Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer

Agency: Cobb County School District
State: Georgia
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 336212 - Truck Trailer Manufacturing
Posted Date: May 29, 2020
Due Date: Jun 5, 2020
Solicitation No: Q2020032
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Q2020032 Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer Open 6/5/2020
3:00 PM
Solicitation Lorri Latif 5/29/20

Attachment Preview

One Team, One Goal: Student Success
Attn: Vendors
From: Lorri Latif
514 Glover Street
Marietta, GA 30060
Telephone: (770) 426-3300
Date: 5/29/20
Request for Quote (RFQ) Q2020032
Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer
Due Date/Time/Location for Quote Response: Please e-mail to by 3:00
PM ET, Friday, June 5, 2020.
Delivery Location for Product/Service: Cobb County School District
Maintenance Services Department
560 Glover Street
Marietta, GA 30060
The Cobb County School District (CCSD) Procurement Services Department General Terms
and Conditions are hereby acknowledged, understood, and agreed to by the parties and are
hereby fully incorporated into the solicitation document and the resulting contract. Refer to the
CCSD Procurement Services website for the complete General Terms and Conditions. Go to From this screen, select Departments, choose Procurement Services and
find the link to General Terms and Conditions on the right-hand side of the page.
The Cobb County School District is closed until further notice. The Procurement Services
Department will be working remotely during this time. Due to the closure, responses may only
be submitted electronically via email to with RFQ Q2020032, Carolina
30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailerreferenced in the subject line. Please allow ample
time for the electronic submission of response.
Brad Wheeler, Chair David Banks, Vice Chair
David Chastain Charisse Davis Jaha Howard • David Morgan • Randy Scamihorn
Chris Ragsdale
RFQ Q2020032, Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer
The Special Terms and Conditions are customized specifically to this solicitation. Taking exception to
these terms and conditions or submitting conflicting language may be cause for rejection of vendor’s
Should these Special Terms and Conditions be in conflict with the General Terms and Conditions, the
Special Terms and Conditions will control.
1.0 PURPOSE Cobb County School District is seeking quotes from qualified vendors for the purchase
and delivery of a new Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer for the District’s
Maintenance Grounds Department.
2.1 Only a new current model Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Trailer or CCSD approved
equivalent will be accepted.
2.2 All equipment shall include standard manufacturer’s warranty. Provide product warranty
statements with quote.
2.3 The manufacturer name and model number of the product being quoted must be listed on
the Quote Form. If a vendor is quoting an equivalent product, literature/specifications shall
accompany the quote. CCSD has the final approval for whether alternate products
submitted are equivalent.
2.4 CCSD reserves the right, upon request, to have a demonstration of any equipment quoted.
3.1 G.V.W.R. 65,000 lbs.
3.2 Mainframe: 14" @ 26# per foot, Pierced, Bridged & Arched, Inside Crossmembers, Formed
3.3 Crossmembers: 4" Channel on 16" Centers
3.4 Flooring: 2" Oak
3.5 Axles: (3) 25,000# Oil Bath
3.6 Brakes: Air w/ABS and Park (Maxi) Brakes
3.7 Tires: (12) 235/75/R17.5 SBR 18 PR
3.8 Wheels: (12) Steel Disc Wheels 17.5 (Budd Type)
3.9 Suspension: Hutch 9700, 6-Spring Equalizing w/Adjustable Torque Arms
3.10 Overall Length: 40' (end to end)
3.11 Overall Width: 102"
3.12 Deck Length: 29'
3.13 Dovetail: 6' Long with 2" Oak Flooring
3.14 Tongue Length: 5', Cold Rolled w/Adj. Height Heavy Duty Pintle Ring
RFQ Q2020032, Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer
3.15 Ramps: 11' x 42" Hydraulic Bifold; Tapered Ends; Oak-Flooring
3.16 Lighting: LED Lights, Recessed & Rubber Mounted; Mid-Span Turn Signals
3.17 Wiring: Sealed Wiring Harness, Modular Connections
3.18 Landing Gear: Dual 2-Spd, 160,000# Vertical Capacity, 29,000# Side Capacity w/Sand Pads
3.19 D-Rings: H.D. Cupped D-Rings, Min. (8) per Side
3.20 DOT Tape: DOT Conspicuity Tape Full Length of Trailer
3.21 Flag Holders: Wide Load Flag Holders
3.22 Access Step: (1) Driver's Side
3.23 Safety Chains: Heavy Duty w/Hooks
3.24 Tool Box: Locking Tool Tray in Tongue
3.25 Finish: Cleaned, Primed & Painted Customer Choice of Standard Colors
3.26 Front Headboard
3.27 Spare Tire and Wheel
All communications concerning this RFQ must be submitted in writing to the CCSD Procurement
Services Department by email to is the preferred method of
communication. Only written questions submitted via email will be accepted. No response other
than written, distributed by the Procurement Services Department, will be binding upon CCSD.
The Procurement Services Department, in its discretion, may call upon user departments for
clarification in their area of expertise.
4.1 All responses submitted become the property of the CCSD and are subject to the applicable
open records policies and laws.
4.2 Submit the following documents with your response:
Vendor Questionnaire
IRS W-9 Form
Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act Forms
Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form (if applicable)
Acknowledgement and Agreement Form
5.0 COST
5.1 Unless specifically consented to in writing by CCSD, prices must remain firm for a period of
one year from the award date, or for any renewal period, under the same terms and
conditions as the RFQ. The CCSD reserves the option to renew any contract award at its sole
RFQ Q2020032, Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer
5.2 Quantities/amounts shown in this RFQ are estimates. Vendors are advised that the actual
number purchased/required may vary from those in the RFQ, depending upon the needs of
the CCSD and the availability of funds.
5.3 Quotes that contain minimum order amounts will not be accepted unless called for in the
solicitation document.
5.4 Pricing must be submitted on the Quote Form included within this document as requested,
without conditions, unless called for in solicitation document.
5.5 For Goods: Quotations must include any and all delivery and/or installation charges.
Delivery and/or installation requirements will be as specified in the solicitation document.
5.6 Prompt payment discounts will be considered for the purposes of quote evaluation and
5.7 The CCSD does not pay late payment fees
5.8 FEE STRUCTURE FOR ADDITIONAL ITEMS Within this document, CCSD has attempted to
anticipate and identify all items that may be needed under this contract throughout the
length of the award period. In the event CCSD has failed to include an item(s), responding
vendors are asked to provide a fee structure for additional, related items that may be
purchased during the award period. Vendors are to identify the pricing source and the
associated fee structure in the space provided on the Quote Form. Some example responses
are: X% discount below MSRP; X% discount below published catalog pricing; Cost plus X%
mark-up. Upon request, awarded vendor must be able to provide documentation verifying
appropriate discounts are granted throughout the contract. CCSD reserves the right to
conduct periodic random audits of fair market value, etc. to ensure price granted is
reasonable and accurate.
6.1 Commercial General Liability with limits of at least $1 million. Coverage must include
products and completed operations with reporting of claims on occurrence basis.
6.2 Commercial Auto Liability with limits of at least $1 million.
6.3 Umbrella Coverage in excess of GL and Auto of at least $2 million.
6.4 Statutory Workers' Compensation
6.5 Employer's Liability of at least $100,000.
6.6 Vendor’s insurance carrier must have financial size category of at least V.
RFQ Q2020032, Carolina 30 Ton Triaxle Pintle Hitch Paver Trailer
Cobb County School District must be named as an additional insured on all applicable policies. The
insurance carriers should be licensed to do business in the state of Georgia. The carriers must have
an AM Best rating of A- or higher.
Please Note:
Signing of Acknowledgement and Agreement signifies that vendor complies with
insurance requirements as specified.
Proof of Insurance is not required with submission of quote but must be available upon
request (including during the evaluation process). CCSD will require proof of insurance
before issuance of Award Letter/Contract.
Vendor may choose to include proof of insurance with submission of quote in order to
expedite the evaluation process and issuance of award to the successful vendor.
After notification of pending award, a vendor not including proof of insurance with their
quote will be given not more than five (5) business days (including day of notification) to
provide proof or the quote will be deemed non-responsive.
All prices offered shall be firm against any increase for one (1) year from the effective date of the
contract. Prior to renewal, CCSD may entertain a request for escalation in accordance with the
most recently published Producer Price Index at the time of the request. For the purposes of this
section, WPU1414, PPI Commodity data for Transportation Equipment-Truck trailers, not
seasonally adjusted, as published by the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor
Statistics will be the benchmark. CCSD reserves the right to accept or reject the request for a
price increase and, if appropriate, to utilize other resources in evaluating escalation requests.
CCSD may entertain a request for escalation during the contract period if the current market
conditions and prices at the time of the request have changed significantly. Documentation may
be requested by CCSD that provides detailed information about the change in market conditions
and prices. If the price change is approved, the price will remain firm for 365 days from the date
of the increase unless otherwise stated in the renewal award letter. This clause also enables
CCSD to seek de-escalation on the basis of the same cited index, terms, and other resources.
8.1 Award will be made to the lowest responsive and responsible vendor meeting specifications
and requirements. This is the vendor who submits the lowest price, whose quote meets the
specifications, terms, and conditions set forth in the RFQ, and who is clearly capable of
delivering the products or services specified. Therefore, the lowest responsible vendor will
not always be the vendor who has submitted the lowest monetary quote.

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