IFB 156171-Pipe Cleaning

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561720 - Janitorial Services
  • 561790 - Other Services to Buildings and Dwellings
Posted Date: Jun 30, 2020
Due Date: Jul 23, 2020
Solicitation No: IFB 3977-1
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IFB 3977-1
  • IFB 156171-Pipe Cleaning
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:22 days
  • Closing: 7/23/20 10:00 AM
  • Issued: 6/30/20 2:00 PM
  • Last Amended:
  • Buyer:Shelby Thornton
  • shelby.thornton@vdot.virginia.gov
  • (276) 696-3325

  • Issued By:Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Type:Invitation for Bids (IFB)
  • Category:Non-Professional Services - Non-Technology
  • Work Location: Wise
  • PreBid Conference: 7/13/20 10:00 AM Pre-Bid Conference
  • Open Responses: 7/24/20
  • Description:Pipe cleaning service for the Wise residency

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Specifications.pdf (947.21 KB) IFB 156171 Specifications 06/30/20 Solicitation
IFB 156171 attachments.pdf (3.35 MB) IFB 156171 Attachments 06/30/20 Solicitation

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Administrative Services/Procurement
Bristol District/Wise Residency
Pipe Cleaning Service
IFB # 156171
Table of Contents
IFB # 156171
I. Purpose
II. Questions Regarding This Invitation For Bid
III. General
IV. Specifications/Contract Requirements
V. Pre-Bid Conference
VI. Method For Payment
VII. Invoicing
VIII. Bidder’s Instructions
IX. General Terms and Conditions
X. Special Terms and Conditions
Attachment A – Small Business Subcontracting Plan
Attachment B – SWAM Compliance Report
Attachment C – State Corporation Commission Form
Attachment D – Normal and Emergency Contacts
Attachment E – Subcontractor Approval Request
Note: This public body does not discriminate against faith-based organizations in accordance with the Code of Virginia, § 2.2-4343.1 or
against a bidder because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, political
affiliation, or veteran status or any other basis prohibited by state law relating to discrimination in employment. Faith-based
organizations may request that the issuing agency not include subparagraph 1.e in General Terms and Condition C. Such a request shall
be in writing and explain why an exception should be made in that invitation to bid.
Administrative Services/Procurement
Bristol District/Wise Residency
Pipe Cleaning Service
IFB # 156171
The Virginia Department of Transportation, herein referred to as “VDOT,” an agency of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, is soliciting bids from qualified firms to provide equipment, supervision,
personnel, and traffic control to perform drain cleanout service on Route 23 in Wise County of the Bristol
District in accordance of the performance specifications herein.
Period of Contract: The contract will be for a period of one year, with the start date to be determined at
time of award, and with four (4) successive one-year renewal options.
Any questions regarding this invitation for bid shall be addressed to Shelby Thornton,
shelby.thornton@vdot.virginia.gov. The issuing office shall determine whether any addendum should be
issued as a result of any questions or other matters raised. Provide questions within five (5) days of the bid
due date.
For the purpose of clarification, each firm receiving this Invitation for Bid is referred to as a “Bidder” and
the Bidder awarded the contract to supply the services is referred to as a “Contractor.” Virginia Department
of Transportation is referred to as “Department” or as “VDOT,” and “Representative” refers to the VDOT
Contract Administrator who will be administering the contract. This Invitation for Bid states the
instructions for submitting bids, the procedure and criteria by which a contract may be awarded, and the
contractual terms which will exclusively govern the contract between VDOT and the Contractor.
SCOPE OF WORK: The Contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, equipment, fuel, traffic
control (in accordance with the most recent version of the Virginia Work Area Protection Manual)
and any other incidentals necessary to clean out drains located on Route 23 in Wise County.
The cleanouts for the 1 ½ inch (inside diameter) sub-horizontal drain pipes are located
near the outlet end of the pipes beneath the northbound lane of Route 23. The work
begins approximately 0.2 mile south of the Route 23 and Route 610 intersection. The
pipes run beneath Route 23 and are spread out at intervals for over a mile south of the
beginning location. There is approximately 72,000 linear feet (LFT) of pipes to be
serviced. Some of the pipes have failed over the years and cannot be accessed. The
Contractor shall only be paid for actual linear feet of pipe cleaned.
CLEANOUT FREQUENCY: The drains shall be cleaned twice a year, in the spring and
autumn, and/or as directed by the VDOT Contract Administrator or designee. Work on
cleaning the drains will begin within 14 days after notification by the Contract
Administrator or designee.
RECORDS: A record of the status of the functionality of all drains before and after
cleaning shall be kept by the Contractor. This record shall be submitted to the Contract
Administrator or designee. Any drain that is not functioning shall be reported to the
Contract Administrator immediately.
Administrative Services/Procurement
Bristol District/Wise Residency
Pipe Cleaning Service
IFB # 156171
PERFORMANCE BASED SPECIFICATIONS: All work shall be performed following the
direction given by the VDOT Contract Administrator, or designee. All work shall be performed to
the following standards: the current versions of the Virginia Department of Transportation Road
and Bridge Specifications (excluding all of Sections 100 through 110); the Virginia Department of
Transportation Road and Bridge Standards; Virginia Work Area Protection Manual (VWAPM);
and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device Standards (MUTCD). The Contractor’s
equipment shall meet Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and Virginia
Occupational Safety & Health (VOSH) standards. Additionally, the Contractor shall remain in
compliance with all OSHA and VOSH personnel, equipment, and safety regulations, and conform
to all VDOT requirements. Equipment shall meet the most current version of the VDOT Road and
Bridge Specifications, and applicable Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR),
Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), VWAPM, and VDOT specifications and standards.
BID PRICES: The prices bid shall represent a combined total for labor and equipment to provide
service and all associated expenses including, but not limited to: profit; direct and indirect costs;
general and administrative costs; supervision; repair and/or replacement and removal of
equipment; transportation of equipment and personnel to and from designated site(s); the
transport, setup and breakdown of traffic control signs, stands, cones, and channelizing devices;
and the use of cellular phones, pagers and hand-held radios used by the Contractor to conduct
The Contractor shall provide all necessary equipment and tools of the trade to perform
pipe cleaning service.
All equipment may be inspected by VDOT prior to being placed into operation.
The Contractor shall furnish the necessary means for transporting all required equipment,
personnel, materials, and traffic control to all identified locations.
All over the road equipment shall be equipped with the following: a wind-resistant truck
bed cover, if necessary for hauling a loaded truck, and one (1) high intensity amber strobe
The Contractor shall be required to provide all necessary traffic control equipment (per
the VWAPM), including a Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA) and Advanced Warning
Message Board, and stationary rumble strips for flagging stations as required.
CONTRACTOR’S CAPACITY TO PERFORM: The Contractor shall ensure their
capacity to perform work under this contract, regardless of other contractual
responsibilities to VDOT or elsewhere. The Contractor shall be capable of commencing
work within the timeframe required herein, and shall employ a sufficient number of
qualified personnel who shall consistently perform the work described herein.
provide experienced, properly trained, qualified personnel. VDOT reserves the right to
reject any of the Contractor’s employees who, in VDOT’s judgment, are not adequately
qualified to perform the work. The Contractor shall comply with all environmental
regulations necessary to complete the project.
CONTRACTOR’S PERSONNEL: The Contractor shall be responsible for the conduct
of all Contractor’s and Subcontractor’s personnel while at the work site. The Contractor’s
and Subcontractor’s personnel shall at all times communicate with the traveling public,
Administrative Services/Procurement
Bristol District/Wise Residency
Pipe Cleaning Service
IFB # 156171
landowners, and citizens throughout the Bristol District in a courteous and respectful
manner. The Contractor’s personnel shall refer all public questions concerning work
planned, performed, or promised to the Contract Administrator or Contract Monitor.
CONTACT PERSON: The Contractor shall assign an individual as the Supervision
Representative whose name and cellular phone number shall be required prior to
commencement of any work activities. The cellular telephone shall be capable of
operating throughout the areas covered under this contract and be able to communicate
effectively with Contract Administrator/Monitor.
SUPERVISION: The Supervision Representative shall be responsible for assigning and
coordinating work, notifying the CA of crew locations on a daily basis, processing
daily/weekly reports (as necessary) addressing general contract performance issues, and
have the ability to meet with VDOT representatives on site, as needed. All costs incurred
for the Contractor’s Supervision Representative to review future work assignments with
VDOT shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.
FLAGGING CERTIFICATION: The Contractor shall ensure that any member of the
crew to be utilized as a “flagger” shall be certified in the VDOT Flagging Certification
Program or the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA) Flagger
Certification Program and maintain a valid certification throughout the contract period.
The VDOT or ATSSA flagging certification card must be in their possession at all times.
Flagger’s found not in possession of a Certification card or performing their duties
improperly shall not be allowed to perform work and the operation will be shut down.
VDOT will inspect on a regular basis to ensure that flaggers have their Certification
cards. Additionally, any crewmember that is used as a flagger shall be able to
communicate to the traveling public in English while performing their job duty as a
flagger at the flagger station, as required in Section 6E.01 of the VWAPM.
BEHAVIOR: Behavior displayed by the Contractor’s and Subcontractor’s employees,
such as catcalling, whistling, leering, and other similar gestures will not be tolerated.
Anyone exhibiting such behavior will be barred from the work site permanently.
Repeated incidents shall be grounds for termination of the contract at the discretion of
All traffic control shall conform to the latest edition of the MUTCD, VWAPM, and
The Contractor shall be required to provide the appropriate signs and spring-loaded type
sign stands meeting National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NHRP) 350
requirements, and capable of holding a 48 inch sign. It shall be the responsibility of the
Contractor to transport, properly set up, and break down all traffic control devices. The
Contractor shall install and maintain signs in accordance with the most recent edition of
the VWAPM and MUTCD, as revised or amended. Signs and outlay layouts shall be in
place prior to the performance of any work. The Contractor shall supply all traffic cones
and traffic-related channelizing devices. The Contractor shall provide two-way radios for
traffic control when applicable.
The Contractor shall provide, transport, erect, maintain, and dismantle adequate traffic
control work zone signs and or temporary barriers to delineate work areas when required,
and the price quoted shall include these costs.
Administrative Services/Procurement
Bristol District/Wise Residency
Pipe Cleaning Service
IFB # 156171
SATISFACTION: All work shall be performed according to the standards of the
industry and to the complete satisfaction of the VDOT Contract Administrator or
SIGNS OR ADVERTISEMENTS: No signs or advertisements shall be posted on
VDOT’s property without prior written approval by the VDOT Contract Administrator.
REVIEW OF WORK SITE: The Contract Administrator, or designee, will review the
work site with the Contractor prior to the start of work.
DELIVERY, PARKING, AND STORAGE: The Contractor shall not deliver nor store
equipment within the VDOT Right-of-Way or on VDOT property without first obtaining
permission from the Contract Administrator. However, if the Contract Administrator
approves the parking and storage arrangements, VDOT will not be responsible for any
loss or damage to the Contractor’s equipment that is left at the site.
WORK HOURS: All work shall be performed Monday through Friday, excluding
observed Virginia State and federal holidays, during daylight hours and weather
conditions permitting, unless otherwise approved by the CA. (Daylight hours are defined
as one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour before sunset).
STATE HOLIDAYS: If any Federal or Virginia state holiday occurs on a Saturday, the
preceding Friday shall be considered the holiday; and if they occur on Sunday, the
following Monday shall be considered the holiday. No work shall be performed on a
primary route after noon on the Friday preceding an official Monday holiday or before
noon on the following Tuesday.
CLEANUP/DISPOSAL: All debris generated in the performance of this contract is the
responsibility of the Contractor, and shall be removed from the right-of-way each day and
properly disposed of by the Contractor, unless otherwise allowed by the CA. Disposal
costs shall be included in the bid prices. Debris shall be kept off the traveled portions and
shoulders of the roadway as work progresses.
GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM): The Contractor shall provide each
independent crew with a proper GPS unit, capable of utilizing an address or coordinates
in identifying work locations, as indicated on VDOT’s Work Orders.
VIOLATIONS AND DAMAGES: The Contractor shall be responsible for correcting
any notices of violations issued and/or damages as a result of the Contractor’s, or any
subcontractor’s, actions of operations during the performance of this contract.
Corrections for any such violations and/or damages shall be at no additional cost to
cooperate with VDOT and other contractors as necessary. At all times, VDOT will have
the right to be advised, upon request, of the status of work being done by the Contractor,
and details of that work. The Contractor shall maintain coordination with the VDOT
Contract Administrator or designee. VDOT reserves the right to perform any type of
highway maintenance within the limits of the operation. The Contractor shall verify daily
completions with the Contract Administrator or designee to ensure progress continues on
the project.
Contractor shall notify the Traffic Control Center (TOC) by a method or system

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