Gateway Improvement Project Dysart Road & MC 85

Agency: City of Avondale
State: Arizona
Type of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Posted Date: May 9, 2018
Due Date: May 23, 2018
Solicitation No: IFB EN 18-036.2
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Gateway Improvement Project Dysart Road & MC 85
  • Department: Development & Engineering Services, Finance & Budget
  • RFP Number: IFB EN 18-036.2
  • Start Date: 05/02/2018
  • Close Date: 05/23/2018 7:28 AM
Gateway Improvement Project Dysart Road & MC 85

The City of Avondale is issuing this Invitation for Bid to secure a qualified vendor to fabricate and install specialty decorative signs and necessary appurtenances at the northeast corner of Dysart Road and Buckeye Road (MC 85).

A MANDATORY Pre-Submittal Conference will be held on Tuesday, May 09, 2018. Pre-Bid Attendance List

Final Date for Inquiries is May 14, 2018.

Bid Deadline: May 23, 2018 at 3:00 PM.

Submittal Checklist Planholder's List

Attachment Preview

City of Avondale
Engineering Department
Solicitation Number:
EN 18-036.2
Project Number:
ST 1317
Solicitation Title:
Gateway Improvement Project Dysart Road & MC 85
Release Date:
May 2, 2018
Advertisement Dates:
May 2 and 9, 2018 – AZ Republic Southwest Valley
May 3, 2018 – AZ Republic
Prospective Bidders’ Conference:
May 9, 2018
10:00 a.m. (local-time, Phoenix, Arizona)
Avondale City Hall
11465 West Civic Center Drive
Avondale, Arizona 85323
Final Date for Inquiries:
May 14, 2018
Bid Deadline:
May 23, 2018
3:00 p.m. (local-time, Phoenix, Arizona)
Bid Opening:
May 23, 2018
3:00 p.m. (local-time, Phoenix, Arizona)
Department Representative:
Dave Janover
Procurement Administrator:
Tiffany Copp
In accordance with the City of Avondale Procurement Code, competitive sealed Bids for the services specified
herein will be received by the City Clerk at the City Clerk’s Office at the above-referenced location until the date
and time referenced above (the “Bid Deadline”). Bids received by the Bid Deadline shall be publicly opened
and the Bid Price read. Bids must be in the actual possession of the City Clerk on, or prior to, the Bid Deadline.
Late Bids shall not be considered, except as provided in the City Procurement Code. Each Bid shall be
submitted in a sealed envelope with the Solicitation Number and the Bidder’s name and address clearly indicated
on the front of the envelope.
There is no charge for the first set of Plans and Specifications.
Each additional set may be obtained in accordance with the City’s Fee Schedule.
Plans and Specifications may be picked up at the City of Avondale.
* The City of Avondale reserves the right to amend the solicitation schedule as necessary.
EN 18-036.2
The undersigned (the “Bidder”) hereby offers this Bid as an offer to contract with the City under the terms and
conditions set forth below and certifies that Bidder has read, understands and agrees to fully comply with, and
be contractually bound by, all terms and conditions as set forth in this Invitation For Bids (“IFB”), the Contract
formed hereby (as defined below) and any amendments thereto, together with all Exhibits, Specifications, Plans
and other documents included as part of this Contract (the “Contract Documents”).
Arizona Transaction (Sales) Privilege
Tax License Number:
Federal Employer Identification
Contractor Name
For Clarification of this Bid contact:
Authorized Signature for Contractor
Zip Code
Printed Name
Effective Date:
Contract No.
Official File:
CITY OF AVONDALE, an Arizona municipal
Cynthia Seelhammer, Interim City Manager
Carmen Martinez, City Clerk
Andrew J. McGuire, City Attorney
EN 18-036.2
Gateway Improvement Project Dysart Road & MC 85
EN 18-036.2
Vendor certifies that it has reviewed and verified the following plans and specifications were included
as part of IFB EN 18-036.2, released on May 2, 2018, and that the information contained therein has
been incorporated in formulating the Vendor’s Offer:
Technical Specifications, dated and sealed February 12, 2018, by Harrington Planning + Design
Plans, consisting of 8 sheets:
Sheet 1 sealed by Jason E. Harrington on 12.18.17
Sheets 2 through 7 sealed by Jason E. Harrington on 06.30.17
Sheet 8 sealed by Ali Samih Fakih on 03.06.17
Print Name and Title
Company Name
EN 18-036.2
For purposes of this Invitation for Bids, the following definitions shall apply:
1.1 “Bid” or “Offer” means a responsive bid or quotation submitted by a Bidder in response to this
Invitation for Bids.
1.2 “Bid Deadline” means the date and time set forth on the cover of this IFB for the City Clerk to be
in actual possession of the sealed Bids.
1.3 “Bid Opening” means the date and time set forth on the cover of this Invitation for Bids for
opening of sealed Bids.
1.4 “Bidder” means any person or firm submitting a competitive Bid in response to this IFB.
1.5 “City” means the City of Avondale, an Arizona municipal corporation.
1.6 “City Representative” means the City employee who has specifically been designated to act as a
contact person to the City’s Procurement Administrator, and who is responsible for monitoring and overseeing
the Contractor’s performance under this Contract and for providing information regarding details pertaining to
the Work.
1.7 “Confidential Information” means that portion of a Bid, proposal, Offer, Specification or protest
that contains information that the person submitting the information believes should be withheld, provided (i) such
person submits a written statement advising the City of this fact at the time of the submission and (ii) the
information is so identified wherever it appears.
1.8 “Contract” means, collectively, (i) the executed Offer/Bid, (ii) the executed Acknowledgment of
Plans and Specifications, (iii) this IFB, including all completed exhibits, (iv) the Notice of Award, (v) the Notice
to Proceed or Purchase Order(s), (vi) any approved Addendum, Change Order or Amendment, (vii) the
Contractor’s Certificates of Insurance and a copy of the Declarations Page(s) of the insurance policies, (viii) the
Certificate of Completion and (ix) any Plans, Specifications, Reference Documents or other documents
attached, appended or incorporated herein by reference. Alternate or optional bid items will become part of this
Contract only if they are accepted by the City in writing on the Price Sheet.
1.9 “Contractor” means the individual, partnership, corporation or limited liability company who has
submitted a Bid in response to this IFB and who, as a result of the competitive bidding process, is awarded a
contract for Materials or Services by the City.
1.10 “Contract Time” means the time period during which the Contractor must complete all of the
Work related to the Project.
1.11 “Day(s)” means calendar day(s) unless otherwise specified.
1.12 “Department Representative” is the person listed on the cover of this IFB to whom inquiries are to
be directed.
1.13 “Engineer” means the City Engineer or authorized designee.
1.14 “Final Completion” shall be defined as set forth in Section 3.18 and shall occur not later than 30
Days from the date of Substantial Completion unless otherwise designated by the Engineer and subject to
modification by changes in the Work as provided in Section 3.16 below.
EN 18-036.2
1.15 “Invitation for Bids” or “IFB” means this request by the City for participation in the competitive
bidding process according to all documents, including those attached or incorporated herein by reference, utilized
for soliciting Bids for the Materials and/or Services in compliance with the City’s Procurement Code.
1.16 “MAG Specifications” means, collectively, the “Uniform Standard Specifications for Public
Works Construction,” current edition as of the date of Contract award and the “Uniform Standard Details for
Public Works Construction,” current edition as of the date of Contract award, which are sponsored and distributed
by the Maricopa Association of Governments (“MAG”) and any amendments or supplements adopted by the City.
1.17 “MAG Supplement” means the City of Avondale Supplement to the MAG Uniform Standard
Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction, dated April, 2008.
1.18 “Materials” means any personal property, including equipment, materials, replacements and
supplies provided by the Contractor in conjunction with this Contract and shall include, in addition to Materials
incorporated in the Project, equipment and other material used and/or consumed in the performance of the Work.
1.19 “Multiple Award” means an award of an indefinite quantity contract for one or more similar
products, commodities or Services to more than one Bidder.
1.20 “Plans” means drawings relating to the Project, prepared by or on behalf of the City, bearing the
seal of the professional who is responsible for their preparation.
1.21 “Price” means the total expenditure for the defined Project, inclusive of all Materials,
commodities or Services.
1.22 “Procurement Administrator” means a City employee, as designated on the cover of this IFB,
who has specifically been designated to act as a contact person to the Bidders and/or Contractor relating to their
1.23 “Procurement Agent” means the City Manager or authorized designee.
1.24 “Procurement Code” means the City’s Procurement Code, as amended from time to time.
1.25 “Project” means the purpose and Work described as set forth in Section 2.1, in the
“Purpose/Scope of Work” of the IFB.
1.26 “Punch List” means that list of items provided by City to Contractor at the time of Substantial
Completion indicating items to be completed or corrected, including the time for completion or correction by
Contractor after Substantial Completion.
1.27 “Reference Documents” means information provided by the City relating to the Project that must
be evaluated by the Contractor and incorporated into its Bid.
1.28 “Services” means the furnishing of labor, time or effort by a Contractor, not involving the delivery
of a specific end product other than reports which are merely incidental to the required performance and as further
defined in this Contract. This term does not include “professional and technical services” as defined in the
Procurement Code.
1.29 “Specification” means any description of the physical characteristics, functional characteristics, or
the nature of a commodity, product, supply or Services. The term may include a description of any requirements
for inspecting, testing, or preparing a supply or service item for delivery.

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