High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor

Agency: Columbus Regional Airport Authority
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 333912 - Air and Gas Compressor Manufacturing
Posted Date: Jan 9, 2020
Due Date: Jan 31, 2020
Solicitation No: PUB-2020-002
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High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor


Due: 01-31-2020

Code: PUB-2020-002

Status: open


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4600 International Gateway
Columbus, Ohio 43219
The Columbus Regional Airport Authority, hereafter referred to as the “Authority” or “CRAA”, intends to
purchase High Pressure breathing air compressor, Class two SCBA Containment Fill Station with three fills
and four cascade controls with regulated remote outlet, Carbon Monoxide monitor, and install with exiting
cascade bottles.
1.2 All submittals must be received by Thursday, January 31, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. local time.
Unit Price Total Price
High Pressure breathing air compressor,
Class two SCBA Containment Fill Station
with three fills and four cascade controls
with regulated remote outlet, Carbon
Monoxide monitor, and install with exiting
cascade bottles. As described below in 2.0
Compressor system - Air System - 6000 psi. 13 cfm. Charging rate with pressure switch for automatic
start & stop control. Locally mounted inter-stage pressure gauges. P2S 67,000 cu ft. purification system
with an electronic cartridge monitor. Pressure lubricated with low oil protection. Automatic condensate
drain system and PLC controller with E-Stop Button. Entire electrical assembly is UL LISTED. Single phase
electric. 230VAC
Monitor, Carbon Monoxide, includes air reduction panel with flow control and flow sensor 6000 PSI
inlet 20 PPM test gas induced.
CFS5.5-3SX4X4 - Fill Station -. Independently tested containment fill station meets NFPA 1901. Fills
three SCBA cylinders and has four cascade controls with valves and gauges. Features cylinder scuff
guard fill control panel with adjustable regulator - SCBA fill connection, top mounted cascade control
panel with regulated remote outlet - Three fill hoses with bleed valves and safety door interlock. 5500
psi fill pressure.
Containment Fill Station
The fill station shall be built and tested exceeding the current standards as established by NFPA 1901,
2016 Edition. Additionally, the fill station shall be proof tested utilizing the largest, by volume, 5500
psi SCBA cylinders available at the time of the fill station manufacturers' specification generation.
The fill station shall be designed for stationary applications. The fill station shall be constructed of formed
plate steel and shall be fully enclosed.
The fill station shall be warranted free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of
eighteen months from date of shipment or twelve months from date of start-up, whichever expires
The front-loading, three position; containment fill station shall totally enclose the SCBA cylinders during
the refilling process.
The fill station's outer enclosure and door assemblies shall be constructed of formed ¼ inch thick plate
steel. Venting shall be provided in the bottom of the fill station to allow the rapidly expanding air from
a ruptured cylinder to escape from the fill station. The fill station shall be ergonomically designed for
maximum operator convenience and safety for refilling cylinders. The fill station door and cylinder
holder assembly shall tilt out towards the operator 45 degrees, providing unobstructed access to the
cylinder holder to load and unload the cylinders. A handle and heavy-duty gas spring shall be
incorporated into the design of the fill station to assist the operator in opening and closing the fill
station door. It shall take no more than approximately eighteen pounds of effort to open or close the
fill station door thereby eliminating operator fatigue.
Each cylinder holder shall consist of a thick-walled polymer tube which will surround and cradle the SCBA
cylinder during the filling process. This type design shall eliminate the need for SCBA cylinder scuff protection
and will allow for concussive flexure in the event of a ruptured cylinder thus maximizing operator protection.
Designs that do not cradle the cylinder or allow unsupported pressurized cylinders to hang outside the fill
enclosure shall be deemed unacceptable as they expose the operator to greater risk of accidental
mishandling of a pressurized cylinder during the disconnection process.
For complete operator protection, the fill station shall include a safety interlock system that will prevent
refilling SCBA cylinders unless the fill station door is closed and secured in the locked position. The
automatic interlock will require no actuation of secondary latching mechanism on the outside of the fill
Three fill hoses shall be located within the fill station. Each fill hose shall be equipped with a bleed
valve and SCBA fill adapter of choice. Fill hose retainers shall be provided to anchor the fill hoses
when not in use.
Control Panel
The fill control panel shall be installed on the front of the fill station. The control panel shall be factory
piped and designed to fill three SCBA cylinders either independently or simultaneously.
The control panel shall include the following standard features:
Inlet pressure gauge
Adjustable pressure regulator
Regulated pressure gauge
Regulated Remote Fill; this shall include a panel mounted bulkhead fitting, adjustable
pressure regulator for up to 6000 PSI service, pressure gauge, isolation valve and quick
connect/disconnect fitting.
The following factory installed cascade panel offering shall be designed for four bank cascading. Each
shall be equipped with one (1) compressor inlet bulkhead fitting, four (4) bank valves and four (4) bank
pressure gauges.
Three (3) fill control valves
Three (3) fill pressure gauges
One (1) relief valve for regulated fill pressure
Provisions for factory or field modification to allow a different fill pressure at each fill position.
All piping and tubing shall be properly supported and protected to prevent damage from vibration during
shipment, operation or maintenance. Piping and tubing shall be installed in a neat and orderly
arrangement, adapting to the contours of the station. All instrument tubing shall be 300 series stainless
All control panel mounted pressure gauges shall be 2 ½" diameter and be liquid filled. All panel-
mounted components shall be labeled with a nameplate.
Electronic CO Monitor
1. The monitor shall be designed to monitor breathing air for Carbon Monoxide. It shall have a range
of 0-50 ppm.
2. The unit shall be powered by 120 AC. Purchase will include 5-foot long power cord which will interface
with the compressor.
3. The unit shall incorporate an electric-chemical sensor that puts out a digitized signal (analog signal
is not acceptable as these are prone to drifting). The numerical display and the flowmeter shall be
4. The electronics shall be enclosed in a NEMA-4 dust and drip tight enclosure.
5. An audible alarm shall be standard. It shall have a sound lev el of 95 decibels.
6. The unit shall be equipped with 2 alarm levels (preset but field adjustable). There shall be a red
light to indicate each alarm level. Each alarm level will have terminals that can be connected to
either shutdown the compressor or to operate a remote alarm light (or audible alarm).
7. The monitor shall be mounted on a black control panel. This panel shall be capable of accepting inlet
pressures from 50-6000 psi and regulating and controlling this to the pressure and flow required
by the monitor. The minimum equipment for this shall be a regulator to drop the inlet pressure
down to 100 psi, a diverted valve (for calibrations), an adjustable regulator and a flow meter.
8. The calibration gas will have a rigid mounted inlet connection that will allow the user to choose to
leave the gas installed or to remove this gas to prevent unauthorized use.
9. The monitor shall incorporate one-touch calibration. No tools shall be required, except to remove
the cover. One cylinder of calibration gas shall be provided with the unit.
10. The unit shall be designed for mounting on a vertical surface, with four screws. A 6000 psi hose
shall be provided to connect to the inlet air source. A tee fitting and a service shut-off valve shall
be included.
11. A complete, bound operators manual shall be provided
12. The unit shall be covered by a 12-month warranty.
13. The unit shall be rated for up to a 6000-psi inlet
14. Installation of the unit shall be provided if purchased with a compressor system.
15. All monitors will be pre-calibrated prior to shipping.
DUAL-FILL, High/Low quick connect fill system for all fill positions; the system shall allow the ability
to safely fill either 5500 PSI or lower pressure SCBA's. The fill hose(s) shall be equipped with
quick-connect fittings. Both Low and High fill adapters shall be provided. The high fill adapter,
which shall be designed to seal on 5500 PSI SCBA valves but vent on lower pressure SCBAs, shall
be protected by the safety relief valve in the fill station downstream of the regulator. The Low
fill adapter shall be coupled to an additional safety relief valve set to protect against accidental
over-pressurization of a lower pressure SCBA. (Customer to specify pressure requirement)
The system shall be designed for continuous duty operation indoors with room temperatures ranging
between 40•F and 115' Fl 3l. Installation shall not require a special foundation; however, it is the
responsibility of the purchaser to ensure the installation site has a solid and level foundation that can
support the weight of the system, the availability of a qualified source of air for the intake of the
compressor and adequate ventilation.
All piping and tubing shall be properly supported and protected to prevent damage from vibration
during shipment, operation, or maintenance. Piping and tubing shall be installed in a neat and orderly
arrangement, adapting to the contours of the system. All instrument tubing shall be either 300 series
stainless steel or pressure rated hose.
The system shall be warranted free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of eighteen
months from date of shipment or twelve months from date of start-up, whichever expires first. The
warranty shall not impose limitations on the system's accumulated operating hours during the warranty
The compressor and the purification chambers must be produced by the same manufacture.
The compressor shall be an air-cooled, oil lubricated, four stage, three cylinder, reciprocating
compressor. The 3rd stage and most importantly the final stage of compression shall be of a single
acting design. The crankcase shall be cast of aluminum magnesium alloy and engineered for superior
strength, reduced weight, and exceptional heat rejection. In addition, it shall offer a generous 2.96-
quart oil capacity. The crankshaft shall be of a single piece forged steel construction and supported in
the crankcase by three long-life roller bearings. The connecting rods shall be of single piece design and
constructed of a high strength aluminum alloy. Each connecting rod shall incorporate a roller bearing
at the crank end and needle bearing at the pin end. The pistons shall be constructed of an aluminum
alloy. Piston rings on the second and third stage are of cast iron; first and fourth stage rings shall be of
a high strength polymide. The final stage shall incorporate a ringed, free-floating, aluminum piston,
which is driven by a guide piston and third stage discharge pressure. The cylinders shall be of cast iron
construction with deep cooling fins on the external surface tor optimum heat dissipation. The cylinders
shall be arranged in a dynamically balanced, "W" configuration with each cylinder located directly in
the cooling fan's blast. The cylinders shall be removable from the crankcase. The compressor's flywheel
shall be cast iron. A multi-wing, high velocity cooling fan shall be integral to the flywheel - no auxiliary
cooling fan(s) shall be necessary.
An intercooler shall be provided after each stage of compression and an aftercooler shall be provided
after the final stage of compression. The coolers shall be individually detachable from the compressor,
located directly in the cooling fan's blast and made of stainless steel. The aftercooler shall be designed
to cool the discharge air to within 18'F of ambient temperature. A cool-downcycle shall not be required
prior to stopping the compressor.
A separator shall be supplied after each stage of compression, excluding the first stage, and a coalescing
separator shall be supplied at the discharge of the compressor. A unique "zero loss” automatic
condensate drain (ACD) system shall be supplied for all of the separators. The system shall purge the
separators on a timed event, approximately every fifteen minutes yet significantly decrease the
interstage and final separator pressure drop as found on other brands. The reduction in pressure loss
allows the compressor to reach maximum operating pressure quicker. Additionally, during the blow
down cycle, radiant noise levels shall be significantly reduced and tubing to the A.C.D. manifold and
collection reservoir are significantly reduced. The ACD system shall unload the compressor on shutdown
for unloaded restart. An exhaust muffler and condensate reservoir shall be supplied. The condensate
reservoir shall have a high liquid level indication system to provide system shutdown and to alert the
operator that the condensate reservoir is at capacity. Manually operated valves shall be supplied to
override the automatic operation of the ACO system for test and maintenance purposes.
The compressor shall be lubricated by a low-pressure lubrication system. The final stage of compression
shall be lubricated by a pressurized lubrication circuit. The other stages and the driving gear shall be
splash lubricated. The low-pressure lubrication circuit shall include a positive displacement low pressure
oil pump, gear driven by the crankshaft, a non-adjustable oil pressure regulator, and full-flow
replaceable cartridge type oil filter element. Two highly visible sight glasses shall be included to check
the oil level; one on each side of the crankcase. The oil drain for the compressor shall be extended to
the outside of the frame to ease fluid draining.
The compressor shall be equipped with an inlet filter with replaceable particulate element.
Prime Mover and V-Belt Drive
The electric motor shall be of the T.E.F.C. (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) design. The motor voltage is
230 in single or 208 three phase. In so far as wiring; making switch to 230 or 460 simple. The
compressor and motor shall be mounted on a common frame. The compressor and motor shall be
arranged in a vertical design. Power from the motor shall be transmitted to the compressor by av-belt
drive. The v-belt drive shall be designed to tighten the drive belt s automatically. Rotation arrow s shall
be affixed in a conspicuous place on the compressor.
Electrical Control & Instrumentation
The compressor control panel (CCP) shall include an across-the-line magnetic motor starter, fused
transformer and PLC controller. The CCP shall be built in accordance with UL 508A, the standard for
Industrial Control Panels and shall be affixed with a UL label.
The PLC compressor control system consists of a programmable logic controller for the monitoring,
protection and control of the compressor systems.
Standard features of the CCP include:
A NEMA type 4 electrical enclosure
UL electrical panel
Alarm indicator lights
Lamp test function built in
Lamps will flash code representing faults and warnings
Compressor on / off
Compressor High Temperature Shutdown indicator light
Condensate Drain Reservoir full indicator light
Automatic Condensate Drain system interval and duration set point s adjustable thru the Legacy HMI
Distributor kit.
Support of Co monitor (optional) alarm functions adjustable thru Legacy HMI distributor Kit.
SECURUS purification system moisture monitor warning and shutdown indicator light
Built in overtime timer set at 8 hours - optional times available thru Legacy HMI d istributor kit
Motor overload alarm indicator tight
No resettable hour meter
Recoverable Run History (last 5 run periods)
Recoverable Alarm History (last 5 fault shutdowns)
For ease of Maintenance and Repair:
PLC has removable Terminal Blocks for all functions
Diagnostic EEPROM (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) capability
Support of Two (2) Communication Protocols (optional)
o Ethernet Connection
o Analog Phone Modem
Wiring shall be encapsulated within a split corrugated type loom. Each wire end connection shall be
machine crimped and numbered.
The compressor oil pressure shall be monitored by a pressure transmitter. The compressor shall shut
down and a fault light will be indicated on the CCP should the compressor's oil pressure drop below the
factory preset value during operation. The oil pressure transmitter shall be by-passed during start -up

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