Agency: City of Grand Junction
State: Colorado
Type of Government: State & Local
NAICS Category:
  • 238220 - Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning Contractors
Posted Date: Aug 3, 2020
Due Date: Aug 18, 2020
Solicitation No: IFB-4816-20-SH
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Responses due August 18, 2020 prior to 2:30 P.M.

A mandatory site visit will be held on Monday, August 3 at 8:30 A.M. at the Avalon Theatre, 645 Main Street, Grand Junction CO 81501.

Site Visit Sign-In Sheet

Attachment Preview

Purchasing Division
Responses Due:
August 18, 2020 prior to 2:30 P.M.
Accepting Electronic Responses Only
Responses Only Submitted Through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System
(Purchasing Representative does not have access or control of the vendor side of
RMEPS. If website or other problems arise during response submission, vendor MUST
contact RMEPS to resolve issue prior to the response deadline. 800-835-4603)
Purchasing Representative:
Susan Hyatt, Senior Buyer
This document has been developed specifically to solicit competitive responses for this
solicitation, and may not be the same as previous City of Grand Junction solicitations. All
vendors are urged to thoroughly review this solicitation prior to responding. Submittal by
FAX, EMAIL or HARD COPY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE for this solicitation.
Invitation for Bids
Table of Contents
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Section 4
Instruction to Bidders
General Contract Conditions
Statement of Work
Contractor’s Bid Form
Price Proposal/Bid Schedule Form
1.1. Purpose: The City of Grand Junction is soliciting competitive bids from qualified and
interested companies for all labor, equipment, and materials required to replace the
Avalon Lobby HVAC. All dimensions and scope of work should be verified by
Contractors prior to submission of bids.
IFB Questions:
Susan Hyatt, Senior Buyer
The City would like to remind all Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Vendors, Suppliers,
Manufacturers, Service Providers, etc. that (with the exception of Pre-Bid or Site Visit
Meetings) all questions, inquiries, comments, or communication pertaining to any formal
solicitation (whether process, specifications, scope, etc.) must be directed (in writing) to
the Purchasing Agent assigned to the project, or Purchasing Division. Direct
communication with the City assigned Project Managers/Engineers is not appropriate for
public procurement, and may result in disqualification.
1.2. Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting: A mandatory site visit for prospective bidders will be
held on August 3, 2020 at 8:30 A.M. Meeting location shall be at the Avalon Theatre,
located at 645 Main Street, Grand Junction, CO. The purpose of this visit will be to inspect
and to clarify the contents of this Invitation for Bids (IFB).
1.3. The Owner: The Owner is the City of Grand Junction, Colorado and is referred to
throughout this Solicitation. The term Owner means the Owner or his authorized
1.4. Submission: Each proposal shall be submitted in electronic format only, and only
through the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing (BidNet Colorado) website,
www.bidnetdirect.com/colorado. The uploaded response shall be a single PDF
document with all required information included. This site offers both “free” and
“paying” registration options that allow for full access of the Owner’s documents and for
electronic submission of proposals. (Note: “free” registration may take up to 24 hours to
process. Please Plan accordingly.) Please view our “Electronic Vendor Registration
Guide” at http://www.gjcity.org/business-and-economic-development/bids/ for details.
(Purchasing Representative does not have access or control of the vendor side of
RMEPS. If website or other problems arise during response submission, vendor MUST
contact RMEPS to resolve issue prior to the response deadline. 800-835-4603)
1.5. Modification and Withdrawal of Bids Before Opening. Bids may be modified or
withdrawn by an appropriate document stating such, duly executed and submitted to the
place where Bids are to be submitted at any time prior to Bid Opening.
1.6. Printed Form for Price Bid: All Price Bids must be made upon the Price Bid Schedule
attached, and should give the amounts both in words and in figures, and must be signed
and acknowledged by the bidder.
The Offeror shall specify a unit price in figures for each pay item for which a quantity is
given and shall provide the products (in numbers) of the respective unit prices and
quantities in the Extended Amount column. The total Bid price shall be equal to the sum
of all extended amount prices. When an item in the Price Bid Schedule provides a choice
to be made by the Offeror, Offeror's choice shall be indicated in accordance with the
specifications for that particular item and thereafter no further choice shall be permitted.
Where the unit of a pay item is lump sum, the lump sum amount shall be shown in the
"extended amount" column and included in the summation of the total Bid.
All blank spaces in the Price Bid Schedule must be properly filled out.
Bids by corporations must be executed in the corporate name by the president or vice
president or other corporate office accompanied by evidence of authority to sign. The
corporate address and state of incorporation shall be shown below the signature.
Bids by partnerships must be executed in the partnership name and signed by a partner
whose title must appear under the signature and the official address of the partnership
must be shown below the signature.
All names must be typed or printed below the signature.
The Offeror’s Bid shall contain an acknowledgement of receipt of all Addenda, the
numbers of which shall be filled in on the Contractor’s Bid Form.
The contact information to which communications regarding the Bid are to be directed
must be shown.
1.7. Exclusions: No oral, telephonic, emailed, or facsimile bid will be considered
1.8. Solicitation documents: The complete IFB and bidder’s response compose the
Solicitation documents. Copies of bid documents can be obtained from the City
Purchasing website, www.gjcity.org/business-and-economic-development/bids/ .
1.9. Examination of Specifications: Bidders shall thoroughly examine and be familiar with
the project Statement of Work. The failure or omission of any Offeror to receive or
examine any form, addendum, or other document shall in no way relieve any Offeror from
any obligation with respect to his bid. The submission of a bid shall be taken as evidence
of compliance with this section. Prior to submitting a bid, each Offeror shall, at a
a. Examine the solicitation documents thoroughly;
b. Visit the site to familiarize themselves with local conditions that may in any manner
affect cost, progress, or performance of the Work;
c. Become familiar with federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations
that may in any manner affect cost, progress or performance of the Work;
d. Study and carefully correlate Bidder's observations with the solicitation documents,
e. Notify the Purchasing Agent of all conflicts, errors, ambiguities or discrepancies in or
among the solicitation documents within the designated inquiry period.
On request, the Owner will provide each Offeror access to the site to conduct such
investigations and tests as each Bidder deems necessary for submission of a Bid. It
shall be the Offeror’s responsibility to make or obtain any additional examinations,
investigations, explorations, tests and studies and obtain any additional information and
data which pertain to the physical conditions (including without limitation, surface,
subsurface and underground utilities) at or contiguous to the site or otherwise which
may affect cost, progress or performance of the work and which the Offeror deems
necessary to determine its Bid for performing the work in accordance with the time,
price and other terms and conditions of the solicitation documents. Location of any
excavation or boring made by Offeror shall be subject to prior approval of Owner and
applicable agencies. Offeror shall fill all holes, restore all pavements to match the
existing structural section and shall clean up and restore the site to its former condition
upon completion of such exploration. The Owner reserves the right to require the
Offeror to execute an access agreement with the Owner prior to accessing the site.
The lands upon which the Work is to be performed, rights of way, and access thereto,
and other lands designated for use by Contractor in performing the Work, are identified
on the Drawings.
Information and data reflected in the solicitation documents with respect to underground
utilities at or contiguous to the site are based upon information and data furnished to the
Owner and the Engineer by the owners of such underground utilities or others, and the
Owner does not assume responsibility for the accuracy or completeness thereof, unless
it is expressly provided otherwise in the solicitation documents.
By submission of a Bid, the Offeror shall be conclusively presumed to represent that the
Offeror has complied with every requirement of these Instructions to Bidders, that the
solicitation documents are not ambiguous and are sufficient in scope and detail to
indicate and convey understanding of all terms and conditions for performance of the
1.10. Questions Regarding Statement of Work: Any information relative to interpretation of
Scope of Work or specifications shall be requested of the Purchasing Representative, in
writing, in ample time, prior to the inquiry deadline.
1.11. Addenda & Interpretations: If it becomes necessary to revise any part of this
solicitation, a written addendum will be posted electronically on the City’s website at
http://www.gjcity.org/business-and-economic-development/bids/ . The Owner is not
bound by any oral representations, clarifications, or changes made in the written
specifications by Owner, unless such clarification or change is provided in written
addendum form from the City Purchasing Representative.

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