Concrete Mix 3-Years

Agency: Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
State: Ohio
Type of Government: State & Local
  • 56 - Construction and Building Materials
Posted Date: Aug 10, 2018
Due Date: Sep 5, 2018
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Procurement Description

Important Dates
Release Date:
Pre-Quotation Conference: Procurement Due:
Aug 10, 2018 None Scheduled Sep 5, 2018 @ 2:00 pm ET

Procurement Documents & Attachments
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New! Concrete Mix 3-Years
RFQ GD 18-14 Concrete Mix 3 Years.pdf
PDF Document, 491k Aug 10, 2018

Procurement Contact

For more information on this procurement, please contact:

Joe Swisshelm, Sr. Purchasing Agent
Tel: (937) 425-8311 Email:

Attachment Preview

August 10, 2018
TO: Prospective Quoters
RE: Request for Quotation (RFQ)
RFQ 18-14 Concrete Mix Three Year Contract
The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is interested in obtaining quotes for
Concrete Mix Three Year Contract. Your firm is invited to submit a quote.
DBE Participation: It is the policy of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that DBE’s,
as defined in 49 CFR, Parts 23 and 26, shall have the maximum opportunity to participate
in the performance of contracts financed in whole or in part with federal funds under this
Agreement. Although the DBE goal for this procurement is 0%, RTA welcomes DBE
In order to be considered, please ensure that your quote is received by the undersigned
no later than
September 5, 2018
at 2:00 p.m. Quotes may be mailed,
delivered or sent by delivery service addressed to the undersigned at Greater Dayton
Regional Transit Authority, 4 S. Main Street, Dayton, OH 45402. Please allow additional
working days for the internal delivery of mailed quotes in addition to the U.S. Postal
Service delivery. Quotes may also be faxed to the undersigned at (937) 425-8410 or
emailed to: .
The successful quoters will be offered a Three (3) year contract, effective on or about
September 5, 2018 . The award will be based on the lowest quote received from
responsive and responsible quoters as determined by the RTA.
The successful vendor(s) will receive a blanket purchase order in accordance with the
effective date stated in this Request for Quotation. No written notification of the award
will be sent.
The RTA reserves the right, as the interest of the RTA requires, to postpone, accept or
reject any and all quotes and to waive any informality in the quotes received.
A quote may be withdrawn by personal, written, or telegraphic request received from the
bidder prior to the scheduled opening date. No quote may be withdrawn for a period of
60 days after the opening date.
If you have any questions relating to this solicitation, please contact me by e-mail at .
Joe Swisshelm
Joe Swisshelm, C.P.M.
Senior Purchasing Agent
Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
RFQ - Concrete Mix
PR 24581
The Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is seeking quotes from potential vendors to
supply concrete mix for multiple RTA construction related activities. The RTA uses concrete mix
mainly for infrastructure pole foundations, sidewalk pads and bus shelter pads, but other needs
may arise.
This contract term is for three (3) years. It is estimated that the RTA will use approximately 250
cubic yards of concrete mix per year or 750 cubic yards over the three (3) year contract term.
These quantities are estimates based on anticipated project work and shall not be considered
any guarantee of concrete mix and will not become part of the contract terms. In addition, these
estimated quantities may vary each year.
The quote form attached has a section for vendors to put their annual cost per cubic yard of
concrete mix. In addition, there is a section for vendors to list other associated costs that may
be billed to RTA depending on the needs of the particular job. The contract award will be based
on the total cost for three (3) year contract term of the concrete mix.
A. Concrete shall be as follows:
1) ODOT 499 Class C (ASTM Class A) Concrete for all concrete work
a. 4,000 psi compressive strength at 28 days.
b. Type II cement plus dispersing agent and air entrainment.
c. Max. (water)/(cement and dispersing agent) ration = 0.45.
d. Min. cement content = 564 lbs. (6.0 bags)/cu. yd. concrete.
e. Nominal max. size coarse aggregate = No. 67 (3/4" max.) or No. 57 (1" max.).
f. Air content = 6% plus or minus 1% by volume.
g. ¼” Synthetic Micro-Fibers at a rate of 1.0 lbs/cu. yd.
h. Slump limits: Proportion and design mixes to result in concrete slump at
point of placement as follows in accordance with ASTM C 143:
i. Reinforced foundation systems: Not less than 1 inch and not more than
3 inches.
ii. Other concrete: Not more than 4".
B. Portland Cement: ASTM C 150, Type II.
1) Use one brand of cement throughout contract.
C. Fly Ash: ASTM C 618, Type F.
D. Normal-Weight Aggregates: ASTM C 33 and as specified. Provide aggregates from a
single source for exposed concrete. Do not use slag for course aggregate.
E. Water: Potable.
F. Admixture, General: Provide concrete admixtures that contain no more than 0.1
percent, chloride ions.
G. Air-Entraining Admixture: ASTM C 260, certified by manufacturer to be compatible with
other required admixtures.
1) Products: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide one of the following:
a. Air-Mix or Perma-Air, Euclid Chemical Co.
b. MB-VR or Micro-Air, Master Builders, Inc.
c. Sika AER, Sika Corp.
H. Water-Reducing Admixture: ASTM C 494, Type A.
1) Products: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide one of the following:
a. Eucon WR-75, Euclid Chemical Co.
b. Pozzolith Normal or Polyheed, Master Builders, Inc.
c. Plastocrete 161, Sika Corp.
I. Fiber Reinforcement: ASTM C 1116, Type 3
1) Synthetic Micro-Fiber: 100% virgin multifilament polypropylene fibers complying
with ASTM C 1116/C 1116M. ¼” length.
2) Products: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide one of the following:
a. PSI Fiberstrand 100, Euclid Chemical Co.
b. Engineer Approved Equal
A. Moisture-Retaining Cover: One of the following, complying ASTM C 171.
1) Waterproof paper.
2) Polyethylene film.
3) Polyethylene-coated burlap.
A. Prepare design mixes for each type and strength of concrete by either laboratory trial
batch or field experience methods as specified in ACI 301. For the trial batch method,
use an independent testing agency acceptable to Engineer for preparing and reporting
proposed mix designs. Fly ash shall not exceed 25 percent of cement content by weight.
B. Submit written reports to Engineer of each proposed mix.
A. Use water-reducing admixture in concrete, as required, for placement and workability.
B. Use accelerating admixture in concrete slabs placed at ambient temperatures below 50
deg F (10 deg C).
C. Use air-entraining admixture in exterior exposed concrete unless otherwise indicated.
Add air-entraining admixture at manufacturer's prescribed rate to result in concrete at
point of placement having total air content with a tolerance of plus or minus 1 percent.
D. Use admixtures for water reduction and set accelerating or retarding in strict
compliance with manufacturer's directions.
A. Sealant to be applied at base of poles shall be one component elastomeric non-staining
waterproof type conforming to FS TTS-00230 Type 2 Class A.
A. Ready-Mixed Concrete: Comply with requirements of ASTM C 94, and as specified.
1) When air temperature is between 85 deg F (30 deg C) and 90 deg F (32 deg C),
reduce mixing and delivery time from 1-1/2 hours to 75 minutes, and when air
temperature is above 90 deg F (32 deg C), reduce mixing and delivery time to 60

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