Parks: Aquatic Facilities Chemicals

Agency: City of Manchester
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561210 - Facilities Support Services
Posted Date: Apr 8, 2024
Due Date: Apr 22, 2024
Solicitation No: FY24-650-60
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Parks: Aquatic Facilities Chemicals


RFB Bids Due: April 22, 2024 by 11am

Attachment Preview

Department of Public Works
Purchasing Division
475 Valley Street, Manchester NH 03103
(603) 624-6444
(603) 624-6487 Fax
Sealed proposals will be received at the Department of Public Works, 475 Valley Street,
Manchester, New Hampshire, before or at 11:00 AM prevailing time of the 22nd day of April 2024
for the following items:
Aquatic Facilities Chemicals
FY24 650 60
Request for Proposals and specifications will be available at the Department of Public Works,
475 Valley Street, Manchester, NH or online at:
Questions regarding this request should be directed to: Mr. Jesse Boisvert, Purchasing Agent via
email at .
The Public Works Director reserves the right to waive any irregularities, reject any or all bids, and
to accept the bid that appears to be in the best interest of the City. Failure to submit all information
called for may be sufficient for disqualification.
Timothy J. Clougherty
Public Works Director
1. Proposals will be received by the City of Manchester, New Hampshire at the place and
until the time specified in the Request for Proposal. NO PROPOSALS WILL BE
2. The following meanings are attached to the defined works when used in this document:
a. The word "City" means City of Manchester, New Hampshire.
b. The word "Bidder" means the person, firm, or corporation submitting a bid
on these specifications or any part thereof.
c. The word "Contractor" means the person, firm, or corporation with whom
the Contract is being made by carrying out the provisions of this Sealed Bid
Invitation and the Contract.
d. The words "firm price" shall mean a guarantee against price increase
during the life of the Contract.
3. Strict compliance with the requirements of the Invitation to Bid, terms and conditions, and
the instructions printed is necessary. All blank spaces must be filled in. Any changes
and/or corrections shall be marked in red and initialed by the person making such
corrections. Signatures of the responsible owner/representative of the firm must be in ink.
No reproductions/duplications/copies will be accepted. For the convenience of Proposers,
additional Proposal Request packages are available at no cost and on demand at the City
of Manchester, Public Works Department, 475 Valley Street, Manchester, NH 03103 or on
the City website at:
4. Each bid must give the full business address of Bidder and be signed by them with their
usual signature. Bids by partnerships must furnish the full names of all partners and must
be signed with the partnership name by one of the members of the partnership or by an
authorized representative, followed by the signature and title of the person signing. Bids
by corporations must be signed with the legal name of the corporation, followed by the
state of incorporation and by the signature and title of president, secretary, or other person
authorized to bind it in the matter. The name of each person signing shall also be typed or
printed below the signature. A bid by a person who affixes to his signature the word
"president", "secretary", "agent", or other title without disclosing his principal may be held
to be the bid of the individual signing. When requested by the City, satisfactory evidence
of the authority of the officer signing on behalf of the corporation shall be furnished. All
proposals must be signed by an authorized, responsible officer or employee having the
capacity to enter into contracts.
Page 2
5. Bids must be securely sealed in a suitable envelope (facsimile and emailed submissions
will not be accepted), addressed and marked on the outside as follows:
The entire solicitation document is to be returned when submitting a proposal, unless
otherwise directed by the solicitation document. Failure to return all pages may result in
a determination that the submittal is non-responsive.
6. It will be the responsibility of the Bidder to see that their bid is received by the Public
Works Department, Purchasing Division as specified.
7. Each bid is received with the understanding that the acceptance in writing via email by the
City of the Bidder to furnish any or all of the products/services described therein or as
otherwise negotiated, shall constitute a contract between the Bidder (Contractor) and the
City, which shall bind the Bidder (Contractor) on his part to furnish and deliver the articles
offered at the prices agreed upon and in accordance with the terms and conditions of said
accepted bid; and the City on its part to order from such Bidder (Contractor), except for
causes beyond reasonable control; and pay for, at the agreed prices, all products/services
specified and delivered.
8. A contract agreement that is customarily employed by the City will be used. The contract
agreement will incorporate the original Bid documents and all the terms and conditions of
the Invitation to Bid as well as the sealed proposal. A sample copy of the contract
agreement is attached hereto.
9. Bids may be withdrawn upon written or electronic request received from Bidders prior to
the time affixed for opening. Negligence on the part of the Bidder in preparing the bid
confers no right for the withdrawal of the bid after it has been opened.
10. The solicitation document maintained by the Public Works Department, Purchasing
Division, in the appropriate file folder, shall be considered the official copy. In the case of
any inconsistency between bid documents submitted to the City, but not clearly listed on
the exception page of the document or as an exception by the Bidder, the language of the
official copy shall prevail. Furthermore, any exception or changes to the specifications
made by the Bidder may be cause to disqualify your bid.
11. Award will be made according to procedures outlined in the RFP, using the criteria
published therein.
12. Upon making an award, or giving notice of intent to award, the City will place appropriate
notice on the City website:
Page 3
13. No oral interpretations will be made to any Bidder as to the meaning of the specifications
or terms and conditions of this Invitation to Bid. Every request for such interpretation or
request for a change in the specifications or terms and conditions shall be made
electronically to:
Subject: Aquatic Facilities Chemicals
All questions must be received by Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Any questions received
after that date will not be answered. The City of Manchester will post all questions and
answers as an addendum on the City website:
All addendums will be posted no later than five (5) business days prior to bid opening. Any
such addendums will then become part of the complete RFP.
14. It is the responsibility of the Proposer to check the website prior to the submittal deadline
to ensure that the proposer has a complete, up-to-date package.
15. Bids that are incomplete, not properly endorsed or signed, or otherwise contrary to these
instructions may be rejected as informal by the City. The Bid must be filled out completely
and accurately. Please explain in detail any exceptions or deviations taken on this bid.
Separate pages may be used if necessary.
16. Bids must be submitted on the Bid Schedule hereinafter provided. Prices shall be clearly
and fully stated in units of quantities specified. No additional charges shall be passed to
the City, including any applicable taxes, delivery or surcharges that have not already been
disclosed on the bid schedule. In case of discrepancy in computing the amount of the bid,
the unit prices quoted will govern.
17. Quotations should include all charges for delivery, packing, crating, containers, etc.
Unless otherwise stated by the Bidder, prices quoted will be considered as being based
on delivery to the destination designated, including any and all freight and packing
18. As the City is exempt from the payment of federal excise taxes, all prices quoted herein
are not to include these taxes.
19. Prices stated shall remain firm for the duration of the contract. The products/services on
which proposals are submitted must be of such character, quality and/or performance
equivalence that it will serve as that specified. In submitted proposals on products/services
other than as specified, proposer shall furnish complete data and identification with respect
to the alternate products/services they propose to furnish.
20. It is understood and agreed that in the event of failure/default on the part of the Contractor
to indicate date of delivery and/or completion, delivery and/or completion will be made
within 5 business days from date of receipt of order. Should the successful Contractor fail
Page 4
to make delivery or complete the contract within time specified, the City reserves the right
to procure the equipment/product from other sources, and hold the Contractor liable for
any excess cost.
21. The City reserves the right to postpone the delivery date to allow for any change in
operating conditions or for any other cause not now foreseen. In the event the City elects
to exercise this right, all prices quoted pursuant to this Sealed Bid Invitation will remain
firm, and the City shall incur no additional obligation to the Contractor on account of any
delay of delivery date ordered by the City.
19. It is agreed that deliveries and/or completion are subject to strikes, lockouts, accidents, and
acts of God.
20. The time of proposed delivery must be stated in definite terms. If time of delivery for
different products/services varies, the Bidder shall so state.
21. The City reserves the right to divert delivery from one location to another, and to allow for
any change in operation conditions or for any other cause not now foreseen and to
proportion deliveries according to available storage facilities.
22. Samples, when requested, must be furnished free of expense. Upon request, if not
destroyed, sample will be returned at the bidders risk and expense.
23. Any equipment/product delivered must be standard new and unused, latest model, except
as otherwise specifically stated in the proposal. Where any part or the normal accessories
of equipment/product is not described, it shall be understood that all equipment/product
and accessories that are usually provided in the manufacturer’s stock model shall be
24. Unless otherwise stated by the Bidder, the proposal will be considered as being in strict
accordance with the specifications outlined in this Sealed Bid Invitation. References to a
particular trade name, manufacturer's catalogue, or model number, are made for descriptive
purposes to guide the Bidder in interpreting the requirements of the City. They should not
be construed as excluding proposals on other types of materials, equipment and supplies.
However, the Bidder, if awarded a Contract, will be required to furnish the particular item
referred to in the specifications or descriptions unless a departure or substitution is clearly
noted and described in the proposal.
25. The apparent silence of these specifications and any supplemental specifications as to any
detail or the omission from the specifications of a detailed description concerning any point
shall be regarded as meaning that only the best commercial practices are to prevail and
correct type, size and design are to be used. All interpretations of these specifications shall
be made on the basis of this statement.
26. Conditional and/or alternative bids will not be accepted.
Page 5

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