Bid 50-19 Wayfinding Signs Phase 3

Agency: City of Portsmouth
State: New Hampshire
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 339950 - Sign Manufacturing
Posted Date: Jun 6, 2019
Due Date: Jun 24, 2019
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bid/proposal deadline additional instructions pre-bid meeting addenda bid summary
Bid/Proposal: Bid 50-19 Wayfinding Signs Phase 3 Deadline : June 24, 2019
1:00 p.m.

See 3 attachments under Additional Instructions

Additional Instructions:

50-19 Design Intent Drawings

50-19 Sign Location Plans

50-19 Message Schedule

Pre-Bid Meeting: Addenda: Bid Summary:

Attachment Preview

City of Portsmouth, NH
Planning Department
Wayfinding Signs, Phase 3
Bid Proposal 50-19
The City of Portsmouth seeks bid proposals for fabrication and installation services for Wayfinding
Signs, Phase 3.
Sealed bid proposals, plainly marked “Bid 50-19, City of Portsmouth Wayfinding Signs, Phase
3” on the outside of the mailing envelope will be accepted until June 24, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. at the
Finance/Purchasing Department, City Hall, 1 Junkins Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
Questions about this bid should be directed in writing to Juliet Walker, Planning Director, at The deadline for questions and requests for additional
information is June 17, 2019.
Bid specifications are available at
Hard copies of these documents are not available. Addenda to this bid request, if any, including
written answers to questions will be posted on the City of Portsmouth website under the project
The installation deadline for this project is December 10, 2019.
If you have administrative questions please contact the Purchasing Coordinator, at or at the following number: (603) 610-7227.
The City reserves the right, after bid opening and prior to award of the contract, to modify the
amount of the work in the event that bids exceed budgeted amounts. The City of Portsmouth
further reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive technical or legal deficiencies, to re-
bid, and to accept any bid that it may deem to be in the best interest of the City. Also, the City
reserves the right to approve or deny subcontractors for this project.
Contract award is contingent upon available funding.
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Bid Proposal 50-19
1. Special Notice to Bidders
Appended to these instructions is a complete set of bidding forms including a statement of
qualifications. These forms may be detached and executed for the submittal of bids. The plans,
specifications, and other documents designated in the proposal form will be considered as part of
the proposal, whether attached or not.
Questions about this bid should be directed in writing to Juliet Walker, Planning Director, at The deadline for questions and requests for additional
information is June 17, 2019.
Addenda to this bid document, if any, including written answers to questions, will be posted by
on the City of Portsmouth website at
under the project heading. Addenda and updates will NOT be sent directly to firms. Contractors
submitting a bid should check the web site for addenda and updates after the release date. Firms
should confirm receipt of the addenda on the Bid Proposal Form. Failure to do so may result in
2. Interpretation of Quantities in Bid Schedules
The quantities appearing in the bid schedule are approximate only and are prepared for the
comparison of bids. Payment to the contractor will be made only for actual work performed and
accepted in accordance with the contract. Any scheduled item of work to be done and materials
to be furnished may be increased, decreased or omitted as hereinafter provided, and no claim for
loss, anticipated profits or costs incurred in anticipation of work not ultimately performed will be
allowed due to such increase or decrease.
3. Examination of Plans, Specifications and Site Work
The bidder is expected to examine carefully the site of the proposed work, the plans,
specifications, and special provisions before submitting a proposal. The submission of a bid shall
be considered conclusive evidence that the bidder has made such examination and is satisfied as
to the conditions to be encountered in performing the work and as to the requirements of the
contract. It will be conclusive evidence that the bidder has also investigated and is satisfied with
the sources of supply for all materials.
Plans, surveys, measurements, dimensions, calculations, estimates and statements as to the
condition under which the work is to be performed are believed to be correct, but the contractors
must examine for themselves, as no allowance will be made for any errors or inaccuracies that
maybe found therein.
4. Familiarity with Laws
The bidder is assumed to be familiar with all federal and state laws and all local by-laws,
ordinances and regulations which in any manner affect those engaged or employed on the work
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Bid Proposal 50-19
or affect the materials or equipment used in the work or affect the conduct of the work, and the
bidder, if awarded the contract, shall be obligated to perform the work in conformity with said
laws, by-laws, ordinances and regulations notwithstanding its ignorance thereof. If the bidder
shall discover any provision in the plans or specifications which is in conflict with any such law,
by-law, ordinance or regulation the bidder shall forthwith report it to the Owner in writing.
5. Preparation of Bid Proposal
a) The bidder shall submit its proposal upon the forms furnished by the Owner. The bidder
shall specify a lump sum price in figures, for each pay item for which a quantity is given
and shall also show the products of the respective prices and quantities written in figures
in the column provided for that purpose and the total amount of the proposal obtained by
adding the amount of the several items. All words and figures shall be in ink or typed. If a
unit price or a lump sum bid already entered by the bidder on the proposal form is to be
altered it should be crossed out with ink, the new unit price or lump sum bid entered
above or below it and initialed by the bidder, also with ink.
b) The unit prices quoted and accepted shall apply throughout the life of the contract, except
as otherwise specifically noted. The unit prices shall be applied, as appropriate, to
compute the total value of changes in the scope of the work in accordance with the
contract documents. The work not specifically identified as a unit price item shall be
considered as incidental to the identified unit price items and shall be included in the unit
process quoted. Work to be considered incidental shall include but not be limited to
surface restoration, including pavement repair, erosion control measures, miscellaneous
concrete, and all other items required to provide a completed project.
b) The bidder's proposal must be signed with ink by the individual, by one or more general
partners of a partnership, by one or more members or officers of each firm representing a
joint venture; by one or more officers of a corporation, by one or more members (if
member-managed) or managers (if manager-managed) of a limited liability company, or
by an agent of the contractor legally qualified and acceptable to the owner. If the proposal
is made by an individual, his or her name and post office address must be shown, by a
partnership the name and post office address of each general and limited partner must be
shown; as a joint venture, the name and post office address of each venturer must be
shown; by a corporation, the name of the corporation and its business address must be
shown, together with the name of the state in which it is incorporated, and the names,
titles and business addresses of the president, secretary and treasurer.
6. Nonconforming Proposals
Proposals will be considered nonconforming and may be rejected at the Owner's sole discretion
for any of the following reasons:
If the proposal is on a form other than that furnished by the Owner, or if the form is
altered or any portion thereof is detached;
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Bid Proposal 50-19
If there are unauthorized additions, conditional or altered bids, or irregularities of any
kind which may tend to make the proposal or any portion thereof incomplete, indefinite
or ambiguous as to its meaning;
If the bidder adds any provisions reserving the right to accept or reject an award, or to
enter into a contract pursuant to an award; or
If the proposal does not contain a unit price for each pay item listed except in the case of
authorized alter pay items.
7. Delivery of Bid Proposals
Sealed proposal shall be addressed to the Owner at the address and in the care of the official in
whose office the bids are to be received. All proposals shall be filed prior to the time and at the
place specified in the invitation for bids. Proposals received after the time for opening of the bids
will be returned to the bidder, unopened. Faxed or e-mailed bid proposals are not acceptable.
8. Withdrawal of Bid Proposals
A bidder will be permitted to withdraw his/her proposal unopened after it has been deposited if
such request is received in writing prior to the time specified for opening the proposals.
9. Public Opening of Bid Proposals
Proposals will be opened and read publicly at the time and place indicated in the invitation for
bids. Bidders, their authorized agents, and other interested parties are invited to be present.
10. Disqualification of Bidders
Any or all of the following reasons may be deemed by Owner in its sole discretion as being
sufficient for the disqualification of a bidder and the rejection of his proposal:
More than one proposal for the same work from an individual, firm, or corporation under
the same or different name;
Evidence of collusion among bidders;
Failure to submit all required information requested in the bid specifications;
Lack of competency or of adequate machinery, plant or other equipment, as revealed by
the statement of bidders qualification or otherwise;
Uncompleted work which, in the judgment of the owner, might hinder or prevent the
prompt completion of additional work if awarded;
Failure to pay, or satisfactorily settle, all bills due for labor and materials on former
Default or unsatisfactory performance on previous contracts; or
Such disqualification would be in the best interests of the Owner.
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Bid Proposal 50-19
11. Material Guaranty and Samples
Before any contract is awarded, the bidder may be required to furnish a complete statement of the
origin, composition and manufacture of any or all materials to be used in the construction of the
work, and the Owner may, in its sole discretion, reject the bid based on the contents of the
statement or as a result of the failure of the bidder to submit the statement.
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