Agency: City of Edinburg
State: Texas
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 236220 - Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • 238330 - Flooring Contractors
Posted Date: May 18, 2020
Due Date: Jun 1, 2020
Solicitation No: BID
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description opening date/time closing date/time
May 15, 2020 : June 01, 2020 3:00 PM

Attachment Preview

The City of Edinburg is soliciting sealed bids to be received by the City Secretary’s Office located at 415 W. University
Drive, Edinburg, Texas 78541. City of Edinburg normal business days are Monday through Friday between the hours
of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and shall be closed on recognized holidays.
Bids will be received until 3:00 p.m. Central Time, on Monday, June 01, 2020, shortly thereafter all submitted bids
will be gathered and taken to the Edinburg City Hall Community Room, 1st Floor, to be publicly opened and read
aloud. Any bid received after the closing time will not be accepted and will be returned to the bidder unopened. It is
the responsibility of the bidder to see that any bid submitted shall have sufficient time to be received by the City
Secretary’s Office prior to the bid opening date and time. The receiving time in the City Secretary’s Office will be the
governing time for acceptability of the bids. Bids will not be accepted by telephone or facsimile machine. All bids
must bear original signatures and figures. The Bid shall be for:
BID NO. 2020-54
If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this bid, you may contact LORENA
(956) 388-1895 or via e- to the following e-mail address:
If Hand-delivering Bids: 415 West University Drive,
c/o City Secretary Department (1st Floor)
If using Land Courier (i.e., FedEx, UPS): City of Edinburg
c/o City Secretary
415 West University Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78541
If Mailing Bids: City of Edinburg
c/o City Secretary
P.O. Box 1079
Edinburg, TX 78540-1079
The City of Edinburg reserves the right to refuse and reject any or all bids and to waive any or all formalities or
technicalities and to accept the bid deemed most advantageous to the City, and hold the bids for a period of 60 days
without taking action.
Bids must be submitted in an envelope sealed with tape and prominently marked on the lower left hand
corner of the bid envelope with corresponding bid number and title.
Please read your specifications/requirements thoroughly and be sure that the SERVICES offered comply with all
specifications/requirements. Any variation from the specifications/requirements must be clearly indicated by letter
attached to your bid referencing variations on a point-by-point basis. If no exceptions are noted, and you are the
successful bidder, it will be required that the SERVICES be provided as specified.
1. The purpose of these specifications/requirements and bidding documents is for the MUNICIPAL POOL
FLOORING RENOVATION for the City of Edinburg.
2. The SERVICES to be furnished under this bid shall be as specified in these bid documents. All
specifications/requirements shown are minimum. There is no intention to disqualify any bidder who can meet these
Bids will be submitted in sealed envelopes upon the blank bid form attached hereto. Submit two (2) complete sets of
the bid, one (1) original marked “ORIGINAL,” and one (1) copy marked COPY. Each bid must be completely filled
out and SUBMITTED IN ORIGINAL FORM, complete with all supporting documentation. Bids submitted by facsimile
(fax) or electronically will NOT be accepted. Submittal of a bid in response to this solicitation for Bids constitutes an
offer by the Bidder. Bids which do not comply with these specifications/requirements may be rejected at the option of
the City. Bids must be filed with the City of Edinburg, before opening day and hour. No late Bids will be accepted.
They will be returned to Bidder unopened (if properly identified).
If Hand-delivering Bids:
If using Land Courier (i.e., FedEx, UPS):
If Mailing Bids:
415 West University Drive, c/o City Secretary Department (1st Floor)
415 West University Drive, c/o City Secretary Department (1st Floor), Edinburg,
Texas 78541
P.O. Box 1079, Edinburg, TX 78540-1079
Bids MUST give full firm name and address of bidder, and be manually signed. Failure to do so will disqualify your
bid. Person signing bid must show title or AUTHORITY TO BIND HIS/HER FIRM IN A CONTRACT.
Firm name and authorized signature must appear on each page that calls for this information. The legal status of the
Respondent/Bidder whether corporation, partnership, or individual, shall also be stated in the bid. A corporation shall
execute the bid by its duly authorized officers in accordance with its corporate by-laws and shall also list the state in
which it is incorporated. A partnership Respondent/Bidder shall give full names and addresses of all partners. All
partners shall execute the bid. Partnership and Individual Respondent/Bidder shall state in the bid the names and
addresses of all persons with a vested interest therein. The place of residence of each Respondent/Bidder, or the
office address in the case of a firm or company, with county and state and telephone number, shall be given after the
Bids CANNOT be altered or amended after opening time. Alterations made before opening time must be initialed by
bidder guaranteeing authenticity. No bid may be withdrawn after opening time without acceptable reason in writing
and only after approval by the City of Edinburg.
State sales tax must not be included in the bid.
No substitutions or cancellations will be permitted without written approval of City of Edinburg.
If unable to submit a bid, bidder should return inquiry giving reasons.
Any additions, deletions, or variations from the following specifications/requirements must be noted. The bidder shall
attach to his/her bid sheet a list of any exceptions to the specifications/requirements if unable to do so, on
specification sheet.
Unless otherwise specified, any catalog or manufacturer’s reference or brand name used in describing an item is
merely descriptive, and not restrictive, and is used only to indicate type and style of product desired. Bids on alternate
brands will be considered if they meet specification requirements. If a bidder quotes on equipment other than the
one(s) specified in the bid, sufficient specifications and descriptive (pictured literature) data must accompany same to
permit thorough evaluation. In the absence of these qualifications, he/she will be expected to furnish the product
called for.
Number of days required to deliver SERVICES after receiving order must be stated in the bid. Failure to so state will
obligate bidder to complete service delivery within ONE day.
When delay can be foreseen, Bidder shall give prior notice to City of Edinburg. Bidder must keep City of Edinburg
advised at all times of status of order. Default in promised service delivery (without acceptable reasons) or failure to
meet specifications/requirements, authorizes the City of Edinburg to purchase such SERVICES elsewhere and charge
increase in cost to defaulting vendor. Acceptable reasons for delayed delivery are as follows: Acts of God (floods,
tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.), acts of government, fire, strikes, war; Actions beyond the control of the successful bidder.
Bids in units of quantity specified - extend and show total. In the event of discrepancies in extension, unit prices will
govern. Bids subject to unlimited price increase will not be considered.
The City may hold bids 60 days after bid opening without taking action. BIDDERS shall be required to hold their Bids
firm for the same period of time.
The City of Edinburg reserves the right to refuse and reject any or all Bids, and to waive any or all formalities or
technicalities, and to make such awards of contract as may be deemed to be the best and most advantageous to the
City of Edinburg.
Bidders are advised that the City of Edinburg may award Service Contracts to multiple vendors based on low bid per
item basis. All items specified on the “Bid Form” must reflect the individual unit prices. The City of Edinburg reserves
the right to award all items individually or in any combination thereof. The City reserves the right to award each item
separately or individually, award to one or multiple vendors, and accept the proposal deemed most advantageous to the City.
The Bidder agrees to indemnify and save harmless the City, from all suits and actions of every nature and description
brought against them or any of them, for or on account of the use of patented appliances, products or processes, and
he shall pay all royalties and charges which are legal and equitable. Evidence of such payment or satisfaction shall
be submitted upon request of the Purchasing Agent, as a necessary requirement in connection with the final estimate
for payment in which such patented appliance, products or processes are used.
Bidder shall carefully examine the bid forms, specifications/requirements, and instructions to Bidders. Should the
bidder find discrepancies in, or omissions from bid forms, specifications/requirements, or other documents, or should
he/she be in doubt as to their meaning, he/she should at once notify the Purchasing Agent at 956-388-1895 and
obtain clarification by addendum prior to submitting any bid. Explanations, interpretations, and supplemental
instructions shall be in the form of written Addenda which shall become a part of the Contract documents. Said
Addenda shall be mailed, e-mailed, hand delivered and/or faxed, to all prospective Bidders. All Addenda issued in
respect to this project shall be considered official changes to the original bid documents. Verbal statements in
response to inquiries and/or requests for explanations shall not be authoritative nor binding. It shall be the Bidder(s)
responsibility to ensure that they have received all Addenda in respect to this project. Furthermore, Bidders are
advised that they must recognize, comply with, and attach a signed copy of each Addendum which shall be made part
of their Bid Submittal. Bidder(s) signature on Addenda shall be interpreted as the bidder’s “recognition and
compliance to” official changes as outlined by the City of Edinburg and as such are made part of the original
solicitation documents. Failure of any bidder to receive any such addendum or interpretation shall not relieve such
Bidder from its terms and requirements. The City may issue a written addendum no later than five calendar days prior
to the date bids must be received. Addendums are available online at
The City of Edinburg will execute payment by mail in accordance with the State of Texas Pay Law after SERVICES
have been provided and invoiced. No other method of payment will be considered.
Where in this bid package ITEMS OR SERVICES is used its meaning shall refer to the MUNICIPAL POOL
Neither the Bidder’s contract nor payment due to an awarded vendor may be assigned to a third party without the
written approval of the Purchasing Department for the City of Edinburg.
Any questions concerning the conditions and/or specifications/requirements with regards to this solicitation for Bids
shall be directed to the designated individuals as outlined in the Request for Bids. Such interpretations, which may
affect the eventual outcome of this request for Bids, shall be furnished in writing to all prospective Bidders via
Addendum. No interpretation shall be considered binding unless provided in writing by the City of Edinburg in
accordance with paragraph entitled “Addenda”.
It shall be the responsibility of the successful Bidder to comply with all applicable State & Federal laws, Executive
Orders and Municipal Ordinances, and the Rules and Regulations of all authorities having jurisdiction over the work to
be performed hereunder and such shall apply to the contract throughout, and that they will be deemed to be included
in the contract as though written out in full in the contract documents. (To include issues related to health,
environmental, and safety to name a few.)
Neither the Bidder nor his/her employees engaged in fulfilling the terms and conditions of this Purchase Contract shall
be considered employees of the City. The method and manner of performance of such undertakings shall be under
the exclusive control of the vendor on contract. The City shall have the right of inspection of said undertakings at any
City of Edinburg reserves the right to waive or take exception to any part of these specifications/requirements when in
the best interest of the City of Edinburg.
Bidders are advised that in addition to responding to our “local” solicitation for bids/Bids with Dealer pricing,
vendors/contractors are encouraged to provide pricing on the below referenced items/products/services based on
BuyBoard, TX-MAS, H-GAC and/or any other State of Texas recognized and approved cooperative which has
complied with the bidding requirements for the State of Texas. If bidding other than or in addition to “dealer” pricing,
kindly duplicate the bid forms for each bid being provided from a cooperative contract. Any and all applicable fees
must be included. All cooperative pricing must be submitted on or before bid opening date and hour.
The City of Edinburg may hold bids 60 days after the opening of Bids without taking action. Bidders are required to
hold their Bids firm for same period of time.
The City of Edinburg shall not be held liable for any costs incurred by any bidder for work performed in the preparation
of and production of a bid or for any work performed prior to execution of contract.
Any information deemed to be confidential by the bidder should be clearly noted on the pages where confidential
information is contained; however, the City cannot guarantee that it will not be compelled to disclose all or part of any
public record under Texas Public Information Act, since information deemed to be confidential by the bidder may not
be considered confidential under Texas Law, or pursuant to a Court order.
Any threats made to any employee of the City, be it verbal or written, to discontinue the providing of
item/material/services for whatever reason and/or reasons shall be considered a breach of contract and the City will
immediately sever the contract with the Vendor on contract.

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