in this section, both for content and sequence. Failure to adhere to these requirements or the inclusion of conditions, limitations or misrepresentations may be cause for rejection of the submittal. Use “81/2 X 11” sheets (foldout are acceptable for charts, etc.) and font size large enough to be easily legible, but not smaller than 10 point. The original proposal and each subsequent copy must be submitted on paper, properly bound, appropriately tabbed and labeled in the following order:

A. Cover Letter: Provide a cover letter and introduction, including the name and address of the organization and individual submitting the proposal, together with the name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and e-mail address of the contact person who will be authorized to represent the organization, and an expression of the contractor’s ability and desire to meet the requirements of this Request for Proposals. The letter must be signed by an individual authorized to bind the firm contractually.

B. Table of Contents: This section shall include a detailed table of contents and an outline of the submittal, identified by sequential page number and by section reference number, and section title as describe herein.

C. Contractor Qualifications: Describe the contractor’s resources, experience, and capabilities as it relates to the Scope of Services described under Section IV. Submit in the order identified below:

1. Executive Summary: An executive summary should briefly describe the contractor’s qualifications, including experience in the preparation of Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan and Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update. The summary should include a description of similar projects completed for other cities or counties.

2. Approach and Scope of Work: Describe the contractor’s approach to completing the Service Area/Municipal Service Review Plan Update 2018, provide a summary of major tasks and key sub-tasks, and identify proposed meetings including any public outreach meetings, public hearings, and deliverables.

3. Work Schedule: Include a proposed Work Schedule which includes proposed staffing and certifications of the Operators.

4. Qualifications and Experience: Provide the contractor’s background and qualifications to perform the requested services. Identify any subcontractors. Identify all project personnel and their role in the operation and maintenance effort, and summarize relevant qualifications and experience of each of the identified personnel.

5. Fee Schedule and Experience: Provide an hourly fee schedule for the types of services and personnel to complete the Scope of Services. Include overtime hourly fees. List any travel costs and any other direct or indirect costs associated with performing the required services. Provide hourly rates for each person who will be involved in the work, a detailed cost breakdown, including the cost for each task necessary for the proposed scope of work. Costs should include hours and staff assignment for each task. The cost estimates should include cost for all administrative and material costs.

6. References: The contractor shall provide a minimum of 4 client references, preferably city or county governments for whom the contractor has previously had contracts with for the provision of services of equal type and scope within the last 5 years.

7. Media Attachments: CDs or DVDs shall be provided within a storage page at the end of the document or within a storage pockets attached to the interior of the last page of the document with the contents of the CD or DVD clearly labeled. Documents within the CD or DVD shall be in .docx or .pdf format.


Based on relevant work experience, the completeness of the responses, cost and the overall project approach identified in the proposals received, the most qualified contractor will be selected. If determined by the City it is needed, qualified contractors will be invited, at their expense, for an interview with the selection committee.

The City reserves the right to reject any or all proposals for any reason. The services to be provided shall be accordance with the City’s standard contractor services agreement which will be approved by the City Council (Refer to attached sample agreement.)

Questions regarding this Request for Proposal may be directed to:

Mr. David Dale, PE, PLS
City Manager
City of Calexico
608 Heber Avenue
Calexico, CA 92251
or via email at

The intention is to negotiate and award a contract within fifteen (15) days of the date of the date of receipt of proposals. Proposals may be delivered in person, by mail, or by delivery service. No telephone or fax submittal will be accepted. Responsibility for delivery and acknowledgment shall rest with the person or contractor submitting the proposal.


After selection and execution of a contractor services Agreement and prior to rendering services to the City, the successful contractor shall obtain a business license from the City. It is unlawful for any person to furnish supplies or services, or transact any kind of business in the City without obtaining a business license from the City. Business license applications are available at

For further information on Business Licenses, contact Finance Revenue Officer at (760) 768-2132.


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