Bid for one (1) each, new, unused, Landfill Compactor

Agency: York County
State: South Carolina
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
Posted Date: Apr 23, 2021
Due Date: May 6, 2021
Solicitation No: 2754
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2754 Bid View View Bid for one (1) each, new, unused, Landfill Compactor 5/6/2021 11:00 AM

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Teria G. Sheffield
Procurement Director
SOLICITATION TYPE: Invitation for Bids
DATE: April 15, 2021
ID Number: 2754
Title: One (1) ea, new, unused, Landfill Compactor
Due Date/Time: Thursday May 6, 2021 at 11:00 a.m.
Mail or Deliver To:
York County Procurement
PO Box 180
Government Center Building, Room 3501
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Opening Location:
Government Center Building
Room 3801
6 S. Congress St., York, SC 29745
Pre-Solicitation Conference: N/A
Point of Contact: Bryant Cook, Procurement Manager
Additional Documents available from: N/A
Questions Deadline: No later than 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 29, 2021
Submittals required: One (1) signed original, and one (1) signed copy
Tentative Date of Council Approval: Monday, June 7, 2021
Note: As York County continues to monitor the activity of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) throughout
South Carolina, the County also continues to assess daily operations and take proactive measures to
protect the public. As such, in an effort to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare, York County
requires all participants attending York County’s pre submittal conferences and public bid openings to
practice social distancing and the wearing of masks.
PO Box 180, 6 South Congress Street, York, SC 29745
Telephone: 803-684-8520 Fax: 803-684-8580 Web:
The submittal must be signed by an authorized representative of the Offeror accepting all terms and
conditions contained in this solicitation document and any addenda. Modifying the terms and
conditions of this solicitation may result in your response being rejected.
Minority Status
_____ Not Minority Owned
_____ African American Male
_____ Caucasian Female
_____ African American Female
_____ Aleut
_____ Eskimo
_____ East Indian
_____ Native American
_____ Asian
_____ Other (Please Explain)
1.1 GENERAL: These specifications are intended to describe a heavy-duty, self propelled
spreader, compactor designed for disposal of solid waste in a sanitary landfill application,
specifically, a Construction & Debris(C & D) landfill. The compactor shall be new,
unused, OSHA approved, and the latest manufacturer’s production model. The minimum
operating weight, including ROPS, cab, blade, and fluids, but excluding ballast, shall not be
less than 80,000 pounds.
Each bidder should submit sufficient data and/or information in their bid response that
compares his compactor to these specifications. Engineering reports, drawings, brochures,
and any other information relative to proposed machine, shall be submitted that clearly
describes and details the machine’s functions.
1.2 ENGINE: The compactor shall have a Tier 4 Final water-cooled diesel engine, minimal
400 net horsepower and not exceeding 460 net horsepower. The engine shall be equipped
with a replaceable full flow oil filter, fuel filter, heavy-duty replaceable dry type inner/outer air
cleaning elements, air pre cleaner (Turbo II, or equal), engine hour meter, and a shield or
screen for protection from damage by debris or airborne contaminants. A non-regen,
SCR(Selective Catalyst Reduction) exhaust system shall be provided.
1.3 TRANSMISSION: The transmission shall be a power shift type with a torque converter or a
hydrostatic drive.
1.4 COOLING SYSTEM: The cooling system shall be designed to operate at degrees of
ambient temperature unique to a sanitary landfill environment. The radiator shall be properly
shielded or screened for protection from damage by debris or airborne contaminants. The
radiator, shielding, and screens shall be easily accessible for periodic cleaning. There shall be
an automatic reversing fan to clear debris from radiator.
1.5 ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: The electrical system shall be as recommended by the
equipment manufacturer to provide for adequate starting and power to all accessories. The
batteries shall be readily accessible and protected from damage, and should have a
manual disconnect switch/lever.
1.6 BRAKES: Service brakes shall be the manufacturer's standard with parking brakes being
manually operated. Brakes must meet OSHA specifications.
1.7 WHEELS: All wheels shall be specifically designed for sanitary landfill operations, primarily
construction and debris. The wheels must be capable of packing and crushing landfill refuse.
Wheel design to weight ratio should achieve a compacted refuse density of 1,400 -PSI
crushing minimum. The design of the compactor wheel shall not be a chopper type. There
shall be a minimum of (40) cleats per wheel. The cleats shall be of hardened alloy steel. Two
(2) scraper beams per wheel are required with adjustable scrapers. Any additional guards to
prevent cable, wire or other materials from wrapping between the wheels and unit frame
should be included. If there are additional costs for these guards, specify the cost in your bid
1. Ammeter (electrical charge/discharge)
2. Engine oil pressure, transmission oil pressure
3. Temperature of transmission oil
4. Temperature of coolant
5. Electric hour meter, tachometer totalizer
6. Air pressure (if necessary for brake operation)
7. Fuel capacity level gauge
8. Air cleaner element with restriction indicator
9. Hydraulic oil temperature
10. DEF level gauge and low DEF sensor
1.9 ENGINE SAFETY SYSTEM: The engine shall be equipped with a warning horn that alerts
the operator of problems, and automatically shuts the engine down in the event of low oil
pressure, or high coolant/engine temperature.
1.10 GUARDS: All drive-train parts, steering cylinders, and hydraulic lines, shall be shielded
to provide protection from damage, which might be caused by operating in refuse, etc. All
wheels and axles shall be provided with inner wheel guards to minimize refuse damage to the
bearings and seals. Heavy guards of sufficient strength to deflect any debris, which might be
encountered under normal landfill operating conditions, shall protect the complete underside of
the machine. Heavy louvered steel guards and screens, all of which shall be easily accessible
for periodic cleaning, shall protect the engine and radiator.
1.11 BLADES: A full-u blade, complete with a trash rack, capable of spreading refuse and
cover dirt shall be furnished. The blade shall have a minimum width of 14-feet and a minimum
height of 6-feet. The upper portion of the blade shall be of a "see through" design. The blade
shall have a replaceable cutting edge.
1.12 TELEMATICS: Bidder must provide a factory installed telematics system. This system
shall monitor and report machine status and report/alert dealer and York County of any
warnings. This alert shall be made via email and/or text message. The system shall be
remotely accessible and shall be free for the duration of ownership of the machine.
1. Adjustable, forward-facing bucket seat (air or hydraulic ride) with seat belt
2. Horn
3. Six (6) front and four (4) rear work lights
4. Lockable caps (fuel, hydraulic oil, engine oil, transmission oil, all oil dip
5. Instrument panel with vandal protection cover or locking cab
6. Pull hooks front and rear
7. ROPS fully enclosed cab (SAE J320A) with front and rear windshield wipers, acoustical
lining, two directional fans, heating system (28,000 BTU heater, defroster and cool air)
8. AM/FM radio
9. Reverse alarm
10. Self activating/manual fire extinguishing system dry chemical type which discharges
into the engine compartment and fuel tank (and hydrostatic pumps if equipped) for
Class A, B, and C fires installed by Fire Systems Inc. of Smyrna, GA.
11. Mirrors inside and heated outside mirrors
12. Heavy duty air conditioner (minimum 28,000 BTU)
13. Rearview camera with full-color, cab-mounted monitor
14. Roof-mounted beacon safety light
15. Minimum 200g gallon fuel tank.
16. Joystick controls for blade control, machine direction & speed, and steering.
17. (15) Sets of keys
1.14 COMPACTION ANALYSIS: Please include a complete compaction analysis for the
machine being submitted for bid consideration. Analysis conducted by an impartial,
independent party is preferred. This analysis is to include the methodology used to gather
results and all makes/models of equipment used in the analysis.
Service literature shall include (as one set) two operator's instruction manuals, one
illustrated repair parts manual and one shop overhaul manual. This service literature shall be
complete and cover the entire compactor, to include engines and transmissions. York County
reserves the right to require each bidder to furnish one complete set of service literature to be
used for bid evaluation. Any service literature considered inadequate by the York County
Equipment Maintenance Supervisor may be cause for the rejection of a bid.
The successful bidder shall submit a copy of the specific warranty that applies to the
compactor bid. If extended warranties for the compactor are available, the bidder shall submit
a copy of each extended warranty and indicate the cost of such extended warranties. Parts
availability and warranties shall be fully stated and explained in the bid response. Conditions
that would warrant a replacement machine for either parts availability or excess down time
shall be stated in the response.
Each bidder shall submit their maximum time required for delivery, set-up, and complete
operation, of their proposed compactor in the County’s landfill. In the event the bidder is unable
to meet this delivery date a comparable machine in good working order shall be provided at no
cost to York County. In the event the loaner machine offered is "down" for over four days a like
machine shall be provided immediately
3.1 Submittal
Each response shall be submitted on the Bid Form as furnished, which includes bid price,
acknowledgment of any addendum, Bidder’s information and signature.
The response to this solicitation, and other required documents, shall be submitted in a sealed
envelope clearly marked with the solicitation title and the name and address of the Bidder. If
forwarded by mail or other delivery system, the above mentioned envelope shall be enclosed
in another envelope with the notation “BID/PROPOSAL ENCLOSED” on the face of it and
addressed to the entity and address stated in this solicitation. Bids/Proposals will be received
until the date and hour stated on the cover page of this solicitation.
Bid Identification (I.D.) Number The Bidder shall also clearly indicate the Solicitation I.D.
Number of this solicitation on the outside of the sealed envelope within which the Bid is
submitted to the York County Procurement Department, Room 3501, 6 South Congress
Street, York, SC 29745 or mailed to York County Procurement, PO Box 180, York, SC 29745.

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