District Multi-Function Devices

Agency: Norman Public Schools
State: Oklahoma
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 532420 - Office Machinery and Equipment Rental and Leasing
Posted Date: Feb 23, 2024
Due Date: Mar 22, 2024
Solicitation No: 2024004
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2024004 District Multi-Function Devices Cameron Cox, Cameronc@norman.k12.ok.us 2/22/24 3/22/24 Open View PDF

Attachment Preview

Independent School District #29 of Cleveland County, Oklahoma d/b/a Norman Public Schools
Request for Proposal # 2024004
District Multi-function Devices
Return Sealed Proposal to this
NPS Purchasing Department
131 South Flood
Norman, OK 73069
Date of Issuance: 2-23-24
Bidder Name:
Bid Number: 2024004
Bidder Address:
Bid Name: District Multi-Function Devices
Bidder Phone & Facsimile:
Bid Due Date: 3-22-2024
Bidder Email Address:
Bid Due Time: 11:00 am CT
Vendor hereby agrees to comply with all conditions of this Invitation to Bid and ensuing proposal. Bidder guarantees that the product
offered will meet or exceed specifications identified in this proposal.
Independent School District #29 of Cleveland County, OK d/b/a Norman Public Schools conducts all bids in accordance with NPS
Board of Education approved policy. Contracts for one item/service, or multiples of that item/service in excess of $100,000 shall be
awarded based on the results of a sealed bid. In the event that a construction/improvement project exceeds $100,000, regulations of
the Competitive Bid Act of 1974 will be enforced.
Non-Collusion Affidavit
State of
County of
_____________________________________________, of lawful age, being first duly sworn, on oath says that (s)he is the agent
authorized by the bidder to submit the attached bid. Affiant further states that the bidder has not been a party to any collusion among
bidders in restraint of freedom of competition by agreement to bid at a fixed price or to refrain from bidding; or with any state official
or employee as to quantity, quality, or price in the prospective contract, or any other terms of said prospective contract; or in any
discussions between bidders and any state official concerning exchange of money or other thing of value for special consideration in the
letting of a contract.
Signature of Representative: _____________________________________________
Subscribed and sworn to before me this
day of
My Commission expires:
Notary Public
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Terms & Conditions
All contracts and agreements are with Independent School District #29 (ISD-29) of Cleveland County, Oklahoma d/b/a Norman Public Schools (hereinafter
“NPS” or “the District”).
Proposals must be submitted in accordance with the terms and conditions contained in this Invitation to Bid/Request for Proposal/Request for Quote
(hereinafter “ITB/RFP/RFQ”).
All ITB/RFP/RFQ/RFQ’s submitted are subject to the District’s purchasing policies and procedures and the terms and conditions listed herein, which are
made a part of this ITB/RFP/RFQ by reference. This ITB/RFP/RFQ, any purchase order or contract, and all related payments will be governed by the laws of the State
of Oklahoma and the District’s purchasing policies and procedures.
Inquiries for information regarding procurement procedures, proposal submission requirements, or other fiscal/administrative concerns shall be directed to
the Independent School District #29 of Cleveland County, OK d/b/a Norman Public Schools (hereinafter “NPS”) Director of Purchasing in writing via facsimile or
email. These guidelines for communication have been established to ensure a fair and equitable evaluation process for all respondents.
Preparation of Invitation to Bid/Request for Proposal/Request for Quote (hereinafter “bid”):
It is the bidder’s responsibility to examine the bid to include, but not limited to:
General Terms and Conditions, Specifications, Amendments, Attachments, Meetings, etc.
Bidder shall return, sign, and notarize (if applicable) all required forms listed on the cover page.
Bid shall be typewritten or written in ink. Pencil bids will not be accepted. Erasures or changes shall be initialed by the authorized individual
signing this bid.
Bid Submission
Bid shall be placed in a sealed envelope bearing the proposal number, date & time of bid opening, and bidder's company name and address. Facsimile and telephone
bids are unacceptable. Bids received after the stated bid opening date and time shall not be accepted and shall be returned unopened to the vendor. NPS is not
responsible for delays in the delivery of mail by the U.S. Postal Service, private couriers, or any other means of delivery. All bids shall be delivered to the NPS
Purchasing Department, 131 S. Flood Avenue, Norman, OK 73069.
By submitting this bid, vendor acknowledges and approves the terms and conditions established by the District in this bid. These terms and conditions may not be
altered by the vendor, either by the terms of the bid or by any acknowledgement or attachment.
Bidder shall acknowledge receipt of amendment(s) to bids by signing and returning the amendment(s). Amendment acknowledgement(s) may be submitted with the bid
reply or may be forwarded separately via mail or facsimile. The amendment(s) shall be received on or before the bid due date and time.
Preparation Costs
NPS will not be liable for any costs associated with the preparation of materials for offeror’s bid submission.
Right to Reject or Accept
NPS reserves the right to reject any or all bids, accept the bid deemed most advantageous to the school district, and to waive any technicalities. The district is under no
obligation to accept any bid.
Solicitation Results
The Purchasing Department, upon evaluation of solicitation results, and unless all responses are rejected, will issue a Purchase Order if the amount is less than
$50,000.00. If the amount is greater than $50,000.00, the Director of Purchasing will recommend the award to the Board of Education for approval at a public Board of
Education meeting. If approved, the Purchasing Department will subsequently issue the Purchase Order. The Purchasing Department does not routinely notify
unsuccessful vendors or mail bid tabulations. Bid results are available upon request.
All or None
Contracts resulting from this bid may be awarded on an “All or None” basis, or by individual item or grouped items, whichever is deemed to be in the best interest of
NPS. Contract awards will be made to the lowest and the best bidder. Contract award decisions are further subject to any additional terms and conditions contained in
this bid.
Tie Bids
In the instance where one or more vendors shall offer materials, supplies, services, or other equipment at an identical “total price,” preference shall be given to such
vendors in the following order:
State Contract Vendors
In those instances where two or more vendors who are judged to belong in the same classification shall submit identical quotations for the same item, it shall be the
administrative responsibility of the Director of Purchasing Services to select that vendor who shall be awarded the purchase contract based upon consideration of each
vendor’s past performance such as meeting delivery deadlines, product warranties, and meeting specifications. If the past performance of the vendors is equal, then the
selection shall be by means of a chance drawing conducted by the Director of Purchasing Services and witnessed by those vendors affected provided they express a desire
to be present.
Unless otherwise specified, all items ordered for delivery shall be shipped FOB Destination and delivered to the Independent School District #29 of Cleveland County,
OK d/b/a Norman Public Schools Warehouse located at 4100 North Flood, Norman, OK 73069
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Terms & Conditions
Employees of business having contract with school conviction of sex offense or felony:
No person or business having a contract with a school or school district to perform work on a full-time or part-time basis that would otherwise be performed
by school district employees shall allow any employee to work on school premises if such employee is convicted in this state, the United States, or another state of any
felony offense unless ten (10) years has elapsed since the date of the criminal conviction or the employee has received a presidential or gubernatorial pardon for the
criminal offense.
Every person or business performing services not subject to subsection A of this section on the property of a school or school district shall be required to sign
a statement declaring that no employee working on school premises under the authority of such business is currently registered under the provisions of the Oklahoma Sex
Offenders Registration Act and that the business is not in violation of the provisions of this section. Compliance with this statute shall be required of the person or private
business, and there shall be no obligation placed upon a school district to ascertain the truthfulness of the affidavit.
The Vendor warrants to NPS that all goods and services furnished hereunder will conform in all respects to the terms of this bid, including any drawings, specifications
or standards incorporated herein, and/or defects in materials, workmanship and free from such defects in design. In addition, Vendor warrants the goods and services
are suitable for and will perform in accordance with the purposes for which they were intended.
NPS Vendor Listing
A vendor may be included on the bid list by faxing, mailing, or emailing a completed and signed Vendor Qualification form or Contractor Qualification form. The
vendor shall attach the completed commodity list and send to the Director of Purchasing. Vendors having no bid activity within a twelve-month period shall be
removed from the list and may only be re-entered by following the appropriate procedures listed above. If a vendor wishes to refrain from a particular bid, the vendor
shall return the front page of the packet with the words “No Bid” in order to remain on the active bidders list. A vendor may be removed from the bid list for
unsatisfactory performance.
The Norman Public School District is exempt from Federal and State taxes. A tax exemption certificate will be provided by the Purchasing Department upon request by
the vendor.
If awarded the contract, the bidder hereby agrees to furnish all materials and labor for the total completion of stated project not to exceed the cost guaranteed
by this bid. Furthermore, the project shall be completed in the manner and time specified in the bid/proposal packet.
If any work must be performed on the campus of NPS by the vendor, the vendor shall provide comprehensive broad form liability insurance in at least the
amount of $1,000,000 combined bodily injury and property damage for any and all liability, loss, costs, damage, or expense arising out of the terms and performance of
this agreement caused by its operations, its agents, or employees. Workers’ Compensation Insurance as prescribed by the laws of the State of Oklahoma must also be
Vendor shall provide a certificate or certificates of insurance showing that the prescribed policies are in force and effect and naming NPS as an additional
insured. Each certificate shall provide that the insurance company shall not change or cancel any insurance until NPS has been notified in writing at least thirty (30) days
before the date of change or cancellation.
The vendor will hold NPS harmless, and will assume all responsibility for personal injury and property damage occurring in connection with the project.
Competitive Bidding Act of 1974 (Applies to section 20.1 and 20.2 only)
In the event that a construction/improvement project exceeds $100,000, regulations of the Competitive Bid Act of 1974 will be enforced. It is the responsibility of the
Contractor and all the Sub-contractors and suppliers to familiarize themselves with this law and to comply fully with all of its provisions.
20.1 Bond
Each Bidder shall submit with proposal a Bidder's Bond if required in the RFP General Information Item 2. Such bond will be payable to the Independent
School District #29 of Cleveland County, OK d/b/a Norman Public Schools, 131 South Flood, Norman Oklahoma, in an amount of not less than 5% of the base proposal.
There shall be forfeited to the Owner the cost of republication of notice to bidders, all actual expenses incurred by reason of Bidder's default, and the difference between
the low bid of the defaulting bidder and the amount of the bid of the bidder to whom the contract is subsequently awarded, but not to exceed the amount of the Bid Bond,
in the event that the apparently successful Bidder fails to execute the Contract or fails to provide the required Bonds and Insurance to the Owner.
Performance Bonds, Statutory Payment Bonds and Defect Bonds will be required for all Work done under this Contract, and the cost of said Bonds will be
included in the Contractor's Proposal. Bonds shall meet the requirements of the Public Competitive Bidding Act of 1974 of the State of Oklahoma, as amended.
Within a period of thirty calendar days after the opening of bids, a contract shall be executed between the Owner and the successful bidder and all required
bonds and insurance shall be provided within that period.
20.2 Liquidated Damages
The Owner will suffer financial loss if the project is not substantially complete within the time limitation set forth above. The Contractor and his Surety will be liable
for and shall pay to the Owner the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250) as fixed, agreed and liquidated damages for each calendar day beyond such time
limitation that the Work under this Contract is not substantially complete and beneficial occupancy begins. The liquidated damages shall apply to each project site
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General Information
Request for Proposal # 2024004
District Multi-function Devices
All inquiries concerning this bid shall be received no later than 11:00 am CT on 03/08/2024. Inquiries must be sent in writing to the
Purchasing Director. Contact of any type with any other Norman Public School employee besides the Purchasing Director regarding
this (or any) bid is strictly prohibited and punishable by immediate suspension of this bid and possibly future bids.
Send questions via email to:
Cameron Cox, Director of Purchasing
Norman Public Schools, Independent District I-29
Email: purchasing@normanps.org
Required Forms Failure to provide the forms checked below shall result in disqualification of bid.
Signed and Notarized Non Collusion Affidavit
Signed Pricing Page
IRS W9 Form Completed and Signed
Signed Letter certifying vendor is not on the Government Debarment and Suspension (Excluded Parties List)
Signed Declaration of Sex Offender Affidavit
Signed and Notarized Business Relationships Affidavit
References Five (5) Business References (as noted in the questionnaire section)
Copy of licenses and/or letter from manufacturer showing vendor as authorized dealer/installer/service provider
Certificate of Insurance
Signed and Notarized Contract Affidavit
Bidders Bond (cashier check, certified check, or surety bond) ONLY when box is checked, a bid bond must accompany sealed
bid regardless of the amount of the bid.
Required forms due when contract is awarded:
Performance Bond
Statutory Bond
Defect Bond
Amendments to RFP
In the event it should be necessary to revise any portion of this RFP, an amendment will be issued following the inquiry deadline date
and time.
Mandatory Pre-Bid Walk Through REQUIRED March 1st, 2024 8:00 AM CT
Unless otherwise stated, if a pre-bid walk through is required, all vendors are to meet at the Purchasing Office located in the
Administration Building at 131 South Flood, Norman, OK 73069. Vendors will be given a fifteen (15) minute grace period to attend.
Any vendor not at the designated meeting place within that time frame will not be allowed to participate in the walk through or bid.
Vendors will repair any damage done in the regular course of the project including patching walls, replacing ceiling tiles, etc.
7. Timeline
Time (Central time)
8:00 AM
11:00 AM
11:00 AM
7:00 PM
RFP Issued
Mandatory Vendor Meeting
Inquiry Deadline
RFP due
Award recommendation to Board of Education
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Scope of Work & Specifications
Request for Proposal # 20024004
District Multi-function Devices
Scope of Work
The purpose of this Request for Proposal is for The Norman Public School District to invite interested vendors to
submit proposals to furnish our district with the necessary Multi-Function Devices, equipment and services, for
lease to enable the district to establish a successful document management program. It is the intent of the district
to consider a lease term of 48 months or 60 months. Selection of the term depends upon final cost and the
availability of funds. This lease contract will begin on July 1, 2024 and will be subject to annual renewal by the
Board of Education based upon performance and budget availability in accordance with State Law.
Vendors are encouraged to present a proposal which provides the district with an economic solution which will
include the possibility of multiple machines at each site. We expect a successful proposal to evaluate each site’s
monthly print rates and current number of machines to propose a unique solution for each site. Vendors may
propose various types of equipment, but must propose at least one small, medium and large capacity multi-
function device which will be required to copy, print, and scan. Not every site will utilize each machine size and
expect most sites to not have a varied selection of equipment. These machines must allow for the seamless
scanning of documents and the uploading of those documents to the Cloud server currently in use by the district
(Google). All equipment proposed must be factory new, no re-built or refurbished machines will be acceptable.
All machines proposed must come with all necessary hardware and software to be PaperCut™-enabled. Ready
for licensing and connectivity. NOTE: The PaperCut™ license is not a part of this RFP.
Vendor must include optional equipment, pricing and discounts in their bid for all units. Optional fax kit must be
available and priced in their bid. If vendor fails to provide optional equipment pricing, the District will not be able
to evaluate the proposal.
All base unit copiers must at minimum include the copier, scanner, printer, document feeder/scanner unit, bypass
tray, two paper drawers with at least 500 sheet capacity per tray, walk-up access, copier codes, read out screen,
network printer restrictions and codes, base/stand, all toner, staples, start-up supplies and manufacturer’s standard
features. Requirements to (1) password protect (or not retain) images of documents passing through the copier -
whether copied, scanned, or printed and (2) to delete all documents from the hard drives of copiers when the
machines are removed from our district.
The district currently has 79 Black and White and 20 color MFP’s of various sizes and speeds. (Email Cameron
Cox for attachments related to usage, and site location) The district reserves the right to increase or decrease
that quantity at the quoted price as necessary throughout the term of the contract. NPS is seeking a vendor to
provide the equipment, software, service, and support for the devices offered.
The estimated number of current MFP’s and copies provided are based upon current and historical data. This is
not a guarantee or commitment to contract, but is being utilized solely for the purposes of comparison to find the
most advantageous solution for the district. Since the district intends to move to a more paperless system, it is
possible the volumes will lessen or increase during the term of this contract.
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