DABC Parents Empowered Marketing Services

Agency: State Government of Utah
State: Utah
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541613 - Marketing Consulting Services
Posted Date: Apr 9, 2021
Due Date: May 7, 2021
Solicitation No: TD21-69
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DABC RFP for Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations Agency to produce an outreach, marketing and public information campaign: underage drinking prevention media and community education campaign.
4/9/2021 12:00 PM MDT
5/7/2021 3:00 PM MDT

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DABC Parents Empowered Marketing Services
DABC RFP for Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations Agency to produce an outreach, marketing and public
information campaign: underage drinking prevention media and community education campaign.
4/9/2021 12:00 PM MDT
5/7/2021 3:00 PM MDT
Request for Proposal No Line Item
US Dollar
Sealed Until 5/7/2021 3:00 PM MDT
Thinh Doan
Commodity Codes
Commodity Code
Marketing and distribution including market research and sales and business
promotion activities and trade shows and exhibits
09 April 2021
Issuing Procurement Unit
Conducting Procurement Unit
State of Utah Division of Purchasing
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Underage Drinking Prevention Media and Community Education Campaign
This Request for Proposals (“RFP”), having been determined to be the appropriate procurement method to provide the best value to the
Conducting Procurement Unit, is designed to provide interested Offerors with sufficient basic information to submit proposals. This
Request for Proposals ("RFP”) is issued in accordance with the Utah Procurement Code and applicable administrative rules of the Utah
Administrative Code. If any provision of this RFP conflicts with the Utah Procurement Code or Utah Administrative Code, then the
Utah Procurement Code or Utah Administrative Code will take precedence. It is not intended to limit a proposal's content or exclude
any relevant or essential data. Offerors are at liberty and are encouraged to expand upon the specifications to evidence service
Purpose of this Solicitation
The purpose of the RFP is to enter into a contract to provide: a qualified Offeror (advertising, marketing, or public relations agency) to
produce, maintain and propel forward a media and education outreach, marketing and public information campaign with the goal to
prevent and reduce underage drinking in Utah. Listed are key campaign objectives:
• Shall decrease underage drinking use rates in Utah as measured by the Utah Student and Risk Prevention (SHARP) Survey; and
• Shall increase advertising awareness of Parents Empowered ads and general awareness of underage drinking ads; and
• Increasing understanding of the risks, to include alerting Utah parents/guardians, with children age 9 to 16 years old, that research
shows alcohol can harm a young person’s still developing brain resulting in both immediate and long-term negative consequences, to
include a significantly increased vulnerability to become alcohol dependent; and
• Educate parents/guardians they are the number one reason their kids don’t drink. Research indicates kids are less likely to drink
alcohol when parents are actively involved in their child’s lives and when they communicate clear disapproval of underage drinking;
• Strengthen parenting skills by empowering parents/caregivers of their important parental influence and encourage immediate
personal action by adopting recommended parenting behaviors to help their child grow up alcohol-free; and
• Work directly with the DABC, Parents Empowered Underage Drinking Prevention Workgroup (PE UDPW) and collaborating with
the State, National and Local Substance Abuse Authorities (LSAA) to educate, organize, and mobilize underage drinking prevention
efforts throughout the State of Utah; and
• Understand underage drinking prevention is a collective responsibility requiring a collective solution by utilizing evidence-based
research and engaging state and local community leaders, stakeholders, parents, and public/private partners, all with the common goal
to reduce underage drinking in Utah.
It is anticipated that this RFP will result in a single contract award to the responsive and responsible offeror with the highest score
justified by the procurement code.
Closing date and time
The closing date and time for this sourcing event is as provided in this posting. If your time is different from that shown, your profile
may be set to a different time zone. Please see the attachment titled "Changing Your Time Zone" in the Buyer Attachments section for
directions on how to update your profile. It is your responsibility to make sure you submit your response by the date and time indicated
Length of the Contract
The contract resulting from this RFP will be for FIVE (5) years.
The Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (DABC) has the statutory responsibility to regulate the sale of alcoholic
beverages to protect the public interest, which includes prohibiting sales to minors, and is specifically mandated to “promote the
reduction of the harmful effects of consumption of alcohol by minors.” The mission of the Utah DABC’s Alcohol Education Division
is in part to pursue a leadership role to reduce underage drinking in Utah by educating the public of the negative and harmful effects of
underage drinking.
Pursuant to Utah Code Title 32B-2-306, The Utah Substance Abuse and Mental Health Advisory Council (USAAV+) provides
oversight and guidelines for the underage drinking prevention media and education campaign. The DABC Alcohol Education Division
manages the day-to-day operations of the media and education campaign and is responsible for directing all aspects of the campaign.
In issuing this RFP for underage drinking prevention, the DABC works in partnership with other government authorities, the Parents
Empowered Underage Drinking Prevention Workgroup of the USAAV+, advocacy groups, educators, communities, law enforcement,
community leaders, youth, local municipalities, and state and national organizations. All are greatly concerned about the negative
consequences of underage drinking and the negative impact it has on youth, their families and Utah communities. They are all
committed to support the common goal to prevent and reduce underage alcohol use in Utah.
This RFP is designed to provide interested offerors with sufficient information to submit proposals meeting minimum requirements,
but is not intended to limit a proposal's content or exclude any relevant or essential data. Offerors are at liberty and are encouraged to
expand upon the specifications to evidence service capability under any agreement. It is anticipated that this RFP will result in a single
contract award to the responsive and responsible offeror with the highest score justified by the procurement code.
Utah's underage drinking prevention campaign, Parents Empowered, is a key strategic component of Utah’s comprehensive plan to
eliminate underage drinking in Utah. The DABC and Utah’s Underage Drinking Prevention Workgroup, worked well with its
marketing contractor, and is pleased with the current direction of the Parents Empowered underage drinking prevention campaign.
Beginning in the 2006 legislative session, $1.4 million was dedicated to the DABC to support a media campaign to reduce underage
alcohol use. Since 2006, the Utah Legislature has funded an average of $2.5 million each subsequent year.
Each year, the Parents Empowered campaign expanded its reach to parents/guardians, to include strategies to reach local communities
and businesses. By partnering with the Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the county level Local Substance
Abuse Authority (LSAA) prevention network, collaborative and consistent messaging efforts are reaching regions throughout the state
at the local community level.
Media outlets have been utilized to promote underage drinking prevention in Utah. The use of paid, earned, and bonus media, to
maximize our advertising budget has been an effective tool to increase our reach and credibility with our messaging.
Use of evidenced-based research to guide the campaign and utilize an array of performance measurement and evaluation tools are
fundamental components of the campaign. One example is the Utah Student Health and Risk Prevention Survey (SHARP).
Evaluations indicate the Parents Empowered campaign is reaching its target, parents/guardians with children ages 9-16, throughout the
state. The campaign is increasing statewide awareness of the harms of underage alcohol use and working to shape a no underage
drinking social norm. Additionally, the campaign provides resources and community outreach emphasizing the importance of parental
involvement and community support.
Utah’s outcome driven comprehensive approach to preventing underage alcohol use is making an impact.
From 2005 to 2019 Underage drinking in Utah has decreased in all three standard measurement categories:
• Lifetime alcohol use (ever had an alcoholic beverage – more than just a few sips) = decreased 40%.
• Past 30-day use (drank alcohol within the past 30 days) = decreased 54%.
• Binge drinking (5 or more alcoholic drinks in a row in the past 2 weeks) = decreased 47%.
Utah's underage drinking rates are lower and decreasing faster than the national average. Underage drinking in Utah show a continued
overall downward trend, year-over-year. Youth alcohol use rates from 2009 to 2019, the numbers indicate:
• 21,861 fewer Utah children that have ever reported trying alcohol in their lifetimes; and
• 13,618 fewer teens used alcohol in the past 30 days; and
• 7,526 fewer kids engaged in binge or heavy drinking.
In addition to the SHARP survey, an independent campaign evaluation is utilized to measure the perceived and reported impact the
media campaign is experiencing, relative to its target of parents of children ages 9-16. This evidence provides valuable insight to better
guide campaign messaging, as well as identify gaps and areas of concern. Despite great progress, much remains to be done.
Approximately 650,000 kids (K-12) are currently enrolled in Utah schools. It is projected that an additional 45,000 new kids will enter
our schools each year, thus the potential number of underage drinkers (and new parents) increases each year. We view this growth as
an opportunity to educate and provide parenting tools and skills to help our communities understand the seriousness of underage
drinking, for generations to come.
Campaign challenges:
• Parents Empowered must continue our efforts to convince adults to not provide alcohol to minors. 44% of Utah kids who said they
drink alcohol, said they drank alcohol at home with their parents’ permission; 27% drank at someone else’s home with their parents’
• Continue to reach out and work with communities throughout Utah, rural, urban, suburban, areas with limited resources, and
underserved/difficult to reach populations.
• One third of the population resides in Salt Lake County. It is the population center of the state.
• Sensitivity. Most parents are doing a great job of parenting, yet we can always do better. This campaign helps them to do a better
job. If told in a way that’s moralistic, judgmental, manipulative, or dictatorial, there’s a very good possibility parents will tune the
message out.
• According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), it recognizes that while substance abuse generally begins during the
teen years, intervening early in childhood can both increase protective factors and reduce risk factors.
• Parenting styles and practices can differ widely by culture. Attention to these differences should be factored into campaign
• Many in Utah view drinking alcohol as morally wrong. This group needs little convincing that underage drinking is harmful.
However, some have a "not my kid" perception. Others in Utah generally disapprove of underage drinking (and always disapprove of
drunk driving) but may view underage drinking as a somewhat harmless rite of passage.
• In Utah, approximately 30% of the underage drinkers get their alcohol from home with their parent's permission.
• Underage drinking is more than simply a safety matter. It is a health/developmental concern as well. Underage drinking increases
the potential to negatively impact the health and course of a young person's life.
Issuing Procurement Unit, Conducting Procurement Unit, and Solicitation Number
The State of Utah Division of Purchasing is the issuing procurement unit and the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is the
conducting procurement unit for this RFP (referred to as “the State”). The reference number for this RFP is Solicitation #TD21-69.
This solicitation number must be referred to on all proposals, correspondence, and documentation submitted to the State relating to
this RFP.
Additional Information
Offerors are prohibited from communications regarding this RFP with the conducting procurement unit staff, evaluation committee
members, or other associated individuals EXCEPT the State of Utah Division of Purchasing procurement officer overseeing this RFP.
Wherever in this RFP an item is defined by using a trade name, brand name, or a manufacturer and/or model number, it is intended that
the words, “or equivalent” apply; and invites the submission of equivalent products by the Offerors.
Offerors may be required to submit product samples to assist the chief procurement officer or head of a procurement unit with
independent procurement authority in evaluating whether a procurement item meets the specifications and other requirements set forth
in the request for proposals. Product samples must be furnished free of charge unless otherwise stated in the invitation for proposals,
and if not destroyed by testing, will upon written request within any deadline stated in the invitation for proposals, be returned at the
Offeror's expense. Samples must be labeled or otherwise identified as specified in the invitation for proposals by the procurement unit.
The State reserves the right to conduct discussions with the Offerors who submit proposals determined to be reasonably susceptible of
being selected for award, followed by an opportunity to make best and final offers pursuant to UCA § 63G-6a-707.5, but proposals
may be accepted without discussions.
New Technology
Pursuant to Utah Administrative Rule R33-12-502 the awarded contract(s) may be modified to incorporate new technology or
technological upgrades associated with the procurement item being solicited, including new or upgraded: (i) systems; (ii) apparatuses;
(iii) modules; (iv) components; and (v) other supplementary items. Further, a maintenance or service agreement associated with the
procurement item under the resulting contract(s) may be modified to include any new technology or technological upgrades. Any
contract modification incorporating new technology or technological upgrades will be specific to the procurement item being solicited
and substantially within the scope of the original procurement or contract.
Legislative Appropriations
Additional funding may be added to the awarded contract(s) if additional funding is provided to the procurement unit for the purpose
identified in the scope of work by the legislature.
Evaluation Administrative and Mandatory Minimum Requirement Compliance
Each proposal received shall be evaluated as outlined in this RFP and the Utah Procurement Code.
To be responsive and responsible Offerors must review and respond to the following sections of this RFP: prerequisites, buyer
attachments, questions, and items.
The Prerequisites section includes the objective and subjective criteria that will be used to evaluate the proposals, which
include the mandatory minimum requirements, technical criteria, and other prerequisites that Offerors must read and agree to
in order to respond to this RFP.
The Buyer Attachments section includes the standard contractual terms and conditions of this RFP and other documents
required for this RFP.
The Questions section allows the State to ask Offerors questions regarding this RFP.
Offerors must review each section carefully.
To determine which proposal provides the best value to the conducting procurement unit, the evaluation committee shall evaluate each
responsive and responsible proposal that has not been disqualified from consideration under the provisions of Part 7 of Utah Code
63G-6a, using the criteria described in this RFP.
After the evaluation and final scoring of proposals is completed, the State shall award the contract as soon as practicable (subject to the
requirements of Utah Code Section 63G-6a-707(10)) to the eligible responsive and responsible Offeror, subject to Utah Code Section
63G-6a-707(10), provided the RFP is not canceled in accordance with Utah Code Section 63G-6a-902.

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