Natchez Trace State Park Inn Reconstruction

Agency: State Government of Tennessee
State: Tennessee
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 237310 - Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Posted Date: Apr 16, 2024
Due Date: May 7, 2024
Solicitation No: 126/057-02-2023
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SBC Project Number Agency Project Title Attachments
126/057-02-2023 Environment & Conservation Natchez Trace State Park Inn Reconstruction

Request for Proposal

Project Program

Designer Program Narrative

Attachment Preview

Construction Manager / General Contractor
For the Project Titled:
Natchez Trace State Park Inn Reconstruction
Natchez Trace State Park
Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
Release Date: April 16, 2024
Construction Manager / General Contractor
For the Project Titled:
Natchez Trace State Park Inn Reconstruction
Natchez Trace State Park
Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
RFP Schedule of Events
Response Requirements
General Contracting Information & Requirements
Evaluation & Contract Award
6.1. Statement of Certifications & Assurances
6.2. Technical Response & Evaluation Guide
Section A - Mandatory Requirements
Section B - General Qualifications & Experience
Section C - Technical Qualifications & Approach
6.3. Cost Proposal & Scoring Guide:
Section A Pre-Construction Phase Services Fee Guide
Section B CM/GC Construction Services Percent Fee
Section C CM/GC Construction Services General Conditions Monthly Rate
Section D CM/GC Construction Services General Conditions Lump Sum Costs
Section E Summary & Scoring Guide
6.4. Response Package Documents
a) Response Package Cover Sheet
b) Project Reference Form
c) Preconstruction Contract Information Sheet
6.5. Score Summary Matrix
6.6. Pro Forma Master Contract and Contract Attachments
Attachment A: Attestation re Personnel Used in Contract Performance
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
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1.1. Statement of Procurement Purpose
The State of Tennessee, Department of General Services, State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset
Management (“STREAM”), hereinafter referred to as the “State,” has issued this Request for
Proposals (“RFP”), to define minimum contract requirements; solicit responses; detail response
requirements; and, outline the State’s process for evaluating responses and selecting a Construction
Manager/General Contractor (“CM/GC”), to provide the needed services.
Through this RFP, the State seeks to procure necessary services at the most favorable, competitive
prices and to give ALL qualified businesses, including those that are owned by minorities, women,
Tennessee service-disabled veterans, and small business enterprises, an opportunity to do business
with the State as contractors, subcontractors or suppliers.
1.2. Project Description
The State is seeking to hire a CM/GC who can effectively partner with the State to demolish the
existing Inn; construct a new 3-story approximately 40,000 square foot Inn to include a lobby,
approximately 48 guestrooms with interior corridor access and exterior balconies, restaurant /
dining room with bar, 3,000 sf banquet room divisible into four compartments and a twenty person
board room, commercial kitchen, laundry, lounge/recreation room, pool area, administrative offices,
support spaces, infrastructure related to lake access, parking, sidewalks, site utilities including
relocation of lift station, and all required related work. All the FF&E items, with exception of general
office furniture, are expected to be procured within the construction cost. The anticipated start of
demolition is November 2025 with opening to be no later than March 2028.
The State intends to secure a contract for CM/GC services. The CM/GC shall provide consulting,
scheduling, and estimating/cost control services during the design phase of the Project, and shall be
the general contractor during construction, holding the trade contracts and providing the
management and construction services during the construction phase. The CM/GC shall
competitively procure and contract with the trade contractors and assume the responsibility and the
risk of construction delivery within the specified cost and schedule terms, after providing a
Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the scope(s) of work for the project identified on the RFP
cover page of the Project Specific Documents.
1.3. Current Project Status
The Designer for the project has just completed the program verification phase and the Designer is
anticipated to be given a notice to proceed for the Schematic Design phase when the procurement
of the CM/GC is complete.
The Designer for this project is:
Firm: Smith Gee Studio, LLC
Contact: Dallas Caudle
Phone: 615-645-5502
The following documents have been provided by the and will be posted to the STREAM website also
listed below:
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
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Project Program
Designer Program Narrative
The Respondent must have a working understanding of all applicable codes required by the State of
Tennessee as listed in the Owner’s Designers’ Manual (The Designers’ Manual is accessible online,
located at Designers’ Manual 2020
1.4. Project Location
The Project will be located in Wildersville, Henderson County, Tennessee.
1.5. Project Expectations and Objectives
The following are characteristics that Respondents should be able to demonstrate:
A proven track record of providing successful pre-construction services, with a particular
emphasis on preparing detailed construction phase scheduling, providing continuous value
analysis, and accurate cost estimating.
Significant experience in constructing state of the art (from both a building and a technology
perspective) museum / monumental facility that will last 100+ years.
Significant BIM experience.
Experience with managing and meeting construction schedules on critically time sensitive
Experience with providing CM/GC services on State projects.
1.6. Project Construction Budget
Below is the estimated Guaranteed Maximum Price (“GMP” Target), for all work associated with the
Scope of Services (attached as RFP Attachment 6.6., Pro Forma Contract, Attachment C, CM/GC Scope
of Services and Deliverables):
GMP Target - $43,000,000.00
It is imperative to the State that the cost of construction for the Project does not exceed the GMP
The CM/GC services for the Project will be procured based on the CM/GC providing a Contract
Controlled Insurance Program (CCIP) program and Subcontractor Default Insurance (SDI). The
CM/GC is to include in RFP Attachment 6.3, Section E, a rate for a CCIP, in the amounts of insurance
coverage required by the Pro Forma General Conditions. The CM/GC shall also include in RFP
Attachment 6.3, Section E, a rate for SDI in addition to the rate for a Performance and Materials
Payment Bond, as required by the Pro Forma General Conditions. If a potential CM/GC Respondent is
unable to provide one, or both of these programs, they shall notify the State during the Questions &
Comments period noted in RFP Section 2.1. Failure to provide rates for these programs may result in
disqualification of the response.
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
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1.7. Scope of Service, Contract Period, & Required Terms and Conditions
Pro Forma Contract (attached as RFP Attachment 6.6.), details the State’s requirements and the
scope of services and deliverables to be provided by the CM/GC.
The Pro Forma Contract substantially represents the contract document that the successful
Respondent will be required to sign.
It is anticipated that the date for the start of construction will be November 1, 2025. All costs given
in response to this RFP must be provided in reference to this date.
GMP MONTHS 28 months
If the Project is not substantially complete within the time period set forth in the construction contract,
the liquidated damage amount will be $3,000.00 per day, until final substantial completion is achieved.
1.8. Nondiscrimination
No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be otherwise subjected
to discrimination in the performance of a contract pursuant to this solicitation or in the employment
practices of the Contractor on the grounds of handicap or disability, age, race, creed, color, religion,
(subject to Tennessee Code Annotated, Sections 4-21-401 and 405), sex, national origin, or any other
classification protected by federal, Tennessee state constitutional, or statutory law. The Respondent
pursuant to this solicitation must, upon request, show proof of such nondiscrimination and must
post in conspicuous places, available to all employees and applicants, notices of nondiscrimination.
1.9. RFP Communications
1.9.1. The State has assigned the following RFP identification number that shall be referenced in all
communications regarding this RFP:
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
1.9.2. Unauthorized contact about this RFP with employees or officials of the State of
Tennessee except as detailed below may result in disqualification from consideration
under this procurement process.
Any entity or individual responding or intending to respond to this RFP
(“Respondent”) must direct communications concerning this RFP to the following
person designated as the Procurement Officer:
Tammy Robbins, Procurement Officer
Department of General Services
Phone: (615) 924-7028
And hard copy communication of the above must be directed to:
Tammy Robbins, Procurement Officer
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower 24th Floor
SBC Project No. 126/057-02-2023
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