Request for Proposals for Boat Rental Concession at Leo Ryan Park

Agency: City of Foster City
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 713990 - All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries
Posted Date: Nov 25, 2020
Due Date: Dec 3, 2020
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Request for Proposals for Boat Rental Concession at Leo Ryan Park
Bid/RFP Status:
Open - accepting bids and proposals
Bid/RFP Due Date:
Thursday, December 3, 2020 - 4:00pm
Bid/RFP Reference Number:
Boat Rental Concession

The concession agreement grants exclusive right to a single vendor to provide materials and staff to use Leo Ryan Park for Boat Rental for the general public during the contract term per the terms listed in the RFP. A link to the Request for Proposals can be found below in the Supporting Documents section.

Attachment Preview

Parks and Recreation Department
650 Shell Boulevard
Foster City, CA 94404
November 17, 2020
SUBJECT: Request for Proposals – Boat Rental Concession at Leo Ryan Park
Dear Contractor,
You are invited to submit a proposal to provide Boat Rental Concession at Leo Ryan Park, in Foster City, as
outlined and delineated on the enclosed Scope of Services. Proposals are due to the Recreation Center,
650 Shell Boulevard, Foster City, CA 94404, before 4:00 PM on Thursday, December 3, 2020. Please
note that the Recreation Center is currently closed to the public so submissions need to either be mailed
or dropped off in the blue Drop-off Box located at the South Entrance. Mailed proposals must be received
prior to 4:00 P.M. on December 3, 2020 to be considered.
The concession agreement grants exclusive right to a single vendor to use Leo Ryan Park for Boat Rental
for the general public during the contract term. The proposed contract period shall be from January 1,
2021 through June 30, 2026 with optional extensions through June 30, 2030.
The successful proposer will be required to enter into and abide by the terms of the City’s Concession
Agreement for Boat Rental Concession at Leo Ryan Park including all insurance requirements. A draft of this
document is included as an attachment to the Request for Proposals.
Each proposer must submit two (2) hard copies of the completed Proposer Response Form. Proposers
may optionally submit an additional cover letter of up to one page with supplemental information relevant
to their proposal.
This concession operates out of Leo Ryan Park and, as such, has a significant interface with the public and
with the City in both daily operations and at planned events hosted on the site. The City is looking for a
concessionaire who has extensive experience with this type of concession and a willingness to act as a
community partner in the provision of services.
For this reason, financial terms alone will not be the sole determining factor in the selection of the
concessionaire. Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria based on the information provided by
the proposer:
Proposed concession fee and contract terms
Safety experience
Number/variety of services proposed
Proposer’s plan to integrate concession into the fabric of Foster City
Organization’s reputation, service capabilities and quality
Overall completeness and quality of proposal
The City will evaluate qualifications and references and may conduct interviews with the proposers to
provide an opportunity for proposers to demonstrate their qualifications for the services. From these
processes, the City will select a concessionaire and negotiate final terms. The terms in the Request for
Proposals, with modifications based on Proposer’s submittal, will be incorporated into the exhibits to the
final agreement with the successful proposer.
The concessionaire must be prepared to execute a Concessions Agreement within ten (10) days of award
of the contract.
The City reserves the right to seek clarification or additional information from any proposer throughout the
solicitation process. The City may require a proposer’s representative to answer questions during the
evaluation process with regard to the proposal. Failure of a proposer to demonstrate that the claims
made in its proposal are accurate may be sufficient cause for deeming a proposal non-responsive.
Tiffany Oren
Recreation Manager
Request for Proposals
Concession Agreement (draft)
Proposer Response Form
Request for Proposals:
Boat Rental Concession
at Leo Ryan Park
Bids Due and Must Be Received by:
December 3, 2020 before 4:00 PM
650 Shell Boulevard, Foster City
Boat Rental Concession
at Leo Ryan Park
The concession agreement grants exclusive right to a single CONCESSIONAIRE to
operate a boat rental business at the Leo Ryan Park Boathouse premises for the A
term of the Agreement to be awarded through this Request for Proposals.
CONCESSIONAIRE shall provide materials and staff to provide the service and shall pay
to CITY an annual concession fee and monthly use fee.
1. Scope of Deliverables:
a. Location and Equipment. CONCESSIONAIRE shall operate a concession at the
Leo Ryan Park Boathouse (the “premises”). CONCESSIONAIRE shall provide all
equipment necessary to operate the concession at the premises.
2. Scope of Services:
a. Purpose; Days and Hours; Operation. The premises shall be used by
CONCESSIONAIRE only for the purpose of operating a boat rental concession on
the Foster City lagoon to the general public from 11:00 A.M. to sunset daily,
January - December. CONCESSIONAIRE may close operations during adverse
weather or other adverse operating conditions. CONCESSIONAIRE will vacate the
premises when requested by the City/District for major events or for required
maintenance as determined by the City/District.
CONCESSIONAIRE expressly agrees at all times during the term of this
Agreement, at its own cost and expense, to maintain and operate the concession
in a clean, safe, wholesome and sanitary condition, free of trash, garbage or
obstruction of any kind and in compliance with any and all present and future laws,
general rules or regulations of any governmental authority now or at any time
during the term of the Agreement in force relating to public health, safety or welfare.
CONCESSIONAIRE shall comply with all laws, rules and regulations applicable
thereto, adopted by federal, state or other governmental bodies or departments of
officers thereof, and the Agreement is expressly subject to present and future
regulations and policies of the CITY/DISTRICT.
CONCESSIONAIRE shall remedy without delay any defective or dangerous
conditions. No alcoholic beverage (including beer and wine) or goods,
merchandise or material that are in any way explosive or hazardous shall be sold,
kept or stored on the premises. No offensive or dangerous activity shall be carried
on or permitted on the premises.
b. Additional Requirements. Concession shall be operated under the following
additional conditions:
Garbage Disposal: It is illegal to dispose of any garbage in Foster City’s lagoon.
An enclosed receptacle for trash is required to be on board the vessel(s) at all
times. CONCESSIONAIRE will be ultimately responsible for proper disposal of
recyclable and non-recyclable items. Concession staff is permitted to impose
an extra cleanup charge to renters if additional maintenance is required.
Alcoholic Beverages: Alcohol use on the rental boat will be allowed. Operating
the vessel under the influence of alcohol (.08% blood alcohol concentration and
over) or other drugs is strictly prohibited. Smoking on the vessel is also
prohibited per Foster City Municipal Code Section 8.05.030 (R).
Passenger Loading and Unloading: The renter and cruise passengers may
embark and disembark only at Leo Ryan Park at tie-ups near the Foster City
Recreation Center or at renter’s private property.
Proposed Waterway Route: Renters must cruise primarily on the wide water ,
maintaining 25 feet distance from all private property bulkheads. Vessels may
not operate in the smaller side channels, except to access renter’s private
property, or under the Highway 92 bridge.
Docking: Docking is permitted only at public docks: Ryan Park, Boat Park,
Marlin Cove Floating Dock, Catamaran Park, and Edgewater Place. Vessels
may not dock at any private dock or seawall except those owned or leased by
the renter. Concessionaire shall provide lagoon maps that include marked non-
transit zones for each renter.
Boat Identification: Rental boats are required to bear CONCESSIONAIRE’s
company name and phone number in a visible exterior area of the boat. Each
rental boat will also have assigned CF Numbers visible on the outside of the
boat. This will allow for the easy tracking and identification of all rental boats
that are accessing the lagoon.
Community Involvement: Under the supervision of the Department of Parks and
Recreation, CONCESSIONAIRE will coordinate a boating safety program to be
provided as part of the department class curriculum. CONCESSIONAIRE will
also donate 6 hours of rental time to the Foster City Foundation to be used as
raffle prizes at charity events.
Noise Control: Per Foster City Municipal Code Section 17.68.030 (B), music
and/or conversation shall not exceed 60 decibels.
Privacy Concerns: As an element of the concession and rental agreement,
Renters are required to maintain homeowners’ privacy.

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