Plumbing Maintenance

Agency: Dakota County
State: Minnesota
Type of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
Posted Date: Oct 26, 2018
Due Date: Nov 9, 2018
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Plumbing Maintenance

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?Dakota County is seeking quotes from qualified contractors for plumbing maintenance services at facilities throughout the County. The quotes are for 2019 and 2020.

Quotes due: Friday, Nov. 9 at 2 p.m.

Send quotes to:
Dakota County Facilities Management
1590 Highway 55
Hastings, MN 55033
Fax: 651-438-8455

RFQ - Plumbing Maintenance

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Request for Quotations
Plumbing Maintenance as Needed Services
Dakota County will receive Quotations for Plumbing Services at facilities located
throughout Dakota County for 2019-2020
Released October 26th, 2018
Please return this quote form by 2:00 P.M. Friday, November 9th, 2018
Dakota Cou nty Facilities Management
1590 Highway 55 Hastings, MN 55033
Or by FAX: 651-438-8455
Please fill out pages 13- 15 of this quote form and return by 2:00 P.M. on November 9th 2018
Jerry Berge
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Dakota Cou nty Facilities Management
1590 Highway 55 Hastings, MN 55033
Or by FAX: 651-438-8455
RFQ Plumbing Maintenance Services 2019-20
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Provide labor and material services generally described as; Plumbing Maintenance
Service repairs as needed located throughout Dakota County Buildings. Services may
include Servicing and maintenance on broken pipes, bathroom fixtures, kitchenettes,
and related areas. This may include evenings, weekends, and holidays. This work may
include working in a secured environment such as the County Jail and Juvenile facility.
Please provide your Hourly Service Rates on page 13 of this request.
Note: Contractors must be registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State and authorized to
do business in the State of Minnesota.
Please note: Dakota County buys products and services from many businesses every year.
The County requires proof of insurance from vendors with specific requirements stated in the
contract- See pages 5-6 of example insurance terms. The types and amounts of insurance
required are based on the services that are being provided and the obligations of the parties
under the contract.
In your response to this request for quote you are asked to provide a copy of your current
certificate of insurance demonstrating you have insurance coverage with a minimum of the
Commercial General Liability $1.5 million/occurrence and aggregate
Auto Liability $1.5 million combined single limit
Workers' Compensation - statutory and employment liability of $500,000
If your firm is selected by the County to enter into a contract for services, a certificate of
insurance naming Dakota County as a certificate holder and additional insured
is required to be provided to the County PRIOR to beginning work under this release.
RFQ Plumbing Maintenance Services 2019-20
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County Facilities have controlled card and key access. Identification/access badges are required and will be
provided in addition to any required keys to individuals who have completed the background check process.
Obligations of the Contractor
A. Security. The Contractor shall take all reasonable precautions to maintain security and confidentiality of
information found throughout County Facilities and to ensure that individuals who may pose a security risk do
not gain access to County Facilities.
B. Background Investigation. Prior to being given keys or an identification badge, each contractor working in
County Facilities will be processed through a state of residency and national fingerprint-based background
check. Below are outlined the acceptable options for completing this background check.
1. Option 1: Provide the below information to the County Contract Manager to process the Contractor
through the County’s background check process with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
(BCA). Contractor shall use forms approved by the County for the release of criminal history,
documentation for each Contractor to be processed is required. Contact the County Contract Manager for
approved forms and process details.
a. A release of information to the County of criminal history for each contractor employee.
b. A valid fingerprint card, taken expressly for the purpose of this background check. Contact the
County Contract Manager for times and locations to receive a fingerprint card from the County or
work through a local police or law enforcement department.
c. Background Check process takes 3-4 weeks from submission of documentation for completion.
2. Option 2: Contractor will submit necessary documentation directly to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal
Apprehension (BCA) for a state of residency and national fingerprint-based record check or provide
documentation from the MN BCA stating that the employee in question is approved against CJIS
requirements. Further background data shall include any source the County deems necessary to ensure
that individuals who may pose a security risk do not gain access to County Facilities. The background
investigation results shall be provided to the County directly from the source of the data.
C. Identification Badge. Each Contractor is required to possess on their person a valid County issued
identification badge for that Contractor to work within County Facilities. Identification badge shall be issued
upon successful completion of the background check process. Identification badge shall include a color
photograph of the Contractor. Contractor shall provide the picture and signed Tennessean notice for each
employee to the County through the below options.
1. Option 1: Employee will have picture taken at the Facilities Management Office located in the County
Administration Center, 1590 Hwy. 55 Hastings MN 55033.
2. Option 2: Contractor will provide a color digital photo of the employee to the County Contract Manager.
Photo will contain employee’s entire head with a solid color background. Employee will not be wearing
hat, sunglasses, or any item that obscures the employee’s features.
D. Eligibility. A Contractor Employee is NOT eligible for a County identification badge if the contractor
employee’s background check shows the following criminal history.
1. Any Felony conviction.
2. Gross Misdemeanor conviction within the last seven years.
3. Misdemeanor conviction within the last four years involving any of the below:
i. Alcohol or Drug abuse/possession
ii. Theft, to include insufficient funds and check fraud
iii. Violence
4. Contractor shall immediately notify the County, as soon as Contractor has knowledge, of any
disqualifying conviction of an employee of the Contractor who possesses a County issued identification
badge. Contractor shall immediately return such employee's County issued identification badge to the
County contract manager and shall deny such employee any further access to County Facilities.
Security Requirements R6-21-2018
RFQ Plumbing Maintenance Services 2019-20
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Work which is noisy or creates unusual odors will be completed after hours or on weekends.
Interested vendors may visit the facilities and become familiar with site conditions before
submitting a quote. Visits must be coordinated in advance with the Dakota County Facilities
Management: Jerry Berge 651-554-4919
RFQ Plumbing Maintenance Services 2019-20
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Contractor agrees to provide and maintain at all times during the term of this Contract such insurance coverages as are indicated herein and to
otherwise comply with the provisions that follow. Such policy(ies) of insurance shall apply to the extent of, but not as a limitation upon or in satisfaction of,
the Contract indemnity provisions. The provisions of this section shall also apply to all Subcontractors, Sub-subcontractors, and Independent Contractors
engaged by Contractor with respect to this Contract, and Contractor shall be entirely responsible for securing the compliance of all such persons or parties
with these provisions.
Workers Compensation. Workers' Compensation insurance in compliance with all applicable statutes including an All States or
Universal Endorsement where applicable. Such policy shall include Employer's Liability coverage in an amount no less than $500,000. If Contractor is not
required by Statute to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Contractor agrees: (1) to provide County with evidence documenting the specific provision
under Minn. Stat. § 176.041 which excludes Contractor from the requirement of obtaining Workers’ Compensation Insurance; (2) to provide prior notice to
County of any change in Contractor’s exemption status under Minn. Stat. § 176.041; and (3) to hold harmless and indemnify County from and against any and
all claims and losses brought by Contractor or any subcontractor or other person claiming through Contractor for Workers’ Compensation or Employers’
Liability benefits for damages arising out of any injury or illness resulting from performance of work under this Contract. If any such change requires
Contractor to obtain Workers’ Compensation Insurance, Contractor agrees to promptly provide County with evidence of such insurance coverage.
General Liability.
"Commercial General Liability Insurance" coverage (Insurance Services Office form title), providing coverage on an "occurrence" rather than on a
"claims made" basis, which policy shall include, but not be limited to, coverage for Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Personal Injury, Contractual Liability
(applying to this Contract), Independent Contractors, "XC&U" and Products-Completed Operations liability (if applicable). Such coverage may be provided
under an equivalent policy form (or forms), so long as such equivalent form (or forms) affords coverage which is at least as broad. An Insurance Services
Office "Comprehensive General Liability" policy which includes a Broad Form Endorsement GL 0404 (Insurance Services Office designation) shall be
considered to be an acceptable equivalent policy form.
Contractor agrees to maintain at all times during the period of this Contract a total combined general liability policy limit of at least $1,500,000 per
occurrence and aggregate, applying to liability for Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, and Property Damage, which total limit may be satisfied by the limit
afforded under its Commercial General Liability policy, or equivalent policy, or by such policy in combination with the limits afforded by an Umbrella or
Excess Liability policy (or policies); provided, that the coverage afforded under any such Umbrella or Excess Liability policy is at least as broad as that
afforded by the underlying Commercial General Liability policy (or equivalent underlying policy).
Such Commercial General Liability policy and Umbrella or Excess Liability policy (or policies) may provide aggregate limits for some or all of
the coverages afforded thereunder, so long as such aggregate limits have not, as of the beginning of the term or at any time during the term, been reduced to
less than the total required limits stated above, and further, that the Umbrella or Excess Liability policy provides coverage from the point that such aggregate
limits in the underlying Commercial General Liability policy become reduced or exhausted. An Umbrella or Excess Liability policy which "drops down" to
respond immediately over reduced underlying limits, or in place of exhausted underlying limits, but subject to a deductible or "retention" amount, shall be
acceptable in this regard so long as such deductible or retention for each occurrence does not exceed the amount shown in the provision below.
Contractor's liability insurance coverage may be subject to a deductible, "retention" or "participation" (or other similar provision) requiring the
Contractor to remain responsible for a stated amount or percentage of each covered loss; provided, that such deductible, retention or participation amount
shall not exceed $25,000 each occurrence.
Such policy(ies) shall name Dakota County, its officers, employees and agents as Additional Insureds thereunder.
Professional Liability. Professional Liability (errors and omissions) insurance with respect to its professional activities to be performed
under this Contract. This amount of insurance shall be at least $1,500,000 per occurrence and aggregate (if applicable). Coverage under such policy may be
subject to a deductible, not to exceed $25,000 per occurrence. Contractor agrees to maintain such insurance for at least one (1) year from Contract
It is understood that such Professional Liability insurance may be provided on a claims-made basis, and, in such case, that changes in insurers or
insurance policy forms could result in the impairment of the liability insurance protection intended for Dakota County hereunder. Contractor therefore agrees
that it will not seek or voluntarily accept any such change in its Professional Liability insurance coverage if such impairment of Dakota County's protection
could result; and further, that it will exercise its rights under any "Extended Reporting Period" ("tail coverage") or similar policy option if necessary or
appropriate to avoid impairment of Dakota County's protection. Contractor further agrees that it will, throughout the one (1) year period of required coverage,
immediately: (a) advise Dakota County of any intended or pending change of any Professional Liability insurers or policy forms, and provide Dakota County
with all pertinent information that Dakota County may reasonably request to determine compliance with this section; and (b) immediately advise Dakota
RFQ Plumbing Maintenance Services 2019-20
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