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Posted Date: May 7, 2021
Due Date: Jun 7, 2021
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Comprehensive Plan Harvey County

Newton, KS

For a copy of the full RFQ. Please call Gina Bell at (316) 284-6940, or email at .

Introduction: Harvey County requests qualifications from professional planning firms to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan for the County. Upon review of qualifications received in response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Harvey County anticipates awarding a single contract for the services required.


Harvey County is located in South Central Kansas within the Greater Wichita Area. The county has a population of 34,429 according to 2019 Census estimates.

There are seven incorporated cities located in Harvey County. The City of Newton with the population of (18,861), is followed by City of Hesston (3,734), City of Halstead (2025), City of North Newton (1,759), City of Sedgwick (1,432), City of Burrton (856) and the City of Walton (213).

Since 2001, the County has grown by only 1,500 people, which is nominal. Housing starts, over the last decade, have been mostly replacement homes. In 2018, the planning commission did make a small change in the regulations, which has only slightly helped in housing starts.

We must keep agriculture strong in our County.

Harvey County has a strong base of industrial jobs.

The Equus Beds are used for private as well as public water supply for Harvey County as well as parts of McPherson, Reno, and Sedgwick County including the City of Wichita. There are two rural water districts in Harvey County as well as Public Wholesale Water

Supply District 17. While water is plentiful in Harvey County, it is not necessarily the best quality. Rural residents are quick to say that they will only drink bottled water, which is not a good solution for bad water; which is clearly not a sustainable remedy for those communities.

The most recent comprehensive plan for the county was adopted in 2001, and it has not been edited. A decade ago, the planning commission discussed it, but decided it was already out of date. The consensus was to just start fresh, and now it is time to begin the process. In addition, it will be necessary to include the latest census data.

Goals and Objectives:

The County is seeking a professional planning firm to prepare a new Comprehensive Plan for the County. The services of the successful firm should begin immediately after the award of the contract.

Scope of Work:

The County's proposed scope of work will likely include, but not be limited to, the following items. After a firm is selected, a detailed scope of services will be developed with the consultant to outline specific objectives, tasks, and deliverables of the Comprehensive Plan.

With this project, the County seeks to identify long-term urban and rural growth areas. There should be sections addressing socio-economic data, housing, neighborhoods, transportation, connectivity to parks and recreation, natural resources and environment, economic development, land use, growth management, public facilities and services, and implementation strategies to meet the needs of both the growing and rural areas of the County.

Key issues for the project will be to identify urban growth areas and minimize conflicts between those growth areas and the predominately-rural agricultural areas that comprise the majority of the County.

The firm will need to prepare an analysis of existing public facilities, which may include public water and sewer, to determine any deficiencies and areas for public improvements or policy changes to ensure that projected growth is done efficiently and cost effectively. The firm will need to work closely with Equus Beds Ground Management District 2, and the County's rural water districts on issues of water in order to minimize overlap of work as well as to ensure that all entities are kept informed.

In order to complete the project, the firm is expected to review existing land use and planning documents, utility plans, capital improvement programs, and growth and development policies. The firm will update inventories of existing conditions and develop projections for land use, housing, population and employment, growth rates, physical characteristics, natural resources, transportation corridors, and public services and facilities.

This project will seek to identify goals and visions for the County to ensure that growth respects the rural character that makes up the majority of the county through extensive public outreach and participation.

Community engagement will be a critical component of this project. The firm should be able to demonstrate extensive experience with creative and dynamic approaches to community outreach while also being able to reach residents through more traditional media.

Additionally, the firm will work with various local governments and a diverse group of community stakeholders. During this unique time when meeting in large groups is not advisable and residents may be reluctant to participate because of the current pandemic, the firm will offer innovative ways to get community input. If it does become apparent that there can be a safe public meeting process, then meetings should be scheduled. The firm will also facilitate the adoption of the project. A steering committee is expected to be formed in order to guide this process.

Project Milestone Dates: The following is a PRELIMINARY milestone date list for this project:

June 7, 2021 Proposals Due to County Administration by 4:00 p.m.
June 8, 2021 Proposals Read into the County Commission Record
June 9-11, 2021 Staff Reviews Qualifications to Short List
June 21-23, 2021 Firm Interviews
June 23, 2021 Begin Contract Negotiations
June 29, 2021 County Commission Approves Firm Selection
July 6, 2021 Project Begins
December 31, 2021 Final Project Complete

Submittal Format: A written and digital submittal must be provided in the format outlined herein. Each will be reviewed to determine if it is complete prior to actual evaluation. A total of seven (7) hard copies and one (1) digital copy on a USB flash drive shall be submitted to the Harvey County Administration Office.

Submittal Content: The submittal should provide background information about the company, its employees, and its experience with related projects and related clients. It should cover the experience of the firm, as well as any consultants on the proposed team. For the purposes of the RFQ, the term "company" or "firm" shall refer to the prime respondent of this RFQ, or in other words, the company with whom Harvey County will contract.

The term "consultant" shall refer to any and all consultants with whom the prime respondent will be including on the project team. The proposal shall clearly delineate any experience, background, etc. between the prime "company" and "consultants".

Specifically, the proposal shall be no longer than 30 pages and address the following information in order:

  1. A letter of interest.
  2. Company profile listing: name, address, year established, type of ownership, size of company and staff, and an organization chart. If company has multiple offices, please list where the work for this project will be performed.
  3. Information about the overall makeup of the project team, including: the identity of all key personnel, a description of their respective responsibilities and
    duties, and each team member's specific knowledge and experience with Comprehensive Plan projects.
  4. Information about any consultants to be included on the team. Identify consultant company name, address, telephone number, contact person, and names and job descriptions of key personnel. Identify consultants specific knowledge and experience with Comprehensive Plan projects.
  5. Current company workload, and ability to perform work for this project given the schedule listed above.
  6. A design and project approach that highlights project specificities and creativity. This should include some knowledge of Harvey County and the County's growth demands.
  7. A proposed scope of services.
  8. Proposed schedule that meets the milestone dates as provided.
  9. Please provide examples of work completing similar Comprehensive Plan projects on schedule and within budget, including references and contacts. Include name, title, company or agency, and telephone number for each reference.
  10. Additional information the respondent believes to be relevant to the selection efforts of Harvey County.

Criteria for Selection: The successful firm must provide a team with the demonstrated qualifications, experience, and expertise to complete the Harvey County Comprehensive Plan. The County prefers a team led by a planner with AICP certification and experienced professionals to help address the diverse spectrum of issues in this project.

The following criteria will be the basis on which firms will be selected for further consideration (based on a 100-point scale):

  • Experience in providing professional planning services (20 points)
  • Education and experience of professional personnel including sub- consultants/contractors, if applicable (20 points)
  • The firm's specialized experience and technical competence on similar projects within the last five years (20 points)
  • The capacity and commitment of the firm, key project members, and proposed sub- consultants/contractors to complete the project within the time and budget restraints of the county (20 points)
  • Creativity, unique propositions, and demonstration of superior innovative techniques in preparing comprehensive plans (20 points)

The County may choose to shortlist firms for the interview process, if deemed necessary. The interviews and presentations will be held according to the proposed timetable.

Following the interviews, County staff will forward their recommendation to the County Commission, who will select the firm they determine to be the most suitable.

Submission: Provide a total of seven (7) hard copies and one (1) digital copy on a USB flash drive of the written submittal no later than 4:00 p.m. Monday, June 7, 2021. No submittals will be accepted after this time. Submit qualifications to:

Harvey County Administration Office
P.O. Box 687 800 N Main St.
Newton, Kansas 67114

Envelope shall be marked "Comprehensive Plan Project".

In order that the selection process is as objective as possible, do not contact any Harvey County official other than Gina. She will relay questions to others when appropriate. Please list one individual at the prime firm submitting on this project that she can correspond with to allow for ease of communication.

General Requirements:

By submitting a response to this Request for Qualification, firms hereby understand the following:

  1. Any costs incurred by respondents in preparing or submitting a proposal for the project shall be the respondents' sole responsibility.
  2. All responses, inquiries, or correspondence relating to this RFQ will become the property of Harvey County when received.
  3. Harvey County reserves the right to refuse any or all qualifications received.
  4. All submitting firms must comply with all applicable Federal, State and County laws pertaining to contracts entered into by governmental agencies, including non- discriminating employment.
  5. The submitting firm agrees to comply with K.S.A. 44-1030.
    1. The firm shall observe the provisions of the Kansas act against discrimination and shall not discriminate against any person in the performance of work under the present contract because of race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin or ancestry;
    2. In all solicitations or advertisements for employees, the contractor shall include the phrase, "equal opportunity employer," or a similar phrase to be approved by the commission;
    3. If the firm fails to comply with the manner in which the contractor reports to the commission in accordance with the provisions of K.S.A. 44-1031 and amendments thereto, the contractor shall be deemed to have breached the present contract and it may be canceled, terminated or suspended, in whole or in part, by the contracting agency;
    4. If the firm is found guilty of a violation of the Kansas act against discrimination under a decision or order of the commission which has become final, the firm shall be deemed to have breached the present contract and it may be canceled, terminated or suspended, in whole or in part, by the contracting agency; and
    5. The firm shall include the provisions of subsections (a) through (d) in every subcontract or purchase order so that such provisions will be binding upon such subcontractor or vendor.
  6. Harvey County will issue a purchase order/contract for the acquisition of products/services specified as a result of an award made in reference to this document. Contract documents will be subject to any regulations governed by the laws of the State of Kansas and any local resolutions specifically applicable to the purchase.

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Monday, June 7, 2021
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