Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit Projects to upgrade existing Internal and/or External lightin...

Agency: State Government of Oklahoma
State: Oklahoma
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Posted Date: May 29, 2020
Due Date: Jul 8, 2020
Solicitation No: 1600000054
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Solicitation Detail

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Commerce, Department of - DOC
Contract Type
Regular Acquisition

Solicitation Number:
Closing Date Status:

Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit Projects to upgrade existing Internal and/or External lighting systems that will reduce energy use and utility cost; reduce maintenance, and improve color rendering for better optics, safety and security
Richard Williams
Closing Date:

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Bidder Instructions Solicitation pdf
Attachment A Solicitation pdf
State General Terms - Contract Attachment B Solicitation pdf
Appendix 1 Solicitation pdf
Responding Bidder Information Solicitation pdf
Non-Collusion Certification Solicitation pdf
OMESFormVendorPayee (1) Solicitation pdf

83100000 Utilities
83101900 Energy conservation
83101901 Energy conservation programs

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Attachment Preview

Bidder Instructions
Cover Page
Solicitation#: 1600000054
Solicitation Issue Date: 5/29/20
Bid Response:
3:00 p.m. on 7/8/202
3:00 p.m. on 6/10/20
Agency: X
Agency Name/Number: Oklahoma Department of Commerce (ODOC)/160
X Request for Proposal
Request for Quote
Invitation to Bid
Information technology Bidder Instructions are applicable:
X No
Terms regarding sensitive data will be included in the Contract including, but not limited to:
Submit email bid responses to:
Name: Richard Williams
2 Amendments to the Solicitation may change the Bid Response Due Date (read “Solicitation Amendments” in these Bidder
Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services Bidder Instructions
Information related to the Bid submission process is contained in these Bidder Instructions. Prospective
Bidders are urged to read the Solicitation and these Bidder Instructions carefully. Failure to do so shall be
at the Bidder’s risk.
The following terms, when used in these Bidder Instructions, shall have the following meanings:
1.1 Alternate Bid means a Bid which contains an intentional substantive variation to a basic provision,
specification, term or condition of the Solicitation.
1.2 Amendment means a written change, addition, correction or revision to the Solicitation by the
State agency issuing the Solicitation.
1.3 BAFO means a best and final offer requested by the State agency issuing the Solicitation.
1.4 Bid means an offer a Bidder submits in response to the Solicitation.
1.5 Bidder means an individual or business entity that submits a Bid in response to the Solicitation.
1.6 Bid Packet means the order described in these Bidder Instructions in which all Bidders shall insert
the relevant sections of a Bid and which shall be the format for all submitted Bids.
1.7 OAC means the Oklahoma Administrative Code.
Instructions Compliance
These Bidder Instructions are not part of the Contract resulting from the Solicitation; however, compliance
with these Instructions is material to the determination of whether a Bid is responsive. Terms, requirements
and specifications may be stated or phrased differently than in a previous solicitation irrespective of past
interpretations, practices or customs. Solicitation requirements are altered only by written Amendment and
verbal communications from any source whatsoever are of no effect. In no event shall the Bidder’s failure
to read and understand any term or condition in the Solicitation or related documents constitute grounds for
a claim after award of the Contract.
Communications and Questions Concerning Solicitation
The Contracting Officer listed on the Bidder Instructions Cover Page is the only individual the Bidder
should contact, or communicate with, regarding any questions or issues with the Solicitation or a
Bid. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the Bid being considered non-responsive or not
considered for further evaluation.
3.1 General Questions
A. Questions should be concise, identify the document, include specific section references
and avoid use of tables or special formatting (use simple lists).
Page 2 of 15
B. Information Technology Bids(This RFP is Non-Information Technology)
i If information technology Bidder Instructions are applicable (see Bidder Instructions
Cover Page), Bidder may submit general questions concerning the specifications of the
Solicitation online. Questions received via any other means will not be addressed.
ii Registration with the State of Oklahoma for wiki access is located at Access should be
requested at least five (5) business days prior to the Questions Due Date. The State is
not responsible for a Bidder’s lack of access to the wiki.
C. Non-Information Technology Bids
If information technology Bidder Instructions are not applicable (see Bidder Instructions
Cover Page), Bidder may submit general questions concerning the specifications of the
Solicitation at the Contracting Officer’s email address shown on the Bidder Instructions
Cover Page. Questions received via any other means will not be addressed.
3.2 Clarification Questions
The State reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to request clarifications of Bid information or to conduct
discussions for the purpose of clarification with any or all Bidders. The purpose of any such discussion
shall be to ensure full understanding of the Bid. If clarifications are made because of such discussion, the
Bidder(s) shall put such clarifications in writing. Bidder answers that are outside scope of the clarification
questions shall be disregarded. Oral explanations or instructions provided to a potential Bidder is not
Administrative Review
4.1 A Bidder that believes the Solicitation requirements or specifications, or Bid Response Due Date,
are unnecessarily restrictive or limit competition may submit a request for administrative review,
in writing, to the Contracting Officer. The State shall promptly respond in writing to each written
administrative review request, and where appropriate, issue a revision, substitution or clarification
through an Amendment. Requests for administrative review of technical or contractual
requirements shall include the reason for the request, supported by information, and any proposed
4.2 If a Bidder fails to notify the Contracting Officer of an error, ambiguity, conflict, discrepancy,
omission or other error in the Solicitation known to Bidder, or that reasonably should have been
known by Bidder, the Bidder accepts the risk of submitting a Bid and, if awarded the Contract,
Page 3 of 15
shall not be entitled to additional compensation, relief or time by reason of the error or its later
Solicitation Amendments
5.1 Any Solicitation Amendment shall be set forth at the same online link as the Solicitation.
5.2 It is the Bidder’s responsibility to check the State’s website frequently for any possible
Amendments to the Solicitation that may be issued. The State is not responsible for the Bidder’s
failure to download any amendment documents required to complete a Bid.
Confidentiality Request
Unless otherwise specified in the Oklahoma Open Records Act, Central Purchasing Act, or other applicable
law, documents and information a Bidder submits as part of or in connection with a Bid are public records
and subject to disclosure after contract award pursuant to OAC 260:115-3-93. However, a public Bid
opening does not make the Bid immediately accessible to the public. All material submitted by a Bidder
becomes the property of the State. No portion of a Bid shall be considered confidential after award of the
Contract except, pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.10, information in the Bid determined to be confidential by the
State Purchasing Director or delegate. Typically, a properly submitted confidentiality claim of a potential
awardee is reviewed and determined prior to award; a properly submitted confidentiality claim of a non-
awarded Bidder is reviewed and determined only when responding to an open records request concerning
the Bid. Additional information regarding information considered confidential by a Bidder is provided in
Section 8.2.C below.
Acceptance of Solicitation Content
Unless otherwise provided in Section Four of a Bidder’s response to the Solicitation, all Bids shall be firm
representations that the responding Bidder has carefully investigated and will comply with all State terms
and conditions relating to the Solicitation Upon award of a contract to the successful Bidder, such terms
and conditions, as may be amended by the Bid after negotiation, shall become contractual obligations
between the parties.
Required Bid Structure
8.1 Preparation of Bid
A. The Bid is required to be structured into separate, labelled and easily identifiable sections
using the Bid Packet format provided below. A Bid submitted using any other format may
not be accepted. The Bid should not contain duplicative content. Any section of the Bid
Packet that is not applicable to the Bid shall have a page inserted to denote the section is
not applicable. For instance, if business references are not required, the Bid should contain
a page after the “Business References” section heading that reads “Not Applicable”, “N/A”
or some similar notation.
3 OAC 260:115-3-9 is located at
Page 4 of 15
B. The Bid will be evaluated using a best value criteria, based on the following:
i Proposal Quality and Thoroughness of Work Plan, Timeline and Budget
(a) Proposals will be evaluated based on the level of proposed project detail and
overall quality of information contained in the submitted documents.
ii Experience and Qualifications of Project Team
(a) Proposal will be evaluated on the experience and qualifications of the project
team in managing related Federal Grants.
iii Project Feasibility and Impact
(a) Projects will be evaluated on their likelihood to achieve the purpose, outcomes
and task required by the solicitation established timeframe (Section 2.2.1 -
Attachment A).
iv Project Priorities
(a) Projects incorporating project priorities documented in the solicitation (Section
2.4.2 – Attachment A).
v Project Preferences
(a) Projects incorporating project preferences documented in the solicitation (See
below Sections and 8.1.D.ii).
vi Preference will be given to projects involving:
(a) Projects that have not installed energy efficient lighting in the last twenty (20)
(b) Projects proposing the use of sensors and/or controls to achieve higher energy
(c) Projects incorporating EnergyStar Products:
C. Pricing shall be proposed as follows:
i A total of $100,000 is expected to be available. The minimum grant award will be
$10,000 and the maximum grant award will not exceed $40,000. Grant funds will be
awarded for the purchase and installation of upgraded energy efficient lighting
systems. Applicant (s) must provide a complete budget using the Lighting Energy
Efficiency Grant Project Budget Form found in Appendix X. Budgets must be itemized
and accompanied by a budget narrative adequately describing each budget category.
All applicants must contribute matching funds (See below Section 8.1.D.iv).
D. The following additional company information is required to be included in the Bid:
i Bidders will submit a project Work Plan describing five (5) stages of project
management. Addressing scope, time, procurement, cost and quality.
(a) Project Scope and Implementation including proposed lighting products
(b) Project Timelines with Deadlines
(c) Project Execution with Milestones
(d) Project Monitoring and Site Management
(i) Disposal and Recycling of replaced lighting components
(e) Project Completion and Closeout
ii Bidders will submit a Preliminary Energy Audit (walk-through audit) and supporting
documentation that validates the current energy use and utility cost, and an
assessment to support the amount of energy and cost savings expected.
(a) Preference points will be given to projects with Energy Audits completed by a
Qualified Auditor (Section 2.1.5 – Attachment A).
Page 5 of 15

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