Purchase of New/Unused Gas Material Inventory

Agency: Terrebonne Parish
State: Louisiana
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
  • 541620 - Environmental Consulting Services
Posted Date: Aug 19, 2019
Due Date: Sep 4, 2019
Solicitation No: Bid 19-WHSE-32
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bid number description closing date/time
Bid 19-WHSE-32

Purchase of New/Unused Gas Material Inventory 09/04/2019 02:00 PM

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Terrebonne Parish
P.O. BOX 2768 • HOUMA, LOUISIANA 70361
985-868-5050 • WWW.TPCG.ORG
Electronic bids will be received on Wednesday September 4, 2019 by the Terrebonne Parish Consolidated
Government (TPCG) Purchasing Division submitted through Central Auction House (CAH). Bid submittals will be
accepted until 2:00 P.M. CST at which time bids will be retrieved from the CAH site and read aloud in the TPCG
Purchasing Division Conference Room at 301 Plant Road Houma, LA 70363.
Bid documents are posted on http://www.centralauctionhouse.com/rfp.php?cid=65. To view, download, receive
bid notices by e-mail and submit a bid, you must register with CAH. For information about the electronic submittal
process and registration fees, contact Ted Fleming with CAH at 225-810-4814.
BID 19-WHSE-32 Purchase of New/Unused Gas Material Inventory (12-Month Requirements Contract)
Specifications and bid documents are on file at the City of Houma Service Complex, Purchasing Division, 301 Plant Road, in Houma,
Louisiana and posted on the Terrebonne Parish web site at http://www.tpcg.org/index.php?f=purchasing&p=bid_opportunities.
Documents may be obtained for review by prospective bidders in the aforementioned manner; however, vendors/contractors must
submit their bids electronically through CAH.
Please contact Cary Robichaux, Gas Distribution Superintendent at 985-873-6875 with regard to the specifications
or Gina Bergeron, Procurement Specialist, III at 985-580-7272 with regard to any clarifications or information
about bid submittal requirements.
The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government (TPCG) reserves the right to reject any and all bids in accordance
with Louisiana State Bid Law.
/s/ Gordon E. Dove
Gordon E. Dove, Parish President
Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government
Publish: August 19th & 26th , 2019
To Courier: August 15, 2019
Bid 19-WHSE-32 Gas Material
BID 19-WHSE-32 Purchase of New/Unused Gas Material Inventory (12-Month Requirements Contract)
GENERAL: The Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government (TPCG) is soliciting bids to establish firm
prices for gas material for warehouse inventory. Delivery shall be made as needed throughout the
contract period or as required by the TPCG Warehouse Division located at 301 Plant Road, Houma,
Louisiana 70363.
INTERPRETATIONS AND ADDENDA: All questions about the meaning or intent of the Bidding Documents are to
be directed to Gina Bergeron, Procurement Specialist III as set forth herein. Interpretations, clarifications, or
modifications considered necessary by Gina Bergeron, Procurement Specialist III in response to such questions
will be issued by Addenda and posted to the CAH (http://www.centralauctionhouse.com/rfp.php?cid=65) site.
Bidders shall promptly notify Gina Bergeron, Procurement Specialist III at 985-580-7272 or via email at
gbergeron@tpcg.org of any ambiguity, inconsistency, or error that may be discovered upon examination of the
Bidding Documents. Bidders requiring clarification or interpretation of any of the Bidding Documents shall make a
written request to Gina Bergeron, Procurement Specialist III at the aforementioned email address .
All requests pertaining to questions about the meaning or intent of the Bidding Documents received less
than seven days prior to the date for opening of Bids may not be answered unless, in the opinion of Gina
Bergeron, Procurement Specialist III, the ambiguity in the Bidding Documents is so significant that it may
necessitate postponement of the Bid date and issuance of an addendum to respond to the Bidder’s
Any interpretation, clarification, correction, or modification to the Bidding Documents shall be only by a
written addendum and posted to the CAH site. Interpretations, clarifications, corrections or
modifications made by any other manner shall not be binding and shall not be relied upon by Bidders.
Addenda shall be transmitted in accordance with Louisiana Bid Law.
Addenda may also be issued to modify the Bidding Documents as deemed advisable by OWNER. Prior to
submittal of bids, each Bidder shall ascertain that he has received all addenda issued. Failure by a
Bidder to acknowledge each individual addendum shall render that Bidder's Bid non-responsive.
LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: By submission of bid, Bidder unequivocally accepts the liquidated damages
provisions set out herein and specified in the event of failure, neglect or refusal to complete the work or,
or any designated part of the work, within the corresponding contract times.
By submission of the bid, the Bidder agrees that for each calendar day beyond the specified delivery date
set forth that the material, work , and/or equipment has not been delivered, the Owner may retain from
Bid 19-WHSE-32 Gas Material
the total amount of the contract price, as liquidated damages the following sums: Two Hundred Dollars
($200.00) per calendar day.
DEFAULT OF VENDOR: Failure to deliver within the time specified in the bid will constitute a default and
may cause cancellation of the contract. Where the TPCG has determined the Vendor to be in default,
the TPCG reserves the right to purchase any and/or all products or services covered by the contract on
the open market and to charge the Vendor with cost in excess of the contract price (liquidated
damages). Until such assessed charges have been paid, no subsequent bid from the defaulting Vendor
will be considered.
conform to all applicable federal and state laws and regulations and the specifications contained in the
Whenever materials or equipment are specified or described in the Bidding Documents by using the
name of a certain brand, make, supplier, manufacturer, or definite specification; the naming or
specification of the item is only intended to denote the quality standard of the item desired and to
convey and establish the general style, type, character and quality of material , equipment or product
desired and does not restrict bidders to the specific brand, make, manufacturer, or specification named;
and that equivalent products may be acceptable.
Bidder must specify the brand and model number of the product offered in his / her bid. Bids not
specifying brand and model numbers shall be considered as offering the exact products specified in the
PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION OF BIDS: Bids shall be electronically submitted to the CAH site by the
time indicated in the Invitation to Bidders.
Bid pricing and product model/stock/part numbers shall be inserted in the proper fields provided on the
CAH site. All accompanying documents must be uploaded to the site by the bid opening time and date
herein. All the blanks on Section “A” of the bid document must be completed.
The following items are to be uploaded as an attachment to the CAH site with each bid:
Completed Official Bid Form Section “A”
Completed Official Bid Form Section “B” (pages 14-21)
Signature Authorization. (Required By ALL Bidders) Written evidence of the person
signing the bid shall be provided at the time of bidding, in accordance with LA R.S.
38:2212(B)(5) as follows:
(a) The signature on the bid is that of any corporate officer listed on the most current
annual report on file with the secretary of state, or the signature on the bid is that of any
member of a partnership, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, or other
legal entity listed in the most current business records on file with the secretary of state.
Bid 19-WHSE-32 Gas Material
(b) The signature on the bid is that of an authorized representative as documented by the
legal entity certifying the authority of the person.
(c) The legal entity has filed in the appropriate records of the secretary of state of this
state an affidavit, resolution, or other acknowledged or authentic document indicating
the names of all parties authorized to submit bids for public contracts. Such document on
file with the secretary of state shall remain in effect and shall be binding upon the
principal until specifically rescinded and canceled from the records of the office.
Failure to include the appropriate signature authorization shall result in rejection
of the bid as non-responsive.
A bidder may alter or correct an entry on the bid form Section “A” by crossing out the entry, and
initialing on the line of change. Any ambiguity arising from entries altered or corrected on the Bid Form
will cause the rejection of said Bid as non-responsive.
MODIFICATION AND WITHDRAWAL OF BIDS: Modifications to bids, through bidder’s CAH account, can
be made until the date and time of the bid opening. The Bidder must contact CAH for instructions for the
withdrawal of a bid in its entirety prior to the time of the scheduled bid opening. Withdrawal of a Bid
will not prejudice the rights of a Bidder to submit a new Bid prior to the Bid Date and Time. After
expiration of the period for receiving Bids, no Bid may be withdrawn, modified, or explained except as
provided for herein.
In accordance with Louisiana law, more particularly, R.S. 38:2214, as may be amended, bids containing
patently obvious, unintentional, and substantial mechanical and clerical, or mathematical errors, or
errors of unintentional omission of a substantial quantity of work, labor, material, or services made
directly in the compilation of the bid, may be withdrawn by the bidder if clear and convincing sworn,
written evidence of such errors is furnished to the OWNER within 48 hours of the bid opening excluding
Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays.
Such errors must be clearly shown by objective evidence drawn from inspection work papers,
documents or materials used in the preparation of the bid sought to be withdrawn. If the OWNER
determines that the error is a patently obvious mechanical, clerical or mathematical error, or
unintentional omission of a substantial quantity of work, labor, material or services as opposed to a
judgment error, and that the bid was submitted in good faith, it shall accept the withdrawal and return
the bid security (when applicable) to the bidder. A bidder who attempts to withdraw a bid under these
provisions of this section shall not be allowed to re-submit a bid on the contract. Any modifications or
amendments to the above stated applicable State law shall supersede this procedure.
OPENING OF BIDS: All Bids received prior to the announced closing time for the receipt of Bids
stipulated in the Invitation to Bidder will be opened publicly. Bids will be read aloud and a tabulation of
the amounts of the Base Bids and alternates (if any) will be made available to Bidders after the opening
of Bids.
Any uncertainty as to whether a Bid was submitted in time will be resolved against the Bidder.
Bid 19-WHSE-32 Gas Material
BIDS TO REMAIN OPEN: The OWNER shall act not later than forty-five (45) calendar days after the date
of opening Bids to award such contract to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder or to reject all
The OWNER and the lowest responsible and responsive bidder, by mutually written consent, may agree
to extend the deadline for award by one (1) or more extensions of thirty (30) calendar days.
AWARD OF CONTRACT: To the extent permitted by applicable local, state and federal laws and
regulations, OWNER reserves the right to reject any and all Bids for just cause. The Terrebonne Parish
Consolidated Government reserves the right to reject any and all bids in accordance with Louisiana State
Bid Law.
In order to be responsive, the apparent low bidder must submit the additional information and
documentation required by the OWNER within the time delays established by law.
CONTRACT TERM: The contract will commence on the date of the “Notice of Award” letter or the date
stated in therein.
PRICES: Unless otherwise specified by TPCG in the solicitation, bid prices must be complete including
transportation prepaid by bidder to destination and firm for acceptance for a minimum of 45 days. If
accepted, prices must be firm for the contractual period. Bids other than F.O.B. Destination may be
DELIVERY: TPCG desires delivery at the earliest possible date. It is imperative that the material is
delivered within the time frame stipulated in the column labeled “Delivery Time” on Section “B” of the
official bid form. A delivery time MUST be inserted next to EACH item the vendor is bidding on.
NEW PRODUCTS: Unless specifically called for in the solicitation, all products for purchase shall be new,
never previously used, and the current model and/or packaging. No remanufactured, demonstrator,
used or irregular products will be considered for purchase unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.
The manufacturer’s standard warranty will apply unless otherwise specified in the solicitation.
APPLICABLE LAW: All contracts shall be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the
State of Louisiana.
CLAIMS OR CONTROVERSIES: The venue of any suit filed in connection with any claim shall be the
Thirty-second Judicial Court, Parish of Terrebonne, State of Louisiana
TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT FOR CAUSE: The TPCG may terminate the contract for cause based
upon the failure of the Contractor to comply with the terms and/or conditions of the contract, or failure
to fulfill its performance obligations pursuant to the contract, provided that the TPCG shall give the
Contractor written notice specifying the Contractor’s failure. If within thirty (30) days after receipt of
such notice, the Contractor shall not have corrected such failure or, in the case of failure which cannot
be corrected in thirty (30) days, begun in good faith to correct such failure and thereafter proceeded
diligently to complete such correction, then the TPCG may, at its option, place the Contractor in default
and the contract shall terminate on the date specified in such notice.
Bid 19-WHSE-32 Gas Material

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