For Structural Portland Cement Concrete

Agency: Madison County
State: Alabama
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Oct 2, 2018
Due Date: Oct 22, 2018
Solicitation No: 2018-46
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bid number description open date
2018-46 For Structural Portland Cement Concrete 10/22/2018

Attachment Preview

Finance Department
100 Northside Square
Room 700
Huntsville, AL 35801
Bid Date
Bid Number
Bid Title
For Structural Portland Cement
Bid Opening Date
2:00 PM
Please submit a sealed price quotation of the items listed herein. (Faxed bids will not be
accepted.) The submissions will be addressed to Madison County Purchasing; 100 Northside
Square, Room 700; Huntsville, AL 35801 until the date and time shown above, and publicly
opened on date specified above. If unable to quote, write "NO BID" on the enclosed response
form and return.
Complete specifications of items not adequately defined herein may be obtained upon request.
Brand names and catalog numbers identified are used solely to indicate expected levels of
quality. If you are unable to furnish an item as specified and desire to furnish a substitute, give a
full description of the item. Final determination as to equal quality of substitution will be made
by the Procurement Specialist.
The Madison County Commission reserves the right to award this bid on an all-or-none or
item by item basis, to refuse all bids, and to waive technicalities.
Questions regarding this bid should be directed to Houston Matthews:
Vendor Name must show on envelope along with the bid number and opening date.
Each numbered bid must be in a separate envelope.
All documents submitted to Madison County will be subject to Alabama's Open Records Laws (Code of
Alabama, Title 36-12-40 and 41, as last amended). Due to the provisions of the Open Records Laws and the
Competitive Bid Laws (especially Code of Alabama, Title 41-16-24(b)), the Madison County Commission
cannot assure any Bidder that any information submitted with the bid, even though marked "Proprietary" will
not be open to public inspection and copying.
Terms of payment _____________________________________________________________________
I hereby affirm that I have not been in any agreement or collusion among vendors or prospective vendors in
restraint of freedom of competition, by agreement to bid at a fixed price or to refrain from bidding, or
otherwise. COMPANY NAME: _____________________________________
Subscribed and sworn to before
SIGNATURE: __________________________________________
Me this______________ day of
PRINT NAME: _________________________________________
STREET ADDRESS: ____________________________________
CITY: _________________STATE:______ ZIP CODE: _________
PHONE #:____________________ FAX #:___________________
Tyler Rosenblum
Procurement Specialist
Madison County Commission
Awarding Authority
DATE: 10/02/2018
EMAIL ADDRESS: _____________________________________
FEDERAL ID# _________________________________________
Bid Number must appear on the outside of the bid envelope.
No oral, telephonic, facsimile, e-mailed modifications or alternate bids will be considered. Bids
from firms, individuals, or the same owners of separate companies submitting more than
one bid will not be considered.
Bidders must submit an original and one (1) copy of its bid. Incomplete and/or irregular bids may be
subject to rejection. The following forms must be submitted:
a) Bid Response Form (included in Bid Packet)- must be completed in its entirety and signed by an
authorized agent of the company. Bid forms that are not signed will be disqualified. All
submissions must be printed or written in ink.
b) Bid Detail Form – (included in Bid Packet) – must be signed by person completing form
c) Bid Specification Sheet (if included in bid packet) – each specification must be initialized to
indicate acknowledgment.
d) Business License – a copy of a current City of Huntsville business and Madison County Business
License, if required by law, and shall be current on payment of all city and county sales taxes.
If vendor is not required to have a City of Huntsville Business License or a Madison County
Business License, vendor must specify why a license is not required.
e) Sworn Affidavit of Employer Regarding Unauthorized Aliens - (Included in bid package or
available on-line at county website)
f) Sworn Affidavit of Subcontractor Regarding Unauthorized Aliens - (Included in bid package
or available on-line at county website)
g) Memo of Understanding (available on E-Verify website after registration)
Madison County Commission may add or delete locations, as needed, during the
period of the contract.
Shipping shall be F.O.B., Destination. Delivery address will be specified in the awarded Purchase Order.
Vendors having a place of business within the legal boundaries of Madison County
shall be given a 5% preference over vendors located outside of the legal boundaries of
Madison County.
Unless otherwise specified, the contract period will be for one year with two one year renewable option
period.. Prices shall remain firm for the entire contract period.
1. Successful vendors will keep in effect at all times, and must furnish the Madison County
Commission, with Certificates for the following insurance coverage:
a. $1 million General Liability
b. $1 million Auto Liability
c. $1 million Workers Compensation
2. Successful vendors must provide performance bond in the amount of the contract. This provision
is bid specific and will be defined in the bid specifications or relevant contract, if required.
Such bond will be required before the start of work by the successful vendor.
3. Successful vendor must provide completed W-9 form.
4. The Madison County Commission and successful vendor reserves the right to terminate agreement
at any time during the contract period, providing either party gives a sixty (60) day written notice
Bid Specifications – Structural Portland Cement Concrete
1. All products and materials shall conform to Section 501: Structural Portland Cement Concrete of
the Alabama Department of Transportation Standard Specifications for Highway Construction,
2012 Edition. Mix design, material inspection, and test reports shall be available upon request.
2. Bid pricing submitted shall be valid for a period of one (1) year. Upon mutual agreement
between Madison County and the successful vendor prior to the expiration of the Bid, the Bid
period may be extended for two (2) additional and consecutive one (1) year periods.
3. Bid pricing shall be submitted for all items listed on the Bid Form. Bids submitted without
pricing shown for all items on the Bid Form, or noticeably unbalanced Bids, will be considered
incomplete and will be rejected. Madison County reserves the right to reject any and all Bids
4. Bid pricing submitted shall include all material, production, and delivery costs and all other fees
and associated costs for the provision of the bid items and delivery to the requested location.
5. Quantities shown on the Bid Form are estimated quantities for the purpose of awarding the Bid
only. No guarantee is made that any item in any quantity will be ordered during the period of
the Bid. Madison County reserves the right to order various quantities of any item shown on the
Bid Form on an as-needed basis.
6. The Contractor shall provide all requested quantities of the specified concrete to the requested
location within twenty-four (24) hours of the placed order. The Contractor shall provide delivery
tickets to the respective requesting Madison County office, department, or on-site personnel for
all material requested and delivered under this Bid.
7. Delivery locations are limited to the boundaries of Madison County, Alabama. Delivery zones
noted on the Bid Form shall be based the linear distance from the Madison County Courthouse
to the requested delivery location (see attached Delivery Zone map).
8. Concrete strength requirements noted on the Bid Form are minimum 28-day compressive
strength requirements per the ALDOT Standard Specification referenced above.
9. All questions or inquiries regarding the bid shall be directed to:
Mr. Houston Matthews, P.E.
266-C Shields Road
Huntsville, AL 35811
(256) 746-2900

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