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Posted Date: Jul 15, 2021
Due Date: Jul 26, 2021
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Comprehensive Plan Jefferson County

Birmingham, AL


The following is a list of work tasks to be addressed under this RFP. The Consultant Team should propose their approach to these tasks. Additional tasks and work elements may be added or deleted during contract negotiations. The Consultant will work closely with Jefferson County Department of Development Services staff to coordinate all efforts associated with the development of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan as outlined below: The scope of services is envisioned to include the following activities and deliverables, but the County is open to alternative approaches as may be recommended by the chosen consultant.

  1. Kick-off meeting with staff team to confirm goals and objectives for the scope of services for the project, to identify and collect background information, and initiate a discussion of challenges and opportunities. This may include a site visit and tour of the County.
  2. Review of background information and prior planning documents.
  3. Existing conditions analysis.
  4. Prepare draft approach for Deliverables 1a, 1b, and 1c (listed below) and meet with staff team to review and collect feedback. Revise approach based on staff team feedback.
  5. Form an expert stakeholder panel to provide input to the County's draft comprehensive plan and future land use map.
  6. Seek public input through advertised neighborhood meetings, surveys, and other best planning practices.
  7. Meet with staff team to review feedback and make any revisions to County draft comprehensive plan and future land use map.
  8. Participate in at least one (1) Planning and Zoning Commission work session. Incorporate any feedback from the work session, revise draft comprehensive plan, and present to the Planning and Zoning Commission. 9. Present the comprehensive plan at one (1) Planning & Zoning Commission public meeting to adopt the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan.

Deliverable 1a: Public Involvement No longer does "public involvement" consist of a series of public meetings held at multiple locations. Public engagement strategies for the development of this new Comprehensive Plan will consist of both online and in-person public involvement methods using a range of techniques and technologies. The strategies will be aimed at capturing both the web-savvy and technology-challenged, both the fully engaged and the not engaged. The Jefferson County planning staff will work with the consultant to draft a Public Involvement Plan (PIP) that will be designed to reach different groups within the County using various locations and technologies.

Objectives of the Public Involvement task are to:

  • Determine the key County resources and opportunities. Identify key challenges facing the County.
  • Identify the values that participants wish to preserve as the County grows over future years.
  • Identify the principles that should govern implementation.
  • Develop a shared future development vision. Deliverable 1b: Existing Conditions and Trends At a minimum, this task will include data collection, mapping and analysis including:
    1. Existing plans review – with guidance from the Jefferson County planning staff, the consultant will review plans and studies that have a direct bearing on the development of the new Comprehensive Plan.
    2. A list of planned and programmed transportation projects, capital improvement projects, etc.
    3. Compilation of existing regulatory codes.
    4. Compilation of all adopted Comprehensive Plans for the incorporated municipalities within Jefferson County.
    5. Development of a baseline existing conditions and trends report that covers the following topical areas:
      1. Population and socioeconomic trends
      2. Economic development (industry structure, worker characteristics, etc.)
      3. Existing land use and zoning (existing development patterns and high growth areas)
      4. Environment (green infrastructure, brownfields, floodplains, wetlands, steep slopes, prime farmlands etc.)
      5. Transportation (high congestion areas, commuting patterns, system components, active transportation facilities, etc.)
      6. Infrastructure (water and sewer facilities, etc.)
      7. Parks and public facilities

Deliverable 1c: Housing Market Analysis

The Consultant Team will conduct a Housing Market Analysis that will analyze market activity and geo-demographic data in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the housing characteristics and associated costs in Jefferson County. The Housing Market Analysis will identify such things as housing trends, housing unit types, housing age and valuations, housing vacancy and tenure, home construction and sales data and housing affordability.

Deliverable 2a: Key Comprehensive Plan Elements The new Comprehensive Plan should also include the following components:

  1. A list of guiding principles / common themes - these will articulate the citizen's shared values and aspirations for the County's future based on the results of the public involvement activities. These principles should govern the implementation strategies.
  2. A list of goals and recommended actions will be crafted based on public input received during the development of this plan. The planning horizon should be a minimum of 15 years and include expected completion dates for some of these goals, objectives, or policies to ensure the plan implementation is active and implemented. A range of topic areas will be addressed that include housing and neighborhoods, green systems, economic development, planning and public services, community facilities and infrastructure, economic development, sustainability, blight, and the expansion of multi-modal transportation options.
  3. A list of recommended modifications to the Jefferson County Zoning Resolution and Subdivision Regulations - based on needed revisions that Jefferson County planning staff have encountered over the years, consultant recommended, and public input received during the public involvement process.
  4. Recommendations for underutilized sites and infill development sites. V. Recommendations for capital investments / improvements.
  5. A set of implementation strategies with recommended target dates.

Deliverable 2b: Future Land Use Map Without a doubt, growth is positive for economic development, but with growth comes impacts to infrastructure and services that must be planned and provided by various public agencies. Growth can also be perceived by people in various parts of the County as a threat to the rural lifestyle that drew them into the area in the first place. There also is an abundance of "legacy" industrial zoning that should be assessed for current market trends. The choices that Jefferson County makes in terms of the location, type and character of new development will have a profound influence for decades to come. Therefore, it is imperative that a new Future Land Use Map be created to replace the numerous area Land Use Plans that exist for the County as separate, independent future land use planning documents. The development of a new and refined Future Land Use Plan and Map is very important because it should be used as the primary policy guide the Jefferson County Planning Commission can assess new development proposals and make rezoning decisions. While the Future Land Use Map will not be parcel specific, it will be shown at both a countywide scale and at zoomed-in scales ("sectors") for different parts of the County so that any ambiguity or vagueness is dismissed by the viewer / reader. The Future Land Use Map boundaries should follow property boundaries and avoid more than one "Land Use" on a parcel. The new Future Land Use Map should be created by a thorough examination of existing land uses, current zoning designations, public input, and the most likely and/or best potential future land use for undeveloped areas.

Deliverable 3: Comprehensive Plan Document and Adoption Assistance The result of tasks above should be combined into the new Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan document that will provide written and graphic interpretation of plan elements.

Other elements may include an Executive Summary as well as the associated Appendices. Elements of the comprehensive plan goals, objectives and policies should be, at a minimum, but not limited to:

  • Future Land Use
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure (transportation systems, potable water, sewer, etc.)
  • Housing
  • Sustainability
  • Capital Improvements
  • Recreation/Open Space

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Monday, July 26, 2021
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