52-03DEC19 Ballistic and Stab Body Armor

Agency: Boone County
State: Missouri
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 315990 - Apparel Accessories and Other Apparel Manufacturing
  • 336992 - Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing
  • 339113 - Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
Posted Date: Nov 8, 2019
Due Date: Dec 3, 2019
Solicitation No: 52-03DEC19
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52-03DEC19 Ballistic and Stab Body Armor

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Requestfor Bid (RFB)
Boone County Purchasing
613 E. Ash Street, Room 109
Columbia, MO 65201
Liz Palazzolo, Senior Buyer
Phone: (573) 886-4392 - Fax: (573) 886-4390
Email: lpalazzolo@boonecountymo.org
Bid Data
Bid Number: 52-03DEC19
Bid Submission Address and Deadline
Day/ Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Time: 2:00 P.M.
Vendors Note: Bids received after this time will not be
opened. Late bids may be returned unopened if the vendor
requests and at the vendor's expense.
Location / Mail Address: Boone County Purchasing Department
613 E. Ash, Room 109
Columbia, MO 65201
Directions: The Boone County Purchasing Department is located in the
Boone County Annex Building across the street from the
Armory Sport Center in downtown Columbia off Courthouse
square. A wheelchair accessible entrance is available.
Day/ Date:
Location / Address:
Bid Opening
Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Shortly after the Bid Submission Deadline Stated Above
Boone County Purchasing Department
613 E. Ash, Room 109
Columbia, MO 65201
Insertion Date:
Bid # 52-03DEC19
Bid Contents
1.0: Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
2.0: Technical Specifications
3.0: Bidder's Instructions and Evaluation
4.0: Vendor's Response and Pricing Pages
Certification Regarding Debarment
Certification Regarding Lobbying
Work Authorization Certification
Standard Terms and Conditions
"No Bid" Response Form
Page 1
Insertion Date: 11/10/19
Countv ofBoone
Purchasing Department
Introduction and General Conditions of Bidding
1.1. Invitation: This document is a Request for Bid for Boone County conducted by the Boone
County Purchasing Department. Vendors are invited to respond by sealed bid by the
indicated bid submission deadline on page 1 of this document. Bids received will be read
shortly after the official bid submission deadline. Vendors responding to this request must
comply with all technical specifications and requirements stated herein.
1.1.1. The County requests bids for provision of Ballistic/Stab Combo Resistant Body Armor as
specified below for the Boone County Sheriffs Department as further specified herein.
The County has most recently purchased the Point Blank CB-S3-BIIIA-3 vest from Southern
Uniform & Equipment, LLC. Previous purchases for the past three years under the current
County contract (59-11 NOVI 5) for ballistic and stab combo vests has been as follows:
2017 - 10 vests purchased
2018 - 16 vests purchased
2019 to date: 10 vests purchased
1.2. Definitions:
County: This tenn refers to the County of Boone, a duly organized public entity. It may
also be used as a pronoun for various subsets of the County organization, including, as the
context will indicate:
Purchasing - The Purchasing Department, including its Purchasing Director and staff.
Department(s) or O./fice(s) - The County Department(s) or Office(s) for which this RFB is
prepared, and which will be the end user(s) of the goods and/or services sought.
Designee - The County employee(s) assigned as your primary contact(s) for interaction
regarding Contract performance.
Bidder, Contractor, SupplierNendor: These terms refer generally to businesses having
some sort of relationship to or with Boone County. The term may apply differently to
different classes of entities, as the context will indicate.
Bidder - Any business entity submitting a response to this RFB. Suppliers, which may be
invited to respond, or which express interest in this bid, but which do not submit a response,
have no obligations with respect to the bid requirements.
Contractor- The bidder whose response to this RFB is found by Purchasing to meet the best
interests of the County. The contractor is the " successful bidder" who has been selected for
award, and will enter into a contract for provision of the goods and/or services described in
the RFB.
Supplier/Vendor - All business(s) entities which may provide the subject goods and/or
Request for Bid (RFB): This entire document, including attachments, is considered a
"Request for Bid." A Request for Bid (RFB) may be used to solicit various kinds of
information. The kind of information this RFB seeks is indicated by the title appearing at
Bid # 52-03DEC19
Page 2
Insertion Date: 11/10/19
the top of the first page. A "Request for Bid" is used when the need is well defined. A
"Request for Proposal" is used when the County will consider solutions, which may vary
significantly from each other or from the County's initial expectations.
1.2.4. Response/Bid: The written, sealed document submitted by the bidder/vendor/supplier
according to the RFB instructions.
1.3. Bid Clarification: Questions regarding this RFB should be directed in writing, preferably by
e-mail, to the identified Buyer in the Purchasing Department. Answers, citing the question
asked but not identifying the questioner, will be distributed simultaneously to all known
prospective Bidders. Note: Written requirements in the RFB or its Amendments are
binding, but any oral communications between the County and Bidder are not binding.
Bid/Clarification Contact: Liz Palazzolo, Senior Buyer, Boone County Purchasing, 613 E.
Ash, Room 109, Columbia, MO 65202. Telephone: (573) 886-4392; Fax: (573) 886-4390;
E-mail: lpalazzolo@boonecountymo.org.
Bidder Responsibility: The bidder is expected to be thoroughly familiar with all
specifications and requirements of this RFB. The bidder's failure or omission to examine any
relevant form, article, site or document will not relieve the bidder from any obligation
regarding this RFB. By submitting a response/bid, the bidder is presumed to concur with all
tenns, conditions and specifications of this RFB.
1.3 .2.
Bid Addendum: If it becomes evident that this RFB must be amended, the Purchasing
Department will issue a fonnal written Addendum to all known prospective bidders. If
necessary, a new due date will be established.
1.4. Award: Award will be made to the bidder(s) whose bid(s) provides the greatest value to
the County from the standpoint of suitability to purpose, quality, service, previous
experience, price, lifecycle cost (as applicable), ability to deliver, or for any other reason
deemed by Purchasing to be in the best interest of the County. That is, the award will not be
determined by price alone. The County will be seeking the least costly outcome that meets
the County's needs as interpreted by the County.
The County of Boone reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids in the best interest
of the County. The County also reserves the right to not award any item or group of items if
the services can be obtained from state contract or other governmental entities under more
favorable terms.
Contract Document: The successful bidder(s) shall be obligated to enter into a written
contract with the County within thirty (30) calendar days of the notice of award/contract forms
provided by the County. Ifthe bidder desires to contract under the bidder's written agreement,
any such proposed agreement must be submitted in blank with the bid for the County's
consideration as part of the evaluation of bids; in the absence of such submission with the
bidder' s response, the County's forms shall be used. The County reserves the right to modify
any proposed form agreement or withdraw its award to a successful bidder if any proposed
agreement contains terms and conditions inconsistent with the County's RFB or are
unacceptable to County legal counsel.
Bid # 52-03DEC19
Insertion Date: 11/10/19
1.5. Contract Execution: This RFB and the Vendor's Response will be made part of any
resulting contract and will be incorporated in the contract as set forth, verbatim.
1.5.1. Precedence: In the event of any contradiction or conflict between the provisions of the
documents comprising the contract, the following order of precedence shall apply:
1) the provisions of the Contract (as it may be amended);
2) the provisions of the RFB, including any addenda;
3) the provisions of the Vendor's Response, including any clarification.
1.6. Compliance with Standard Terms And Conditions: The bidder shall hereby agree to be
bound by the County's standard "boilerplate" terms and conditions for contracts as attached
2.1. General Requirements:
The contractor shall provide Ballistic/Stab Combo Resistant Body Armor that meets NIJ
Standard 0101.06 Level IIIA ballistics and NIJ 0115.00 Spike Class 3 to include the vest and
two (2) carriers on an as needed, if needed basis as ordered by the Boone County Sheriffs
Department in accordance with the tenns and specifications stated herein.
The vests and carriers provided shall be designed to be worn comfortably while concealed
under a uniform shirt. All vests shall provide protection against labeled stab penetration while
reducing resultant blunt trauma and vest distortion to acceptable levels.
2.1.3. The vests and carriers provided by the contractor shall be available with all available options
and colors. An extra carrier (for a total of two carriers) shall be included with any order.
Estimates - Minimum Order Requirements Prohibited: All quantities represented herein are
estimates. The contractor shall understand and agree that the Sheriffs Department will be
purchasing both male and female vests under contract. The contractor shall understand and
agree that the estimates as such are nonbinding on the County, and the County does not
guarantee a specific quantity of purchase at the time of order or over the course of the contract
period. In addition, the contractor shall not impose a minimum order requirement.
Measurements On-Site Required: The contractor shall conduct measurements at the Boone
County Sheriffs Department location at 2121 County Road in Columbia, Missouri at no
additional charge to the County. The contractor must fully coordinate the date and time for
each measuring appointment with the Boone County Sheriffs Department. All scheduled
appointments must have the prior approval of the Boone County Sheriff or his designate at
least 48-hours prior to the actual scheduled date. Any change to a scheduled appointment must
be promptly communicated to the Boone County Sheriffor his designate within 48-hours prior
to the scheduled date and time.
2.1.6. At a minimum, once a request for a measuring appointment is placed by the Sheriffs
Department the contractor must respond to the call or e-mail request within 24-hours to set the
Bid # 52-03DEC19
Insertion Date: 11/10/19
appointment, and the appointment must be scheduled within seven (7) working days or as
otherwise mutually agreed between the contractor and the Sheriffs Department.
2.2. Stab Resistant Material and Panel Construction Requirements:
2.2.1 . Vests shall be made ofmaterials and manufactured in conformance with NIJ Standard 0101 .06
Level IIIA for ballistics and NIJ Standard 0115.00 Spike Class 3 for stab/spike protection.
2.3. NIJ Testing Requirements:
2.3 .1.
The vests provided by the contractor shall be in compliance with and certified by NIJ Standard
0101.06 Level IIIA for ballistics and NIJ Standard 0115.00 Spike Class 3 for stab/spike
protection for the duration of each contract period.
2.3.2 .
Regarding spikes testing, the vests provided by the contractor shall meet the "over" test
condition where the knife blade or spike kinetic energy is increased by 50%. This over-test is
required to ensure that there is an adequate margin of safety in the armor design.
2.4. Warranty and Replacement Requirements:
2.4.1 .
The standard manufacturer warranty at minimum shall be provided by the contractor. In
addition, the contractor shall warrant that the outer shell of the vest shall be free from any
defects in material or workmanship for a minimum twenty-four (24) months from date of first
use. The stab and ballistic resistant panels shall be warranted for five (5) years from date of
first use.
Within thirty (30) calendar days of notification from the County or longer if prior approved
by the County on a case-by-case basis, the contractor must repair or replace all vests that
become unserviceable because of manufacturing defects during the warranty period at no
additional cost to the County.
2.5. Adjustments and Alterations Requirements:
2.5 .1.
The contractor shall make adjustments and alterations to the vests upon request of the County
at no additional cost if the County requests the adjustment or alteration within thirty (30)
calendar days of accepting the vest.
2.6. Inspection of Body Armor After Delivery:
All soft body armor purchased by the Sheriffs Department shall be subject to visual
inspection. The contractor shall understand and agree that if a delivered vest fails to pass
visual inspection, it shall be returned to the contractor at no cost to the County.
2.7. Quality Assurance:
The contractor shall adhere to a quality assurance program throughout the contract period.
Quality assurance documentation that the contractor shall provide upon request of the County
includes but shall not be necessarily limited to the receipt, testing, and serialization of both
Bid # 52-03DEC19
Page 5
Insertion Date: 11/10/19

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