Custodial Services

Agency: State Government of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 561720 - Janitorial Services
Posted Date: Jun 1, 2020
Due Date: Jun 15, 2020
Solicitation No: 2020-05
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Organization Wethersfield, Town of
Project/Solicitation # 2020-05
Solicitation Type Invitation to Bid
Due Date 06/15/2020
Includes SBE/MBE Requirements NO
Qualified Partnership NO
Summary Custodial Services
Contact Name Miguel Robles
Phone (860) 721-2861
FAX (860) 721-2997
Additional Description The Town of Wethersfield is looking to obtain custodial and cleaning services for four buildings. The buildings include the Town Hall, Wethersfield Public Library,Town Garage and Police Facility.

Attachment Preview

Town of Wethersfield
505 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109
Michael J. O’Neil
Finance Director
The Town of Wethersfield will be accepting bid proposals for CUSTODIAL SERVICES at the following
Finance Office, Second Floor
Wethersfield Town Hall
505 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109
Proposal specification packages may be downloaded at under the
Departments/ Finance/Open Bids link, on or after March 11, 2020.
Sealed bid proposals must be submitted as two hard copies, and one electronic copy on designated
forms and in designated envelopes clearly marked with the bid title and opening date. Bids will be
received by the Town of Wethersfield, Finance Department, 2nd Floor, Wethersfield Town Hall, 505
Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT 06109, until 2:00 p.m. on April 1, 2020, at which time they will
be publicly opened and read aloud. Bids received after the date and time specified will not be
The Town of Wethersfield, after review of all factors, including the terms and conditions,
qualifications and price, reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids, or any part thereof, or
waive defects in the same, or accept any proposal or combination of proposals deemed to be in the
best interest of the Owner. All bid documents must be completely filled out when submitted. Bids
must be firm for a period of 90 days following the bid opening date. Bid withdrawal may be made
only with the consent of the Town of Wethersfield.
Michael O’Neil
Finance Director
Town of Wethersfield
The following instructions and specifications shall be observed by all Bidders:
The purpose of these specifications is to obtain custodial and cleaning services for four buildings: approximately
30,000 square feet at the Town Hall, located at 505 Silas Deane Highway; approximately 33,000 square feet at
the Library located at 515 Silas Deane Highway; approximately 2,500 square feet at the Town Garage located at
100 Marsh Street; and for approximately 27,000 square feet of the Police Facility located at 250 Silas Deane
Highway, all in Wethersfield, CT.
All work is in accordance with the standards set forth in the Bid Document (square footage is an estimate only).
Prospective bidders are expected to verify exact square footage. The contract is for a one year period beginning
July 1, 2020, a one year option to renew beginning July 1, 2021 may be accepted upon the agreement of all
parties and again a renewal on July 1, 2022 upon the mutual agreement of all parties.
1. Bid Opening
Sealed bids will be accepted by the Finance Office, Town Hall, 505 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield,
Connecticut 06109 until 2:00 p.m., April 1, 2020 at which time they shall be publicly opened and read.
Bids received by the Town after the date and time specified will not be accepted.
2. Mandatory Walkthrough
A mandatory walkthrough of the four buildings will take place at 9:00 a.m. on March 23, 2020.
Prospective bidders should report to the Town Manager’s Conference Room at that time.
3. Withdrawal of Bid
Bids may be withdrawn 60 days after bid opening if no award has been made.
4. Award of Bid
It is the Town’s intent to award this contract to the lowest responsible bidder. The lowest responsible
bidder is that person or firm whose bid to perform is lowest, who is qualified and competent to do the
work, whose part performance of work is satisfactory to the Town and whose bid documents comply with
the procedural requirements stated herein.
The Town reserves the right, for any reason or for no reason, to reject any Bid or all Bids, to negotiate
with any or all Bidders, to waive any informalities, irregularities or omissions in any bids received or to
afford any Bidder an opportunity to remedy any informality or irregularity if in the opinion of the Town it
is in the best interest of the Town to do so.
Failure to completely fill out the bid form (Page C-1) could result in rejection of bid submission. If an
option is not available, it should clearly be stated on the bid form.
Town of Wethersfield
Custodial Services
BID #2020-05
5. Bid Return Envelope
Bids are to be submitted in an envelope clearly marked with the bid title and opening date so as to prevent
opening a sealed bid prior to the date specified. Any bids not so marked and opened by the Town prior to
the date specified shall be rejected.
6. No Bid
Failure to return a bid will result in the removal of your firm’s name from the Bid List. No Bids and
responsive bids will result in your firm’s retention on the Bid List.
7. Bid Security
No Bid Bond required. Bids from vendors that have previously failed to satisfactorily complete
performance on a contract with the Town, will not be considered.
8. Performance Bond
The successful bidder shall, at the time of award of contract, submit an acceptable performance bond in an
amount equal to 100% of the amount of bid. Said bond will be released 90 days after the end of the
contract period.
9. Acceptance of Subcontractor
Submission of name of Subcontractor in Bid shall be deemed to constitute an acceptance by Contractor, if
awarded the Contract, of Bid of such Subcontractor. Any alteration therein, after award of contract, shall
be subject to approval of Owner.
10. Substitutions for Named Brands
Should brand name items appear in this bid, the bidder must attach specifications on its substitution and
how it compares with the name brand’s specification.
11. Price and Discounts
Prices bid shall not include taxes, Local, State or Federal, as the Town is not liable. In addition to the
prices bid, each bidder may quote binding discounts which will be considered in making the award.
12. Changes and/or Additions
All changes or additions to these specifications shall only be done by written communication bearing the
signature of the Director of Physical Services or the Chief of Police or appropriate designee.
13. Questions Relating to Specifications
Any request from prospective bidders for interpretation of meaning of specifications or other contract
documents shall be made in writing to the Finance Office, at, and to be
given consideration must be received at least seven (7) days prior to date fixed for opening of bids.
Interpretations will be made in the form of a written Addendum to Bid Documents, which Addenda shall
become a part of Contract. Not later than four (4) days prior to date fixed for opening of bids, Addenda
will be mailed to all persons who obtained Bid Documents. Failure of any Bidder to receive any such
Addenda shall not relieve bidder from any obligation under this bid as submitted.
Town of Wethersfield
Custodial Services
BID #2020-05
14. Equal Opportunity Affirmative Action
The successful contractor shall comply in all aspects with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. Each
contractor with 15 or more employees shall be required to have an Affirmative Action Plan which declares
that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or age, and which
specifies goals and target dates to assure the implementation of equal employment. Each contractor with
fewer than 15 employees shall be required to have a written equal opportunity policy statement declaring
that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin or age. All bidders
must fill out the Fair Employment Practices for Qualifications of Bidders form that follows. Findings of
non-compliance with applicable State and Federal regulations could be sufficient reason for revocation or
cancellation of this contract.
15. Insurance Requirements
The contractor shall procure and maintain at its own expense, the insurance detailed in Appendix I -
Town’s Insurance and Indemnification requirements.
Note: Insurance Certificates in accordance with the requirements contained herein must be submitted to
the Town prior to the signing of an agreement.
16. Non-collusive Affidavit
See attached required Non-collusive Affidavit of Proposer form.
17. Local Bidder Preference
See Appendix II for Town Ordinance and Appendix III for Local Bidder Affidavit Form.
18. Severability
If any terms or provisions of this bid shall be found to be illegal or unenforceable, then such term or
provision shall be deemed stricken and the remaining portion of this bid shall remain in full force and
19. References
Each bidder must submit with his bid the names of at least three (3) customers, including the name,
address, telephone number and contact person, who can be used as references.
20. Assignment of Contract
The Contractor shall not sublet, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of contract or any portion thereon or
of his right, title or interest therein, of his obligation thereunder, without the written consent of the Town
of Wethersfield.
21. Termination
The Town may terminate the contract resulting from these specifications at any time for cause, default or
negligence on the part of the contractor, or if the contractor fails, in the opinion of the Town, to meet the
general terms of the contract or to provide a level of service that is deemed to be in the best interest of the
Town of Wethersfield
Custodial Services
BID #2020-05
22. Payment
Upon presentation of an acceptable invoice, the Town will pay the contractor the contract price in equal
monthly installments. Payments shall be made within thirty (30) business days after receipt of invoice for
work performed in the prior month. If the contractor fails to observe any of the features of the contract
resulting from these specifications, the Director of Physical Services, the Library Director, or the Chief of
Police may withhold the regular monthly payments until satisfied that the contract has been observed.
23. Governing Law
This bid shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut.
Whenever the following terms occur, they shall have the meaning given:
1. Chemical Sweep Floor: To sweep or mop floor with a chemically treated mop. Remove gum or other
foreign matter.
2. Clean Ash Receptacles: To empty all ash stands at exterior doors, and to clean with damp cloth.
3. Clean Interior Glass: Dry wipe and use glass cleaner as needed on all interior glass and bright metal
surfaces, whether part of the building, furniture or equipment (except computer monitor screens). This
includes hallway windows and vestibule glass.
4. Clean Toilets: To wash with a suitable disinfectant type cleaner all toilet fixtures within the toilet rooms,
including the floor, walls, lavatories, urinals, toilets, wash tubs and basins, and related equipment.
5. Clean Walls and Partitions: To wipe with cloth, clean water, and detergent if needed, all walls,
partitions, rails, doors and window frames.
6. Scrub Floors: To clean thoroughly with strong detergent solution and mop clean with water.
7. Damp Mop and Buff Floor; Wax as Needed: To wash floors with mild cleaner sufficiently to remove
soil, but not remove wax or finish. Apply a uniform coat of wax over the old finish. Machine buff to a
satisfactory finish.
8. Dust Furniture: To wipe with treated duster or cloth all furniture (except upholstered surfaces) and
equipment not a part of the building. Vacuum upholstered surfaces.
9. Dust Interior Surfaces: To dust all horizontal building surfaces such as rails, window sills, partitions,
vents, baseboards and shelving.
10. Clean table tops, counters and service desks. Use cleaner and cloth or sponge on laminated surfaces.
Use only a damp cloth (no cleaner) on wood surfaces.
11. Empty Waste Receptacles: To empty all wastebaskets, recycling bins, shredders, trash receptacles
containing any type of refuse to a designated storage area. Great care shall be exercised to insure that only
material intended by the Town to be thrown away is thrown away.
12. Lock Up: After completion of cleaning services, to remove all cleaning materials and equipment, turn out
all lights and lock doors. Do not lock the Library Shinn Room.
Town of Wethersfield
Custodial Services
BID #2020-05

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