IFB: Gym Bleacher Replacement for R.C. Edwards Middle School and Gettys Middle School Addendum 01

Agency: Pickens County School District
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 611710 - Educational Support Services
Posted Date: Apr 29, 2019
Due Date: May 2, 2019
Solicitation No: 119-19-5-2
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description solicitation number due date/time
IFB: Gym Bleacher Replacement for R.C. Edwards Middle School and Gettys Middle School

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 10:00 AM EST

Addendum 01
119-19-5-2 5/2/19 at 1:00 PM EST

Attachment Preview

Date: April 29, 2019
Reference: Gym Bleacher Replacement for R.C. Edwards Middle School and Gettys Middle School
IFB Number: 119-19-5-2
The following questions were submitted for clarification and/or to request additional information. All questions
that were submitted are listed below, along with the response and/or information requested. Effective this date,
this addendum forms part of the contract documents and modifies the original IFB.
Question #1: Do the upper bleachers go back as they are installed currently… telescopic, high rise (11-
5/8”) with end rails on one side?
Answer #1: The upper bleachers need to be manual telescopic and high rise with the same number of rows as
existing. Install end rails on both sides of bleachers at a minimum of 12” from the wall to the edge of the end
rail at the closest point to the wall. Distances shall be the same on both sides.
Question #2: At Gettys Middle the lower home side bleachers stop a few rows short of the floor and have
a guardrail at the bottom. Do you want to stay with the same configuration for the new bleachers or
continue them to the floor as is typical?
Answer #2: Install 10 rows of bleachers down to the floor level with 24” rows and a +/- 14” (custom) rise. At
the bottom row install custom guardrails, painted black. Leave aisles open for egress. See attached drawings.
Question #3: What voltage and phase power is being feed to the bleachers at each location and are there
fused disconnects between the panel and junction boxes?
Answer #3: RCEMS is 120V/ Single Phase and GMS is 120V/ Single Phase. Both have wall plug-ins on 30 amp
breakers. There are currently no fused disconnects between the panel and j-boxes; but they can be installed.
Question #4: Can the existing bleachers be removed as soon as school is out with the possibility that the
new ones may not arrive in time to be installed before school starts back?
Answer #4: Yes, please go ahead and remove all existing bleachers from the gyms as soon as May 31st after 12 PM and
by June 7th. This gives us the best possible chance to have the new ones installed before school starts back and will make
installation that much faster. The gym floors are being refinished at Gettys Middle the week of June 3rd and ideally the
the bleachers on court level need to be removed before the floors are refinished the week of June 3rd. Coordinate with
district and flooring contractor.
Question #5: The specs call for the bleachers at RC Edwards to be installed over an extended Labor Day
weekend if they don’t arrive in time for installation before August 20th; however it will likely take a full
week and up to 10 days to install these bleachers which means the gym will be closed during this time.
Answer #5: We’ll have to coordinate the installation closely with the school’s schedule so the gym is available
as quickly as possible. This will also apply to Gettys Middle as the bleachers may need to be stored on the
court level when they arrive. The gym will have to be closed there at least until the lower level bleachers are
Date: April 29, 2019
Reference: Gym Bleacher Replacement for R.C. Edwards Middle School and Gettys Middle School
IFB Number: 119-19-5-2
Question #6: What color do you want the bleachers at RCEMS?
Answer #6: Purple
Question #7: What color do you want the bleachers at GMS?
Answer #7: Undecided
Use the attached Sheridan specifications which replace/ supersede the original specifications and
add the following alternates to the IFB.
Use the attached Revised Bid/Quote Form.
Addendum 01
IFB 119-19-5-2
1.1 Description
A. Scope
1. Seating systems comprised of multi-tiered rows of seats, deck components and
risers on interconnected, retractable, supporting structure. Telescopic seating
operation shall be by means of manual or electric operation. Telescopic seating
system shall be wall attached (typically), recessed, telescoping or portable. System
shall be floor attached where reverse folding.
B. Manufacturer’s Design Criteria
1. Gymnasium seat assembly is designed to support, in addition to its own weight, a
live load in excess of 120 lbs. per linear foot or 100 lbs. per square foot (whichever
affect is greater), front to rear sway in excess of 10 lbs. per linear foot and a parallel
sway load in excess of 24 lbs. per linear foot of row.
2. Guard railings are engineered to withstand a load of 200 lbs. per foot at top rail and
an intermediate load of 150 lbs. per foot.
3. Steel structure must be free standing when installed and include 4 steel columns per
row, per section. Those manufacturers which only include 2 columns per row, per
section are not acceptable.
4. Steel columns must be fabricated from structural high tensile steel tubing; minimum
size of tubing will be 1 ½’’ x 3’’ x 10ga. Those manufacturers providing formed steel
or angle iron columns in place of structural tubing are not acceptable. Maximum
spacing between columns shall be 11’-6”.
5. Last Row columns shall be no more than 40” from end of bleacher decking,
nosing and riser.
6. Two row locks per row, per bleacher section manufactured from ¼’’ hot rolled steel
to prevent racking of bleachers as they are retracting are required.
7. Footboards shall be produced from ¾’’ plywood with top facing. Voids or boat
patching on top facing is not acceptable. Top facing shall receive 3 coats of
colored, opaque, catalyzed epoxy coating.
8. Aluminum trim shall be installed on all exposed edges. Extruded aluminum joiners
shall be placed between adjacent footboards.
9. Wood seat boards shall be full 5/4” finished size, kiln dried, select pine with rounded
edges. Seat boards with less than a 5/4” thickness are unacceptable. Riser boards
shall be full 3/4” finished size, kiln dried, select pine with rounded edges. Seat and
Risers boards shall be sealed on all surfaces and three coats of polyurethane on top
and sides.
Addendum 01
IFB 119-19-5-2
10. Molded seats shall be one-piece, 18” wide of high-density polyethylene structural
foam with full perimeter interlock and concealed mounting hardware. End caps shall
be provided at all ends, aisle ways and ADA locations. Colors are bright without
excessive streaking. “Waterfall” coloring will not be acceptable. Indents for numbers
and letters shall be standard.
11. No less than 4” diameter x 1 ¼” soft faced, non-marking rubber wheels to support
understructure system shall be provided with sintered metal bearings and clips for
easy replacement.
12. Nose beam shall be formed from 14ga. minimum galvanized steel. Steel shall have
G90 galvanized coating or better. These will encapsulate ¾” plywood decks.
13. Rear riser shall be formed from 14ga. minimum galvanized steel. Steel shall have
G90 galvanized coating or better.
14. Handicap seating provisions: Provide recoverable first tier cutouts as required by
ADA. Include manufacturer’s standard front guardrail and closure panel below.
Shop drawings will reflect locations.
1.2 Quality Assurance
A. Acceptable Manufacturer
1. The manufacturer shall be a firm experienced in the manufacturing of telescoping
bleacher seating systems.
2. The telescopic seating system specified herein shall comply with the International
Building Code 2006 Edition, NFPA 102 Standard for Grandstands, Folding and
Telescopic Seating, Tents, and Membrane Structures 2006 Edition; and specifically,
with Chapter 5, Folding and Telescopic Seating, except where additional
requirements are indicated or imposed by authorities having such jurisdiction.
3. The telescopic seating system manufacturer shall employ a registered, professional
engineer to certify that equipment to be supplied meets and/or exceeds the design
criteria of these specifications.
4. The telescopic seating system manufacturer shall have all welding done in a
CWB/AWB certified shop.
5. It will be the responsibility of the bidder to furnish with his bid a list clarifying any
deviation from these specifications, written or implied.
B. Acceptable Installer
1. Installers to be recognized, trained, and certified by the telescoping bleacher seating
1.3 Submittals
A. Submit six copies of each of the following:
Addendum 01
IFB 119-19-5-2
1. Manufacturer’s shop drawings
2. Manufacturer’s standard 1-year warranty and limited 20-year warranty
3. Manufacturer’s Operation and Maintenance instructions
B. Submit seating and deck samples, as required.
1.4 Warranty
A. Submit manufacturers standard warranty form for Telescopic seating systems.
1. The manufacturer shall guarantee all work performed under these specifications to
be free from defects for a period of one (1) full year.
2. Replacement structural steel components, nuts, bolts, axles, and wheels as
necessary to maintain the integrity of the original installation, will be provided at no
charge for a period of twenty (20) years.
3. The guarantee shall be limited to the fair use of the Telescopic Seating System and
shall not include acts of vandalism, fire, flood or other situations that do not fall into
the general use requirements of the bleachers.
4. A yearly inspection and required maintenance must be performed to maintain the
extended 20-year warranty.
2.1 Manufacturers
A. The basis of design for the gymnasium seating shown on the plans and detailed in these
specifications is by Sheridan Gymnasium Equipment Limited. Other manufacturers
desiring to bid shall submit detailed product literature and specifications a minimum of ten
(10) days prior to bid. Any manufacturer which is approved must conform to all
specifications herein. Any deviation from this specification is unacceptable.
1. Model: W100 Wood Seats or M200 Molded Seats
2. Aisle Type: Foot level Aisles with center aisle railings with curved top rail
3. End rails: Typical self-storing ready rails.
4. Operation: Integrally powered friction electric operation or manual operation.
5. Product Requirements:
System to be wall attached. System shall be floor attached where reverse
folding is required.
Bank A Length: _______ as required by drawings
Number of Rows: _______ as required by drawings
Bank B Length shall be: ______ as required by drawings
Number of Rows: _______ as required by drawings
Row rise: 10” / 11-5/8” / 16” as required by drawing
Row spacing: 22” / 24” / 26” / as required by drawings

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