Morgue Technician Services

Agency: El Dorado County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561320 - Temporary Help Services
Posted Date: Sep 17, 2019
Due Date: Oct 8, 2019
Solicitation No: 20-952-012
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Due Date: 10/8/2019
New Date:
Issued: 9/17/2019

Contact: Jamie Monroe

Morgue Technician Services

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Procurement & Contracts
ATTN: Purchasing Agent
2850 Fairlane Court
Placerville, CA 95667
DUE: 3:00 PM October 8, 2019
Sealed Proposals must be clearly marked on
the outside of the package with:
“RFP #20-952-012 – DO NOT OPEN”
Morgue Technician Services
The County of El Dorado Office of Procurement and Contracts, on behalf of its Sheriff’s Office (also
referred to as “County”), is requesting proposals for morgue technician services.
This Request for Proposal (RFP) defines the scope of services and outlines the requirements that
must be met by Proposers interested in providing such services. Proposers shall carefully examine
the entire RFP and any addenda thereto, and all related materials and data referenced in the RFP or
otherwise available, and shall become fully aware of the nature and the conditions to be encountered
in performing the service. Proposers are advised to read all sections of this RFP prior to
submitting a proposal.
I. Introduction
II. Scope of Services
III. Proposal Minimum Requirements
IV. Selection Criteria
V. Proposers’ Questions
VI. Proposal Submittal
VII. Selection Process
VIII. Rejection of Proposals
IX. Valid Offer
X. County’s Rights
XI. Agreement Award
XII. Conflict of Interest
XIII. Public Records Act
XIV. Business License Requirement
XV. Public Agency
Attachment A Sample Agreement*
*The attached Sample Agreement is for reference only; other terms and conditions may apply based
on the types of services and funding involved.
Procurement and Contracts
Page 2 of 9
The County of El Dorado (County) desires to retain a qualified firm to provide Morgue
Technician services for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office.
The County of El Dorado is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). Minorities, females, and
handicapped are encouraged to participate.
The selected Proposer shall provide one (1) Morgue Technician to work forty (40) hours a week
during the morgue's normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30
PM, with the exception of County holidays. On occasion, one (1) Morgue Technician will be
required after 4:30 PM on weekdays, and on Saturday and/or Sunday between 7:00 AM and 4:00
PM as required by the morgue’s operations. The County will make every attempt to provide the
selected Proposer with at least twelve (12) hours advanced notice for work outside of regular
business hours.
The selected Proposer shall provide Morgue Technicians that are fully trained for assisting in
autopsies being completed by the Pathologist. Proposer must have at least one (1) fully trained
Morgue Technician available at all times. Morgue Technicians must have experience working in a
California Coroner, Sheriff’s Office Coroner, Medical Examiner Morgue, or from the funeral home
industry with equivalent tasks and responsibilities. Proposer is responsible for maintaining records
of all Federal, State, and local licenses, certifications, permits, training, etc. as related to the
Morgue Technician position.
Proposer shall screen all Morgue Technicians prior to using them for this position. All Morgue
Technicians working within the Sheriff’s Office Morgue will be required to pass a background
check completed by the County Sheriff’s Office. This includes Morgue Technicians working as
substitutes, after hours only, etc.
The Morgue Technician will be issued a Sheriff’s identification card, which shall be worn only
while performing Morgue Technician Services. Misuse of the Sheriffs identification card shall
result in dismissal. The Sheriff’s identification card(s) shall be returned to the County upon
resignation of the individual and/or Agreement termination.
The County reserves the right to require dismissal of a Proposer's employee from service at any
time during the Agreement term for poor performance or for any reason deemed by the County to
be against the best interest of the County or contrary to the public’s interest. County agrees that
such request will not be made without good cause and documentation.
Morgue Technician duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
Receive new cases into the morgue.
Set up autopsy area prior to autopsy procedures.
Prepare bodies for autopsies.
Record weight, height, eye color, hair color, absence or presence of teeth or dentures and
any other identifying and/or distinguishing characteristics of the body.
Photograph decedents and maintain case photo files.
Procurement and Contracts
Page 3 of 9
Assist with autopsies - must be able to move bodies, have dissection skills and
experience, including opening heads and ability to properly attain toxicology specimens.
Restore remains after autopsy.
Clean morgue after autopsy and maintain proper morgue sanitation
Handle, inventory, and properly package decedent property when necessary.
Fingerprint decedents and obtain DNA blood cards for identification purposes.
Obtain radiographs of decedents on selected cases.
Maintain inventory of decedents, including proper intake and release of bodies and
maintenance of all morgue body inventory logs.
Maintain inventory of "wet tissue" obtained from autopsies, including disposal of short-term
storage cases and logging of long-term storage (homicide cases).
Maintain inventory of all morgue consumable supplies and re-order when needed.
Take, process, and maintain inventory of radiographs and radiology supplies; manage
radiation safety program.
Maintain autopsy equipment (sharpen knives, send out dull scissors for sharpening, send
out saws in need of repair, maintenance of dictation equipment, etc.)
Manage inventory of linens needed for morgue - scrubs, cover gowns, towels, etc.
Interact with outside agencies and facilitate communication exchange of investigative
information needed for proper analysis of forensic autopsy cases.
Provide testimony at any civil or criminal proceedings about any matter related to Morgue
Technician services as requested by the District Attorney
Coordinate and meet with multiple outside vendors such as:
o Hazardous waste disposal service
o Uniform/ laundry service
o X-ray equipment maintenance and repair technician
o Couriers for specimen transport
Interpret and follow policies and procedures related to the scope of practice sterile
techniques, safety and security, including adhering to all County safety rules and OSHA
Complete forms, records, and reports; file and retrieve documents.
Use the Electronic Death Registration System (EDRS) to prepare, transfer, and receive
death certificates.
Answer phones, greet the public, and perform routine office duties related to morgue
Dress in a manner that is professional and appropriate relevant to the position.
Behave in a professional manner. Inappropriate language and any use of radio or other
music shall not be allowed during the performance of work.
Additional duties as assigned relevant to job class.
Procurement and Contracts
Page 4 of 9
The selected Proposer may not distribute, leave, or supply information about services provided
during the performance of their duties at the morgue. The selected Proposer is prohibited from
soliciting funeral services on behalf of any funeral home. The selected Proposer and its
employees are prohibited from representing themselves as agents of any funeral home,
organization, and/or any other party in the course of their duties at the morgue.
Proposers shall submit one (1) original, three (3) copies, and one (1) searchable
electronic copy (on a USB flash drive) of all materials and proposals, for review by a
County appointed Selection Committee. Concise, responsive proposals shall be bound and
formatted on 8 ½” x 11” pages (portrait orientation). All proposals must include the following:
1. A letter of transmittal identifying name, address, and telephone number of the principal
person representing the Proposer, signed by a person authorized to execute an
Agreement with County.
2. A description of Proposer identifying Proposer’s primary services and professional and
support staff members, as well as a description of the Proposer’s overall experience,
particularly as it relates to the services requested. Include copies of all licenses and
certifications held by the Proposer and staff related to the requested services. Also
include up to three (3) references.
3. A narrative of the Proposer’s approach to meeting the requirements set forth in Section
II, Scope of Services, including number of Mortician Technicians on staff,
communication methods, and timelines for service.
4. A description of the cost for providing the services is required. Include an itemized list
with the price for each component of the service (regular and on-call work). Please note
any prompt payment discounts. Discounts of less than 2% or with payment terms of less
than twenty (20) days will not be considered for evaluation purposes.
5. A statement acknowledging that upon request, the selected Proposer will provide a
written quote for items not listed in the original proposal. The written quote shall include
the date of the request, a quote reference number, and be valid for a minimum of thirty
(30) days. Invoices that include items not listed in the proposal shall have a copy of the
original quote attached.
6. A statement acknowledging the Proposer has reviewed the language contained within
Attachment A, Sample Agreement, and that the Proposer concurs with the provisions
contained within said Agreement, and can/will meet the indemnity and insurance
requirements without alterations to County’s Agreement.
Procurement and Contracts
Page 5 of 9
Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:
Thoroughness, clarity, and quality of proposal
Quality of references
Total Possible Points
Maximum Points
Questions regarding this RFP must be submitted in writing by email or U.S. mail to the
Procurement and Contracts Office and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on
September 24, 2019. All emails must have RFP #20-952-012 QUESTIONas their
subject, and all envelopes or containers must be clearly marked “RFP #20-952-012
QUESTION” for convenience purposes. Emails, envelopes, and/or containers not clearly
labeled may be overlooked and not responded to. Questions will not be accepted by
telephone, facsimile (fax), or orally. The County reserves the right to decline a response to
any question if, in County’s assessment, the information cannot be obtained and shared with
all potential organizations in a timely manner. A summary of the questions submitted,
including responses deemed relevant and appropriate by County, will be posted to the County
website on or about October 1, 2019.
All inquiries shall be submitted by email to:
or by U.S. Mail to:
County of El Dorado
Procurement and Contracts
2850 Fairlane Court
Placerville, California 95667
RFP#20-952-012 - Question
Proposers are cautioned that they are not to rely upon any oral statements that they may
have obtained. Proposers shall direct all inquiries to the County Purchasing Agent and
shall not contact the requesting department directly regarding any matter related to this
Request for Proposal.
Proposers must submit one (1) original, three (3) copies, and one (1) searchable electronic
copy on a USB flash drive in a sealed envelope or container, clearly marked “RFP #20-952-012
– DO NOT OPEN”, no later than 3:00 p.m. on October 8, 2019, to:
County of El Dorado
Procurement and Contracts
2850 Fairlane Court
Placerville, CA 95667

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