OSBM-State Disaster Recovery Act Single-Family Home Demo. Project No.

Agency: State Government of North Carolina
State: North Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 236115 - New Single-Family Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
  • 236116 - New Multifamily Housing Construction (except For-Sale Builders)
  • 236118 - Residential Remodelers
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
Posted Date: Mar 27, 2020
Due Date: Apr 9, 2020
Solicitation No: SCO-OSBM-8-JONES
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SCO-OSBM-8-JONES OSBM-State Disaster Recovery Act Single-Family Home Demo. Project No.
Pre-Bid Meeting via Conference Call: April 2, 2020 at 2:00PM
3/27/2020 4/9/2020 02:00 PM ET SCO-

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IFB Title: State Disaster Recovery Act Single-Family Home Demolition Project No. 8
Grantee: Jones County
Projects: Demolition of One (1) Home
Issue Date: March 27, 2020
Bid Opening Date: April 9, 2020 at 2:00 PM at OSBM-DR Conference Room, Dobbs Building,
Raleigh, NC
The State of North Carolina, through the Office of State Budget & Management-Disaster Recovery Section
(“OSBM-DR”), serving as the Program Manager for State Disaster Recovery Acts (“DRA”) of 2017 and
2018 on behalf of the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management (“NCEM”), will be accepting
sealed bids for one (1) modular housing project identified in the invitation for bids below (the “IFB”). The
IFB is issued on behalf of Jones County (the “County”) pursuant to a State DRA Critical and Pressing Needs
Grant (“CPN”) OSBM-DR awarded the County for Hurricane Florence recovery efforts. The DRA CPN
Grant and this project are intended to provide disaster recovery assistance to repair, reconstruct, elevate
and/or replace a home that sustained major damage from Hurricane Florence to address unmet needs
that cannot wait for federal disaster recovery programs, which will allow the eligible disaster impacted
family to occupy a decent, safe, and/or sanitary primary residence as soon as possible. The County has
authorized OSBM-DR to serve as the project manager for this project. OSBM-DR has separated this project
into two scopes of work—demolition and replacement. This scope of work for this IFB is demolition.
The home to be demolished is located at:
102 Maple Ave. Maysville, N.C. (owner last name-Baker)
Enclosed please find the Bid Proposal From which must be filled out completely and attach all
documentation identifying your firm’s qualifications to perform the requested services. Only the Bid
Proposal Form and requested documentation must be submitted in a sealed envelope to OSBM-DR
pursuant to the following delivery instructions.
As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is limited access to our building, State employees have been
ordered to telework as much as possible, and OSBM-DR cannot assure bidders that regular U.S. Mail
delivers will be processed and delivered to our section within any specific time frame, there may not be
public access to our building to allow for overnight mail deliveries, and/or there may be no access to our
building without making an appointment assuming there are no stay-at-home orders in effect in North
Carolina or in Wake County. Therefore, the following shall be the acceptable delivery methods:
OSBM-DR IFB-08 (Jones)-Demolition-1 Home)
Electronic Transmission is the Preferred Delivery Method:
1. Email in PDF (Image Only/TIFF/JPEG format) to:
OSBM-DR’s Administrative Assistant: christine.salome@osbm.nc.gov
and original mailed to:
Mail to:
Richard Trumper, Senior Construction Manager
Office of State Budget & Management-Disaster Recovery Section
Mail Service Center 20320
Raleigh, NC 27699-0320
Bidder must email bid on or before the Bid Opening date and time, and the transmittal email should
request a receipt of delivery. THE TRANSMITTAL INFORMATION SHOULD NOT
BIDDER’S LEGAL NAME AND OSBM-DR IFB NUMBER. The original email must be mailed
so that is received by OSBM-DR no later than five (5) days after the Bid Opening Date. All timely
bids received by email will be conditionally accepted but subject to rejection if the original is not
received by our office in regular mail by the close of business on the fifth day after the Opening
OSBM-DR’s administrative assistance will forward all bids to the OSBM-DR staff responsible for
the bid opening on the bid opening date and will also set up a back-up folder for the bids in a
networked folder that can be accessed by OSBM-DR staff on the Opening Date.
2. Hand-Delivery BY APPOINTMENT ONLY to:
Richard Trumper, Senior Construction Manager
Office of State Budget & Management-Disaster Recovery Section
Dobbs Building, Suite 2228
430 N. Salisbury Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
(984) 236-0735 (Office)
(919) 810 - 7682 (Mobile-Telework Contact)
Hand-delivery is discouraged while there is a State of Emergency (State and federal) for COVID-19
Pandemic, and hand-delivery is only permitted if a bidder is unable to scan and email its bid by the
preferred method. The bidder must speak with OSBM-DR’s Senior Construction Manager at least 24
hours in advance to discuss hand-delivery and if hand-delivery is approved by the Senior Construction
Manager, then a delivery location will be agreed to and as well as the social distancing and the safety
measures that will be followed during the delivery. Bidder must not have any conversation with the Senior
Construction Manager regarding the IFB or any bid submitted in response to the IFB. The delivery must
be cancelled if either party is experiencing any symptom of a cold, flu and/or COVID-19, or a party knows
he or she has been exposed to an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 or knows that a person
he or she has been exposed to has taken a COVID-19 test but has not received the test results.
OSBM-DR IFB-08 (Jones)-Demolition-1 Home)
An optional pre-bid meeting will be held for all interested bidders on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 2pm to
2:30pm . Please note this meeting will be call in only. Potential bidders please call 919.716.0711 The
meeting will address project specific questions, issues, bidding procedures, scheduling, review of
demolition specifications and lots, and bid/contract forms. Written inquiries regarding the IFB may be
email to OSBM-DR (Richard Trumper, Senior Construction Manager) at richard.trumper@osbm.nc.gov
up until 5:00 pm on April 06, 2020, and OSBM-DR will post an addendum of answers to those inquiries or
questions presented at the pre-bid meeting by Monday, March 30, 2020.
Proposals will be received up to 2:00 PM on Thursday April 9th, 2020 and, immediately thereafter, they
will be opened publicly in the OSBM-DR Conference Room (no. 2228, second floor). The bid opening
has been scheduled from 2:00 pm to 2:30 pm. Bidder attendance at bid opening is not mandatory and all
bidders will receive a copy of the bid tabulation. OSBM-DR will make a preliminary statement at the
opening that will identify all bidders that submitted timely bids and a statement for each bid as to whether
it technically complied with the IFB’s instructions. OSBM-DR will issue a bid tabulation to all bidders
within one or two business following the public opening and the tabulation will provide an average price
for each bidder, an average price per square foot for the demolitions, or the total lump sum price of each
bidder subject. The bid tabulation will also be posted on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing
System’s website by the State Construction Office for OSBM-DR. OSBM-DR reserves the unqualified
right to reject any and all bids. Reasons for rejection may include, but shall not be limited to, the following:
1. The Bid Form of Proposal included in this IFB that was furnished to the bidder was not used
or was altered.
2. A bidder adds any provision reserving the right to accept or reject any award.
3. A bidder makes unauthorized additions to the proposed contract, submits a conditional
bid (i.e., reserves a right to negotiate the final contract price after award, etc.), or the bid
contain material irregularities that tend to make the bid incomplete, indefinite or
ambiguous as to its meaning or pricing.
4. A bidder fails to complete the proposal form where information is requested so the bid
may be properly evaluated by the owner.
5. A bidder fails to comply with other instructions stated herein.
6. A bidder is not authorized to transaction business in the North Carolina, bidder has been
suspended from doing business in North Carolina by the N.C. Secretary of State, is under a
revenue suspension by the N.C. Carolina Department of Revenue, bidder has been suspended
or debarred from public contracting by any local, state or federal government entity, and/or the
State Construction Office has received a negative evaluation regarding bidder’s performance
on a state construction project.
After the opening of bids, no bid may be withdrawn, except under the provisions set forth in Section 143-
129.1 of the North Carolina General Statutes. A bidder’s pricing shall remain valid for a period of forty-
five (45) days unless otherwise specified in bid or an addendum to the IFB. Should the successful bidder
default and fail to execute a contract, the contract may be awarded to the next lowest and responsible
bidder, and OSBM-DR reserves the right to seek compensation from the original successful low bidder to
cover any increased costs between the two bids.
OSBM-DR IFB-08 (Jones)-Demolition-1 Home)
For a proposal to be considered it must be in accordance with the following instructions:
1. Bid Proposal Format & Content:
Bidders must use and complete the Bid Proposal Form included in this IFB and must fill in all blank
spaces regarding prices and schedule for each demolition project that Bidder is interested in
performing the specified work. The bidder shall write “No Bid” in blank spaces for any home that
bidder does not want to work on.
If bidder desires to request any change to the attached Contract General Terms and Conditions, it
must submit such request prior to the deadline to submit written inquiries. No modification to the
contract form will be permitted after the public opening, if such modification may affect the pricing
in the bid.
Photocopied, emailed or faxed bid proposals will not be considered.
Any bidder modification to the Bid Proposal Form may result in disqualification all or part of the
bid depending on what was modified. OSBM-DR reserves the rights to reject all bids. OSBM-DR
may also waive minor informalities in any bid.
The bidder shall fill in the Form of Proposal as follows:
a. If the documents are executed by a sole owner, that fact shall be evidenced by the word
“Owner” appearing after the name of the person executing them.
b. If the documents are executed by a partnership, that fact shall be evidenced by the word “Co-
Partner” appearing after the name of the partner executing them.
c. If the documents are executed on the part of a corporation, they shall be executed by either the
president or the vice president and attested by the secretary or assistant secretary, in either case,
and the title of the office of such persons shall appear after their signatures. The seal of the
corporation shall be impressed on each signature page of the documents.
d. If the documents are executed on the part of a limited liability company, they shall be
executed by the managing member (if any) or all members (if the company does not include a
written authorization delegating the authority to enter into contracts to the member that
submitted the bid), and the bid must be attested by the secretary or assistant secretary of the
company (if any) or properly notarized if the company does not have a secretary or assistant
secretary, and the title of the office of such persons shall appear after their signatures. The seal
of the company (if any) shall be impressed on each signature page of the documents.
e. If the proposal is made by a joint venture, it shall be executed by each member of the joint
venture in the above form for sole owner, partnership or corporation, whichever form is
f. All signatures shall be properly witnessed.
g. Provide a copy of the Contractor’s North Carolina contractor’s license (if any). If the
contractor’s license of a bidder is held by a person other than an owner, partner or officer of a
firm, then the licensee shall also sign and be a party to the proposal and a copy of that license
included in the bid. The title “Licensee” shall appear under his/her signature.
Proposals should be addressed and delivered to OSBM-DR in an opaque sealed envelope, marked
“Bid” and bearing the IFB Title of “State Disaster Recovery Act Single-Family Home
OSBM-DR IFB-08 (Jones)-Demolition-1 Home)
Demolition Project No. 8” clearly mark on the outside of the bid envelope with Bidder’s name
and the contractor’s license number appearing on the outside of the envelope. It shall be the
specific responsibility of the bidder to deliver his bid to the proper official at the selected place and
prior to the announced time for the opening of bids. All late bids shall be disqualified regardless of
the reason for late delivery.
Except for good cause shown to OSBM-DR, no bid may be withdrawn after the public opening of
bids. All bidders shall remain valid for 45 days.
2. Statement of Bidder’s Experience and Project References: Bidder must include a brief
statement, cover letter, and/or copies of webpages that describes the Bidder’s demolition
experience (e.g., types of structures demolished, approx. number of homes demolished, experience
in abating and/or managing the abatement of hazardous materials (such as asbestos, lead-based
paint, underground storage tanks, etc.), length of time in business of demolition, general
contracting, and/or site work subcontracting, experience in septic tank installation and/or
Before and after photographs of home demolition projects within the last three years is encouraged
to show bidder’s workmanship, but failure to provide photographs will not serve as a basis for
rejecting any bid.
Bidder may include landfill requirements and demolition permit requirements for disposing of the
debris from the two homes in its bid. Please also include any prior experience with any state or
federal disaster housing recovery programs, and/or experience working with any local housing
authority or North Carolina Housing Finance Authority.
The Bidder’s statement shall also identify the surety that may be required to furnish payment and
performance bonds. Bidder shall identify its insurer(s) who will be providing commercial general
liability, workers’ compensation insurance, and automobile insurance coverage during the
demolition phase of the Projects. Bidder should include contact information for its the agent(s) for
its surety and insurer(s).
Bidder’s statement or letter must include: (1) at least three references demolition projects
completed within the last two years; (2) and the estimated project duration (in calendar days) it will
take Bidder to demolition each home; and (3) a total duration (in calendar days) to demolition both
homes if bidder seeks a contract award for both homes.
3. Examination of Conditions: It is understood and mutually agreed that by submitting a bid the
bidder acknowledges that Bidder has carefully examined all documents pertaining to the work, the
location, accessibility and general character of the site of the work and all existing buildings and
structures within and adjacent to the site, and Bidder is satisfied as to the nature of the work, the
condition of existing buildings and structures to be demolished (if any), the conformation of the
ground, the character, quality and quantity of the material to be encountered, the character of the
equipment, machinery, plant and any other facilities needed preliminary to and during prosecution of
the work, the general and local conditions, the construction hazards, and all other matters,
including, but not limited to, the labor situation which can in any way affect the work under the
contract, and including all safety measures required by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of
1970 and all rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto. It is further mutually agreed that by
submitting a proposal the bidder acknowledges that bidder is satisfied with the physical conditions
existing at the lots and that Bidder can demolish the home(s) on the lots for the price(s) set forth in its
Each bidder may, at its own expense, make such additional surveys and investigations as bidder
OSBM-DR IFB-08 (Jones)-Demolition-1 Home)

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