2023-2031 Housing Element Update ? Environmental Review

Agency: American Planning Association
State: Federal
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 14, 2021
Due Date: Jun 4, 2021
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2023-2031 Housing Element Update — Environmental Review Town of Hillsborough

Hillsborough, CA


About the Town

The Town of Hillsborough is a residential community located in San Mateo County, California, incorporated in 1910. The Town has an area of 6.23 square miles and a current population of 10,927. It is west of Highway 101 and El Camino Real and east of Highway 280 within a short commute to San Francisco and minutes from San Francisco International Airport. The Town performs essential services including police protection, building permitting and inspection, land use management, and maintenance of roads, public facilities, water, sewer and storm drainage infrastructures. The Town also funds fire protection services provided by the Central County Fire Department.

Housing Element

The Housing Element is a chapter of the General Plan that outlines a community's housing plans and the polices the community has in place to ensure that they will achieve their plan's goals. Under California law every jurisdiction in the State is required to update the Housing Element of its General Plan every eight years to reflect the jurisdiction's Regional Housing Needs Allocation ("RHNA") numbers. The update must identify the locations where the RHNA housing allocations might be developed, and the supporting policies and strategies that the jurisdiction has developed to ensure achievement of their RHNA target within the current cycle (Government Code Sections 65580-65589.8). The Bay Area is currently in RHNA Cycle 5, and in the process of planning for RHNA Cycle 6, known as "RHNA 6." The deadline for State certification of Bay Area jurisdiction Housing Elements is January 2023. In January, 2021 the Association of Bay Area Governments ("ABAG") approved a draft methodology by which to allocate the region's gross RHNA number of approximately 441,000 new units. In April, 2021 that methodology was approved by the California Department of Housing and Community Development ("HCD"). The Town's share of that allocation allocated into various income categories as outlined below in the table below:

Income Level — RHNA 6 Allocation

Very Low Income (0-50% AMI) — 153

Low Income (51-79% AMI) — 88

Moderate Income (80-119% AMI) — 87

Above Moderate Income (120% AMI+) — 223

TOTAL: — 554

As the Town is predominately built out and zoned entirely single-family residential, it is anticipated that some degree of rezoning will be necessary to accommodate the Town's RHNA 6 allocation. Under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), environmental analysis must be conducted on all proposed projects, including updates to policy documents such as General Plans and their various elements, and updates to implementing tools, such as the Zoning Ordinance and Residential Design Guidelines. (California Public Resources Code § 21000 et seq.). For this reason the Town has issued this RFP seeking a professional environmental review services.


The precise scope of services in the Professional Services Agreement will be negotiated between the Town and the successful proposing consultant. Rather than present an all-inclusive scope of services for the consultant to perform, interested firms should develop their own specific scope of work based on the information found in this request, and following the most up-to date industry practices.

At a minimum, the scope of services will include completion of the CEQA compliance process and required documentation and noticing for the project, pursuant to § 16053 of State CEQA Guidelines, which includes preparation of all required notices and environmental impact assessments, any necessary consultations with resource agencies, and identification of applicable permits and approvals required, if any. The selected consultant will also be expected to attend at all CEQA-related meetings, including community meetings and meetings of the City Council.

Type of CEQA Document

All previous Town General Plan and Housing Element-related analyses have resulted in an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration (IS/MND) CEQA document. Given this past practice the Town would like to utilize this same approach. Proposal budget, scope and schedule should be developed accordingly.

Work Product

Work product will result in an IS/MND analyzing and mitigating impacts related to the Town's update of the following documents:

  • General Plan Elements
    • Housing
    • Land Use (including Land Use Map)
    • Public Safety
  • Related Implementing Tools
    • Zoning Ordinance (including Zoning Map)
    • Subdivision Ordinance
    • Residential Design Guidelines


The State Department of Housing & Community Development ("HCD") has set an estimated deadline of January 2023 for submittal of the Town's RHNA 6 Housing Element Updated. Prior to submittal, all related updates to the Town's General Plan and Zoning Ordinance must be approved by City Council, as well as the related CEQA document. Given the lead time needed for Council packet preparation and the need for two Council readings of said updates, the IS/MND must be completed no later than August 31, 2022. Missing the State RHNA 6 certification deadline would have significant and severe consequences for the Town. The selected consultant must be able to ensure that the CEQA analysis will be completed on time.


Consultants that work with the Town of Hillsborough are required to enter into a standard Town of Hillsborough Contract.


The Town will consider the following criteria in evaluating proposals:

  • Consultant Experience: Demonstration that the consultant has the ability to successfully provide services for projects of a similar nature and complexity as those described herein;
  • Staff Qualifications: Demonstration that Principals, Project Manager, and Project Team members are qualified to undertake the project;
  • Approach to Organization & Project Management: Demonstration that the consultant understands and can execute the critical path tasks that are necessary to successfully complete the scope of the project on time and on budget, and that they are committed to effectively and proactively communicating with Town staff should issues arise, should modifications need to be made to the project scope or budget and at key decision points;
  • Positive Professional References: Confirmation that the consultant has successfully undertaken projects of a similar nature and complexity via confirmation from positive professional references.


Proposals must be provided electronically. PAPER SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. For fullest consideration, the PDF should be no more than fifteen (15) pages and include the items below in the following order:

  1. Executive summary: Provide a brief summary of the consultant's understanding of the services requested and a summary of the consultant's related qualifications
  2. Project Team and Qualifications: Indicate the location of principal office that will be responsible for the implementation of the contract and the staff members which might have responsibilities related to the project tasks. Indicate names of the project manager and key personnel, their titles, and their responsibilities for both prime and sub-consultants. Include a resume of each key staff member identified.
  3. Approach Proposal: Outline the consultant's proposed approach to the services contemplated, including a general timeline demonstrating successful completion of the services by August 31, 2022.
  4. Cost Proposal and Billing Rate Sheet: Provide an estimated cost to complete the project and itemized billing rate schedule that identifies hourly rates for each proposed staff members and expenses. Include any proposed cost-plus charges on sub-consultant work, if any.
  5. References: Provide a list of references for which consultant has performed similar work. List should include client name, address, phone number, email, and a brief description of services provided.
  6. Liability Insurance: Provide a statement that all required insurances will be in force at time of contract execution. The consultant will be required to have professional liability insurance, worker's compensation insurance, and vehicle coverage insurance (including comprehensive and collision insurance) at a minimum of one million per occurrence for each policy. Insurances must be primary and non-contributory, naming the Town of Hillsborough as additional insured and waiving subrogation rights.
  7. Litigation: Provide litigation history for any claims filed by the consultant or against the consultant related to the provision of any services in the last five (5) years.
  8. Proprietary Information Statement: Provide a statement indicating that no materials included in the submitted RFP are proprietary. All submitted materials shall become the property of the Town of Hillsborough.
  9. Additional Information: Provide any additional information which consultant would like to have considered.


The Town will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity and conformance of proposal to RFP;
  • Content of the proposal, including project approach;
  • Consultant's experience and performance;
  • Key Team members' experience and performance;
  • Cost proposal; and
  • Comments from references.

The Town reserves the right to reject all proposals, to select a consultant based on proposal review only, or interview consultants, as needed. Selection will be based on information provided in the proposal, in interviews (if needed), and from the results of the Town's research. Once a consultant is selected, Town staff will make a recommendation to the City Council to enter into contract with said consultant. The City Council has the final authority to approve or reject staff's recommendation.


The anticipated schedule of activities related to this RFP is as follows:

Activity — Date

RFP Issued — May 14, 2021

Last day for questions to be submitted — May 24, 2021

Proposal Submittal Deadline — June 04, 2021 @ Noon


Town reserves the right to amend the RFP by Addendum. If necessary, the proposal submittal deadline will be extended to allow consultants additional time to respond.


Proposals must be in PDF format and be submitted electronically, via email or via a platform such as DropBox, Box, or other similar, cloud-based .FTP site. PAPER SUBMISSIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED AND WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Qualification packages are due no later than 12:00 p.m. PDT, Friday, June 04, 2021 and are to be addressed to:

Sarah A. Fleming, AICP
Director, Building & Planning
email: sfleming@hillsborough.net

All submittals will become a public record, available for review upon request.


Town shall not be liable for any pre-contractual expenses incurred by any consultant. Each consultant shall protect, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Town of Hillsborough from any and all liability, claims or expenses whosoever incurred by, or on behalf of, the entity participating in the preparation of its response to this RFP. Pre-contractual expenses are defined as expenses incurred by consultants in preparing a proposal in response to the RFP and all other expenses incurred by consultant related to preparation of project specific scope and cost proposals and contract negotiation.


The successful selection of a consultant does not constitute a contract for service. The Town shall not be obligated to respond to any proposal submitted, nor be legally bound in any manner by the submission of the proposal. The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received, to negotiate with all qualified sources or any portion of any proposal, to waive any irregularities or informalities in the RFP or in the RFP process, to make awards on the basis of that item or combination or items which, in its opinion, serves the best interest of Town, or to cancel all or part of this RFP. This RFP does not constitute any form of offer to contract.


The Town does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, ancestry, medical condition, disability, gender or sexual orientation.


Questions related to this solicitation are to be in writing (email preferred) and addressed to:

Sarah A. Fleming, AICP
Director, Building & Planning
Department of Building & Planning
Town of Hillsborough
1600 Floribunda Avenue
Hillsborough, CA 94010

email: sfleming@hillsborough.net

Request Type
Request Type
Friday, June 4, 2021
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