LCCC site lighting upgrade project - Wallpacks

Agency: Laramie County Community College
State: Wyoming
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Jan 3, 2019
Due Date: Jan 30, 2019
Solicitation No: IFB-19096
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LCCC site lighting upgrade project - Wallpacks

A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held Jan. 15, 2019 at 11 a.m. in College Community Center room CCC-179 (map included in documents). Doors will be locked at 11 a.m. prompt.
  • Questions due by Jan. 22, 2019 via email to .
  • Bids opening: Jan. 30, 2019 by 3:30 p.m. at 1400 E. College Dr., Cheyenne, WY 82007 in the Administration Building, Room AM-104.

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Site Lighting Upgrade Project - Wallpacks
BID No.:
DUE DATE & TIME: January 30, 2019 @ 3:30 p.m. (prevailing local time)
Sealed Bids, subject to the terms, conditions and specifications
herein stipulated and/or attached hereto, will be received at the
Laramie County Community College Contracts Office located in
the Administration Building on 1400 East College Drive,
Cheyenne, WY 82007 at Administration Building room AM-108
in until January 30, 2019 at 3:30 p.m. (prevailing local time),
and then publicly opened, read aloud and duly recorded.
PRE-BID MEETING: A MANDATORY Pre-Bid meeting and job walk will be
held on January 15, 2019 @ 11:00 a.m. (prevailing local time) in the College
Community Center (CCC-179). Attendance at the Mandatory Pre-Bid meeting
is required to bid on this project. ***Doors will be locked at 11:00 a.m.***
Jamie Spezzano
Director, Contracting & Procurement
Laramie County Community College
1400 East College Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82007
Phone: (307) 778-1280
Fax: (307) 778-4300
Invitation to Bid No. IFB-19096
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Document Issue Date: January 3, 2019
General Conditions
Preparation of Bid
Pre-Bid Meeting, Site Inspection and Bid Documents
Submission / Withdrawals / Late Bids / Modifications
Certificate of Non-Discrimination
Questions Concerning Bid
Contract Conditions
Insurance Requirements
Applicable Wyoming State Statutes
10. Laws and Regulations
11. Licenses, Permits and Taxes
12. Qualifications of Contractor
13. Safety and Health
14. Hazardous Materials
15. Responsibilities of Bidder
16. Trade Name and Substitution Provisions
17. Bid Evaluation Criteria / Award of Bid
18. Ownership of Documents / College Property
19. Material Availability
20. Public Information
21. Protests
22. Responsibilities of LCCC
23. Payment Schedule
24. Tax Exemption
Bid requirements and format
Project scope and details
Bid Price Schedule
State Statutes and Regulations
Required Submittals (Submit with Bid)
Bid Document Checklist
Appendix Bid Attachments
Post-Bid Submittals
Addenda Acknowledgement Document
Signature Page
Invitation to Bid No. IFB-19096
Page 2 of 25
Wherever used in this bid these or other related procurement documents, the
following terms have meanings indicated which are applicable to both the singular
and plural thereof.
Addenda: Written or graphic instruments issued prior to the opening of bids which
clarify, correct, or change the bid documents or the related procurement documents.
Engineer: Owner’s contract consultant and contracted project representative.
Bid and/or Bid Documents: Bid Document, applicable addenda, other affiliated or
referenced data specific to said bid.
Bid Process or Period: Begins with issue/publication of bid document to public
sector, and concludes at the award of the bid.
Bidder: Vendor, firm, or contractor submitting a Bid
Contractor: Vendor, firm, or company awarded a contract or PO for this Bid
Contract Document: A legally enforceable (binding) agreement between two
competent parties; evidenced by an offer and acceptance of offer. Document shall
include by reference, all Bid Documents, contractor’s bid, negotiated documents,
issued addendums, special or supplemental conditions, specifications, and any
mutually agreed upon modifications, and/or additions.
Firm: Same as vendor or contractor
LCCC: Laramie County Community College (College) or Owner, one in the same.
Purchase Order: A contractual agreement with a vendor for goods or services that
specifies payment terms, delivery dates, item identification, quantities, freight terms,
and other obligations and conditions.
Specifications: Those portions of this proposal consisting of written or graphic
technical descriptions of materials, equipment, construction systems, standards,
workmanship, goods, services, and administrative details applicable thereto.
Vendor: Same as company/contractor/firm.
Invitation to Bid No. IFB-19096
Page 3 of 25
1.1 Notice is hereby given that LCCC will receive sealed bids up to 3:30
p.m. (prevailing local time), January 30, 2019, at that time to be
publicly opened and recorded in the Administration Building AM-108,
for the LCCC project in accordance with the requirements, terms,
specifications, conditions, and provisions hereinafter contained.
1.2 Successful firm shall provide LCCC with the services and/or materials
as defined by LCCC Policies and this certain Bid Package.
1.3 Bids must be received by the time and date specified. Bids received
after the specified time and date will not be accepted and will be
returned unopened to the respective firm.
1.4 Bids shall be sent to the LCCC Purchasing Office or hand-delivered
prior to the Bid Opening in a sealed envelope (or package) marked
“Sealed Bid”, and referencing the Bid # IFB-19096.
1.5 All bids shall be submitted on the LCCC BID SUBMITTAL &
PRICING DOCUMENTand must be signed by an authorized
official of the firm submitting the Bid.
1.6 Telephone, telegraph, or fax bids will not be accepted.
1.7 Any bid which modifies, deletes, or changes any of the conditions or
provisions, specifications, or bid requirements will be rejected. Do not
deface or alter any portion of the original Bid package.
1.8 By submitting this bid, each firm certifies under penalty of perjury that
they have not acted in collusion with any other firm or potential firms.
Neither the said bidder nor any of its officers, partners, owners,
agents, representatives, employees or parties in interest, including
this affiant, has in any way colluded, conspired, connived or agreed,
directly or indirectly with any other bidder, firm or person to submit a
collusive or sham bid in connection with the contract of which the
attached bid has been submitted or to refrain from bidding in
connection with such contract, or has in any manner, directly or
indirectly, sought by agreement, collusion, communication or
conference with any other bidder, firm or person to fix the price or
prices in the attach bid or of any other bidder; to fix any overhead,
profit, or cost element of the bid price or the bid price of any other
bidder; or to secure through any collusion, conspiracy, connivance or
unlawful agreement any advantage against the owner or any person
interested in the proposed contract.
Invitation to Bid No. IFB-19096
Page 4 of 25
2.1 Firms are expected to examine all Drawings, Specifications,
instructions and/or requirements of this Bid package. Failure to do so
will be at the bidder’s risk. The Bid and all referenced documents must
be used in preparation of each bid. LCCC assumes no responsibility
for errors, misinterpretations and/or verbal communication resulting
from the use of incomplete Bid Documents.
2.2 Each firm shall furnish the information required by the Bid. The BID
shall be completed, signed, and returned by the respective firm’s
authorized agent. All required bid documents must be returned with
the bidder’s sealed bid.
2.3 Time, if stated as a number of days, will be in calendar days.
2.4 Any clarification of instructions, terms and conditions, IFB document,
or proposal preparation shall be made only by the Director of
Contracting & Procurement listed in this Bid document under IFB
SECTION TWO, Article 6, Paragraph 6.1. Verbal clarifications will not
be binding upon LCCC or their Engineer. Written clarifications will be
by addenda and forwarded to all interested parties.
2.5 Written addenda will be issued by LCCC for any matters regarding
submittal of Bid, or issues, questions, comments, and/or clarifications
that will affect, alter, modify, or change the original Bid intent or
2.6 To ensure uniformity and consistency, strict rules will apply to the
communication process and methods during the bid process, all
inquiries shall be via written instrument, mailed, faxed or hand-
delivered to the appropriate individual as detailed in IFB SECTION
TWO, Article 6 Paragraph 6.1. All matters, issues, questions,
answers, comments and/or clarifications which meet the criteria
identified above in Paragraph 2.5 will be distributed in written format
to all potential bidders.
2.7 Each erasure, marking, or other changes that appear on your Bid must
be initialed individually by the person signing the Bid.
2.8 Any violation of Bid requirements shall be just cause for rejection of
that particular bid without further consideration.
2.9 In the case of error in the extension of prices in the Bid, the unit price
will govern. In case of discrepancy in the price between the written
and numerical amounts, the written amount will govern.
2.10 All Bid prices shall be quoted F.O.B Destination (Cheyenne WY) with
transportation payment terms prepaid and allowed.
Invitation to Bid No. IFB-19096
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