Animal Microchips

Agency: Pima County
State: Arizona
Type of Government: State & Local
Posted Date: Nov 14, 2018
Due Date: Dec 10, 2018
Solicitation No: IFB 318798
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solicitation# title buyer pre-bid date opening date publish:the territorial
IFB 318798

Addendum 1
Animal Microchips Meagan Lynch
(520) 724-9071
November 19, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.

To join the conference via telephone
call 1-520-222-1111
Access Code: 4959772
December 10, 2018 at 11:00 A.M. November 8, 9, 13 & 14, 2018

Attachment Preview

Solicitation Number: 318798 Title: Animal Microchips
Submit Bid to:
Pima County Procurement Department
130 W. Congress St., 3rd Floor,
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Pre-Bid Conference:
Pima County Procurement Department
130 W. Congress, 3rd Floor
Tucson, Arizona 85701
SOLICITATION: Pima County (“County”) is soliciting bids from Offerors qualified, responsible and willing to provide the
following Goods and/or Services in compliance with all solicitation specifications and requirements contained or
referenced herein.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Provide County with Animal Microchips per specifications and requirements defined herein.
SBE shall apply.
You may download a full copy of this solicitation at by selecting the solicitation number.
Offerors are required to check this website for addenda prior to the Due In and Opens date and time to assure that the bid
incorporates all addenda. Prospective Offerors may also pick up a copy, Monday through Friday excluding legal holidays,
8 am to 5 pm LOCAL ARIZONA TIME (MST), at the address listed above.
County will hold a Pre-Bid Conference for the purpose of clarifying requirements and answering prospective Offeror
questions. It is the responsibility of Prospective Offerors to familiarize themselves with all requirements of the solicitation
and to identify any issues at the conference. Attendance is optional and encouraged. Participation is also available via
conference call. Offerors that wish to receive this accommodation must contact the Procurement Officer listed in the
solicitation at least two business days before the Pre-Bid Conference is held.
Offerors must submit bids as defined in the Instructions to Offerors, in accordance with the Standard Terms and
Conditions, and all solicitation documents either referenced or included herein. Failure to do so may be cause for County
to reject a bid as non-responsive.
Offerors must complete and return those documents identified in Section 4, Submission of Bids of the Instruction to
Offerors document.
Offerors may not withdraw Bids for sixty (60) days after opening except as allowed by Pima County Procurement Code.
Bonds are not required
County will not accept verbal requests for clarifications or interpretations. Offerors must submit questions or
deviation requests in writing to County’s Procurement Department, email:
All submittals must reference the Solicitation Number and Title. County may not answer any questions or deviation
requests that Offerors submit within eight (8) days of the solicitation Due in and OpenDate and Time.
Deliver bid to the following address:
Pima County Procurement Department, 130 W. Congress, 3rd Floor, Tucson, AZ 85701
Meagan Lynch
Procurement Officer
Publish: The Territorial: November 8, 9, 13 & 14, 2018
Solicitation No. 318798 IFB
Title: Animal Microchips
Offerors must make all bids using the forms contained in this package. Offerors must print or typewrite all prices and
notations. No erasures are permitted. Offerors may cross out errors and print in ink or typewrite corrections adjacent to
the error and the person signing the bid will initial any such correction. County prefers typewritten responses.
All bids must, if appropriate indicate the registered trade name, stock number, and packaging of the items included in the
Any surety that this solicitation requires may be in the form of a bond, cashier's check or certificate of deposit made
payable to Pima County. Personal or company checks are not acceptable.
2. OFFER AGREEMENT (Contract):
The attached or referenced Offer Agreement when completed, signed and submitted by the Offeror is a binding offer that
results in a legal contract when County accepts and executes it as defined by this solicitation. An authorized
representative of Offeror must complete and sign the Offer Agreement document certifying that the firm is willing and able
to meet all requirements of the solicitation.
Contractor Minimum Qualifications:
Contractor Minimum Qualifications are intended to establish the Offeror’s capacity and responsibility for providing the
services or products solicited. To be evaluated and considered for award of contract Offeror must submit with the Offer
Agreement all documents specified in the Contractor Minimum Qualifications section of the Offer Agreement. If requested
in that section, Offeror must denote the license numbers or descriptions and other information requested.
Unit Prices & Bid Certification:
Offerors must fully complete and sign the Compensation & Paymentand Bid/Offer Certificationsections of the Offer
Agreement utilizing the forms provided by this solicitation.
Unless otherwise stated, Offeror must provide a Unit Price for all items defined by the Offer Agreement Unit Prices
schedule. Offeror must provide requested information and data in the precise manner that County requests. Product
descriptions must provide sufficient information for the product being offered. All unit prices must remain firm for the initial
term of the executed agreement, with the exception that should Offeror during the term of the agreement offer to another
buyer pricing for like or similar quantity, products or services at a price more favorable than those given to Pima County
(“County”), Offeror must offer the same pricing to County effective on the date that price is offered to another buyer.
Offeror’s unit prices must include all costs required to implement and actively conduct and document cost control and
reduction activities. Offeror must separately invoice taxes applied to the unit price and legally applicable to Pima County
purchase transactions and not include them in the item unit price. Unit Prices must include all costs incidental to the
provision of the requirements defined by the solicitation and Offer Agreement and unless otherwise specified by the
Delivery Article must be F.O.B. Destination & Freight Prepaid Not Billed (“F.O.B. Destination”). County will not pay any
additional charges and Offeror will not invoice them. Unit prices prevail in the event of an extension error. Price each item
separately. Delivery time if stated as a number of days’ means "calendar" days.
County reserves the right to question, clarify and correct obvious errors.
The specifications included in this solicitation intend to identify the kind and quality of goods or services to be provided
without being unnecessarily restrictive, and to allow Offeror to provide the information needed for the development of
consistent and comprehensive bids.
Equipment brand names, models and numbers, when given, intend to identify a level of quality, equivalent performance
and dimensional specifications, and are for reference only, unless the solicitation otherwise specifies.
Failure to perform appropriate research, discovery, examine any drawings, specifications, and instructions will be at the
Offeror's sole risk.
Items included in Offeror’s bid must meet the specifications and requirements set forth by the solicitation.
Instruction to Offerors
Page 1 of 4
Solicitation No. 318798 IFB
Title: Animal Microchips
Deviation requests must specifically document and clearly illustrate the deviation to the particular specification or the
requirement set forth by this solicitation and fully explain the requested deviation’s impact on the end performance of the
item. Offerors must submit deviation requests to County prior to the initial solicitation due date. County may not answer
requests submitted within eight (8) days of the solicitation due date. Acceptance or rejection of said deviation request is
at the sole discretion of County in accordance with the Pima County Procurement Code.
County may consider conditional bids that do not conform to or that request exceptions to the published solicitation and
addenda as non-responsive and may not evaluate them.
All equipment must be models of current production, latest design and technology, new and unused unless otherwise
specified. The successful Offeror must provide manufacturer and Offeror documentation, including and not limited to the
following not later than fourteen (14) days after request by the County and at no additional cost: warranty; caution-
informational warnings; recommended maintenance schedule and process; recommended spare parts list; operating,
technical and maintenance manuals including drawings, if appropriate; product brochures; and safety data sheets (SDS).
Submissions are binding offers and will result in a binding contract upon acceptance by County by issuance of a properly
executed contract document referencing said offer.
The submittal must include all information requested by the solicitation, and must use without modification the forms
provided by the solicitation. Offerors are to complete, execute and submit one original of the following bid documents:
SIGNED OFFER AGREEMENT (13 pages) with completed:
1) Optional Early Payment Discount Term
2) Unit Prices (Net 30-day Payment Terms)
3) Acknowledgement of Solicitation Addenda (if applicable)
4) Small Business Enterprise Certification (if applicable)
5) Bid/Offer Certification Page
Insurance certification documents will be required from the wining Offeror within two (2) business days after the
Notice of Recommendation for Award is posted on the Procurement website.; Performance Bond document
County must receive and time-stamp bids at the specified location at or before the Bid Due Date and Time as defined by
the Invitation for Bid. County’s time-stamp is the official time used to determine the timeliness of the submittal. County will
not accept Bids and modifications that County receives after the Bid Due Date and Time and County may return them
unopened. County will open and record timely submittals promptly after the Bid Due Date and Time.
An authorized agent of Offeror must sign bids and submit them in a sealed envelope marked or labeled with the Offeror’s
firm name, solicitation number, title, solicitation due date and time, to the location and not later than the Bid Due Date and
Time that the Invitation for Bid specifies.
County will not accept facsimiles of bids.
Failure of Offeror to comply with the solicitation requirements, including submittals that modify the solicitation
requirements, may be cause for County to reject Offeror’s bid as non-responsive and not evaluate it.
County will execute an agreement with the successful Offeror by issuance of a Master Agreement (MA) or Purchase
Order (PO).
Offeror agrees to establish, monitor, and manage an effective administration process that assures compliance with all
requirements of the agreement. In particular, Offeror agrees that it will not provide goods or services in excess of the
executed agreement items, item quantity, item amount, or agreement amount without prior written authorization by
revision or change order that County has properly executed. Any goods or services that Offeror provides in excess of the
quantity stated in the agreement is done at Offeror’s own risk. Offerors must decline verbal requests to deliver items in
excess of the agreement and must report all such requests in writing to the Pima County Procurement Department within
one (1) workday of the request. The report will include the name of the requesting individual and the nature of the request.
Instruction to Offerors
Page 2 of 4
Solicitation No. 318798 IFB
Title: Animal Microchips
County will not provide results of this procurement in response to telephone inquiries. Interested parties may attend the
public opening at the time and date stated in this solicitation. A tabulation of submittals will be on file at the Procurement
Department. No oral interpretations or clarifications made to any Offeror as to the meaning of any of the solicitation
documents will be binding on County. If a prospective Offeror believes a requirement of the solicitation documents to be
needlessly restrictive, unfair, or unclear, the Offeror must notify the Pima County Procurement department in writing
identifying the solicitation number, page and paragraph number and clearly stating the issue and suggested solution prior
to the Due In and Open date set for receipt of the bid or proposal. County will respond by written addendum sent to all
known potential Offerors. County may not answer issues identified less than eight (8) days prior to the Due In and Opens
The Pima County protest procedures are in Chapter 11.20 of the Pima County Procurement Code, available through The
five-day period to file a protest of the award will be measured from the date the Notice of Recommendation for Award is
posted on the Pima County Procurement website at without regard to whether
individual notices were issued. It is the responsibility of Offerors and Proposers to check the website.
In the event there are variations or conflicts between these instructions and the standard terms and conditions or the offer
agreement document, the standard terms & conditions and offer agreement govern.
By submitting a response to this solicitation, Offeror agrees to establish and maintain a complete Pima County Vendor
record, including the provision of a properly completed and executed “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and
Certification” document (Form W-9), within ten (10) calendar days of the solicitation due date. Offeror also agrees to
update the information within ten (10) calendar days of any change in that information and prior to the submission of any
invoice or request for payment. The preferred method for creating or updating this record is via the Internet utilizing the
Pima County Vendor Self Service (VSS). The registration requires that Offeror establish and maintain email functionality.
In addition to providing the means for an Offeror to create and maintain its Vendor record, VSS also provides for email
notice to Offeror regarding solicitations that County publishes for commodities of interest as defined by the Vendor record.
Internet links for Vendor Registration are located at the Procurement Internet page:
Any contract funded in any amount with federal funds is not eligible for this preference.
For those bids that do not exceed $500,000 per contract year, County will give a 5% bid preference to firms submitting
SBE Certificates issued by the City of Tucson WITH THEIR BID; said certification is subject to verification and acceptance
by County. If County accepts the certification, it will evaluate the bid at 95% of the bid amount to
determine the low and responsive bid. If County makes an award of contract, the contract will utilize the Unit Prices,
or Lump Sum, as bid.
To be eligible for the price preference, SBE firms must include with their bid documents a copy of their current
certification certificate which they may acquire from the City of Tucson; Department of Procurement. The City of Tucson
SBE website, which typically includes an SBE Application Form and a Directory listing firms holding SBE Certification, is
located at:
The process of acquiring SBE Certification may take several weeks. Please contact the Pima County Business Enterprise
Program Coordinator at (520) 724-3807 for assistance or further information.
Disclosure. Pursuant to A.R.S. § 39-121 et seq., and A.R.S. § 34-603(H) in the case of construction or Architectural and
Engineering services procured under A.R.S. Title 34, Chapter 6, all documents submitted in response to this solicitation,
including, but not limited to, pricing schedules, product specifications, work plans, and any supporting documents are
public records. As such, those documents are subject to release or review by the general public upon request, including
Records Marked Confidential; Notice and Protective Order. If Offeror reasonably believes that some of those records
contain proprietary, trade-secret or otherwise-confidential information, Offeror must prominently mark those records
“CONFIDENTIAL.” In the event a public-records request is submitted to County for records marked CONFIDENTIAL,
County will notify Offeror of the request as soon as reasonably possible. County will release the records ten (10) business
Instruction to Offerors
Page 3 of 4
Solicitation No. 318798 IFB
Title: Animal Microchips
days after the date of that notice, unless Offeror has, within that period, secured an appropriate order from a court of
competent jurisdiction, enjoining the release of the records. County will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for
securing such an order, nor will County be in any way financially responsible for any costs associated with securing such
an order.
Any information marked as CONFIDENTIAL must be accompanied by an index specifically identifying and describing the
general contents of each page so marked. The index is a Public Record and must not include any information considered
The Offeror agrees to waive confidentiality of any price terms in the event of an awarded contract.
Instruction to Offerors
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