Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study

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State: Federal
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Posted Date: Jul 9, 2021
Due Date: Aug 25, 2021
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Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study Village of Park Forest

Park Forest, IL


Located approximately 30 miles south of downtown Chicago, Park Forest is one of America's first post-war planned communities and its innovative design has been recognized and used as a model for towns elsewhere. The community's original master plan ensured convenient commercial centers, a child-safe curved street system, a business and light industrial park and multiple, scattered school and recreational facilities. The Village is located in both Cook and Will Counties with a population of 21,975 per the 2010 US Census.

Park Forest's greatest amenities include over 2,000 acres of parks, recreational facilities and a mature urban forest. There is a rich cultural heritage in the arts, and a high level of service provided by seven separate departments of local government. Residents enjoy exceptional municipal services from police, fire, and public works. Park Forest pumps, processes and distributes its own well water, supplying high quality, purified, softened water to its residents. As of March 2021, the Village of Park Forest has 148 full-time employees and approximately 52 permanent part-time employees (non-seasonal).

Park Forest has received several accolades over the years including:

  • Selected All America City, 1954 & 1977
  • All America City Finalist, 2000 & 2006
  • Selected as one of the 150 great places in Illinois by the American Institute of Architects, 2007
  • Forbes Magazine deemed the Village of Park Forest as one of the “most livable” suburbs in all of Illinois.
  • Recognized a “Top 100 Workplace” by the Chicago Tribune, 2011
  • Awarded Illinois Governor's Hometown Award for Volunteerism, 2019

Park Forest also has a long history of sustainable practices. In recent years, however the Village of Park Forest has made a concerted effort to become “the most sustainable community in Illinois”. With the assistance of the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Park Forest adopted its comprehensive sustainability plan in 2012. Notable awards and certifications include:

  • Winner of the Congress for New Urbanism, Illinois Charter Award for Best Town Plan, 2013
  • Winner of the Illinois American Planning Association's Best Sustainability Plan Award, 2013
  • Winner of the Governor's Sustainability Award 2014
  • Awarded a 3-STAR Community Rating for leadership in sustainable practices by STAR Community Rating System, 2015
  • Awarded a 4-Star Community Rating and LEED Certification, 2018

Of particular note to this RFP will be the Park Forest Sustainability Plan and other attendant plan documents, accessible at . Respondents should make themselves familiar with these documents.

Other relevant information, including services, demographics and the Annual Budget is available on the Village's website at . Additional information concerning the history of Park Forest is available at

From its inception, Park Forest was one of the few communities without restrictive covenants. Although originally religiously but not racially diverse, within ten years of incorporation, the Village began a Human Relations Commission, adopted a Fair Housing Ordinance and actively sought racial diversity. Today's Park Forest embraces residents from all backgrounds and celebrates a rich community diversity. As outlined in Purpose and Objectives below, the Village seeks to retain a qualified Consultant, or team of Consultants, with experience in completing facility studies for other public jurisdictions such as municipalities, school or park districts and county agencies. The goal is for the Consultant to provide a complete assessment of the physical condition of components and systems of the identified municipal facilities as well as a determination of the longevity of these components and systems and cost opinions to replace and update identified deficiencies. In addition, the Village would like recommendations for facility improvements that would improve the efficient and effective provision of government services to residents and businesses as well as services and support to its employees. Total budget for the Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study is $75,000. Note that part of the criteria in awarding this contract will be the qualifications and experience of the individual or team, and the quality of deliverables provided for the prescribed budget. Responses to this Request for Proposals are due by 3:00 PM, Wednesday, August 25, 2021, Park Forest Village Hall, 350 Victory Drive.


The purpose for commissioning this Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study is to assess the existing conditions of identified municipal building systems and components, to determine projected life expectancies of these systems and components and to provide cost opinions for updating or replacing these systems and components, providing input in updating the Village's Capital Improvements Plan. In addition, the Village would like recommendations for facility improvements that would improve the efficient and effective provision of government services to residents and businesses as well as services and support to its employees. Facilities included in this Comprehensive Municipal Facility Study:

  • Park Forest Village Hall
  • Park Forest Police Station
  • Park Forest Fire Station
  • Municipal Garage
  • Park Forest Water Plant
  • Freedom Hall
  • Recreation Center
  • Park Forest Aqua Center
  • Park Forest Tennis & Health Club
    Note: Associated parking areas of each facility are included.


  • Objectives include the assessment, identification and documentation of existing conditions of identified municipal facilities that includes:
    • Exterior components: foundations, exterior façade and siding, insulation, roofing and drains, windows and doors
    • Physical plant: electrical, HVAC and ductwork, plumbing and sprinklers
    • Safety and security, including parking lots
    • ADA Compliance, including parking lots
    • Technology equipment and network infrastructure
  • To assess each facilities ability to support the provision of Government Services to residents and business in the Village of Park Forest well as services and support to its employees.
  • To acquire a final assessment report and physical plant data formatted for import into the Village's BS&A software modules.
  • Recommend corrections for noted deficiencies with cost opinions
  • Provide a priority timeline for improvements and projected timeline costs
  • To provide data and input to update the Village's Five Year Capital Plan
  • Provide recommendations on ways the selected facilities could be improved to more efficiently and effectively provide government services


Consulting firms and individuals should develop their best recommendations to accomplish the stated objectives as described above. Responders have discretion in offering creative solutions to meeting the stated objectives as well as to offer additional deliverables that would support the objectives and intent of this RFP.

Submissions Process

All proposals must contain, at a minimum, the following

  • Cover Letter: A cover letter not exceeding three (3) pages in length, reflecting the Responders thorough and complete understanding of the objectives of the Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study.
  • Experience & Qualifications: A brief resume of the Responders experience in rendering similar services and solutions.
    • Summaries of up to four (4) similar projects may be listed which include two (2) references for each. Each summary should be no longer than one page.
    • A brief, single page resume of the qualifications and experience of the principal project manager and any key personnel who will be involved in this project. The involvement of these personnel in the projects described in the firm's qualifications should be included.
  • Project Narrative: The proposal should describe in detail, the methods and steps to accomplish the objectives of the Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study. This should include:
    • A timetable outlining each phase of the study
    • A narrative outlining how each of the objectives will be addressed
    • A narrative outlining Deliverables, including any particularly creative or innovative solutions offered.
    • An outline of anticipated involvement from Village Staff
  • Cost of the Project: Include the total cost of the project, itemized to include a breakdown of the major components and any “value added” additions.

Submit twelve (12) copies of all proposal documents to the Village of Park Forest, no later than 3:00 PM, Wednesday, August 25, 2021. Submit all proposal in a sealed envelope, clearly marked Comprehensive Municipal Facilities Study, Village of Park Forest.

Attn: Mr. Robert Gunther
Director of Recreation, Parks and Community Health
350 Victory Dr.
Park Forest IL 60466

NOTE ON COMMUNICATIONS: All communications by parties with an interest in submitting a proposal, including any questions or requests for clarifications, submission of the proposal, requests for status updates, selection process, or any inquiries related to this Request for Proposals, shall be sent, in writing by email to Mr. Robert Gunther at the email address noted above. There may be no contact with any other Village staff member with regard to this Request for Proposals during the process, unless specifically authorized in writing. Prohibited contact may be grounds for disqualification.

The Village will make every reasonable effort to keep Respondents informed about the process, including time line and date changes, amendments to the Request for Proposals, and other information about the project. Such notifications will be by email to Respondents who have provided an email address to Mr. Robert Gunther and posted on the Village's website for this Request for Proposals. The Village's failure to provide such information shall not delay or invalidate the Village's right to make a decision to award a contract pursuant to this Request for Proposals.

Selection Process and Criteria

The Selection Committee will consist of selected members of Village staff, representing the departments of Administration, Finance, Public Works and Recreation, Parks & Community Health and will review all proposals before making its final recommendation to the Park Forest Board of Trustees. At its discretion, the Village may conduct interviews with selected Responders, and does reserve the right to award the contract in its best interest. The Village of Park Forest, Board of Trustees will make the final decision and award the contract for this Comprehensive Facilities Study.

Evaluations of proposals will include the following criteria:

  • Project Assessment: (20 Points) Initial assessment of the project and the Respondents understanding of the objectives per the Cover Letter
  • Value: (30 Points) Value and cost efficiency of the proposal, considering total cost relative to the proposed timeline, deliverables, staff involvement and value added components per the Project Narrative.
  • Experience and Qualifications: (20 Points) Consideration of key personnel experience with projects of similar type, scale, complexity and intent per the resumes included in Experience and Qualifications.
  • Value Added: (10 Points) Perceived ability to generate practical and creative solutions per the Project Narrative
  • Sustainability: (10 Points) Alignment with the Village's comprehensive sustainability plan
  • Project fee: (10 Points)

MWBE and Workforce Goals: The Village of Park Forest desires to encourage minority and women-owned businesses (MWBE) to participate in opportunities funded by the Village. To that end, if one or more MWBE Consultants or Sub-Consultants will perform a minimum of 20 percent of the work (based on time and cost), the overall submittal will receive additional points equal to 10 percent of the points awarded by the criteria noted above. Consultant(s) shall provide sufficient documentation with their proposal to support the additional points as an MWBE Consultant or Sub-Consultant. Further, the MWBE Consultant(s) or Sub-Consultant(s) must be named and the size of the contract identified. If selected, the Consultant(s) must document payment of at least the proposed amount to the MWBE Consultant(s) or Sub-Consultant(s).

The Village of Park Forest reserves the right to select the proposal it deems best meets its objectives without regard to cost. The Village may also reject all proposals.

Insurance: The winning individual or firm must provide certificates of insurance in compliance with the Village's IRMA Insurance Guidelines before proceeding with any work.


Following is the schedule for submittal and review of proposals submitted in response to this RFP:

Request for Proposals Issued: July 8, 2021

Pre-Proposal Walk Through: Thursday, July 22, 2021, 1:00 PM

Proposals Due: Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 3:00 pm.

Interviews Scheduled (if needed ): Week of September 13, 2021

Contract Negotiations: (Following interviews)

Board Consideration of Contract: October 4, 2021

Board Approval: October 18, 2021

Request Type
Request Type
Wednesday, August 25, 2021
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