Fleet Tires - Automotive, LT Truck & Misc. Tires & Tire Studding Services

Agency: El Dorado County
State: California
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 423130 - Tire and Tube Merchant Wholesalers
  • 441320 - Tire Dealers
  • 811111 - General Automotive Repair
  • 811198 - All Other Automotive Repair and Maintenance
Posted Date: Apr 19, 2019
Due Date: May 21, 2019
Solicitation No: 19-863-075
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Dates Number/Description Forms & Addenda etc

Due Date: 5/21/2019
New Date:
Issued: 4/19/2019

Contact: Rick Blake

Fleet Tires - Automotive, LT Truck & Misc. Tires & Tire Studding Services

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Attachment Preview

Procurement & Contracts
ATTN: Purchasing Agent
330 Fair Lane
Placerville, CA 95667
DUE: 3:00 PM - May 21, 2019
Sealed Bids must be clearly marked on the outside
of the package with :
"BID #19-863-075, MAILROOM - DO NOT OPEN"
General: The El Dorado County Procurement & Contracts Division is requesting bids for the purchase
of automotive, light truck, and miscellaneous tires and tire studding services for El Dorado County Fleet.
Purchases will be made on an "as requested" basis during the awarded thirty-six (36-month) month
period. The annual allocated budget for Fleet tires and tire studding services is $150,000.00; the County
makes no guarantee as to the total amount to be purchased during the awarded period.
As directed by the County, tires purchased will be delivered to the Fleet Yard located at 2443
Headington Road, Placerville, CA, where the tires will be mounted by the County, or delivered to Five
Star Automotive for mounting, located at 2119 Ruth Avenue, South Lake Tahoe, CA.
The bid may be awarded by Category ("A" through "G") to the lowest responsible and responsive
Information: For additional information, contact Rick Blake, Sr. Buyer at (530) 621-5873 (email
rick.blake@edcgov.us). Bidders shall direct all inquiries to the County Procurement and Contracts
Division Purchasing Agent and shall not contact the requesting department directly regarding any matter
related to this Invitation to Bid.
Prior to preparing your bid submittal, please note the General Terms and Conditions, Instructions to Bidders, Item #3 which states:
Erasures, overwrites and the use of correction fluid or tape are NOT acceptable.
Firm Name
Mailing Address
E-Mail Address
Signature of Authorized Agent
Print Name & Title of Authorized Agent
Copies of bids available at http://www.edcgov.us
Procurement & Contracts
Page 2
INVITATION TO BID & BID: #19-863-075
Bid Preparation I Submittal Checklist
All required bidder information on Page one (1) of the Invitation to Bid is
completed and has the original signature of an authorized agent.
Note that erasures, overwrites and the use of correction tape or fluid are NOT
acceptable. Refer to Item #3 of the General Terms and Conditions for specific
Any categories bid on the Quotation Schedule, Pages twelve (12) through
nineteen (19), are bid 100% complete if marked "X" mandatory.
Note any prompt payment discounts available on the Quotation Schedule,
Page twenty (20).
Indicate delivery lead times on the Quotation Schedule, Page twenty (20).
A valid California Seller's Permit number is entered on Page seven (7) .
All requirements of Invitation to Bid have been met.
Local Vendor Preference Affidavit of Eligibility form submitted with bid; link to
form information available on Page nine (9) .
(The remainder of this page intentionally left blank.)
Procurement & Contracts
Page 3
INVITATION TO BID & BID: #19-863-075
General Terms and Conditions
Instructions to Bidders:
(1) Bidders are responsible to see that the bid is received in the Procurement & Contracts
Division prior to the bid opening deadline. Late bids will be returned unopened.
(2) All bids must be submitted in ink on the bid form. Cover letters, additional sheets, etc. may be
included. The total bid excluding sales tax must appear on the bid form as indicated.
(3) Erasures, overwrites and use of correction fluid or tape are NOT acceptable . All changes
(price, model numbers, part numbers, etc.) must be lined out and corrections inserted
adjacent to and initialed by the bidder's authorized representative.
(4) Vendor is required to quote "NEW" equipment, material or product. Recycled,
remanufactured, or previously owned product will not be accepted unless otherwise stated in
the Invitation to Bid.
(5) All bids must include the company name and address and must be signed by an authorized
representative of the company; signature must be an original signature, or an original
signature stamp, on the County Bid Form.
(6) Alternate or incomplete bids will NOT be accepted.
(7) The County, at its sole option, may correct arithmetic or extension errors, and obtain
clarification, if necessary.
(8) If no terms discount is to be offered, the terms portion of the bid form shall state "NET".
(9) If delivery specified is impossible, bidder must state best delivery available on the bid form.
Number of days shall mean calendar days After Receipt of Order (ARO) . Bids quoting
delivery beyond the requirement may be rejected.
(10) Bid modifications, corrections, or additions received beyond the bid deadline will NOT be
(11) Telephone, facsimile, or emailed bids will NOT be accepted .
(12) Bid prices shall be firm for a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days from the bid opening unless
otherwise indicated on the bid form.
(13) By submitting a response to this Invitation to Bid, Bidder acknowledges and accepts the
County's standard terms and conditions incorporated as Exhibit "A".
(14) Any alteration to the Invitation to Bid must be added in addenda form, and must be issued by
the County Purchasing Agent.
Procurement & Contracts
Page 4
INVITATION TO BID & BID: #19-863-075
(15) Protest Procedure: Award of bid will be published on the County's website:
http ://edcapps .edcgov.us/contracts/bidresults .asp
Bidders have ten (10) business days from the date of the posting to submit a letter of protest
to the Purchasing Agent. Letter must be signed by an authorized representative stating
specific reason(s) for the protest including all relevant facts (law, rule, regulation, criteria).
(1) The use of brand and/or manufacturer names in the bid specification is for descriptive
purposes only. Unless otherwise specified, products of comparable quality and performance
will be cons idered .
(2) Bidders offering other than the referenced brands are to note their brand name and catalog
model number on the bid form.
(1) All items purchased shall be guaranteed against defects when used for the purposes for
which they were designed for.
Ta x es:
(1) Bidders shall NOT include Federal Excise Taxes. An exemption certificate will be furnished to
the successful bidder upon request.
(2) Applicable taxes and fees will be added when the purchase order is issued.
(1) Samples of items, when required , must be furnished to the County at the bidder's expense. If
possible, samples will be returned upon request and at the bidder's expense. Samples of
selected items may be retained for comparison.
(1) The County reserves the right to require the successful bidder to provide a performance bond
in an amount determined by the County. Unless specifically required on the bid form, a
performance bond will NOT be required.
(2) Certification of the performance bond shall be required following bid award and prior to the
release of a purchase order.
(3) Unless specifically required on the form, bidder's bonds will NOT be required.
Procurement & Contracts
Page 5
INVITATION TO BID & BID: #19-863-075
(1) Regardless of amount, unless specifically approved by the County Board of Supervisors,
award shall be made to the lowest responsive, responsible qualified bidder.
(2) In determining the successful bidder, consideration will be given to quality, delivery, warranty,
compatibility with existing equipment, and any other information considered to be in the best
interests of the County.
(3) It is unlawful for any person to furnish supplies or services or transact any_kind of business in
the unincorporated territory of EL Dorado County without possessing a County business
license unless exempt under County Code Section 5.08.070. Contact Tax Collector's Office,
360 Fair Lane, Placerville, CA 95667, telephone (530) 621-5800, for further information.
(4) In accordance with Board Policy, 5.7.1, effective October 11, 2006, the local vendor
preference is 5%. Vendor shall have established a place of business within El Dorado County
prior to publication of the call for bids.
(5) The County of El Dorado is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). Minorities, Females and
Handicapped are encouraged to participate (M/F/H).
(6) If the bid is on an "All or Nothing" basis, bidder shall so state. The County reserves the right
to make awards on individual items of a multiple item bid if deemed to be in the best interest
of the County.
(7) The County reserves the right to reject any and all bids, or to waive any informality or
nonsubstantial irregularity in any bid .
(8) The County reserves the right to purchase quantities by necessity only regardless of
approximate quantities indicated on the bid form. Bidder shall also have the right to refuse
sale in reduced quantities; in such instances, the award shall go to the next lowest qualified
(9) In case of default by vendor, the County may procure the articles or service from other source
and may recover the loss occasioned thereby from any unpaid balance due the vendor or by
proceeding against performance bond of vendor, if any, or by legal process against vendor.
The prices paid by County shall be considered the prevailing market price at the time such
purchase is made.
(The remainder of this page intentionally left blank.)

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