3/25/21 - Bid #03-20-21-01 ¡°Minor Alterations to City Hall Council Chambers¡±

Agency: City of Danbury
State: Connecticut
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Mar 1, 2021
Due Date: Mar 25, 2021
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3/25/21 - Bid #03-20-21-01 “Minor Alterations to City Hall Council Chambers”


Sealed Bids will be received by the Purchasing Agent of the City of Danbury at the Purchasing Agent’s Office, City Hall, Danbury, CT until 10:00 A.M. on:

Thursday, March 25, 2021 for:

Bid #03-20-21-01 “Minor Alterations to City Hall Council Chambers”

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The City of Danbury is an equal opportunity and affirmative action purchaser, and bids from all vendors, including those from enterprises owned by minorities and women, are encouraged.

The City of Danbury reserves the right to accept or reject any or all Bids, and unless specified otherwise, to award the contract within thirty working days to the Bidder deemed to be for the best interest of the City of Danbury.

Dated: March 1, 2021

Charles J. Volpe, Jr.
Purchasing Agent
City of Danbury

Attachment Preview

The City of Danbury, CT
Sealed Bid Request
BID TITLE: Bid #03-20-21-01 “Minor Alterations to City Hall Council Chambers”
DATE BID OPENING: Thursday, March 25, 2021
TIME: 10:00 AM
LOCATION: Purchasing Department, City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810
Bid Bond or Certified Check required with bid: 5%
Performance Bond required if awarded bid: Not Applicable
The City of Danbury reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids or any portion thereof, to waive
technicalities, and to award the contract as deemed to best serve the public interest.
Omit State and Federal Taxes
All prices must be FOB Destination (Danbury, CT) unless otherwise specified
Dated in Danbury: March 1, 2021
Purchasing Agent
Charles J. Volpe, Jr.
Pursuant to and in accordance with the Invitation to Bid, Instructions to Bidders, and specifications relating thereto,
the undersigned offers to furnish all materials, labor, equipment, tools, supplies and other facilities to make minor
alterations to the City Hall Council Chambers, 155 Deer Hill Avenue , Danbury, CT, as described in the specifications
for the price stated below:
LUMP SUM BID $ ________________________
Work shall begin within _______ days after receipt of order and be completed within _________ days thereafter.
Bid Security (5% of Lump Sum Total, bond/check) in the amount of ________________ enclosed.
Company: ___________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________
___________________________________________ E-mail: ________________________________
Submitted By (signature): _______________________________ Payment Terms: _________________________
Signed By (print/type): __________________________________
Title: __________________________________
Dated: ____________________
Page # Paragraph Item Description & Alternate Proposal
List Below at least five (5) references for similar projects, including all information requested. THIS PAGE MUST BE COMPLETED. If Bidders wish to
keep their references confidential, this page may be removed from the bid package and submitted with the bid in a separate sealed envelope marked
“REFERENCES – CONFIDENTIAL”. The City of Danbury is not responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the references unless this procedure is
1) Client __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approximate $ Value ____________________
Date: Started ____________________ Completed ____________________
Contact: Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________
2) Client __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approximate $ Value ____________________
Date: Started ____________________ Completed ____________________
Contact: Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________
3) Client __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approximate $ Value ____________________
Date: Started ____________________ Completed ____________________
Contact: Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________
4) Client __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approximate $ Value ____________________
Date: Started ____________________ Completed ____________________
Contact: Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________
5) Client __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Approximate $ Value ____________________
Date: Started ____________________ Completed ____________________
Contact: Name _______________________________________________
Telephone # _________________________
City, State, Zip
Bid Title _____________________________________________
Bid # _______________________________________________
Telephone #
Bid #03-20-21-01 “Minor Alterations to City Hall Council Chambers”
This contract includes, but is not limited to, the supplying of all labor, material, equipment and supervision necessary or
required to make minor alterations to the City Hall Council Chambers as described in these specifications, apparent from
visit to site or reasonably inferred from either.
Council Chambers, Danbury City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810
The contractor is advised to visit the work site, take all measurements, note all conditions, and fully acquaint himself with
the conditions relating to construction and labor so that he may fully understand the facility, difficulty and restrictions
attending the execution of the work under this contract. Please contact Public Buildings Department, 203-797-4585 to
make arrangements for site visit.
The contractor shall thoroughly examine and be familiar with the specifications. The failure or omission of the contractor
to receive or examine any form, instrument or addendum, or other document, or to visit the site and acquaint himself with
conditions there existing, shall in no way relieve him from any obligation with respect to this contract, and shall not entitle
him to any extra compensation.
This work shall include the following:
See the plans & specifications pages indicated as A-1.0 & A-2.0 at the end of this document
The contractor shall obtain and file all necessary and required permits, notifications, etc. There is no City of Danbury
permit fee required.
The contractor shall remove from site and legally dispose of all removed materials, debris, etc. and clean the affected
area as work progresses and upon completion of project.
The contractor shall, at all times, properly protect City structures, equipment, grounds, employees from harm and
damage by providing sufficient barricades, signs, etc.
The contractor shall provide a complete job in all respects. Any work not specifically mentioned in the specifications, but
obviously required for a complete and workmanlike job shall be deemed to have been included at no additional cost to the
Sealed bids will be received at the Office of the Purchasing Agent, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810 until the
time and date specified on the cover sheet. Bids received later than the time specified will not be accepted. Amendments
to or withdrawal of any section of the submitted bid received later than the time & date set for the bid opening will not be
considered. Bid proposals must remain in effect for a minimum of 30 days unless otherwise noted elsewhere in the bid
BID DOCUMENTS: are available upon receipt of this invitation (if not attached) over the internet at the City’s website:
www.danbury-ct.gov. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view this document. If you do not have this software you may
down load at no cost from Adobe at http://www.adobe.com. Businesses without internet access may obtain a copy of the
bid by contacting the Purchasing Agent’s Office, City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury, CT 06810, (203) 797-4571.
BID BOND: shall be in the amount of 5% of the total bid made out in favor of the City of Danbury and issued by a Surety
company acceptable to the City of Danbury, and must accompany each bid. A certified check in the same amount may be
submitted in lieu of the bid bond. Bids submitted without Certified Check or Bid Bond will not be accepted. The City of
Danbury will not be held liable for the accrual of interest on any check held by the City in conjunction with this bid. All
checks or bid bonds will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidders after award of the bid. The deposit check or Bid Bond of
the successful bidder will be held in escrow until such time as the City determines that the bidder has or will meet their
obligations as stated by the bid. If the bidder fails or refuses within a reasonable time after due notice that the contract has
been awarded, to execute the same, an amount representing a loss to the City by reason of such failure shall be retained
and paid into the City treasury.
REPLIES: whether bid or no bid, must have the bid number clearly identified on the outside of the envelope. Bidders not
marking the envelopes with the Bid number and date/time of opening on the envelope will have no recourse against the
City of Danbury or its employees. Such bidders run the risk of the bid being opened prior to the scheduled Bid Opening
time. Once opened such bids are public record. Any alleged oral agreement made by a bidder or contractor with any
agency or employee of the City of Danbury will be disregarded.
FREIGHT: Prices quoted shall be net delivery F.O.B. Danbury, CT. All bid prices must include prepaid delivery,
assembly, and/or installation (ready for operation and/or use) of all equipment and/or materials to the individual
locations(s) as designated by the Purchasing Agent. All bid prices are to be submitted on the sheets provided for this bid.
Quantities and pricing are to be listed in accordance with these sheets.
QUESTIONS: Request for interpretation of any portion of the bid may be made by telephone to the Purchasing Agent at
203-797-4571. All replies will be given verbally and a copy of any such inquiry and advice (if deemed vital to the bid by
the Purchasing Agent) will be made available to each prospective bidder in the form of an addendum. Bidder should
check the City’s website for addendums/updates 48 hours prior to the bid opening.
IDENTICAL BIDS: In the event of receipt of identical bids as to offerings, delivery, service, content, price, etc., the bid will
be awarded in accordance with the information contained in the bid document, based on first received as to date and time
of receipt of the bid.
NON-COLLUSION STATEMENTS: In order for bids to be considered, a non-collusive statement must be submitted
with the bid. A sample non-collusive bid statement is attached. Bidders may elect to submit their own notarized non-
collusion statement.
CONDITIONAL, QUALIFIED OR NON-RESPONSIVE BIDS/PROPOSALS: All bids/proposals shall be submitted in the
form and manner as indicated by the bid documents and bid forms. Any proposal which is not submitted in the form and
manner indicated by the bid documents or which contains information, statements, conditions, or qualifications which
place conditions or qualifications on the proposal submittal for purposes of making an award, or which alter any proposal
terms, conditions, specifications, or forms, which has not been previously approved by written addendum from the
Purchasing Agent, or which does not meet legal requirements, shall be declared as a qualified, conditional, or non-
responsive proposal and shall be rejected without further consideration. Any proposal response that does not fully
respond to and comply with all detailed specifications or requests for information, including execution of proposal forms,
may be declared “non-responsive” and recommended for rejection. The City of Danbury shall not be responsible for any
errors or omissions by the Offeror.
CONTRACT: The party to whom the contract is awarded will be required to execute the contract in the form attached,
and furnish the referenced performance bond within fifteen (15) days, excluding Sundays and legal holidays, from the
date of the mailing of the notice from the City of Danbury to the bidder, that the contract is ready for signature.

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