Benchtop Pwder X-Ray Diffractomer

Agency: State Government of Iowa
State: Iowa
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: May 20, 2020
Due Date: Jun 17, 2020
Solicitation No: RFB23689
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Proposal No. Description Response Due Date Bid Bond Required (Y/N) Agent
RFB23689 Benchtop Pwder X-Ray Diffractomer

6/17/2020 N Jean Gustafson

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Request for Bid
Benchtop Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
Issued by:
Purchasing Section
Proposal No. 23689
Solicitation Response Due Date: June 17, 2020
Must be submitted no later than 1:00 PM Central Time
Solicitation Responses received after this date will be rejected
For information about this notice, and during this procurement,
interested persons must contact only:
Jean Gustafson
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, Iowa 50010
Phone: 515-239- 1173
Fax: 515-239-1538
Issued addenda and all other correspondence
will be posted to Iowa DOT’s website:
The following dates are set forth for informational and planning purposes. The Iowa
DOT reserves the right to revise the dates as needed. All times listed are Central Time.
Issue RFB
May 20,2020
Number of Copies of Bid Responses Required
1 hard copy and
1 electronic copy
Bidder Questions, Requests for Clarification, & Changes
(no later than)
Listed below May 29, 2020
DOT Response to Questions Issued (no later than)
Listed below June 3, 2020
Bid Opening/Proposal Due
DOT to send samples by June 19, 2020
Vendors to return sample results to DOT by July 3, 2020
Announce Successful Bidder
Intent to Award* see note below
June 17,2020
Week of July 13-17th
depending on the
number of
responsible bidders.
July 24, 2020
Completion of Contract Negotiations & Execution of
the Contract
July 29,2020
Contract Start Date
(Estimated date PO
would be sent.)
August 5, 2020
*Intent to Award
It is intended that Bid Responses will be evaluated and a notice of “intent to award” will be issued
within thirty (30) days of the bid opening date. Bid Responses prices, terms and conditions must
be held firm for a 180-day period from the date of the notice of “intent to award” the contract.
Dates are subject to the State of Iowa Governor’s proclamation for COVID-19 and the Iowa
DOT’s processes and protocols. Project dates listed on the Solicitation Response Page are
desired dates but are subject to current COVID-19 related state proclamations, protocol and
On-site presence
To enter a DOT building-Contractors or service personnel working on Iowa DOT property must
follow all COVID-19 requirements and Iowa DOT instructions. Upon meeting you outside the
Iowa DOT personnel will ask four questions of each person every day.
1. Do you have a fever of 100.4 or above?
2. Have you traveled outside of Iowa in the past 2 weeks?
3. Do you have a runny nose, cough or sore throat?
4. Have you been in personal contact with anyone who has been diagnosed with COVID-
If any of the questions are yes, the person will not be allowed to be on the job site until they can
answer no to all questions.
While on the job site, no public entry to the Iowa DOT buildings for access to restroom or
drinking water accommodations will be available but will be the responsibility of the contractor.
Requirements- all bidders must provide crews and personnel that live and work in Iowa during
this time. Outside firms may bid but only Iowa workers (including all company personnel such as
crew chiefs, project managers, supervisors, etc.) will be permitted to be on-site during the
COVID-19 pandemic per the state of Iowa Governor’s proclamation.
Solicitation Response
Response Due Date
1:00 PM
800 Lincoln Way, Ames, IA
Proposal Number Description
Benchtop Powder X-Ray Diffractometer
Contract Begin Date
Contract Completion Date
Bid Bond
Performance Bond (Y/N) Liquidated Damages
Purchasing Agent Assigned E-Mail Address
Jean Gustafson
Company Name
Federal Tax ID
Street Address
Zip Code
Contact Name
E-Mail Address
Responder agrees to sell goods/services or both at the same prices, terms and condition to any
other Iowa state agency, Regent or Political Subdivision upon request. Please check Yes or No.
Responder is an Iowa Targeted Small Business?
This solicitation includes the Solicitation Response cover page, Schedule of Prices, Standard Terms and
Conditions, Supplemental terms (if any), Specifications, Plans and Drawings, mailing label and all other
information needed to prepare and submit a response to the solicitation. Information in the “Solicitation
Response” above must be typed or completed in ink, signed, and returned in a flat style envelope along
with any other information required in the solicitation prior to the response due date and time. Please
use the furnished mailing label, or label the response as “Iowa Department of Transportation, proposal
number and response due date on the outside of the return envelope. Responders may personally
deliver, mail, or select a carrier that ensures timely delivery. Faxed or e-mail responses will not be
If required, each response must be accompanied by a bid bond in an accepted form, in the percent
amount indicated above. Refer to the Standard Terms and Conditions for the accepted forms in which
the bid bond requirement may be fulfilled. Responses without a required bid bond will not be
considered for award. If the intended awarded responder fails to enter into a formal contract within
fifteen (15) days after award is made for any reason on their part, the bid bond may be retained by the
State. The entire contents of this solicitation, Addendums, Schedule of Prices, Specifications, Plans and
Drawings, Supplemental Terms and Conditions, Standard Terms and Conditions, shall become part of
the contract.
We certify that:
-We have not, either directly or indirectly, entered into any agreement or participated in any collusion or otherwise
taken any action in restraint of free competition; that no attempt has been made to induce any other person or firm
to submit or not to submit a response; that this response has been independently arrived at without collusion with
any other responder, competitor, or potential competitor; and that this response has not been knowingly disclosed
prior to the opening of responses to any other responder or competitor.
-All materials, equipment goods and/or services proposed meet or exceed the specifications
and will be supplied in accordance with the entire contents of this solicitation including delivery schedules.
-No relationship exists or will exist during the contract period between the Contractor and the Iowa DOT or any
Participating Agencies that interferes with fair competition or constitutes a conflict of interest.
We promise to complete the contract within the contract period, or pay any liquidated damages, if stipulated, for
each calendar day as set forth in the solicitation documents.
Page 1 of 1
Standard Bid Terms and Conditions
Formal is the procurement process required by Iowa law when the estimated, aggregate amount
of the purchase equals or exceeds $50,000.
The entire contents of this bid opportunity shall become a part of an award; either by contract or purchase
order. In case of a discrepancy between the contents of the bid documents, the following items listed by
descending order shall prevail:
• Addendums to the solicitation
• Solicitation-
• Line items or package pricing
• Specifications
• Plans and Drawings
• Supplemental Terms and Conditions
• Standard Terms and Conditions
(Example - if there is a statement in the Specifications that contradicts a statement in the Standard
Terms and Conditions, the statement in the Specifications shall apply)
Bid Responses: All responses must address all aspects of the bid.
Responses must be submitted prior to the due date and time indicated in the bid opportunity or
other specified areas throughout the solicitation. The bidder’s signature certifies they have read,
understood and can meet the requirements. The bidder’s electronic or sealed hard copy shall
become the official response to be considered for award.
Revisions: Bidders who submit responses in advance of the bid opening date may withdraw, modify, and
resubmit their response at any time prior to the bid opening date and time. Bidders must notify the
purchasing agent in writing if they wish to withdraw their Bid Response. A Bidder shall not withdraw its Bid
Response or its prices prior to the end of the one hundred and eighty (180) day period immediately
following the “Recommendation of Award”.
A. Bid Opportunity
1. Opening: The opening of bid responses will be made public on the Ion Wave Technologies
and Iowa DOT websites unless otherwise specified.
2. Communications: Questions concerning this b i d shall be directed to o n l y the purchasing
agent listed in the bid opportunity. Inquiries shall be submitted within the Ion Wave system.
Written, phoned, or faxed bids can be accepted if bidder does not have the means to submit
electronically. Bidders shall contact the agent assigned to the bid opportunity. In all cases, written
communication will take precedence over verbal communication.
3. Proposal Guaranty: If required, the b id oppo rtun ity will indicate the fixed percent of the
security based on the cost of the bid. Security can be supplied in one of the following ways: (1)
Certified check or credit union certified share draft, cashier’s check, or bank draft, drawn on a
solvent bank or credit union. Certified checks and certified share drafts shall be drawn and
endorsed in the amount indicated.
Checks or drafts shall be made payable either to the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa
DOT) or to the bidder. If payable to the bidder, the check or draft shall be endorsed without
qualifications to the Iowa DOT by the bidder or an authorized agent. (2) An insurance or surety
company may be retained for the purposes of providing a proposal guaranty as required in the bid
opportunity. If a proposal guaranty is chosen as the method of security, the Iowa DOT’s Proposal
Guaranty form 131084 must be used and submitted with the bid response to be considered for
award. No other forms will be accepted.
STD TERMS FORM rev 05-13-20
Page 1

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