Mynatt Park Baseball Dugouts

Agency: City of Gatlinburg
State: Tennessee
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Oct 12, 2023
Due Date: Oct 19, 2023
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Bid Opening Time Description

Mynatt Park Baseball Dugouts

October 19, 2023 - 2:30 p.m.

Please respond by the date if interested. Please check the information on the first page of the document for the contact person if you have any questions.

Bid Documents
Floor Plan

Attachment Preview

The City of Gatlinburg is soliciting sealed bids for City of Gatlinburg Mynatt Park Baseball
Dugouts. Bids will be received at Gatlinburg City Hall until 2:30 p.m. October 19, 2023, at
which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.
For questions concerning the Bid Documents, Bidders may contact City of Gatlinburg, Delea
Patterson, AP/Purchasing, 1230 Parkway East, Suite 2, P.O. Box 5, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
37738 at 865-436-1409 or .
Questions regarding project specifications may be directed to Parks and Recreation
Director, Laurence Evans, 865-436-4990 or No bid may
be withdrawn for thirty (30) days.
Bid specifications will also be available on the City of Gatlinburg website at under "Bid Opportunities". This bid tab is located on center of main
The Bidder's name, address, bid opening time and the quotation "Mynatt Park Baseball
Dugouts" must be printed on the sealed envelope containing the bid.
The City of Gatlinburg reserves the right to waive any informalities in or to accept or reject
any and/or all bids and to accept the bid deemed most favorable to the interest of the City.
Prices quoted shall not include Federal or State taxes, if any are applicable. The successful bidder
shall furnish tax exemption forms, if required, with their invoices.
The prices quoted are that for which the materials or services will be delivered F.O.B. Gatlinburg,
Any additions, deletions, or variations from the following specifications must be noted.
Inspection of the materials or equipment will be made by an agent of the City of Gatlinburg, and if
found defective or fails in any way to meet the terms of this agreement, it will be rejected. Rejected
materials or equipment will be replaced at the expense of the bidder.
All technical specifications must accompany bid.
The City of Gatlinburg reserves the right to purchase additional units or services under the same
terms and conditions for a period of one (1) year if agreeable with vendor.
The City of Gatlinburg reserves the right to extend this agreement for one (1) additional year after
the completion of the first-year agreement if agreeable with vendor.
The City of Gatlinburg reserves the right to defer payment for thirty (30) days after delivery. The
City of Gatlinburg also reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids.
The bidder agrees to indemnify the City of Gatlinburg from any and all liability, loss or damage the
City may suffer as a result of claims, demands, costs, or judgments against it arising from any and
all work under this agreement.
The bidder agrees to notify the City, in writing, within thirty (30) days, by registered mail, at the
City's address as stated in this agreement, of any claim against the bidder on the obligations
indemnified against.
It is the policy of the City of Gatlinburg not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national
origin, age, sex, or disability in its hiring and employment practices, or in admission to, access to, or
operation of its programs, services and activities. With regard to all aspects of this contract,
contractor certifies and warrants it will comply with this policy.
Vendor shall possess all the necessary insurances and licenses required to perform this type and size of
Certain projects with a total cost of $25,000 or more require a TN Contractors license. This License#,
Classification and Expiration date MUST be listed on the bid envelope. Bidders cannot use license of
another to bid on any City of Gatlinburg project.
Mynatt Park Baseball Dugouts Scope of Work
As part of the Mynatt Park Baseball/Softball field project the City of Gatlinburg requires the construction of
two dugouts. The first base dugout 30’ x 10’ and the third base dugout being 36’ x 10’ due to the additional
score box area.
The scope includes the concrete slab and footer, galvanized steel tubes set in concrete, framing and roof
Heavy rough sawn timber framing using Douglas Fir – please note any deviations/substitutions, posts
in ¼” galvanized steel tubes set in concrete foundations.
o Alternate #2: Treated Pine wrapped in painted concrete board, color TBD.
29 Gauge screw down metal roof
o Alternate #1: Standing seam metal roof.
3000 psi 4” Concrete slab with typical broom finish and 2’- 3’ dugout foundation.
Notch top of 10” x 10” posts to accept 3x8 rafters
Steel tubes should extend a minimum of 12 inches above finish concrete level and attach above
concrete finish level. The steel tube should extend 24 inches below the finish concrete level into the
foundation, with at least 3 inches of concrete below the bottom of the steel tube. A steel dowel in
bottom center of tube to eliminate possible bottom movement is
All bolts/lags should be rated grade 5 or higher.
See attached sheet A-1 for details
Excluded Items
1. Electrical work and communications conduit will be by others but must be coordinated by
winning bidder
2. Fencing
*Noted products may be replaced with products of an equal or greater quality, at no additional cost to the
City, with approval from the City’s project manager, via the submittal process.
All installations must come with a minimum 1 Year Guarantee to be free from defects resulting from poor
installation workmanship. Warranty will cover approved repairs or replacement.
All labor, equipment, supplies and materials must be included in the proposal, unless noted.
Prior to construction:
a. The contractor shall verify all proposed and existing conditions including utilities (inverts,
connections, materials, etc.) and dimensions within the limits of work prior to the start of
b. The contractor is responsible for all notifications and liaisons with utility companies during
the process of locating, relocating, and tying into public utilities.
c. Prior to commencing land disturbance activity, the limits of land disturbance shall be clearly
and accurately demarcated with stakes, ribbons, or other appropriate means. The location and
extent of all authorized land disturbance shall occur inside the approved limits.
During construction:
a. The contractor shall be responsible for deviations from these plans. Without having
prior written consent of the owner's representative may cause the work to be
b. The contractor shall use materials and employ construction methods in order to
comply with the drawings and specifications. Where a conflict occurs, the strictest
design shall govern. The owner's review of shop drawings, product data, etc., does
not relieve the contractor from complying with the contract documents. The
contractor shall inform the owner in writing of any specific deviations and obtain
owner's written approval of the specific deviation.
c. It is solely the contractor's responsibility to follow all applicable safety codes and
regulations during all phases of construction
d. All construction must conform to the standards, specifications, and codes of the
governing municipality.
e. Construction shall meet all current standards set forth in the Americans with
disabilities act.
f. If the contractor damages any existing utilities during construction, he shall, at his
own expense, replace or repair the utilities to original condition and quality as
approved by the owner and representative of the appropriate utility company.
g. Sufficient barricades, lights, signs, and other traffic control methods in accordance
with governing ordinances may be necessary for the protection and safety of the
public. Said control devices shall be per the manual of traffic control devices,
M.U.T.C.D., current edition, and shall be provided and maintained throughout
h. Traffic controls and other warning devices shall be installed prior to the
commencement of any work on city, county, or Tennessee department of
transportation roads. They shall be maintained throughout construction and shall
remain in place until the conclusion of all work.
i. All warning devices shall be either type I barricades or drums with warning lights on
every other device. They shall conform to the manual on uniform traffic control
devices (muted), current edition, and metro Nashville standards for color, size,
reflectivity, height, and placement.
J. Fire department access shall be always maintained.
k. Contractor shall shore and brace all earth, forms, concrete, steel, wood, and
masonry to resist gravity, earth, wind, thermal, construction, and miscellaneous loads
during construction.
1. On-site burial of debris is prohibited.
m. Unless otherwise noted the contractor shall submit shop drawings of all
fabricated materials to the owner. Design documents shall not be reproduced
as shop drawings.
n. In case of unforeseen construction complications or discrepancies, the
contractor is to immediately notify the owner's representative in writing.
o. All required testing reports shall be available at the job site.
p. As-built drawings of roadways, storm drains, sanitary sewer and water lines,
field approval by the owner's representative, and all applicable bonds are
required prior to final acceptance by the owner.
q. Contractor shall maintain continuous utility service to all existing buildings
throughout construction unless approval for service interruption is obtained
from the owner in advance.
r. The contractor shall verify existing conditions to ensure that the new work shall fit
into the existing site in the manner intended and as shown on the drawings. Should
any conditions exist that are contrary to those shown on the drawings, the contractor
shall notify the owner's representative prior to performing any work in the area
involving differences. Notification shall be in the form of a drawing or sketch
indicating field measurements and notes relating to the area.
s. Any foreign item found during construction is the property of the owner.
This includes, but is not limited to, precious metals, coins, paper currency,
artifacts and antiquities.
t. The contractor shall be responsible for any damage done to the premises or
adjacent premises, or injuries to the public during the construction of the work,
whether caused by himself, his subcontractors, or the carelessness of any of his
u. The contractor shall furnish, install, and maintain all necessary temporary works
for the protection of the work and the public, including barricades, warning
signs, lights, etc.
v. The contractor acknowledges & agrees that the work is entirely at his risk until
site is accepted, and he will be held responsible for its safety by the owner. the
contractor will indemnify the owner & owner's representative from liability at the
site throughout the construction process.
w. The contractor shall give all necessary notices and obtain all permits and
pay all legal fees. He shall also comply with all city, county and state
building laws, ordinances or regulations relating to building sidewalks,
streets, blasting, public infrastructure, stormwater regulations, etc.
x. The contractor is to check and verify all measurements, levels, etc. before ordering
materials and proceeding with the work, and is to be responsible for the same reference
points and hubs during the construction of his work and shall bear the cost of replacing
y. Care shall be taken to protect any utilities, trees, etc. which are to remain and
not to be disturbed by the construction. the contractor shall be responsible for
any damages to such property.
2. Contractor responsibilities:
a. Notifications
The contractor shall notify the owner and city inspector(s) 24 hours prior to any
demolition or construction.
b. Disposal guidelines:
1. Only items specifically noted to be demolished shall be removed from the site.
11. All debris resulting from demolition shall be removed from the site and disposed of
legally by the contractor in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.
Backfill all trenches and excavations resulting from demolition.
111. All demolished material becomes the property of the contractor unless otherwise
c. Utilities:
1. Prior to removing or abandoning any utility the contractor shall verify that no
upstream service will be terminated. the contractor shall inform the engineer in
writing of any termination not shown on the plans.
11. All abandoned water lines, storm sewer pipe, sanitary sewer pipes, gas lines, or any
other abandoned underground utility shall be abandoned in place unless noted
111. Demolition information:

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